The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June 3, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notice, humor from a generous former Asian ambassador and a Korean business daily and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

P.S.: 1. To see the desired site, press down the Control key and click the blue URL of the media.

2. If received by a person other than the intended recipient, please kindly convey the mail to His/Her Excellency.


The Korea Post notices:

Interested in meeting with Mayor Lee Kang-duk of the Pohang City, POSCO president and famed 'Maise Doctor' (Prof. Kim Soon-kwon) as well as President Soon-Heung Chang of Handong University on the occasion of the Tour of the University for the Ambassadors on Thursday 11 June 2015?

During the tour of the Univesity, Professor Kim Soon-kwon (AKA ‘Maize Doctor) will welcome and greet Your Excellency with a gift box of ‘Kim Soon-kwon Maize’ which is famous around the world as well as in Korea for the sweet taste of each grain even without cooking. Perhaps the esteemed country of Your Excellency might wish to seek cooperation with Dr. Kim. Further details on Dr. Kim, a member of the faculty of Handong Global University, are on Wikipedia [].

Also, as was previously introduced, there will be a special welcome by Mayor Lee Kang-duk of the Pohang City (, who will introduce Pohang, Korea’s ‘high-tech industry city’ (, including POSCO.

Only eight days left to the Tour:

There are only 8 days left to the Tour of the Handong Global University, POSCO Museum and Yeongil-dae Pavilion on Thursday 11 June 2015.  Located in Pohang near POSCO, Handong University has incomparably outstanding features clearly telling it apart from other universities in Seoul and other regions, including an unrivalled long list of attractive scholarships and financial support for the Korean and international students. Deluxe KTX Train is used between Seoul and Pohang.

The Korea Post has already forward the Invitation of Soon-Heung Chang of Handong University to Your Excellency and Madam.

In case of our transmission failure, please advise us at 2298-1740/2, 1745/6 or 010-3388-1682 (Korean) or 010-3481-1101 (English), or 5201-1740 (Chairman Lee of The Korea Post).


Handong Global University stands out with many distinguishing features

An unrivaled long string of scholarships, financial assistance

Most of the high school graduates and their parents in Korea tend to insist on winning matriculation ‘at all cost’ at Seoul National University or other ‘prestigious’ universities in Seoul such as Yonsei, Korea, Ewha (for women), Sogang and a number of others.

However, closely examining other universities in Korea, such as those in different localities out of the capital city, one is appalled at the outstanding features of other universities in various localities, which stand out in various aspects.

For further details, please visit: /news/view.html?section=162&category=184&no=947

▲Yeongil-dae Pavilion projecting into the sea from the shore of Pohang, which is located near the campus

of Handong Global University.


Today’s humor:

Humor from a generous former Asian ambassador

Banking Rule!!

It was five in the evening, the bank was almost closed. All of a sudden, the Branch Manager received a phone call from a lady.

In a sweet voice she said - sir I urgently need $?30,000. I'll reach your bank in 10 minutes. Could you please wait for me?

Her voice was so captivating that the Branch Manager could not say no. He instructed his cashier to keep the cash ready.

The cashier obeyed his boss with great reluctance.

After a while, a hideous looking lady with white blotches all over, a huge tummy and a very ugly face came to the bank, presented a cheque and asked for the money.

The BM was taken aback, as he was expecting a pretty woman.

He immediately told the lady that they had closed for the day and she should come next day.

The cashier was furious, and he asked the BM if his intention was not to pay, then ?why was he ?made to sit late.

BM said: Its a Universal rule in banking that........ If words and figure don't match, payment is declined.

Hankuk Kyungje


As the son and daughter of a woman had gotten married within a month each other, a friend asked her, “What kind of man did your daughter marry?”

“Oh, he’s wonderful. He lets her sleep in, wants her to go to a health club regularly and insists on taking her out to dinner every night.”

“That’s nice,” said her friend. “And do you like your son’s new wife?”

The mother sighed. “I’m not so happy. She gets up late, spends all her time at the beauty salon and always wants to have dinner in a restaurant….”



WHO: MERS-Related Border Restrictions Unnecessary

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that despite two deaths from MERS in South Korea, travel and border restrictions are unnecessary. WHO Spokesman...

