The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Oct. 6, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notice and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

P.S.: 1. To see the desired site, press down the Control key and click the blue URL of the media.

2. If received by a person other than the intended recipient, please kindly convey the mail to His/Her Excellency.


The Korea Post notice:

At length, it is the day after tomorrow, the Opening Ceremony of the Namyangju Slow Food Festival, ( on Thursday 8 October. Cloudy skies are forecast for the day with a high of 23 degrees and a low of 14. Here is re-run of the Invitation for the Excellencies and Madams:

An invitation to witness, sample all kinds of foods from around the world!

As Your Excellency might have recently noticed, almost all the TVs and other print and digital media in Korea are all out in introducing the health foods from all the different countries of the world?as well as the traditional Korean oganic foods. Why do they do it?!

There is only one reason: People want to stay in good health and live long and to do so they must eat and drink the best they can get because as they now almost invariably say, “What you eat is what you are!”

Just at this juncture, I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Lee Suk-woo of the Namyangju City cordially invites Your Excellency and Madam, together with other Ambassadors and Madams, to the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 Namyangju Slow Life (Food) Festival on Thursday 8 October 2015. Limousine Buses will leave at Grand Hyatt Seoul at 0840 hours on that day.

Does Your Excellency have another appointment that day? Not to worry!?as long as it is after 3 p.m. because Your Excellency and Madam come back to Grand Hyatt Seoul at 3 p.m. Details follow:

0840 hours Thursday October 8, 2015: Meet at Grand Hyatt Seoul0840-0950 hours: Move by Limousine Buses from Hyatt to Namyangju Culture Hall.
1000-1030 hours
: Pre-Opening performances by K Tigers and Seoul Municipal Choir performances

1030-1200 hours: Opening Ceremony-Recognition of VIP guests, LED performances, International Flag Bearers’ March (50 countries), welcome speech, congratulatory speeches, Musical Color-show performances, Korea Fantasia performance.

1200-1230 hours: Tour of the Exhibition booths and see all kinds of health foods from around the world.

1230-1340 hours: Attend luncheon hosted by Mayor Lee Suk-woo together with the Minister of Culture, Sports and tourism, Governor of Gyeonggi Province and other central and local government leaders.

1400-1500 hours: Move from Namyangyangju back to Hyatt by Limousine bus(s)

Contacts: Mr. Chung at 010-3481-1101 (English), Ms. Kim at 010-3388-1682 (Korean), Bobbie Kim at 010-9100-9112 (English and Korean), Chairman Lee at 010-5201-1740. Regular phones: 2298-1740/2, 1745/6. Fax 2298-9506.

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


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Mobile phone of driver or secretary: ____________________.          Regrets: ____.


A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


S. Korea to Review Participation in TPP

The South Korean government will actively examine its participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in a way that maximizes its interest.   The...

N. Korea Releases Detained S. Korean Student

Park Vows Diplomacy for Peaceful Reunification

38 North: N. Korea Will Not Fire Rocket On or Before Oct. 10

Park Vows Diplomacy for Peaceful Reunification

Park to Meet with France's Hollande Next Month in Seoul

S. Korea to Review Participation in TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Reached

South Koreans' Consumer Satisfaction Drops 11%

N. Korea Releases Detained S. Korean Student

Two Koreas Exchange Lists Confirming Living Status of Preliminary Candidates

S. Korea Welcomes Top Chinese Official’s Visit to N. Korea

Asahi: OPLAN 5015 Has Many Factors of Guerrilla Warfare

Murayama Urges Abe to Express Will to Resolve Sex Slavery Issue

S. Korean Envoy: N. Korean Provocation Would Bring Stronger Sanctions


Yonhap (

N. Korean rocket or nuclear test around Oct. 10 anniversary impossible: 38 North

Recent satellite imagery shows no signs of North Korea making rocket or nuclear test preparations, rendering it impossible for such a test to happen on or before a key national holiday this week, a U.S. research institute said Monday.

