The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Sept. 16, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices, a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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The Korea Post notices:

Invitation to Kim’s Eye Hospital

For the Excellencies and Madams:

It is The Day After Tomorrow, the day of the Tour of Asia's largest ophthalmological (eye) hospital--for a free checkup, medical tips, a luncheon reception, and a tour of Asia's largest Kim's Eye Hospital in Seoul. Partly cloudy skies are forecast for the day with a high of 27 degrees and a low of 16. Has Your Excellency made a reservation? If not, here is re-run of the Invitation:

Invitation to Asia's largest Kim's Eye Hospital in Seoul

Has Your Excellency ever heard of the name, Kim's Eye Hospital? The Hospital is the largest in Korea and considered to be so also in Asia. Director of the Hospital is Dr. Mrs. Yonglan Kim, the daughter of President Hi-soo Kim of Konyang University. Please visit:


At this time, I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that President Hi-soo Kim of Konyang University and Director Mrs. Yonglan Kim of the Hospital cordially invite Your Excellency and Madam to inspect the ultra-modern facilities and equipment of the Hospital together with a selected number of other Excellencies and Madams. If Your Excellency and/or Madam wish to have an ophthalmological check-up, you are most welcome.

For reservation and inquiries, please call:-

Mobile phones: Ms. Kim at 010-3388-1682 (Korean), David Chung at 010-3481-1101 (English) or Chairman Lee at 010-5201-1740.

Regular phones: 2298-1745/6, 2298-1740/2

A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


Unification Ministry Vows Stern Response against N. Korean Provocation

South Korea has vowed to respond sternly if Pyongyang launches a long-range missile or conducts a nuclear test.    Calling them acts of severe provocation...

US State Department Official Warns N. Korea against Further Provocations

First Inspection for Salvaging Sewol Complete

Task Force to Inspect Reunion Facilities at Mount Geumgang

Park Donates to Employment Fund for Young Adults

President Park to Give Farm Products as Chuseok Presents

S. Korean Aegis Tasked with Detecting N. Korean Rocket

Debt-to-Capital Ratio at Public Organizations to Fall below 200%

Minor Members of Conglomerate Families Own Nearly 100 Billion Won in Stock

Top Business Groups See Revenue, Profit Drop, Wages Rise

Unification Ministry Vows Stern Response against N. Korean Provocation

Task Force to Inspect Reunion Facilities at Mount Geumgang

Gov't: N. Korea's Missile Launch Violates UN Resolutions


Yonhap (

Jeju naval base hosts warship in test operation

South Korea has begun testing its new naval base on the southern island of Jeju as its construction is near completion, the Navy said Wednesday.

"The Aegis combat system-equipped DDG destroyer, the Sejong the Great, entered the Jeju civil-military combined port for a safety check of the port and pier facilities," the Navy said.

N.K. building isotope separation facility to build more powerful nuclear bombs: U.S. institute

A new facility under construction at North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex appears to be designed to separate isotopes from spent fuel that can be used in building nuclear weapons more powerful than plutonium or uranium bombs, a U.S. research institute said Tuesday.

S. Korea, EU urge N. Korea to stop planned rocket launch

President Park Geun-hye and her EU counterpart urged North Korea Tuesday to stop its missile and nuclear weapons programs as Pyongyang warned of a long-range rocket launch and its use of nuclear weapons.

China urges N. Korea to comply with U.N. resolutions over possible rocket launch

In an unusually frank rebuke against its wayward ally, China called for North Korea on Tuesday to comply with U.N. resolutions that ban the North from conducting ballistic missile tests, a day after Pyongyang hinted that it could launch a long-range rocket to mark a key national anniversary.


The Korea Herald (

N.K. restarted all Yongbyon nuclear facilities’

North Korea has restarted all nuclear facilities including its uranium enrichment factory at its Yongbyon nuclear comple...

I still wake up in the night and cry’

Kang Il-chul was only 16 when she was abducted by three Japanese military officers in her hom...

Korea’s household debt ratio soars

South Korean households’ debt problem is higher than other emerging economies, a research repo...

Hyundai Motor unveils new brand

Hyundai Motor executive vice president Albert Biermann poses Tuesday with the N 2015 Vision Gra...

Turnbull sworn in as new Australian premier

Multim­illionaire former banker Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as prime minister of Aus...

Follow-up actions

The tripartite committee’s agreement on labor reform is certainly welcome, but it does not ...

Effective deterrent

There has come yet another report showing that corruption in the Korean civil service is as ...

[SUPER RICH] Superrich who help refugees

Refugees from Africa and the Middle East have been crossing the Mediterranean by boat to escape...

Coupang CEO skips parliamentary hearing over basketball injury

On Monday, Coupang president and CEO Kim Bom skipped the hottest business event of the week ― ...


