The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Nov. 16, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

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Here areThe Korea Post notice and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


Park Expresses Support for Global Effort to Fight Terrorism

On the first day of the two-day Group of 20 summit, President Park Geun-hye pledged Seoul’s support for global efforts to fight terrorism. It is the...

G20 to Adopt Statement on Blocking Terrorist Movements

Park Proposes New Bank to Facilitate Investment in North

World Leaders Discuss Climate Change, Inclusive Growth

UN Chief's Possible Pyongyang Visit Raises Hope for Improved Ties

Rival Camps at Odds over Anti-Terrorism Act

KBS Chief Nominee Supports Court’s Decision on May 16 Military Coup

Rival Camps at Odds over Anti-Terrorism Act

Gov’t Holds Second Meeting on Paris Attack

S. Korea's Culture-Related Trade Surplus Expands

Trade Ministry Holds Meeting to Discuss Ways to Boost Exports

Forecasts Show Domestic Economy Continues Low Growth Next Year

Unification Ministry: No Word on UN Chief Visiting N. Korea

N. Korea Declares No-Sail Zone in E. Sea Possibly for Missile Launch

Int'l Conference on Korean Unification Calls for Global Cooperation

UN Chief's Possible Pyongyang Visit Raises Hope for Improved Ties

G20 to Adopt Statement on Blocking Terrorist Movements

Smoking Rate Among Teen Boys Hits 10-Year Low

Labor, Business, Government Fail to Reach Agreement on Non-Regular Workers

Government Vows to Punish Participants in Illegal Protests


Yonhap (

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to visit Pyongyang this week

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to visit North Korea this week, a high-level U.N. source said Sunday, a surprise trip that raises hope for progress in inter-Korean relations and efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear standoff.

S. Korea to be active in anti-terror campaign: Vice FM

South Korea will continue its support of the global fight against terrorism, a top diplomat said Monday, describing the weekend attacks on France as an "atrocious incident." "We strongly condemn these brutal acts of terrorism and extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to the bereaved families of the victims and the people of France," Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam said.

Smartphone-based mobile banking users top 60 mln in Q3

The number of subscribers to smartphone-based mobile banking services topped 60 million in South Korea in the third quarter, central bank data showed Monday.

Top court confirms jail term for ex-ruling party spokesperson

The nation's top court said Monday it has upheld a two-year jail term for a former official of the ruling party for taking bribes from a local railway parts supplier.

OANA exec meeting to discuss changing media landscape

An association of leading Asia-Pacific news agencies convened in Seoul on Monday to discuss ways to further cooperation in the fast-changing media landscape.


The Korea Herald (

France hits back, striking IS in Syria after Paris carnage

French warplanes pounded Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold Sunday in retaliation for a wave of coordinated attacks clai...

51 detained after violent protests

The largest protests in years held in central Seoul on Saturday spiraled into violence, with po...

Seoul duty-free market set for major shift

The landscape of Seoul’s lucrative duty-free market, dominated by Lotte and Shilla as of now...

North Korea declares no-sail zone in East Sea

North Korea recently set a no-sail zone in the waters off its eastern coastal city of Wonsan, e...

Deadly Paris attacks reveal next stage of IS...

The Islamic State group’s ability to carry out the deadly Paris attacks that it has clai...

Worst violence in Paris

Friday was a horrible day for the French people as a wave of terrorist attacks killed at lea...

What is Japan up to?

Japan’s ruling party is reportedly planning to reexamine the history of Imperial Japan from...

Kakao vs. SK Planet: It’s no longer David and Goliath

Early this month, SK Planet, owned by the nation’s largest telecom carrier SK Telecom, filed a...


The Korea Times (

UN chief likely to meet Kim Jong-un this week

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit Pyongyang this week, Yonhap reports. It will be his first trip as U.N. leader, after North Korea abruptly cancelled his planned visit in May for an unknown reason. It was speculation...

NK celebrates Mothers' Day 

North Koreans shopped for gifts for their mothers Sunday, to celebrate Mothers' Day, (Nov. 16) the Korean Central News Agency reports. 

S. Korea falls to United States 3-2, to face Cuba in quarters 

South Korea fell to the United States 3-2 in extra innings to finish third in Group B at the Premi...

