The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Sept. 10, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post news, The Korea Post notice, a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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The Korea Post notices:

Invitation to Kim’s Eye Hospital

For the Excellencies and Madams:

There are only seven days left to the Tour of Asia's largest ophthalmological (eye) hospital--for a free checkup, medical tips, a luncheon reception, and a tour of Asia's largest Kim's Eye Hospital in Seoul. Has Your Excellency made a reservation? If not, here is re-run of the Invitation:

Invitation to Asia's largest Kim's Eye Hospital in Seoul

Has Your Excellency ever heard of the name, Kim's Eye Hospital? The Hospital is the largest in Korea and considered to be so also in Asia. Director of the Hospital is Dr. Mrs. Yonglan Kim, the daughter of President Hi-soo Kim of Konyang University. Please visit:


At this time, I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that President Hi-soo Kim of Konyang University and Director Mrs. Yonglan Kim of the Hospital cordially invite Your Excellency and Madam to inspect the ultra-modern facilities and equipment of the Hospital together with a selected number of other Excellencies and Madams. If Your Excellency and/or Madam wish to have an ophthalmological check-up, you are most welcome.

For reservation and inquiries, please call:-

Mobile phones: Ms. Kim at 010-3388-1682 (Korean), David Chung at 010-3481-1101 (English) or Chairman Lee at 010-5201-1740.

Regular phones: 2298-1745/6, 2298-1740/2


For the Commercial Counsellors

Free exhibition of your unique food products (non-perishable)

Here is a rare opportunity for your country to showcase your unique food and food-related products in Korea free of charge for 10 days in Namyangju City on the eastern outskirts of Seoul. The Embassy does not have to assign any personnel at the exhibition site because the Namyangju City Government manages the exhibition pavilion throughout the 10-day period.

This is a very good chance for the non-perishable food exporters of your country to introduce their goods to the Korean people and international visitors.

The interesting offer comes from the Organizing Committee of 2015 Namyangju Slow Life International (Food) Festival on October 8-17, 2015 in a 10-day run.

Recommended exhibits:

Non-perishable unique foods of your country canned, bottled, vacuum-packed or dehydrated, such as fruits, nuts, spices, condiments, rice, wheat, maze (corn), any other non-perishable food products.

Food-related goods such as traditional tableware items, kitchen utensil, table cloth, aprons, spoons, bowls, dishes, plates, cutting boards, knives, cooking pots, pans, and/or whatever related with cooking and meals.

Namyangju City government officials collect the exhibits after issuing receipts and return them to the suppliers after exhibition. The exhibits can also be displayed on a permanent basis.

For further details, please contact:-

Regular phones: 2298-1740/2, 1745/6. Fax: 2298-9506.

Mobile phones: Ms. Kim Jeong-mi at 010-3388-1682 (Korean), David Chung at 010-3481-1101 (English), Bobbie Kim at 010-9100-9112 (English) or Chairman Lee Kyung-sik at 010-5201-1740.

Email: or


A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


Park Urges N. Korea to Open to International Community

President Park Geun-hye has urged North Korea to stop its simultaneous pursuit of economic and nuclear development. During a keynote speech at the 2015...

US Ambassador to Seoul: S. Korea-US Summit to Address N. Korea

38 North: Activities at N. Korean Nuclear Site Suggests Plutonium Production

Park Urges N. Korea to Open to International Community

US Ambassador: US Supports Inter-Korean Efforts to Improve Relations

Export Prices Up, Import Prices Down in August

July Composite Leading Indicator Posts Slight Drop

Samsung Begins Mass Production of 12 Gigabit Mobile DRAM

S. Korea Selects 500 Preliminary Candidates for Reunions

Red Cross Selects Preliminary Candidates for Inter-Korean Reunions

Red Cross Begins Selecting Candidates for Inter-Korean Reunions

'Park's China Visit to Help Facilitate US THAAD Deployment'

HelpAge Int'l: Switzerland Best Country for Elderly to Live

Capsized Boat Dolphin Salvaged on Wednesday

Gov't to Prevent Terrorists from Taking Flights to S. Korea

Ratio of Foreign Residents Tops 5% in 30 Cities, Towns


Yonhap (

S. Korea lifts capsized boat; no headway in search for 8 missing

South Korea said Wednesday recovery crews raised a capsized fishing boat off the country's southern coast, but no bodies were found.

The 9.77-ton Dolphin was found capsized on Sunday morning in waters north of the southern resort island of Jeju, killing 10 people. Three others were rescued by another fishing boat, but eight others were still unaccounted for.