Gov't to Isolate Wards, Hospitals Reporting MERS Cases

Schools Nationwide Decide to Close over MERS Woes

Special MERS Quarantine for People over 50 with Chronic Disease

Pres. Office to Form Emergency Task Force on MERS

S. Korea, US Produce 4 Principles to Counter N. Korea's Missile Threats

S. Korean Military Conducts Joint Maritime Firing Drill

KOSPI Ends Lower on Spread of MERS

Internal Transactions by Top 10 Conglomerates Hit Record High

Swipe Cards Banned at ATMs

Efforts Collapse for Inter-Korean June 15 Events

Foreign Minister: 'No Lasting Peace Without Respect of Human Rights'

N. Korea: UN Should Take Issue with S. Korea-US Joint Military Drill

WHO: MERS-Related Border Restrictions Unnecessary

US Defense Bill Calls N. Korea 'Nuclear-Armed Country'

S. Korean MERS Patient in China in Stable Condition

Survey: Gender Gap Among Non-regular Workers Rises with Level of Education

Gov't to Isolate Wards, Hospitals Reporting MERS Cases

Schools Nationwide Decide to Close over MERS Woes

Meditation Masters to Gather in Gangwon in

KBS to Reduce Ads if License Fee is Raised

Seoul Citizens Most Frequent Moviegoers

MERS Cases Rise to 18, More than 600 Subject to Quarantine

Researchers Identify Key Protein Involved in Death of Cancer Cell

S. Korean Traveler Carries MERS Virus to China

Lee Seung-yeop 400th Home Run in Sight

Swimmer Park Stripped of Incheon Asian Games Medals

Suspended Swimmer Park Tae-hwan to Resume Training Next Month


Yonhap (

Gov't warns against firms at Kaesong park over wage row

The South Korean government has delivered a stern warning to dozens of firms operating at a troubled inter-Korean industrial zone, as they violated Seoul-set guidelines on ways to counter Pyongyang's decision to raise wages for its workers there, ministry officials here said Wednesday.

S. Korea keeping close tabs on World Cup qualifying opponents

South Korea enters the second Asian qualification round for the 2018 FIFA World Cup as the highest-ranked team among the five countries in Group G.

S. Korea's FX reserves increase for 4th month in May

South Korea saw its foreign exchange reserves rise for the fourth straight month in May, buoyed by profit gains from its foreign currency assets, the central bank said Wednesday.

Kerry receives surgery for broken leg

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry underwent surgery Tuesday for a broken leg sustained in a cycling accident, and his doctor said he expects a speedy recovery for the top American diplomat.

U.S says more pressure necessary for North Korea

Kerry receives surgery for broken leg

Gov't warns against firms at Kaesong park over wage row

U.S says more pressure necessary for North Korea

FM Yun, German lawmaker discuss N. Korea, Japan

Korean Red Cross to offer $4 mln for quake-hit Nepal

S. Korea, U.S. devise principles against N.K. missiles

Intel set to widen gap with Samsung via Altera merger

S. Korea reports 5 additional cases of MERS

S. Korea keeping close tabs on World Cup qualifying oppone..

BigBang's Taeyang in romance with actress Min Hyo-rin

At 38, closer Lim Chang-yong eyes history

Actor Ahn Jae-wook ties knot with musical actress

Veteran slugger going for milestone homer at altern..


The Korea Times (

Concerns over deflation deepen 

Consumer price rises have been under 1 percent for six months in a row, adding to concern that the economy might be falling into deflation.

'FedEx exposed workers to danger of anthrax' 

Activists and labor unions argued Tuesday that FedEx’s delivery of live anthrax samples might have exposed its workers to serious danger. 

Ruling party floor leader digs heels in duel with Park 

The governing party floor leader Yoo Seong-min is facing mounting criticism for his role in instig...

Volkswagen blames salesclerks for gaffe 

Volkswagen Korea has been accused of using a dubious marketing tactic which could subject the German carmaker to scrutiny from the Fair Trade Commission (FTC)... 

Allies set 4 rules against NK threat 

South Korea and the United States have established four principles for counter-missile operations...

Some firms still ask applicants' weight, height 

Some job applicants are angry about having to answer personal questions asked by perspective employers, including some leading firms.

'US tacitly admits NK as nuclear power': expert 

The U.S. government tacitly admits that North Korea is capable of operating nuclear weapons although it has not officially acknowledged the repressive state a...

Police under fire for sex scandals 

Criticism mounts over a series of sex crimes committed by police officers.