Regulator to push for restructuring of conglomerates 

Big conglomerates face restructuring in order to sort out highly indebted, nonviable firms and prevent their sudden collapse, according to the chief of the na... 

N.Korea appears to be preparing to fire missile 

North Korea has declared a no-navigation zone in waters near the eastern coastal city of Wonsan, r... 

Police book 49 protesters 

Police have booked 49 protesters during Saturday’s massive anti-government rally in Gwanghwamun Sq... 

Lotte, SK lose duty free licenses 

Lotte Group has failed to retain a license for its duty free shop at the Lotte World Mall in south...

Private law school tuitions to be lowered 

Tuition at the nation’s law schools may drop by 15 percent, giving more opportunities to students from lower income brackets to study law, in a plan being con... 

President Park arrives in Turkey for G20 

President Park Geun-hye has arrived in Turkey for the annual summit of the G-20 advanced and emerg... 


DongAIlbo (

8 terrorist attacks in France this year alone, why?

France experienced multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks on Friday, which killed 129. This follows another major attack in January on French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The fact that France has been... 

Mt. Seorak`sTowangseong Falls is open to public in 45 years

An untraveled waterfall, Towangseong (photo) in Mt. Seorak will be open to the public in 45 years. The Korea National Park Service announced on Sunday that a new observatory has been completed near the waterfall and it...

Pyongyang declares no-sail zone on the East Sea

North Korea has declared the East Sea near Wonsan, Gangwon Province as no-sail zone from Nov. 11 to Dec. 7. South Korean military authority is now preparing for the possible missile launch by Pyongyang. South Korea’s...

Lotte loses duty free store license for World Tower Store

Having lost its duty free store license, Lotte Duty Free is now agonizing over its countermeasures. They are even more embarrassed since its loss of the license came after Sin Dong-bin, Chairman of Lotte Group, has...

Lee Sang-hwa ranks atop in women’s 500-meter speed skating race

Olympic gold medalist Lee Sang-hwa won the title in the first-round race of women’s 500-meter Division A (primary league) competition with a time of 35:96 at the first round of the 2015-2016 ISU Speed Skating World Cup...

Park urges Abe to make decision on WWII sex slavery issue

President Park Geun-hye urged Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday to make a decision to resolve the issue of World War II sex slaves for the Japanese military. In a joint interview with the Organization of...

U.S. Fed is highly likely to raise interest rates in December 

Korean baseball wins against Venezuela 13 to 2 

Europe closes its door to Syrian refugees


ChosunIlbo (

Defections from N.Korea Fall Below 100 a Month

For the first time in 12 years fewer than 100 North Koreans are defecting to South Korea every month. North Korea watchers point to tougher crackdowns along the border with China since Kim Jong-un took power. >> Full Text

Seoul Joins Mourning for Paris Attacks

Mourners placed flowers and wreaths in front of the French Embassy in Seoul on Sunday to show their grief for the victims of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. Koreans joined French expats here in expressing their sadness at the barbaric attacks that killed some 120 people. >> Full Text

Chinese Buy Up More Real Estate in Seoul

Mainland Chinese are increasingly buying real estate in Seoul, with the growth rate around 40 percent a year. As of the end of September, foreigners owned 2.75 million sq.m of land in the capital, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said Friday. Its estimated value totaled about W10 trillion. >> Full Text

N.Korea Declares No-Sail Zone in East Sea

Experts Say Seoul's Flyover Plans Won't Hurt Traffic

Online Purchases from Overseas Surge 6-Fold


HankyorehShinmoon (

Hiking, Korea’s national pastime, is in the country’s cultural DNA

As autumn colors change, Koreans goes up mountain in droves to explore a love of nature

Koreans love mountain climbing. Every weekend, they file their way up the Seoul area’s mountain trails, their eyes on the backside of the person ahead. When the leaves change colors in autumn, the most popular mountains are swarmed with people.

Government makes threats with biggest protests since 2008 coming to Seoul

On Nov. 14, the largest demonstrations will take place in various parts of Seoul since the candlelit vigils in opposition to American beef in 2008. The demonstrations, which are protesting the current government’s efforts to unilaterally push through the policies of state-issued textbooks and labor market reform, are expected to bring out around 100,000 people, both members of 53 civic groups, including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, and members of the general public. .

‘Want a free kiss from a pretty woman with AIDS?’