Kim Whan-ki painting becomes most expensive Korean artwork

A Kim Whan-ki painting has become the most expensive Korean artwork to be sold at auction after reaching US$4 million in Hong Kong, a South Korean auction house said Tuesday.

Choo Shin-soo named AL Player of the Month for September

Choo Shin-soo of the Texas Rangers has been named the American League Player of the Month for September.

'Korea Week' of cultural events to held in New York next year

South Korea is considering organizing a "Korea Week" featuring various cultural events in New York next year to help promote Korean entertainment and cuisine, the country's consul general said Monday.

Obama hails TPP for opening new markets for American products

U.S. President Barack Obama hailed a landmark deal to tear down barriers to trade among 12 Pacific Rim nations, saying the free trade agreement will open new markets for American products around the world.


The Korea Herald (

Ruling Saenuri Party's factional feud intensifies

Ruling Saenuri Party Rep. Suh Chung-won, a key loyalist to the president, collided with embattled party chairman Rep. Ki...

Korea to kick out low-performing public workers

The Finance Ministry plans to map out a guideline on dismissing employees at state-funded agenc...

BBC to 'relay truth' to North Korea

The BBC is pushing to open a Korean language service, possibly in the middle of next year, to h...

Samsung companies seek relocation under succession plan

Samsung Group is gearing up to relocate key affiliates as part of its business restructuring th...

Portugal’s rulling party wins election

Portugal’s ruling center-right coalition won a general election Sunday seen as a referendum on its auste...

Bad school lunches

Tampering with school meals to make profit should be dealt with in the strongest possible wa...

Gun safety

Saturday’s incident in Busan involving a gun theft from an indoor shooting range has raised...

Korea needs more advanced emergency medical devices: ZOLL

In South Korea, where a growing number of hospitals and emergency medical staff are recognizi...

Two October beer fests in Seoul

Now into its third year, the Great Korean Beer Festival is holding two back-to-back events th...


The Korea Times (

Gov't will push KF-X project as scheduled

The government vowed Monday to press ahead with its KF-X project to develop indigenous fighter jets by 2025 as scheduled, despite the failure to receive four core technologies related to F-35 stealth fighters from Lockheed Marti...

NK repatriates S. Korean student 

North Korea repatriated a South Korean national, Monday, after detaining him since late April for ...

Warning issued against underperforming public officials 

The government is considering adopting a two strikes out system for workers at state-invested public organizations under which they could be dismissed if th...

War declared against music chart rigging 

The Korea Music Content Industry Association (KMCIA) declared war against music chart manipulation Monday, pledging to ask the government and the National Ass... 

Poor services greet Chinese tourists 

Chinese tourists are visiting Korea en masse during the China National Holiday, the so-called Gold... 

Gov't tackles mistranslated Korean menu items 

What would you imagine if you read six times written on a restaurant menu as the name of a dish?... 

Park's unification efforts face obstacles 

Whether President Park Geun-hye's aggressive bid for the unification of South and North Korea will...

Dress code toughened for cabbies 

Taxi drivers in Seoul will be banned from wearing slip on sandals, shorts and caps to improve the quality of service from November, the Seoul Metropolitan Gov...

Battle for UNESCO listing in full swing 

Korea and China have launched appeals for recognition from UNESCO based on historical records regarding Tokyo’s wartime atrocities.


DongA Ilbo (

North Korea releases detained South Korean NYU student

North Korea made an unexpected move on Monday to release Ju Won-moon, a South Korean student who has permanent residency in the U.S., who had been detained in North Korea. Having been under detention, Ju has been sent... 

First photo of King Gojong taken by a Korean photographer found

The first photo of King Gojong taken by a Korean modern photographer has been found at the Newark Museum in the U.S. The Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation said Monday it found a portrait of King Gojong...

Korean researcher solves 60-year-old puzzle of biological clock through math

A Korean mathematician has solved a 60-year-old puzzle in the biology community. Prof. Kim Jae-kyung of the mathematical science at KAIST said on Monday that his team solved principle in which biological clock operates...