The Korea Times (

Parliament moves to expel Rep. Sim Hak-bong over alleged rape 

The National Assembly passed a motion Wednesday morning to expel lawmaker, Rep. Sim Hak-bong who i...

Korea's household debt highest in ratio to GDP 

Korea posted the highest household debt to GDP ratio among emerging market economies last year, th... 

S&P ups Korea's rating to AA- 

Standard & Poor's raised Korea's sovereign rating one notch from “A ” to “AA-.”

Divorce not allowed for cheating husband 

The Supreme Court upheld a high court ruling, Tuesday, that denied unfaithful husband the right to file for a divorce. The top court ruled against the man who... 

Former sex slave calls for Park to press Abe 

Kang Il-chul, 87, one of the women forced to serve as a sex slave for Japanese soldiers ...

KT opens center for genome analysis at SNU 

KT said Tuesday that it will team up with Seoul National University (SNU) to operate a genome-analyzing center for improving “big data” analytics for the heal...


DongA Ilbo (

N. Korea hints at nuclear test, a tryout rather than to cast chill

North Korea hinted at firing long range rockets and also possibility of a nuclear test. This came three weeks after the agreement made on August 25 to proceed a meeting between high ranking officials between the South... 

Samsung SDI unveils new car batteries at German motor show

Samsung SDI attended Frankfurt Motor Show that opened Tuesday (local time) in Germany, unveiling electric car batteries. It is the only electric car battery maker attending the motor show to stage car batteries. ...

Korean fashion designers attract fashion people in New York

Korean fashion designers have captured the eyes of fashion insiders with a style based on Korea’s characteristics during the Spring-Summer 2016 New York Fashion Week, one of the world’s four major fashion shows. In...

Mus?e d`Orsay launches Korean language service sponsored by Korean Air

The Mus?e d`Orsay in Paris has started commentary services in Korean language sponsored by Korean Air on Monday. An event to celebrate the start of Korean service was held at the museum’s fifth floor on 1:30 p.m.,...

Germany imposes border controls over refugee surge

Germany will impose controls at the border with neighboring Austria as it continues to deal with a surge in refugees. According to Austrian rail officials, its rail services to Germany would be stopped starting 5 p.m....

Ahn raises voice against Moon over NPAD innovation

Our party’s Central Committee should be indefinitely postponed and a public survey of confidence be canceled,” lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy raised his voice toward party leader Moon...

Businessman-turned politician Malcolm Turnbull becomes Australia’s new prime minister 

Korean major leaguers continue to thrive on 

Real-name street vendor system to debut 

Pres. Park must build amicable relations with China for peace on Korean Peninsula 

Divided assessment over Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo’s remarks


Chosun Ilbo (

N. Korea Resumes 'Normal Operations' at Nuclear Sites

North Korea on Tuesday claimed all its nuclear facilities have resumed normal operations and threatened to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. and other "hostile" forces any time. >> Full Text

S&P Raises Korea's Credit Rating

Global credit rating firm Standard & Poor's on Tuesday raised Korea's sovereign rating one notch from A to AA-, citing the country's growth potential and a decline in external debt. Korea now has the equivalent of AA- ratings from all three global rating firms -- Moody's, Fitch and S&P. >> Full Text

Korea's1st Domed Baseball Stadium Unveiled

Korea's first domed baseball stadium in Guro, southwest Seoul was unveiled on Tuesday. "Korea now has a long-awaited all-weather domed baseball stadium," an official of the Seoul Metropolitan Government said at a press preview on Tuesday. >> Full Text

Many Koreans Have No Plan to Give Children Their Home

Cigarette Price Hike Don't Put Off Smokers

Light Materials, Electric Cars Dominate Frankfurt Car Expo

Kia Launches Completely Revamped Sportage SUV


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Labor reforms make it easier for companies to fire and change rules

Changes made in the name of “flexibility”, but not yet clear if reforms will create more good jobs

South Korean companies will at last be able to fire employees because of their performance and to change workplace regulations against their employees’ wishes. The government is also poised to push forward measures related to irregular workers such as increasing the employment period for short-term workers.

Government ministries release report touting Pres. Park’s overseas achievements

Four government ministries launched an effort to promote the Park Geun-hye administration’s accomplishments so far with the distribution on Sept. 14 of a “Performance Sourcebook rating achievements in the areas of foreign affairs and national security. .

86% of workers at Incheon Airport are irregular

Eighty-six percent of employees at Incheon International Airport are irregular workers, recent data show. Considered one of the country’s top public enterprises, the airport has been selected the world’s best for ten years running, with staff earning an average of 85,760,000 won (US$72,600) a year. But the figures reveal much of the toil of its irregular workers ending up in the pockets of managers and permanent staff. According to data released on Sept. 14 by lawmakers Kang Dong-won, Kim Sa .

