The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Nov. 7 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday November 7, 2014

Your Excellency:

Here are a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media


The Korea Post news:

The Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy is hosting an investment forum entitled “Bulgaria: Grow Your Business 2014” at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Nov. 14, 2014. This was disclosed by the Embassy of Bulgaria this on Nov. 6, 2014.

For further details, please visit: /news/view.html?section=165&category=192&no=694.

Korean readers, please visit:


The Korea Post notices:

There are only FOUR days to the Tour of Pyunkang Oriental Clinic on Wed. Nov. 12

There are only FOUR DAYS to get the invaluable tips on HOW TO LIVE BEYOND 120 YEARS at PyunKang Oriential Hospital in Seoul. Invest only two hours to learn the medical tips and spread them to your people back home and all your countrymen.

Clear skies are forecast on that day for the Seoul area with a high of 12 degrees and a low of eight.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this Headlines for Invitation. For registration, please call 010-3388-1682 (Korean) or 010-5201-1740 (English)


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Mrs. Yan Donko (wife of the former Austrian Ambassador in Seoul) has adopted a new ‘family member’ named Asahi (Morning Sun) which is a very cute little cat. Mrs. Donko put her story and her photo with Asahi on her Facebook timeline, and immediately she got congrats from many wives of the former and incumbent ambassadors, including the wife of the former UAE ambassador. Meet the former ambassadors and their wives at the Facebook space of The Korea Post, including former Ambassadors Koirala of Nepal, Tran of Vietnam, Al Mainnah of the UAE and Andonov of Bulgaria (incumbent).

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Seoul Calls Japanese Spokesman Delusional for Dokdo Remarks

Seoul has criticized Tokyo for its spokesman's remarks about the South Korean government's decision to scrap a plan to build a safety center on the Dokdo islets.

S. Korea to Send Advance Medical Team to Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone

The South Korean government has revealed that it will send an advance medical team to Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone for nine days starting next week.

S. Korea Develops Blood Test to Diagnose Dementia

South Korean researchers have developed a blood test to diagnose dementia.

OECD Forecasts S. Korea's Economy Will Post 3.8% Growth in 2015

Hyundai, Kia to Raise Average Fuel Efficiency 25% by 2020

S. Korea, China Begin 14th Round of FTA Talks

Gov't OKs Contact with N. Korea to Discuss Former First Lady's Visit

N. Korean Patrol Ship Approaches NLL

RFA: N. Korea Allows Foreign Participants in Pyongyang Marathon

Korean American Politicians Make Achievements in US Midterm Elections

Putin Tops Forbes List of World's Most Powerful People in 2014

Gov't Terminates Contract with Pentagon on Upgrading KF-16 Fighter Jets


Yonhap (

U.S. approves possible sale of PAC-3 interceptor missiles to S. Korea

The U.S. government has approved a possible sale to South Korea of PAC-3 interceptor missiles and related equipment for an estimated cost of US$1.405 billion, a U.S. defense agency said.

U.S. Army to replace permanent brigade in S. Korea with rotational unit

A U.S. Army brigade stationed in South Korea for nearly half a century will be deactivated and replaced by a rotational unit next year as part of efforts to increase efficiency and unit cohesion, the Pentagon announced Thursday.2014/11/07 02:49

US trade watchdog finalizes antidumping duties for Korean NOES products

The U.S. trade watchdog ruled Thursday that imports of non-oriented electrical steel (NOES) products from South Korea are harming the domestic industry, finalizing 6.89-percent antidumping duties on Korean products. 2014/11/07 06:12

S. Korean minister to seek 'wise breakthrough' in free trade talks with China

S. Korean minister to seek 'wise breakthrough' in free trade talks with China BEIJING, Nov. 6 (Yonhap) -- South Korean Trade Minister Yoon Sang-jick on Thursday called for China to seek a "wise breakthrough" in a fresh round of ministerial-level negotiations to try to wrap up a landmark free trade agreement, saying that a deal would serve as an "epoch-making chance" to upgrade bilateral ties. 2014/11/06

Rival parties fail to put key 'Sewol' bill to parliamentary vote

Rival political parties on Thursday failed to put one of three key bills related to April's deadly ferry sinking to a parliamentary vote, unable to narrow their differences on how to deal with pending government restructuring during an annual review of budget proposals. 2014/11/06 20:00


The Korea Herald (

Faithful pooch gets ‘new life’ via cloning

Davis Hawn arrived at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Guro district, Seoul, at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. He was...