Tang Wei with her Korean husband at Busan International Film Festival

Please tell me how my song was really like, Mr. Kim!?Chinese actress Tang Wei and Korean director Kim Tae-yong displayed their love as a married couple at the Busan International Film Festival in Busan. .

U.S. airstrike kills 19 civilians in Afghan hospital

At around 02:10 a.m. on Saturday (local time), a heavily-armed American bomber appeared over Afghanistan’s 6th largest city of Kunduz. Causing flash in the nighttime sky, the aerial bombardment repeated for about 30-45...

Aspiration for Masters goes up in smoke due to gusty winds

Kim Tae-ho (20) woke up early in the morning ahead of the final round of the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship on Sunday. Having finished the third round by tying for fourth on Saturday, he had high expectations for an...


Chosun Ilbo (

N. Korea Frees S. Korean Student

North Korea on Monday sent home a South Korean student through the border truce village of Panmunjom, the Unification Ministry said. Joo Won-moon, a New York University student, was freed after six months in detention on charges of illegal entry. >> Full Text

Not All Teas Are Alike: Choose the One That's Best for You

An increasing number of people are choosing tea over coffee or carbonated soda as a healthier drink option. But varying health effects mean care should be taken when deciding which type of tea to consume. >> Full Text

Underage Chaebol Scions Own W1 Trillion in Stocks

Even the underage children of families who own Korea's large conglomerates own more than W1 trillion in stocks in listed companies. Heirs of major conglomerates owned W1.01 trillion worth of stocks in listed subsidiaries of their family firms. >> Full Text

Busy Office Workers Seek Quick Respite

Nobody Claims W100 Million Checks Found in Luxury Highrise

Family Reunions Likely to Go Ahead

LG's New Premium Phone Garners Praise


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

S. Korea caught between US and China naval expansion

Stationing of a US supercarrier in Japanese port is the latest sign of tussle for supremacy in East Asia

The stationing of the top-of-the-line US supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) in the Japanese city of Yokosuka on Oct. 1 is being called a symbol of Washington’s commitment to its current military face-off with China in the Asia-Pacific region. First commissioned in 2003, the Ronald Reagan is the second newest of the US’s ten aircraft carriers, which has become the focus of attention since...

Chinese Communist Party’s fifth-ranked official to visit North Korea

Amid hints from North Korea about the launch of a long-range rocket to mark the seventieth anniversary of the foundation of the Workers? Party, and a possible fourth nuclear test, the fifth-ranked official from the Communist Party of China will visit North Korea. The rocket launch, originally scheduled for the Workers? Party Foundation Day on Oct. 10, could at least be deferred. On Oct.4... .

Cumulative production at Kaesong complex reaches US$3 billion

The Kaesong Industrial Complex has reached US$3 billion, or around 3.5 trillion won, in cumulative production since its opening over ten years ago. The South Korean Ministry of Unification announced on its website on Oct. 4 that the complex had reached a total of US$2,996,160,000 in production as of July 2015 after entering full-scale operation in 2005. With monthly production averaging ... .

Inter-Korean civilian exchange budding amid rocket launch possibility

The door to civilian inter-Korean interchange appears to be opening once again. The Jogye Order of Buddhism Office for the Promotion of National Unity announced on Oct. 4 that it had reached an agreement in working-level talks with North Korea’s Buddhist Alliance at Kaesong on Oct. 2 to hold a joint inter-Korean Buddhist dharma meeting to pray for the homeland’s reunification?.. .


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Pyongyang sends signal by repatriating student

North Korea Monday repatriated a South Korean student who had been detained for four months, an unexpected conciliatory gesture toward South Korea. Joo Won-moon, a 21-year-old student at New York University and a green card holder for the U.S., was handed over to South Korean authorities at the border village of Panmunjom at around 5:30 p.m. Monday?

Kim compromises on nominations

The war between the Blue House and the ruling party chairman over how the Saenuri Party will nominate candidates for the upcoming general election ended on Monday?