Philips interested in buying Coway: sources

Dutch electronics giant Philips has expressed interest in taking over a stake in Coway Co., South Korea's top water purification maker which has been put on the selling block, industry sources said Thursday.

Gov't to cut pay hike rate of public firms refusing wage peak

The government plans to slash the salary increase rate of public sector corporations and organizations that fail to adopt the wage peak system as it pushes for broader labor market reforms, an official said Thursday.

Smartphone market growth to slow in 2016: data

The global shipment of smartphones is anticipated to suffer a setback in 2016, industry data showed Thursday, with Chinese handset makers expected to further cement their foothold in the mid- to low-end smartphone segment.

Trump says he's against deal with N. Korea

U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Wednesday he is against a deal with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

N. Korea's provocations top 60 times over past 5 years

Trump says he's against deal with N. Korea

Unification, NK rights issue could be mutually bene..

Int'l slow movement fest month ahead of opening

Hyundai Motor workers vote for strike

Mobile carriers' pending refunds top 100 bln won: data

Seoul shares open lower on U.S. rate hike woes

Gov't to cut pay hike rate of public firms refusing wage p..

Int'l slow movement fest month ahead of opening

'Accidental Detective' not funny enough

Tottenham Hotspur says Son Heung-min granted work permit

Liberal scholars oppose gov't plan to standardize history ..

Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Tae-hee to headline Korean drama fest


The Korea Herald (

Moon stakes leadership on party reform

The main opposition party leader said Wednesday he would leave his post as chairman if the party disapproves a package o...

AIIB to launch huge project financing in Asia next year

The soon-to-be-established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank plans to launch large-scale pro...

Korea’s wage gap between local, foreign workers largest in OECD

South Korea has the biggest wage gap between native and foreign-born workers among member count...

Apple unveils latest iPhone, bigger iPad, revamped TV box

Apple is taking a small step with its latest iPhone while trying to make a bigger leap in other...

Queen Elizabeth II breaks reign record

LONDON (AFP) -- After reigning through the decline of the British empire and some of the worst scandals i...

Women outnumber men

Recent government data confirmed a demographic change Korea had long been expecting to see t...

English names

What should be considered first in naming an institution ? especially a government organiza...

Seoul book club to host three rising Korean authors

The Seoul Book and Culture Club will be hosting a book reading and question-and-answer session ...

Hyundai Motor unveils all-new Avante

HWASEONG, Gyeonggi Province -- Hyundai Motor, the nation’s top carmaker, launched the 6th gene...


The Korea Times (

Gov't to cut pay hike rate of public firms refusing wage peak

The government plans to slash the salary increase rate of public sector corporations and organizations that fail to adopt the wage peak system as it pushes for broader labor market reforms, an official said Thursday. According t...

S. Korea, Australia seek to strengthen security ties 

South Korea and Australia will seek to expand security ties to emerging issues, such as epidemics and natural disasters, when their foreign and defense minist... 

Hyundai launches new Avante 

Hyundai Motor launched a Avante compact for the first time in five years on Wednesday, targeting g... 

Drug abuse jumps in barracks 

The number of soldiers and officers caught using drugs or being in possession of them has increase...

Stir caused over hotel plan at historical site 

The state agency in charge of preserving cultural heritage has drawn criticism for approving the construction of a hotel at a historical site in Sogong-dong, ... 

500 preliminary candidates chosen through draw for reunions 

Five hundred preliminary candidates to attend family reunions of the two Koreas were selected Wedn...

Are two Koreas entering new era of detente? 

The inter-Korean agreement reached on Tuesday to hold reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War in late October is expected to spur exchanges a... 


DongA Ilbo (

U.S. website: increased activities at Yongbyon nuclear complex

Satellite imagery suggests a high level of vehicle activity not previously observed at North Korea`s Yongbyon nuclear facilities in North Pyongan Province soon after the North`s artillery provocation on August 20,... 

500 family reunion candidates selected

Probability is 1/132. At Korean Red Cross building in central Seoul on Tuesday, a random drawing was held to select winners for family reunion. In less than three minutes, 500 were selected among 66,000 candidates. The...

Chinese President Xi to pay state visit to U.S. on Sept 22

Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying his first state visit to the U.S. Citing sources, the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post said on Wednesday that Xi will start his official tour to the U.S. in Seattle on...

Kang Jung-ho, Choo Shin-soo hit homers on same day

Kang Jung-ho (28) of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Choo Shin-soo (33) of the Texas Rangers hit homers and led their teams to victory. It is the first time ever that two Korean batters hit homers in the Major League on the...