Elementary school kids report dating, but no kissing yet

Opposite-sex relationships in elementary school are very similar to adult ones, a recent study finds.Child Fund Korea released results on Sept. 14 for a survey launched in May in which five children’s researchers questioned 115 elementary students (64 male, 51 female) on their relationships with the opposite sex. .

Amid opposition, Blue House pushing ahead with state history textbook

Even with popular opposition gradually increasing to a single state Korean history textbook, the Blue House seems poised to push ahead with its plans to implement government textbooks even if it hurts the president’s approval rating. While the Blue House is officially disavowing responsibility by claiming that this was the decision of the Education Ministry, inside the government, the Education Ministry appears to be under pressure from President Park, who is staunchly in favor of the proposal.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

North says nuclear sites upgraded

Hours earlier, it vowed to send satellites into orbit in a few weeks

North Korea said on Tuesday that it has restarted all atomic fuel programs at its main nuclear complex, hours after announcing its intention to fire a long-range missile, possibly within the next few weeks …

Questioning drives a suspect to kill himself

The apparent suicide of a researcher after being interrogated about defense corruption is shedding light on prosecutorial investigations that lead to suicides of suspects …

Call for law to govern labor reform’s main issues

The nation’s five largest associations of employers and businessmen have criticized the labor reform deal struck by unions, companies and the government as unsatisfactory …

Kia’s new Sportage offers a high-tech ride

Kia Motors rolled out its updated Sportage SUV on Tuesday, featuring a new design and fancy features like wireless smartphone charging. …

Man trashes his Benz in unique form of feedback

Mercedes-Benz Korea came under fire after a driver of one of its luxury vehicles, is satisfied with the company’s after-sales service, posted a video online of himself …

Insurance payments conceal real cost of luxury vehicle repairs. It’s no secret that many drivers in Korea make an extra effort to avoid making contact with high-end imported cars. But the actual repair cost may only be a part of the financial headache …


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Background of upward adjustment for S. Korea’s credit rating

As for Standard & Poor`s (S&P) ‘surprisingly’ upgrading South Korea’s sovereign credit rating, Korean economic experts analyzed that it was unexpected but understan.. ...09.16 14:56

Emoticon biz is booming

Emoticons, the graphic images to indicate users’ emotions and attitudes mainly on messenger programs, are creating a huge content market as they become more familiar .. ...09.16 14:31

CEO Roundtable of 2015 World Knowledge Forum

Every year, participants of the World Knowledge Forum ponder on which session to take. This is because they cannot but stand at the crossroads as about 90 sessions wou.. ...09.16 11:05

Innovation leading growth needed in new era

“Times have changed. In this era, the world is divided not into developed countries and developing ones but into renovating countries and ones that lack innovation.”.. ...09.16 10:57

LGERI predicts S. Korean economy to grow 2.7% next year

The South Korean economy is expected to expand the two percent range this year from 2014, said a private think-tank. According to the latest economic outlook for 201.. ...09.15 17:18

N. Korea threatens S. Korea with possible nuclear test

After North Korea suggested the possible launch of a long-range rocket on Monday, it brought up additional nuclear tests and the improvement of nuclear weapons on Tues.. ...09.15 17:17

Global travel retailers racing to get bigger

Experts warn Korea has taken a series of measures only to weaken its travel retail market, bucking the global trend where global travel retailers are racing to expand .. ...09.15 15:35


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

[Grand Compromise of the Tripartite Committee] Committee Agrees to Big Outline on Easy Layoffs and the Wage Peak Model

The representatives of the tripartite committee reached an agreement on key issues such as the layoff of low achievers and the easing of disadvantageous revisio···

[Editorial] President Should Withdraw Decision for Government Administered History Textbook

The minister of education will officially announce the publication of textbooks at the end of this month. In time with the announcement, the government and ruli···

Moon Jae-in's 'Vote of Confidence' vs. Non-mainstream's 'Early Convention'

New Politics Alliance for Democracy leader Moon Jae-in suggested a vote of confidence in connection to the party's new proposal of innovations, bringing the co···

Three North Korean Military Leaders Rumored to Have Been Censured for 'Mine Provocation' Are Alive and Well

After the land mine explosion in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the North's statement of regret, rumors claimed that three North Korean military leaders had ···

Wage Gap Between Nationals and Foreigners Highest among OECD Member States

The wage gap between domestic and migrant workers in South Korea is the largest among the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (···

?[Editorial] What Is the Government Doing as the Younger Generation Give Up Seeking Employment?