Korea weighs impact of TPP without it or China

Korea’s exporters may face escalated competition against Japan as negotiations among 12 countries to join the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Oil companies brace for VW aftershock

Korean oil refiners who have invested trillions of won in expanding diesel production facilities are increasingly concerned about the financial fallout from the Volkswagen scandal?

Power plant shut-down technology gets boost

The government plans to spend a total of 616.3 billion won ($530.6 million) to foster the nuclear power plant dismantling industry for the next 15 years?

Korea’s self-employed ranks swell

Korea ranked fourth highest among OECD countries for the number of self-employed people, data released from an opposition lawmaker showed


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

N. Korea frees S. Korean student

North Korea has repatriated Joo Won-moon, 21, a New York University student with Korean nationality, who had been detained for months, to South Korea through the truce.. ...10.05 17:34

Designer brands release products exclusively for Korea

Designer brands with familiar names to many fashion lovers, such as Fendi, St. John, and Kenzo, have released products exclusively for Korea in succession, aiming to w.. ...10.05 15:27

South Korean auto financing market suffers blow from VW scandal

The latest Volkswagen scandal is poised to deal a huge blow to South Korean auto financing firms that have concentrated on lease and financing services for imported ca.. ...10.05 15:26

LG Chem to provide golf cart batteries for Yamaha Motor

LG Chem Ltd., one of the South Korea’s largest chemical companies, moves to target the rapidly growing golf cart battery market. The chemical company announced on Sund.. ...10.05 13:57

Uncertain growth outlook for Q3

Can the Korean economy recover its growth in the1 percent range in the third quarter of this year, the highest level since the first quarter of last year? The growth l.. ...10.05 13:49

S. Korea needs new immigration policies to address low fertility rate: Han..

Hans Rosling, the world’s renowned statistician and professor at the Karolinska Institute, said South Korea, suffering from the world’s lowest fertility rate, should.. ...10.05 13:27

S&P paints mixed views on S. Korea

Standard & Poor’s (S&P), which has increased South Korea credit rating last month, recently raised the alarm over credit risks of the nation’s companies. South Ko.. ...10.05 11:37


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

Shameless! Counterattack of Officials Who Once "Kept Public Order"?

As the Park Geun-hye government enters the second half of its term, the thoughtless words of the extreme conservatives are going too far. A prosecutor wh···

'Room of Memories of the Sewol' Surrounded by Yellow Gingko Trees?

At the suggestion of the Audrey Hepburn family, the "Sewol Memorial Forest" is being arranged in Jindo, South Jeolla Province, and will be completed ea···

[Editorial] Does the President Think the Ruling Party Leader Is Her Subordinate?

Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung refused to handle party affairs opposing Cheong Wa Dae's criticism of the "Safe Number Public Nomination System." Yesterday···

[Reporter's Notes] The President and Government Taking Advantage of the World Economic Forum's Competitiveness Assessment?"

There is a limit to its objectivity. It is difficult to trust." ?The Kyunghyang Shinmun analyzed nine years of data released by the World Ec···

[A Conversation Between Korean-Japanese Scholars] Kim Woo-chang and Kojin Karatani Discuss East Asia

Two intellectuals representing South Korea and Japan came together: Kim Woo-chang (78), professor emeritus at Korea University and Japanese philosopher Kojin Ka···

[Remaining Ink] Holiday Syndrome

Many of the workers who enjoyed the Chuseok holiday probably suffered from a late "Monday syndrome" yesterday, the first day back at the office. It's a sympt···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Samsung Pay Wins a Flurry of Good Reviews from U.S. Media

Samsung Pay, which launched official service in the United States from September 28, is drawing a string of positive reviews from local media saying that Samsung Pay is superior to its rival Apple Pay. The Wall Street Journal, for example, said in its September 29 review article, Samsung Pay Works...

Hyundai and Kia Sales Down 12% in China

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors saw their combined sales in China reach 133,653 units last month, down 12.2 percent from a year ago. According to industry sources on October 5, Hyundai Motor sold 90,108 units in China last month, down 5.4 percent year on year, while Kia Motors suffered a 23.6-percent d...