Two Koreas fail to jointly celebrate 2000 inter-Korean summit 

The two Koreas have failed to agree on ways of jointly celebrating the 15th anniversary of the inter-Korean summit at a civic level this year, Seoul’s prepara...

Courts should recognize sentences served overseas 

Local courts should recognize jail terms served in foreign countries when sentencing people convicted here for the same offences, the Constitutional Court rul...

Arrest warrant rejected for protestor who burned national flag 

A local court refused to issue an arrest warrant Tuesday for a protestor accused of burning taegeukgi, the Korean national flag, during a rally in April after...


DongA Ilbo (

Korean researchers develop worlds’ first high-resolution CCTV

Korean researchers have developed the world’s first high-resolution CCTV system, which clearly shows people`s faces recorded at the distance of 60m. The system, which was disclosed on Tuesday by Security Recognition... 

Speaker delays transfer of revision bill for National Assembly Act

With the presidential office and the ruling Saenuri Party’s leadership in dispute over a revision bill for the National Assembly Act, the transfer of the bill to the government has been put off to next week. “The 59...

Google named as world’s most innovative IT company: Samsung ranked as 5th

Global business insiders named Google as the world’s most innovative IT firm. Samsung electronics, ranked as the 5th, became the only non-American company listed in the top 10. Market research firm Tech Pro Research...

Controversy over not guilty verdict for Facebook posts on ‘murder threat against ex-wife’

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling on Monday and issued a not guilty verdict on a man who uploaded Facebook posts threatening his ex-wife. As the Supreme Court broadly guarantees "freedom of...

An Byeong-hun, new Korean golf sensation, ranks 52nd in world rankings

An Byeong-hun, an emerging Korean golf sensation, is ranking 52nd in global rankings this week. The 24-year-old, who has thus secured the highest rank among the Korean male golfers, has risen to 23rd in the rankings...

What happened to the boy in the novel `Rain Shower`?

This girl was young but quite daring. Before she died, she said, ‘When I die, please bury me in this exact sweater.’ “It is the end of “Sonagi (a rain shower in Korean),” a short tragic story of a rural boy and an...

Controversies over N. Korean leader’s call for ‘highest-level’ talks 

Ki Sung-yueng, Son Heung-min as promising Korean soccer players 

New year’s wishes change over time 

Samsung’s mobile phone beats Apple to top ACSI 

Actor Lee Jung-jae reported to be in a relationship with Daesang heiress 

N. Korean leader shows willingness to hold inter-Korean summit 

U.S. military base in Yongsan bans civilian drones, model aircrafts 

Japanese police on 14-year manhunt for cruel murderer


Chosun Ilbo (

How Deadly Is MERS?

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome appears to be more deadly than Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which struck Asia in 2003, or swine flu. MERS has a much higher fatality rate, though SARS spread faster. >> Full Text

Korea Reports First 2 MERS Deaths

Korea has reported the first deaths from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome as a woman in her late 50s died on Monday and a man in his 70s on Tuesday. The Ministry of Health and Welfare said the woman had come into direct contact with the first confirmed case of MERS in Korea. >> Full Text

Climate Change Drives Up Temperatures in May

May was unusually hot this year as if it was in the middle of summer, probably due to climate change. The Korean Meteorological Administration on Monday said the average temperature this May was 18.6 degrees Celsius across the country, the highest since records began in 1973. >> Full Text

MERS Hospital South of Seoul Remains Closed

Korea Suffers Further Dip in Exports

Car Leasing Market Grows 14-Fold Over 4 Years

Korea, China Sign FTA

Nine Top Players Missing from Roster for World Cup Qualifier

'Mad Max' Sells Over 3 Million Tickets


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

THAAD missile defense system could be used to defend against Chinese attack on US

If the US deploys the radar for THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Air Defense) on the Korean Peninsula, it would be able to detect and track intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) being launched from China toward the continental US up to 3,000 km or more, two prominent US experts say. Data collected in this manner could be communicated in real time to the early warning radar network at Clear Air Force Station in Alaska, which would allow the US to launch intercept missiles earlier.