Celebrated master calligrapher`s works donated to local museum

Nine calligraphic works by Kim Jeong-hui, a Confucian scholar and master calligrapher in the late Joseon Dynasty, have been donated to an art museum in Gochang, South Jeolla Province. Gochang County said Wednesday that...

Park In-bee, Kim Hyo-joot to compete in Evian Championship

It might be the kind of feeling that you would have when you visit the school library at dawn ahead of a final exam, only to find the entrance to the library remains shut? "Golf empress" Park In-bee (27) faced such a...

Pres. Park must build amicable relations with China for peace on Korean Peninsula 

Divided assessment over Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo’s remarks 

Chung Hyeon displays potential despite loss in 2nd round of the U.S. Open 

20 tombs of ancient times are unearthed in South Gyeongsang province 

Lee Man-ki applies alone for leadership of Saenuri’ Gimhae B district 

Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo scrapped amid allegations of plagiarism


Chosun Ilbo (

Capsized Trawler Raised

The Coast Guard on Wednesday raised the trawler Dolphin which capsized in waters off Chuja Island near Jeju on Sunday, killing most of the passengers on board. The 9.77-ton trawler was raised off Cheong Island near Chuja around 6 p.m. and taken to a nearby port. >> Full Text

N. Korea Snubs Greetings from China

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday to mark the 67th anniversary of its founding. China sends similar messages every year, but this year's greetings come as ties between the allies are at a low ebb. >> Full Text

Netflix to Be Launched in Korea

U.S. video-streaming provider Netflix will be available in Korea early next year. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a statement on Wednesday said Korea, which boasts "high-speed Internet infrastructure and a high level of contents consumption," is an essential strategic base in the company's global expansion. >> Full Text

Japan's Highest Court Finds for Korean A-Bomb Victims

Kim Jong-un Meets Cuba's No. 2

2 Koreas Agree on Family Reunions in Late October

Korea Crushes Lebanon 3-0 in World Cup Qualifier

LG's OLED TV Praised in U.S. Daily


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Can South and North maintain the momentum from Aug. 25 agreement?

Two sides agreed to timing of family reunions, but more hurdles remain, and both sides will need to make concessions

North and South Korea managed to hang on to the momentum from their August 25 agreement as a non-stop two-day working-level Red Cross meeting ended on Sept. 8 with an agreement to the holding of reunions of separated family members from Oct. 20 to 26.

In 24-hour marathon talks, South and North reach a minimal compromise

Staff members from the South and North Korean branches of the Red Cross held a marathon meeting that continued around the clock from Sep. 7 to Sep. 8. The meeting‘s unusual length resulted from a fierce battle of wills between the two sides on the topics of trading a list of names of all the divided families, holding the meetings on a regular basis, and the timing of the reunions. .

Kim Jong-un meets first foreign delegation in more than two years

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with a foreign delegation for the first time in two years and three months.“On Sep. 7, Kim Jong-un met with a state delegation from the Republic of Cuba that was led by Comrade Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, who is a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, the first chair of Cuba‘s State Council, and Cuba’s first vice president,” North Korea’s state-run Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Sep. 8. .

Miniscule increase in welfare spending as national debt rises

The increase in welfare-related expenditures in the South Korean budget next year will be the second lowest ever, and the national debt will top 40% of gross domestic product (GDP) for the first time. With economic growth slowing and the government refusing to increase revenues by raising taxes, the country’s fiscal condition is weakening. .

Korean atomic bomb victims win 45-year battle in Japan

On Sept. 8, Korean atomic bomb survivors received the verdict they had been waiting 45 years to hear. Inside the Supreme Court of Japan, the verdict from Justice Kiyoko Okabe consisted of just one sentence, “Appeal denied.” .

After two-day meeting, South and North agree to timing of family reunions

Red Cross representatives from North and South came to an agreement to hold reunions for divided families on Oct. 20-26 at Mt. Keumgang in North Korea, on the morning of Sept. 8, at the end of long talks held at Peace House in Panmunjeom. The two sides agreed that around 100 families will participate in the reunions.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Moon gambles his job on reforms

NPAD chairman also vows to hold personal no-confidence vote

The leader of Korea’s main opposition party staked his job on a reform of the way the party picks candidates for next year’s general election, vowing to step down if fellow party members succeed in derailing the plan. Moon Jae-in, chairman of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD)…

Workers go on strike to pin blame on management

Workers at Korea’s heavy industries are mad as hell and walking off the job, saying bad business is the result of bad management and demanding their salaries…

Support for North Korea dwindling, poll shows

South Korea has turned increasingly conservative toward the North over the past decade, particularly people in their 20s, a poll shows.…