First 4 Days of "Korea Black Friday" Considered Successful despite Criticism

The sales revenue of major department stores in October has jumped to a two-digit figure. This is largely thanks to "Korea Black Friday," the deep discount event until October 14 urged by the government, and the increased number of Chinese tourists who visit Korea during the National Day Golden Week...

Hyundai Glovis Signs $500 Mil. Transport Contract with Qatari Firm

Hyundai Glovis, a logistics unit of Hyundai Motor Group, has signed an agreement with a Qatari firm worth US$500 million. The company said on October 5 that it inked a long-term deal with the state-run Qatar Primary Materials Co. for carrying construction aggregate such as sand, gravel, and crushed ...

Korean Shipbuilders Lag behind Chinese and Japanese Rivals in 3Q

Korea's shipbuilding industry has lagged behind Chinese and Japanese rivals in terms of order booking volume in the third quarter of this year. This is the first time for the Korean shipbuilders to fall the the third place since the fourth quarter in 2006. According to Clarksons, a British shipping ...


AJU Business Daily (

Bric Korea Convention opens

Children, accompanied by their parents, look at exhibits at the 2015 Bric Korea Convention Saturday. The event, hosted by Lego Korea, opened at Hyundai Department Store in Pangyo, Seongnam, Gyeonggi P?

Study Abroad and Emigration Fair held

The 2015 Study Abroad and Emigration Fair gets underway at the COEX Convention Center in southern Seoul, Sunday.

Actress Son Ye-jin, actor Shin Hyun-joon to star in action-comedy flick 'Bad Guys Always Die'

South Korean actress Son Ye-jin talks with actor Shin Hyun-joon during a media event for the upcoming South Korean-Chinese co-produced action-comedy flick "Bad Guys Always Die" at the Novotel Ambassador?

Actress Ha Ji-won attends red carpet event for Busan International Film Festival

South Korean actress Ha Ji-won walks on the red carpet as she arrives for the opening ceremony of the 20th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in the southern port city of Busan, Thursday. About ?

South Korea climbs 4 notches to 53rd in FIFA rankings

South Korea moved up four notches to 53rd place in the FIFA rankings released on Thursday (local time). Iran placed 39th, becoming the highest-ranked Asian country; Japan 55th; Australia 58th; and ?



Samsung Pay Cannot Be Used At Self Gas Stations Solution To Make ...

It is confirmed that Samsung Pay cannot be used at any self gas stations in South Korea. Due to its strong security standard that Samsung Pay boasts about, there is a ...

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Battery Is Used For Yamaha’s Golf Carts

LG Chemicals is supplying batteries to Japan’s Yamaha, which has the best shares in global golf cart markets. It seems that mainstream of battery that is used f...

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Samsung Electronics Will Target Biggest Smartphone Markets With...

Samsung Electronics is targeting biggest smartphone markets, which are America and

Heavy Increase Of Mobile Traffic

Wireless communication traffic is increasing rapidly. Starting from this year, it exceeded government’s estimated value for 5 months in a row, and annual average traffic also exceeded estimation. These situations are occurring because data traffic is rapidly increasing due to increase of LTE48 members. Experts had warned that ‘communication bl...

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The Korea Post is at your service

Dear International Student:

We learned your name and contact information through the good offices of the prestigious Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) and the Kenya Community in Korea (KCK) in Seoul.

The Korea Post, which celebrates its 30th anniversary of founding this year, consists of five different media outlets, three in English and two in the Korean language and two in print edition (one English and one Korean) and three Internet editions (one English Internet daily, one Korean-language Internet daily and one English e-daily).

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, The Kore Post is further expanding its coverage of, and service for, the international students community in Korea, from its coverage of over 200-plus foreign embassies accredited to Korea, including 111 resident embassies Seoul.

Our typical programs with the international students in Korea include the following:

Dangjin Festival:  /news/view.html?smode=&skey=Dangjin&x=19&y=12&section=161&category=181&no=896,

African retreat: /news/view.html?section=162&page=3&category=183&no=1006)

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Korean-language Internet daily:

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