The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Jan. 11, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, Jan. 11, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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US' B-52 Bomber Flies over S. Korea

A United States’ B-52 bomber flew over South Korea in a show of force following North Korea’s nuclear test.

S. Korean DMZ Psy-Ops Enter 4th Day

US: B-52 Proves US Commitment to S. Korea

US' B-52 Bomber Flies over S. Korea

Overseas Travel Spending to Top $20 Bn for First Time

Deputy PM Nominee: No Plan to Alter Mortgage Rules

Trade Minister Meets Crude Market Experts amid Supply Instability

Unification Ministry: Closing of Gaeseong Complex Not Yet Considered

Gov't to Limit S. Koreans' Passage Into Gaeseong Complex

S. Korea's Unification Ministry Activates Emergency Team

White House Vows to Intensify Isolation of North Korea

Russia Urges US to Stop 'Unilateral Action'

S. Korea Ranks 31st in Credibility of GDP Statistics

Districts in Seoul Adopt Various Anti-Smoking Measures

MERS Virus Mutation Confirmed in S. Korea

Travelers to SE Asia, Latin America Cautioned Over Dengue Fever

S. Korean Traditional Buddhist Mountain Temples Selected as UNESCO List Candidates

Cigarette Price Hike Leads to Less Smoking, More Tax Income

S. Korea, US, Canada Jointly Discover World's First Dinosaur Mating Fossil

Yonhap (

Seoul shares open lower on U.S. losses

South Korean shares opened sharply lower on Monday, taking a cue from losses on Wall Street last week.

Girls' Generation to appear on Chinese New Year TV program

South Korean girl group Girls' Generation has been invited to perform on Chinese TV for the Chinese New Year next month, the group's agency said Monday.

Shipbuilders cut 3,000 jobs last year amid slump

South Korean shipyards, led by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., slashed their workforces by some 3,000 in 2015 as they struggled with mounting losses stemming from a delay in the construction of offshore facilities and an industrywide slump, industry data showed Monday.

S. Korea begins quest for Olympic football berth vs. Uzbekistan

South Korea's quest for their eighth consecutive Olympic appearance in men's football will begin this week in Qatar.

Seoul shares open lower on U.S. losses

Shipbuilders cut 3,000 jobs last year amid slump

KOSDAQ 681.62 DN 0.94 points (open)

KOSPI 1,897.18 DN 20.44 points (open)

Dollar opens at 1,206.1 won UP from 1,198.1 won

N.K. leader defends its nuke test as self-defense move

White House chief: U.S. to 'deeply isolate' N. Korea

Trump calls N.K. 'disgrace,' calls for China to fix proble..

(EDITORIAL from the JoongAng Daily on Jan. 11)

(EDITORIAL from the Korea Herald on Jan. 11)

The Korea Herald (

U.S. deploys B-52 bomber

The U.S. deployed its strategic nuclear-capable B-52 bomber to South Korea in a show of force against North Korea on Sun...

Can Saenuri Party take 180 seats?

With fewer than 100 days until South Korea holds its April general elections, debates have er...

Baby boomer retirement casts shadow on housing market

The number of homeowners in Korea stood at 12.65 million at the end of 2014, with about 1.72 mi...

Banks rush to expand global footing

In stark contrast to restructuring their workforce and branch operations at home, major South K...

Police think tank forecasts rise in elderly crimes

Police arrest man for smuggling migrant into Sweden by boat

French president, rocker honor 2015 attack victims

Ahn holds first convention for his new party

Korean architect to lead Hyundai GBC project

Korean automakers bet on green cars, SUVs and luxury sedans

Baby boomer retirement casts shadow on housing market

Banks rush to expand global footing

From Ethiopia to Colombia: On a quest for ethnic jewelry

Korea’s culinary zeitgeist

Lotte opens 7th premium business hotel in Seoul

[Weekender] TV depicts life of and around ‘child prodigy‘

Police think tank forecasts rise in elde...

Police arrest man for smuggling migrant ...

French president, rocker honor 2015 atta...

Korean architect to lead Hyundai GBC pro...

Ahn holds first convention for his new p...

Embassies condemn N.K. test

How to make unification from N.K.’s col...

Pyongyang to clutch nuclear weapons, e...

Ethiopia, the African lion of developm...

Seoul pushes to unbind N.K.’s dual econ...

N.K. to deploy SLBM in 3-4 years’

Kim Ha-neul returns to big screen with ...

POSCO to present steel technology at Det...

Korean drugmakers seek deals at JPMorgan...

CJ E&M launches mega K-pop project ‘Boy...

The Korea Times (

Banks urged to shift to digital banking  

SINGAPORE - Korean banks should revamp their business models and create platforms offering simpler...

Fintech 'big bang' shakes up banking industry

Seoul, US target cash flow to N. Korean leader 

South Korea and the United States are seeking to cut off a flow of cash to North Korean leader Kim...

North Korean troops ordered to boost vigilance 

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the military to reinforce defense readiness as inter-Korean tensions continue to rise following the North’s fourth... 

Border residents fear possible NK attack 

Anxiety and fear are growing among people living near the inter-Korean border after the South resu...