1.85 trillion won in unpaid phone bills owed

Almost 5 million Korean subscribers haven’t paid their mobile phone bills for the last three months and owe a total of about 1.85 trillion won ($1.5 billion) …

Cosmetics biz booming despite drop in exports

As Korea suffers from a prolonged drop in exports, one industry is posting double-digit growth in shipments and grabbing the attention of policy makers…

Job growth slows to only 256,000 new hires

Korea’s job growth slowed in August with new hires crashing by half from last year, amid shrinking domestic consumption in wholesale and retail areas.…

Hyundai rolls out revamped Avante model

HWASEONG, Gyeonggi - Hyundai Motor rolled out its new Avante AD on Wednesday, with hopes of boosting the company’s recently sluggish domestic and international sales…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Amore Pacific to expand footprint beyond China

Amore Pacific Group will expand its business realm beyond China into the Middle East, Latin America, and Canada. During a press conference held to mark the company’s .. ...09.09 17:44

Kumho Asiana chief suggests about $600mn for acquisition of Kumho Industri..

Park Sam-gu, chairman of Kumho Asiana Group, told creditor groups that he is willing to pay the low-700 billion won ($587 million) level to acquire Kumho Industrial. .. ...09.09 17:08

Park: S. Korea to make efforts to build confidence with N. Korea

“South Korea will make efforts to ensure South and North Korea will build confidence through a smooth implementation of the August 25 agreement of inter-Korean high-l.. ...09.09 16:43

Chung Ho Comnet’s entry into China

“We were too early in entering the Chinese market. We only focused on growth potential. We learned later that the key to success in China is to capture local talents... ...09.09 16:29

China’s slow demand hits Korean steelmakers

China’s imports in August shrank by 14.3 percent from a year ago, taking a toll on Korean exporters. As Korean businesses have already been hurt by sluggish exports, .. ...09.09 16:28

Galaxy Note 5 to be released earlier in China

Samsung Electronics will launch the Galaxy Note 5 in China this Saturday, a strategy to reclaim its leading position in the country’s smartphone market. Later this ye.. ...09.09 16:21

Ultrasonic floating coater developed

LG Display has developed the world’s first ultrasound-applied equipment used in the manufacturing process of displays in cooperation with its supplier KC Tech. The .. ...09.09 15:13

Seoul Semiconductor secures Violeds technology used in space stations

A space station is said to have the same size as a soccer field. The interior space of the space station is twice as large as that of Boeing 747. Keeping the space sta..


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

[Working-level Talks on Reunion of Separated Families] Ten Days Before the Reunion Is the Founding of the Workers' Party of Korea : North Korea's Missile Launch to Be the Most Critical Factor

The South Korean government and the Red Cross are now busy with preparations as North and South Korea finalized the date for the reunion of separated families i···

'Reimburse A-bomb Victims Residing in Korea for Full Cost of Medical Treatment' Japanese Supreme Court's First Final Ruling

The Japanese Supreme Court ruled that the Japanese government should pay the full cost of treatment for victims of the atomic bomb residing in South Korea. This···

[Interview of Former U.S. State Department INR Chief John Merrill] “President Park Should Put Aside the Dresden Declaration and Return to Trustpolitik”

“When a few submarines were missing, we got worried. What the heck are they doing?” One of the daily tasks of Dr. John Merrill, who analyzed North Korean i···

[Editorial] Reunion of Separated Families, a Test in the Implementation of the August 25 North-South Korean Agreement

Yesterday, North and South Korea attended working-level Red Cross talks at Panmunjom and discussed the possibility of a reunion of separated families next month···

?Homeplus Sold for 7.2 Trillion Won, South Korea's Most Expensive M&A

Homeplus, the second largest supermarket chain in South Korea, has been sold to the largest private equity firm in South Korea, MBK Partners for 7.2 trillion wo···

Ahn Cheol-soo at the Center of the Main Opposition Party's 'Conflict of Innovation and Division': 'Can We Innovate the Party by Just Changing the System?' Calling for Changes in Party Members

On September 6, New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo (53) once again criticized the party's Innovation Committee saying, "Did the party ···

President Park's Diplomacy Seen through Her 'Face' and 'Seat' atop Tiananmen

President Park Geun-hye's face and seat drew attention at the ceremony commemorating the seventieth anniversary of China's victory in World War II (Victory Da···


The Korea Economic Daily (

"We Will Establish Northeast Dev. Bank If North Gives up Nuclear"...Prez. Park President Park Geun-hye said on September 9 in a meeting with the President-designate of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Jin Liqun at Cheongwadae, "It is of critical importance for the whole Asian region's peace and prosperity to cajole North Korea out of isolation and lead to reform...