AN/TPY-2 radar could track any Chinese ICBMs as they pass over the Korean peninsula

Two scholars were wondering about the reason why China has voiced its strong opposition to the potential deployment of THAAD on the Korean peninsula. They took note of very powerful X-band radar that can construct radar images of distant targets to a resolution of about 0.15 meters. They thought that Chinese are concerned that this radar could be used to image the deployment of warheads and decoys from their ICBMs at an early stage of their flight. .

THAAD deployment could aggravate suspicions between US and China

During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union were in a state of strategic stability based on mutually assured destruction. This doctrine relies on the mutual understanding that the prospect of retaliation would deter each side from striking first. This doctrine is still a reality created by nuclear weapons in the 21st century. However, missile defense systems could undermine such stability. That’s because if either side thought it could neutralize a retaliatory response, the temptation to attack first could be greater. .

At meeting, Pres. Park pledges efforts for improved relations with Japan

After participants in the South Korea-Japan Leaders Meeting, which brought together veteran leaders in the areas of politics, government, and business in South Korea and Japan, asked President Park Geun-hye to make a bold decision to improve relations between South Korea and Japan, Park reportedly said that she would make an effort. .

Administration under fire in wake of tepid response to anthrax delivery

The administration and ruling Saenuri Party (NFP) said they plan to wait until July to hold a joint Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) committee meeting with the US to discuss the recent delivery of live anthrax to a US military base in South Korea. .

At conference, experts criticize Japan on comfort women issue

Experts from North Korea, South Korea, and China at a recent international conference on the comfort women were unanimous in their calls for Tokyo take responsibility and apologize for the drafting of women as wartime sexual slaves. The outcome is drawing particular attention as a sign that Seoul and Pyongyang may collaborate on addressing the comfort women issue. .

Where minimum wage means, “Don’t get married. Live alone your whole life”

Kim Jin-sook heads the Seoul head office of the labor union for the Homeplus retail chain. The 36-year-old has been working as a cashier for the large retailer for over seven years. But on April 24, she took on a big new job: a three-year term as a member of the Minimum Wage Council. .

South Korea and China officially sign free trade agreement

The South Korean government officially signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, its largest trading partner. The two countries announced that they had reached a basic agreement on the FTA in Nov. 2014. The only remaining step is ratification in each country’s parliaments, after which the FTA will take effect.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Two catch MERS via a new route

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) claimed its second victim in Korea and a new route of infection led to two more Koreans testing positive for the virus Tuesday, bringing confirmed cases in the outbreak to 25 and raising the local panic level. The central MERS countermeasure headquarters…

Tourism, retail lose out as virus keeps spreading

After spreading to 25 patients and killing two, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is infecting Korean businesses, particularly in tourism and retail…

Reps want Saenuri speaker’s scalp

Lawmakers of the ruling Saenuri Party demanded Tuesday that Rep. Yoo Seong-min step down as floor leader after a compromise with the opposition last week…

GS Group’s center has a food focus

GS Group joined the government’s creative economy initiative on Tuesday by opening an innovation center in Yeosu, South Jeolla.…

Samsung creates task force to secure merger

Samsung Group launched a task force to oversee the mega merger between Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries, a complicated aligning of expansive businesses …

LG Innotek cashes in on demand for camera parts

LG Innotek, an electronic component manufacturer under LG Group, has achieved the milestone of selling more than 1 billion camera modules,…

Investors hope aging brings profits

Prudential Plc’s Korean unit is selling the nation’s drug-makers after valuations surged to three times the benchmark index. A gauge of Korean pharmaceutical stocks…

Citizens react cautiously after two die from MERS

As news about the outbreak of a potentially fatal respiratory disease has spread over the past two weeks, Korean residents have scrambled to take any preventive measures…

In payoff scandal, prosecution’s laxity criticized

The prosecution’s lack of enthusiasm in questioning top politicians and officials over the graft allegations facing them has fueled criticism among those close to the investigation…

North unveils plan for own summit celebration

The prospect of holding a joint event to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the first inter-Korean summit appeared on the brink of falling apart Tuesday after a preparatory body…

Moody’s issues a warning

Moody’s has warned the Bank of Korea’s (BOK) low interest rate could negatively effect the credit rating of Korean life insurance companies…

Consumer price index creeps up 0.5% in May

Growth in consumer prices remained negligible in May for the sixth consecutive month, deepening worries that Asia’s fourth-largest economy could be facing…

Account surplus streak reaches 38

Korea’s current account continued its run of surpluses for the 38th month in a row in April, when the surplus was $8.14 billion. If May’s results show a surplus…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

2 Mers deaths and 2 tertiary infections reported in S. Korea

At a time when South Korea confirmed two Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) deaths and two tertiary infections from other patients, the government decided to keep.. ...