'Death with dignity' approved in parliament 

How much pain would you endure in order to stay alive if you had an incurable illness and no prospect of leaving hospital?

Court confirms expulsion of SNU stem cell scientist 

A court has ruled that the dismissal of a former stem cell professor convicted of faking research data was justifiable. 

Road to Rio will be decided soon 

No country has sent a men’s football team to the Olympics eight times, but South Korea aims to do ... 

POSCO expands automotive steel sales 

POSCO is accelerating efforts to increase the sale of its automotive steel products as part of a s... 

HDC-Shilla, Hanwha Galleria struggles to draw shoppers 

Hanwha Galleria and HDC-Shilla, which opened duty free stores in Seoul late last month, have been ... 

Netflix keen on Korean dramas and movies 

LAS VEGAS/SEOUL - A senior executive at Netflix, the world’s leading Internet network service comp...

DongAIlbo (

.S. deploys B-52 bomber to Korean Peninsula

The B-52 bomber, dubbed ‘The Emperor of bombers,’ is one of the strategic weapons that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fears about the most. The bomber has made stately appearance for the first time in about three years...

Reign of terror may have made Pyongyang’s second man kneel down before Kim Jong Un

Hwang Pyong So, chief of the General Political Bureau who is known as the “No. 2 man” in North Korea was seen in the national TV on Saturday while he was politely kneeling down before and having a conversation with...

Two different views on `Sherlock: The Abominable Bride`

Nuclear fun (a neologism meaning it’s very funny)” vs. “Got hooked up (meaning that someone is fooled by something)” As "Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (PG-12)” has gathered more than 1 million movie-goers on...

Yoo Young becomes the youngest figure skating champion

Yoo Young, a 12-year-old figure skater, has won the Korean championship at an age younger than Kim Yu-na, the double Olympic champion. Yoo topped the women’s single at the 70th figure skating championship in Seoul with...

Expected conflict over newly-passed `Well-Dying Law`

We set off on the right foot for the death with dignity. But controversy begins now.” Many see that a so-called “Well-Dying Law (a law on palliative or life-sustaining treatment for patients in terminal stage) that...

World-class architectural designers to build new Hyundai Motor headquarters

Companies that designed Google headquarters, which is drawing attention due to its unique look, and Amazon headquarters, and ‘Burj Khalifa,’ the world’s tallest building in the United Arab Emirates, are set to design...

Shining loyalty of golfer Choi Woon-jung 

Shilla Stay Jeju offers free stay for guests with cancelled flights 

Lim Chang-yong, Oh Seung-hwan to be suspended from 50% of games even if they return 

From former federal police agent to godfather of Mexican drug cartel 

Drama `Reply 1988` films in house where former president lived 

`Pyongyang will have achieved greater sophistication in their bomb,` says expert 

Tearful Obama pleads for urgency on gun control 

Calligrapher holds solo exhibition on patriotism

ChosunIlbo (

Older People Keen Users of Instant Messengers

Five million elderly people over 60 are active users of instant messengers like KakaoTalk and Line. Seven out of every 10 Internet users in their 60s and more than 30 percent of users in their 70s are using messenger services

Chinese Electronics Gain Firmer Foothold in Korea

Sales of Chinese electronics have been surging in Korea over the last one to two years. What has helped immensely is that their quality has also improved, which makes the advantage of buying Korean seem increasingly slim

Deficiency of Vitamin D Prevalent Among Women

The number of patients treated for vitamin D deficiency increased sharply over the past four years, according to a report released by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service on Thursday. The number of such patients rose from 3,118 in 2010 to 31,225 in 2014. Particularly, it was far more prevalent among women.

Did U.S., Japan Know of N.Korean Nuke Test in Advance?

S.Korea Resumes Propaganda Broadcasts Across DMZ

China Halts Some Business with N.Korea After Nuke Test

Households Keep Their Wallets Firmly Shut

Kim Han-gil to Join Ahn Cheol-soo's New Party from the Start

Cigarette Price Hike Swells Gov't Coffers

HankyorehShinmoon (

International community, experts voice concern over resumption of propaganda broadcasts

The Park Geun-hye administration’s decision to resume loudspeaker broadcasts into North Korea as of noon on Jan. 8 in response to the country’s fourth nuclear test is being blasted as a strategic blunder.

[Interview] Japan’s leading researcher on comfort women on Dec. 28 settlement: “Tear it up”

Yoshiaki Yoshimi, 69, a history professor at Chuo University who is considered Japan’s leading authority on the issue of the comfort women, said that the Dec. 28 agreement between the governments of South Korea and Japan.

Improved bomb design the most worrisome aspect of North’s nuclear test

Regardless of whether the weapon recently exploded by North Korea in its fourth nuclear test was an atomic bomb, a fusion-boosted fission bomb, or a hydrogen bomb, the most important issue is miniaturization, said Siegfried Hecker, a senior analyst at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation who is regarded as one of the US’s foremost nuclear experts..

President Park’s mishandling of comfort women issue leads to climbing disapproval

President Park Geun-hye is the subject of growing negative opinion over her administration’s handling of an agreement with Japan on the comfort women issue, a recent poll finds..