Small Self-employed Operations in Retreat...NSO

The number of self-employed persons has shrunk at a record-high level in August. This implies that small business owners closed their shops in droves and looked for new jobs as they face difficulties due to the ongoing recession. According to a report "August 2015 Employment Trend" published by the ...

Overseas Direct Purchase Volume Rises Rapidly to 1.2 Tril. Won Last Year

A parliamentary study said the volume of purchase from overseas online retailers has surpassed the 1-trillion-won level last year for the first time, according to Rep. Na Seong-lin (New Frontier Party). According to the congressman who is also a member of the strategy and finance committee in the Na...

Samsung Electronics Faces Dilemma about Galaxy S7 AP

Samsung Electronics is agonizing over what kind of application processor (AP) it will adopt for the Galaxy S7 which is scheduled to be released early next year. If the company uses the Exynos, the one produced by its system LSI division, it could contribute to creating internal sales. But it may ris...

LG Chem Ranks 13th among Global Chemical Firms

LG Chem was ranked 13th in the global chemical company ranking, the highest among domestic chemical firms. This ranking is based on comprehensive consideration of corporate sales and operating profits. Hanwha Chemical was positioned at No. 45, joining the top-50 ranking for the first time in its his...


AJU Business Daily (

Octagon girl Arianny Celeste visits Seoul to promote UFC event

Octagon girl Arianny Celeste poses at a photo call to promote the upcoming "UFC Fight Night Seoul" at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul in Jangchung-dong, central Seoul, Tuesday. Star fighters will com…

AIIB President-designate Jin Liqun in Seoul

Jin Liqun, president-designate of the newly launched Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), speaks at a meeting with South Korean business leaders at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (…

Actress Kim Hee-seon to appear in Chinese TV series for 1st time

South Korean actress Kim Hee-seon will appear in a Chinese television series for the first time, her management agency in Seoul said Tuesday. The 38-year-old Kim will play a queen, named "Yeonhi,"…

Du-Athlon Race 2015 held in Seoul

A foreign participant carrying his bicycle on his shoulder is in action during the Decente Du-Athlon Race 2015 in central Seoul, Sunday. About 1,000 contestants competed in the race consisting of 13.6…

Job fair held at Seoul National University

Students look for job opportunity from a bulletin board during a job fair held at Seoul National University in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Tuesday. The jobless rate for people aged between 15 and 29 stood at 10…

Star fighters to compete in UFC Seoul event

Mixed martial arts fighter, who will compete in the "UFC Fight Night Seoul," pose for photographers during a press conference at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul in Jangchung-dong, central Seoul, Tues…

Maxim Korea vows to remove controversial Sept. issue from newsstands

Maxim Korea Friday apologized over its September issue, whose cover has been widely accused of depicting violence against women, saying that it will remove the issue from newsstands nationwide. The co…

Actress Jeon In-hwa stars in new MBC drama 'My Daughter, Geumsaweol'

Actress Jeon In-hwa speaks at a media event for MBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama "My Daughter, Geumsaweol" at the broadcaster's office in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Wednesday. At right is act…

Hyundai Motor launches New Maxcruz SUV in home market

Models stand beside The New Maxcruz produced by Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's leading automaker, at the launching ceremony for the new sports utility vehicle (SUV) at the Inter Wired Studio in …



Samsung Electronics Is Providing HDMI 2.0a For 2015 4K TV HDR

Samsung Electronics announced on the 4th at IFA 2015 that it is providing DMI 2.0a firmware upgrade for SUHD TVs and UHD TVs, which were released this year, so ...

Samsung Electronics Is Launching Semiconductor Leukemia Compensation Committee And Receiving Applications Starting From This Week

Samsung Electronics announced on the 3rd that it has launched compensation committee to solve problems with leukemia caused by semiconductors. It made follow-up measures by...

[IFA 2015] President Han Sang Bum Of LG Display Made A Keynote Speech About How OLED Is Future Display That Brings Innovation

Future display¡?s ¡®reality¡? and ¡®free form¡? have to be perfect, and the best display that satisfies t...

SK Telecom Is Paying Up To $260 For ‘LUNA’ And Its Store Price Is $378

SK Telecom is paying support fund of up to $260 (310,000 KRW) for TG N Company Smartphone ¡®LUNA¡? that it is exclusively releasing on the 4th...

KAIST Research Team Develops Indoor-Outdoor Combined Navigation

KAIST research team developed indoor-outdoor combined navigation that has an error range of 3 to 5 meters from left to right. KAIST¡?s research team led by...

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