More and more young adults are giving up looking for a job. According to the August Employment Trend released yesterday by Statistics Korea, 539,000 people have···

[Working-level Talks on Reunion of Separated Families] Ten Days Before the Reunion Is the Founding of the Workers' Party of Korea

The South Korean government and the Red Cross are now busy with preparations as North and South Korea finalized the date for the reunion of separated families i···


The Korea Economic Daily (

2016 GNI Forecast to Shrink for 2 Consecutive Years

As the recession continues, per-capita gross national income (GNI) will likely shrink this year following last year for two consecutive years. This is largely because sluggish exports due to the slowdown of the Chinese economy, stagnant domestic consumption, and the depreciation of the Korean won ag...

One Out of Two Smartphones to Be Mounted with NFC in 2016

One out of two smartphones which will be released in 2016 will be mounted with a near-field communication (NFC) chip, raising expectations that NFC will become the main method of smartphone payment. According to American market research firm Strategy Analytics on September 15, the share of NFC-enabl...

Kakao Pay Breaks 5 Mil. Mark in No. of Subscribers

Daum Kakao’s mobile payment service Kakao Pay revealed an info graphic on its performance to celebrate its first-year anniversary on September 15. As of early September, Kakao Pay passed the 5-million mark in the number of subscribers, with the number of its affiliated stores reaching about 270. The...


No Plan to Roll out B Segment SUV in Korea

Kia Motors plans not to roll out B segment (compact) SUVs in the Korean market. On September 15, Kia Motors launched a new Sportage at W Hotel in Seoul and revealed its intention to cover the compact SUV market with new Sportage which is a C segment model. A Kia Motors official said, “We think the...

LG CNS Establishes Local JV with Uzbek Government

LG CNS, an information technology services firm specializing in information technology services including consulting, system integration, and business process outsourcing, will establish a joint venture with the Uzbek government and implement e-government projects jointly. This is the first instance...


AJU Business Daily (

Hip-hop duo Leessang's Gary to drop 1st studio album Monday

South Korean hip-hop duo Leessang's Gary will drop his first studio album on Sept. 21, his management agency in Seoul said Tuesday. The album, titled "2002," is the 37-year-old's first alb…

Retailer Shinsegae Group holds job fair

People line up at a job fair hosted by major South Korean retailer Shinsegae Group and subcontractors at the aT Center in Yangjae-dong, southern Seoul, Tuesday. A total of 125 companies participated i…

South Korea world's 39th freest economy

South Korea moved down seven notches to 39th place in the 2015 Economic Freedom of the World report. South Korea scored 7.38 out of possible 10 points, down 0.08 from last year, making its economy …

Actor Kwon Sang-woo stars in crime comedy 'Detective

Actor Kwon Sang-woo, who stars as Kang Dae-man, the owner of a comic shop, or "manhwabang" in Korean in the upcoming South Korean crime comedy "Detective:

Kooksoondang Brewery launches new product 'Boncho'

With about two weeks to go before the Chuseok holiday, models clad in hanbok pose with "Boncho" made by traditional South Korean alcoholic beverage maker Kooksoondang Brewery Co. at the launch event o…

Scarecrows to frighten away birds

As the harvest season is approaching, students from a primary school have the experience of setting up scarecrows dressed in clothing to frighten away birds in a rice field of the Museum of Agricultur…

World B-Boy Masters Championship held in Seoul

A participant dances during the R-16 Korea World B-Boy Masters Championship which opened at the Jangchung Gymnasium in central Seoul Saturday. The two-day event was hosted by the state-run Korea Touri…



Pharming Method That Steals Personal Information By Disguising Itself As Bookmarks Makes Appearance

Pharming method that extorts personal information by abusing ¡®Bookmark¡?, where one saves websites that he or she usually visits, makes appearance. AhnLab...

LG Electronics Introduces Smart TV ‘Channel Plus’ That Carries Broadcasting

LG Electronics joined hands with N-screen service business called Everyon TV and have started ¡®Channel Plus¡? that allows one to watch 50 real-ti...

South Korean LED Businesses Find Breakthroughs In Foreign Countries As They Believe There Are No Solutions In South Korea

South Korean LED businesses are finding breakthroughs in foreign markets to overcome South Korean market that is going under recession. As recent increase in exchange...

MSIP Is Adjusting Mobile Gwanggaeto Plan

Government is adjusting mobile Gwanggaeto Plan because it needs to readjust roadmap that efficiently provides frequency due to increase in mobile traffic and new demands...

Supreme Court Remands Case Involving Chairman Lee Jae Hyun Of CJ After Reversal

Supreme Court denied original verdict of 3 years in prison and a fine of $21.2 million (25.2 billion KRW) that was sentenced to Chairman Lee Jae Hyun of CJ Group...


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Our typical programs with the international students in Korea include the following:

Dangjin Festival:  /news/view.html?smode=&skey=Dangjin&x=19&y=12&section=161&category=181&no=896,

African retreat: /news/view.html?section=162&page=3&category=183&no=1006)

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