“Come get a free kiss from a pretty model and win some Pepero cookie sticks!”This was the message on a poster hung up at Hongik University’s Sejong campus for “Pepero Day” on Nov. 11. Emblazoned with kiss marks, it was advertising a “free kiss” project on the plaza that afternoon in front of the school’s C Block. .

China-US battle of wills moving into the air

In advance of US President Barack Obama’s tour of Asia next week, two B-52 strategic bombers made a flight at the beginning of this week near artificial islands in the South China Sea that China claims as part of its territory. .

On day of the big test, commemoration and tears for lost Sewol kids

This spring, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, led by Premier Li Keqiang, gave the green light for the construction of state-supported joint economic zones at Ji’an on the banks of the Yalu River and Helong on the banks of the Tumen River, both located on the border with North Korea, a recent report confirmed. .

Supreme Court says Sewol captain still a murderer

The conviction of Lee Jun-seok, 70, captain of the Sewol ferry, for murder was upheld by South Korea’s Supreme Court. In its decision, the court agreed that Lee’s gross negligence - including his failure to give the order to abandon ship and to take the other measures needed to save the passengers - was tantamount to murder.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

After Paris attacks, Seoul ups its security

Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people on Friday, the Korean government is bolstering counterterrorism efforts in Seoul. On Saturday, Second Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Tae-yul held a meeting to review security policies for overseas Koreans and discuss domestic counterterrorism measures at the Situation Control Center in the government complex in central Seoul…

Thousands protest gov’t policies

Riot police officers spray water cannons at protesters trying to march to the Blue House during a rally against government policies in Seoul on Saturday...

Duty-free licenses given to Shinsegae and Doosan

Some of the nation’s biggest conglomerates have been battling for a license to operate lucrative duty-free stores in Seoul since September, and the results are finally in.…

V10 keeps its focus on the big picture

LG Electronics’ latest flagship V10 smartphone is drawing a lot of attention at home and abroad, although there is room for improvement in its design and processing software…

Deal set to put hanwoo on HK tables by year end

Hanwoo - Korean beef - is a step closer to Hong Kong. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced Monday that the quarantine procedure…

North’s notice could mean missile

North Korea issued a week-long no-sail zone in waters off its east coast near the port city of Wonsan starting Nov. 11, according to a Seoul official on Sunday.…

Prestigious prep school accused of rigging apps

Hana Academy Seoul, a prestigious boarding school in the posh Eunpyeong District, rigged its admissions process between 2011 to 2013,…


MaeilKyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Samsung Electronics exceeds $1 bn in monthly sales in North American TV market

South Korea’s leading electronics company Samsung Electronics announced on Sunday that it hit a record high of $1 billion (about ...

S. Korea’s Songdo International Business District reviving

Songdo International Business District, South Korea’s free economic zone near Incheon International Airport, has been reviving. As ...

S. Korea’s real estate market turns hip with entry of 30-something

Park Ji-woong, 33, who quit his job three years ago to run a venture capital investment company, joined up with friends to start a ...

S. Korea’s infra support measures to maximize benefit of AIIB membership

South Korea will draw up measures to boost business opportunities for South Korean companies and financial institutions that plan to ...

Third batch of Russian coal to arrive South Korea via North Korea

A total of 120,000 tons of Russian bituminous coal will arrive in South Korea this month through a port city in North Korea, Seoul’s ...

S. Korean hotel developer Emerson Pacific win $156.1 mn investment from

South Korean luxury hotel and resort developer Emerson Pacific Inc. received an about 180 billion won ($156.1 million) investment ...


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

[Editorial] Civil Servant Interviews Verifying Ideology: Civil Servants Are Not Warriors Upholding Conservative Ideology

Late last month, interviewers asked applicants their thoughts on the state authorized history textbooks and North Korean supporters during an interview f···

A Man at the Center of a Censorship Scandal as the Candidate for Director of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art?