P.M. vows pension reform

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won on Thursday reiterated the need to reform the deficit-laden publi...

S. Korea faces tough decision over THAAD deployment

South Korea is facing a tricky decision over whether to consent to the U.S. deployment of an ad...

Showbiz agencies splash into fashion, culture

With the surging rise of the “Hallyu Wave” ― especially the unprecedented popularity of K-po...

Mia Love, the Obama of the Republican Party?

LOS ANGELES ― Even her name is media friendly. Mia Love instantly became the darling of the Republican P...

Our unhappy children

Our young ones are profoundly unhappy, casting a pall over the country’s future.According t...

Let Ban be

Facing growing speculation about a possible run for the presidency in 2017, United Nations S...


APEC summit cars to be powered by SK batteries

A Chinese electric car, equipped with a power pack featuring lithium-ion batteries supplied by ...

Ex-Oregon senator pushes for MacArthur memorial

As a young boy during the Korean War, John Lim witnessed his father being forcibly conscripted ...


The Korea Times (

Korea set to award jet upgrade contract to Lockheed

The government is ready to ditch BAE Systems for Lockheed Martin on the Air Force project to upgrade its KF-16 fleet, according to military and procurement sources, Thursday. They said that as manufacturer of the F-16 jets, Lock...

Hyundai, Kia to raise fuel efficiency by 25%

Hyundai Motor Group said Thursday it will improve its vehicles’ average fuel efficiency by 25 percent by 2020. The announcement came after Hyundai and its sister firm Kia Motors were fined a record $300 million in the U.S. for o...

Why Koreans call baseball 'yagu'

The history of the word, which traces back to the early 1900's, echoes the nation’s own turbulent past.

11-men Ebola team to be sent to Sierra Leone Korean 

The Korean government will send 11 medical staff to Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone to join the global campaign to help fight the epidemic, the defense ministry s... 

Gov't's Dokdo policy triggers dispute Korean 

Controversy is growing over the government’s ambiguous approach in promoting the nation’s sovereig... 

Free preschool program in jeopardy 

Free childcare and preschool education, a key campaign pledge of President Park Geun-hye, are not ... 

SK batteries used in APEC official vehicles Korean 

SK Innovation has supplied the batteries for cars to be used as official transportation for next w... 

Samsung SDS shares 101 times oversubscribed Korean 

Samsung SDS saw the offering of its shares to retail investors, Thursday, oversubscribed 101 times...

Does video of surgery on singer exist? Korean 

The family of the late singer Shin Hae-chul has claimed that Seoul Sky Hospital video-recorded an operation performed on Shin, but deleted the file to avoid r...


Dong A (

N. Korea nears completion of much larger missile launch pad

The South Korean government has learned that North Korea is completing the construction of a launch pad capable of accommodating a projectile larger than the Unha-3 long-range rocket which was launched in December 2012,... 

Korea, Netherlands to exchange know-how in skating

Chairman Kim Jae-yeol (right, front row) of the Korea Skating Union and Director Paul Sanders (left, front row) of the Dutch skating association KNSB sign a treaty on mutual cooperation in the presence of President Park...

9th London Korean Film Festival opens in London

The ninth London Korean Film Festival opens Wednesday (local time) at Leicester Square in London. The event will present 55 movies with "Kundo: Age of the Rampant" directed by Yoon Jong-bin offered for the opening gala...

U.S. Republican Party wins control of Congress for first time in 8 years

The U.S. Republican Party Republicans swept to power in the Senate in midterm elections Tuesday (local time), taking full control of Congress. According to the vote tally as of 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the Republican...

S. Korean retailers thrilled by Chinese holidays

South Korea`s duty-free shops and department stores are buoyant over Beijing`s six-day public holiday for the upcoming APEC summit, as a large number of Chinese tourists are expected to rush to book trips to the...

Korea`s tallest basketball player regains competence 

A Joseon Dynasty vessel discovered with 100 pieces of white porcelain 

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