NPAD floor leader supports selective approach for free child care

New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) floor leader Lee Jong-kul has made his case that selectivity will be taken into consideration for free child care instead of.. ...

Korean politics slide into high cost and low efficiency

Korean people are quivering with anxiety after the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus struck the country. The youth jobless rate rose to its peak si.. ...

16 Asian nations agree to seal RCEP in November

Trade authorities from 16 Asian nations were confirmed to have agreed to conclude the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in November this year. Since.. ...

Recession-type surplus weigh on economy

In the midst of accelerating economic slowdown, South Korea is witnessing a recession-type surplus. This type of surplus refers to growing current account surplus as t.. ...

Samsung demonstrates PS-LTE network for first time in the world

Samsung Electronics successfully demonstrated the world’s first public safety communication network that utilizes the global standard of Public Safety-LTE (PS-LTE). .. ...

S. Korea’s current account posts longest streak of surplus

South Korea’s current account surplus for April has been in the black for the 38rd month, the longest streak of surplus. According to the Bank of Korea (BOK)’s dat.. ...

1 MERS patient in S. Korea dies

One patient infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus after coming in close contact with South Korea’s first MERS patient in the hospital 2 died.. ...

7 conglomerates jump into duty free bidding race

A total of 18 companies threw their hat into the ring to win the bid for three duty free shop licenses in downtown Seoul - two for large firms and one for smaller firm.. ...

Politicians seeking to raise tax benefits for donations again after report

Politicians are moving to raise tax benefits for donations again after the Maeil Business Newspaper’s report to point out a sharp decline of individuals’ donations a.. ...


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

President Park "Declares War" on the National Assembly: "I Cannot Accept the Revised National Assembly Act," Expresses Intention to Veto the Bill

On June 1, President Park Geun-hye said, "The government cannot accept this," in connection to the revised National Assembly Act, which would give the Nationa···

A Possible MERS Patient Dies: A 58-Year-Old Woman Possibly Infected after Contact with First Patient

?A woman, 58, who may have been infected with the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) after coming into contact with the first patient, died of acute ···

[Editorial] The Epicenter of the MERS Terror Is Government Incompetence

The Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) seems to be raging out of control. Over the past weekend, three more patients were confirmed. Now the number of pati···

First Arrest Warrant for Burning Korean National Flag During a Rally

The police requested an arrest warrant for a man in his twenties who allegedly "dishonored the national flag" by burning it at a demonstration to commemorate ···

Live Anthrax Delivered to U.S. Osan Air Base

A military research center in the U.S. accidentally sent live Bacillus anthracis, more commonly known as anthrax, believing the bacteria to be dead or inactive ···

?[Editorial] A Hole in the Quarantine System: Floundering Health Authorities Yesterday, two more Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) patients were identified. The number of patients has already increased to seven in only eight days s···

Unification Literature Forum: From Dandong to Mount Paektu - A Reportage of an Exploration of the 2,000 li Amnokgang (Yalu River)

"Eoya deoya, eoya deo-eoya. A raft floats down the 2,000 li Amnokgang.... When I arrive in Uiju, the azaleas will be in bloom. Eoyeocha deulyeocha. When I go d···

2.5 Mn Won for Double Eyelids, 4 Mn Won for a Bigger Nose: Why the Government Announced Fair Prices for Plastic Surgery for Foreigners

The South Korean government announced a range of medical fees to help prevent foreigners from getting ripped off when getting beauty treatments or cosmetic surg···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Korea's Dividend Payout Ratio Ranked at the Bottom among 51 Nations

The dividend payout ratio of Korean companies turns out to be lowest among those of companies in 51 countries. Dividend payout ratio is the fraction of net income a firm pays to its stockholders in dividends. According to Bloomberg on June 2, the dividend payout ratio of Korean firms (as of May 31, 2...

POSCO Succeeds in Receiving 1.2 Tril. Won Investment from Saudi SWF

POSCO Group will get an investment of 1.2 trillion won (US$1.08 billion) from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia by selling its stake to the country's sovereign wealth fund. POSCO Engineering & Construction said on June 2 in a regulatory filing that it passed a proposal in a board of directo...