Artists are asking the government to publicly verify former Director of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) Bartomeu Mari (49, photo), curre···

'What Do You Think about the State Authorized Textbook and the Pro-North Korea Groups?' Questioning Ideology in Interview for Grade-5

In an interview for grade-5 public officials held at the end of last month, the interviewers reportedly asked questions on North Korean supporters and the state···

Instant Noodle Republic: An Annual Average of 76 Packs Per Person

Koreans ate an average of 76 instant noodles per person last year. According to the report, "2015 Detail Status of Processed Foods" released by the Korea A···

[Editorial] The President Threatens Lawmakers and Publicly Declares Intervention in General Elections

President Park Geun-hye's statement during yesterday's cabinet meeting was close to a threat to the National Assembly and ruling and opposition politicians. T···


The Korea Economic Daily(

KDB May Take STX Shipbuilding to Court Receivership

Korea Development Bank, the largest shareholder to STX Offshore & Shipbuilding with a stake of 48.15 percent, will review a plan to put the shipbuilder under court receivership instead of a creditor-approved workout program. STX Shipbuilding, however, is trying to dissuade the state-run bank by offe...

[Market Insight] Goldman Sachs Resumes Negotiations for Acquiring Keangnam's Landmark 72

Goldman Sachs is again pushing forward with a plan to acquire the Keangnam Landmark 72 Tower in Hanoi, Vietnam. According to investment banking sources on November 15, Samjong KPMG, the underwriter to the sale of loans for the Landmark 72, is currently negotiating with Goldman Sachs over selling sen...

Kia Motors Announces Massive Soul Recalls

Kia Motors voluntarily decided to recall a large number of Soul and Soul EV models produced from 2014 to 2016 in the North American market due to defects in steering devices. According to Kia Motors on November 14, the vehicles subject to recall are 255,469 units of Soul and Soul EV produced from Ja...

Korean Firms Busy Moving into Myanmar

Myanmar has steadily increased trade with Korea since it severed diplomatic ties with North Korea in 1983 after the Rangoon bombing incident killing 14 Korean Presidential advisers, journalists, and security officials. According to Myanmar's Central Statistics Organization, the nation exported US$37...

Nexon Reports Strong Growth in 3Q

A global online and mobile game developer and publisher Nexon announced its consolidated financial results for the third quarter of this year on November 13. Its CEO Owen Mahoney said, "We achieved higher-than-expected results throughout the entire spectrum of our business lines thanks to our conce...


AJU Business Daily(

Ban most favored predidential candidate - Poll

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon[AJU NEWS CORP DB] United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is the most favored among potential candidates for the 2017 presidential election, ac…

Four seasons of actress Ku Hye-sun to open Understage concert

[Courtesy of Hyundai Understage] ?A multi-talented Korean actress and filmmaker, Ku Hye-sun is to open a concert titled “Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring” on November 21st. The concert, colla…

Suzy dresses in men's clothes to sing pan-sori

[Photo by YooDae-gil=dbeorlf123@] A member of a Korean idol group “Miss-A”, Suzy will act as a female singer in Joseon(old name of Korea) dynasty. In Joseon, only men were allowed to sing “p…

Super Junior's Choi Si-won named special representative for UNICEF Korea

South Korean boy band Super Junior's Choi Si-won has been named a special representative for the Korean Committee for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), his management agency in Seoul sa…

Minnesota Twins have 30 days to strike deal with Korean slugger Park Byung-ho

The Minnesota Twins have won the posting bid for South Korean slugger Park Byung-ho, the Twins and Major League Baseball (MLB) said Monday (local time). ?The winning bid for the first baseman report…

2nd airport in Jeju Island to be built before 2025

The South Korean government Tuesday announced plans to build the second airport on the southern resort island of Jeju. The airport will be built in Seongsan-eup,



Chinese Lighting Company Is Planning to Buy Part of OSRAM

China¡?s biggest LED parts company LED is jumping into a process of buying OSRAM¡?s lighting business. China is the epicenter that led global LE...

Sentrol Succeeds in Localizing BJ 3D Printers

Binder Jetting (BJ) 3D Printer that can rapidly print out large products by using multi-nozzles is localized. BJ 3D Printer uses a method of spraying liquid adhesives to ...

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Kakao Is Going to Release New O2O Services Continuously

Kakao is putting out a new O2O (Online to Offline) service every quarter as a new driving force and is going to recover its game platform business¡?s slump ...

Samsung Electronics Plans to Mass-Produce IoT Platform ‘Artik’ in Early 2016

Samsung Electronics is planning to mass-produce open-type IoT platform starting from early 2016. Platform was named ¡®Artik¡? and it will be sold to global developers and manufacturers. It is predicted that Samsung Electronics will have to compete against Intel¡?s ¡®Curie¡? and ¡®Edison¡? that we...


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