[Market Insight] E-Land Wins Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Franchise in China

E-Land, Korea's retail group with operations in fashion apparel and food service, has succeeded in winning the Chinese franchise for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This was based on the company's experience and business know-how it has accumulated through apparel and shoe business there. According to i...

Kia Motors Rolls out New Carens

Kia Motors announced on June 2 that it released this year’s new version of its compact mini-van Carens which features an improvement in fuel efficiency and wider adoption of customer preferred specs. The new Carens 1.7-liter diesel model is mounted with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT),...

LG Display Unveils Rollable Display at SID

LG Display showed off a variety of next-generation display products at the SID 2015 which opened at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, on June 2. At this exhibition which is scheduled to run until June 5, LG Display showcased a variety of OLED products. Among the products LG Display...


AJU Business Daily (

Classroom remains vacant amid MERS fears

Amid growing public fears that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus could spread further, a primary school classroom in Gyeonggi Province remains vacant on Tuesday. The school reportedly …

S. Korea's consumer inflation rate remains below 1% level for 6 straight months

South Korea's consumer inflation rate remained below the 1 percent level for the sixth straight month in May, government data showed Tuesday. Consumer prices grew 0.5 percent in May from the same …

Actress Park Jung-ah attends Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony

Actress Park Jung-ah poses for the camera during the red carpet event for the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards at the Grand Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in northeast Seoul, May 26. Park first de…

South Korea has warmest May since 1973

South Korea just had its warmest May since 1973 when the country's meteorological authority began compiling related data. In its monthly report published Monday, the Korea Meteorological Admin…

Unionists call for tighter measures to contain MERS virus' spread

Members of the Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU) call for tighter measures to contain the spread of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in a news conference in Seoul, …

Singer Kang Su-sie appears in SBS variety program 'The Burning Youth'

Singer Kang Su-sie reacts during a media event for SBS' variety program "The Burning Youth" at the Lexington Hotel located in Yeouido, Seoul, Thursday. The program airs on Fridays at 11:25 p.m.

French cookware maker Le Creuset's branch in Seoul celebrates 10th founding anniversary

French cookware maker Le Creuset's branch in Seoul celebrates 10th founding anniversary [Aju Business Daily DB ] A model holds a kitchenware item she promotes in her hands during a "pop-up ca…



Emergency Status In 3 Mobile Carriers As Permission To Use 2.6 GHz Is Given To 4th Mobile Carrier...Will Broadband Frequency End Up To 1?Jun 01, 2015Share

There is a state of emergency in 3 mobile carriers as they try to secure broadband frequency (one way 20 MHz range) because 700 MHz¡?s direction is unclea...

Read the full story

[Looking At Future Technologies Through Patents] Core Of Tesla Lies On Battery Technologies

Tesla is a car business and a battery business at the same time. Tesla brought a new influence on battery business as it recently announced a release of energy storage sy...

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OCI Begins Construction Of 2.5 MW Solar Energy Power Plant In Xizhou District In China…Keeping A Tight Rein On China

OCI is planning to start a highly profitable dispersing solar energy generation business in China, which has the world¡?s biggest solar energy market. OCI&i...

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Com2uS Increases Its Capital By $172Mil…Emerges As A New Leader In M&A

Com2uS is set to take action in increasing its capital by 172 million dollars. Not just within Korea, but it is predicted to aggressively start merger and acquisition ...

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[WIS 2015] SKT And KT Show Their Latest Communication Technology For Hyper-Connected Community

Hyper-connected community in which people, things, and data are connected by network, has already approached. SK Telecom and KT showed their latest communication tec...


Please pass this on to the Commercial/economic counsellor

Dear Commercial/economic counsellor:

The Kore Post Media now has a Designer Pool and a Translator Pool.

If you have a business delegation coming to Korea or an investment seminar scheduled here, the two Pools can meet your promotional literature production requirements at the most competitive price and quality.

The Desigerner Pool is led by a seasoned designer with more 20 years of experience after graduation from the prestigious Hongik University of College of Fine Arts and the Translator Pool by the Winner of the Korean Translation Literature Award of Hankook Ilbo/Korea Times. Please contact 2298-1740/2, 1745/6 or


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If it is still unresolved for no justifiable reason, the details are published both in the Korean and English publications of The Korea Post for public attention.


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