No time for paper airplanes: Korean students suffer under academic strains

The suicide of a Daegu high school student on Dec. 10 is the latest such incident to send a stark message to the adults of South Korean society: young people are not “human resources,” but humans who have feelings..

South Korea resumes propaganda broadcasts into North

The South Korean government decided to resume full propaganda broadcasts into North Korea using loudspeakers in the DMZ at noon on Jan. 8, in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test.This decision was made in a meeting of the standing committee of South Korea’s National Security Council at the Blue House, presided over by Director of National Security Kim Kwan-jin, said Cho Tae-yong, 1st Deputy Director of the Office of National Security,.

Propaganda broadcasts show government’s willingness to risk confrontation

The South Korean government’s decision to resume the propaganda broadcasts against North Korea at noon on Jan. 8 is one of the most forceful reactions it could take, indicating a readiness to risk the possibility of a military clash between the North and South.This measure is a response to the North’s fourth nuclear test, which was judged to be a violation of the Aug. 25 deal to end a military standoff and ease inter-Korean tensions..

UN Security Council expected to take further significant measures on North Korea

With the UN Security Council announcing on Jan. 6 that it would immediately begin work on a new resolution containing “further significant measures” in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear missile test, attention is focusing on what kind of sanctions the resolution will contain and how tough they will be.Needless to say, since the Security Council deliberations are still in their initial phase, it is not possible to predict the resolution’s specifics..

Saenuri party lawmakers call for nuclear armament in response to North’s test

In reaction to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test, calls for nuclear armament are being heard within the Saenuri Party. Saenuri leadership also disclosed internal divisions over the nuclear armament issue, leading the opposition to criticize the controversy, saying that the Saenuri party was doing nothing more than dancing to North Korea’s tune..

John Merrill: New ideas for re-engaging with the North are needed

In a Jan. 6 (local time) interview with the Hankyoreh, John Merrill, long-time intelligence analyst on Korea, China, and Japan for the US Department of State as chief of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research’s Northeast Asia division, stressed the need for South Korea to come up with new ideas about how to re-engage with the North..

[Analysis] Kim’s adventure to show off nuclear capability

In order to understand the reasons and aims behind North Korea’s decision to carry out a fourth nuclear test so suddenly and without any warning, there are three factors that must be analyzed and compared. These are the factors of domestic politics, technology, and foreign relations..

North Korea almost certain to face further UN, US sanctions in wake of nuclear test

The UN took swift action in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test by calling an emergency meeting of the Security Council. According to reports, the US will soon begin reviewing the option of implementing its own sanctions against the North..

JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

U.S. sends B-52 bomber to Korea in show of force

South Korea and the United States deployed a U.S. B-52 strategic bomber accompanied by fighter jets over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday in a display of military might in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test on Wednesday. A senior South Korean government official told the JoongAng Ilbo on Sunday...

Ambassadors protest bill on foreign law firms

A bill to open Korea’s legal services market to law firms based in the European Union and the United States was put on hold a day ahead of the final vote…

Saudi funds bail on Woori Bank sale talks

Woori Bank will have to look for new owners in Europe and Singapore, as its latest talks with three Saudi Arabian sovereign funds over a possible sale have collapsed…

When one job just isn’t secure enough

Mr. Lee, a manager at a major construction company in Seoul, works seven days a week. His company job keeps him busy on weekdays…

Kim received guidance on nuclear development

North Korea formed a seven-member special committee in charge of developing and producing its nuclear arsenal, chaired by supreme leader Kim Jong-un…

North’s tech may be advancing

The South Korean military has raised concerns that Pyongyang may be able to deploy a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) at least a year…

Ahn holds first convention for People’s Party

Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo, a political maverick who left the main opposition party, held the first convention for his new party on Sunday afternoon…

Law to allow terminal patients to end treatment

The National Assembly on Friday passed the Death with Dignity Act, which allows certain life-sustaining medical treatments for terminally ill patients to be stopped…

Korean Air inks big drone deal

Korean Air signed a deal late last month with the state-run munitions procurement organization to mass produce a new unmanned aerial vehicle…

AmorePacific chairman lauds sales milestone

The 650 employees of AmorePacific Group’s duty-free division recently received letters from Chairman Seo Kyung-bae that said…

Luxury brands absent from Detroit Auto Show

Last year was the U.S. auto industry’s best year ever, breaking a record that stood for a decade and a half…

Convergence continues to be key at 2016 CES

The personal computer was the star of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in the 1980s. In the ’90s, consumer gadgets were all the rage…

Samsung has a course to test driverless cars

The Speedway motor racecourse at Everland, an amusement park run by Samsung C&T in Yongin, Gyeonggi, will be used as a testing…

The KyunghyangShinmoon(

[Aftermath of NK's 4th Nuclear Test: South Resumes Loudspeaker Broadcasts] South Korean Government Determines 'Abnormal Situation,' Military Tension at Its Peak in Korea

On January 6, immediately after North Korea's official announcement of its fourth nuclear test, President Park Geun-hye stressed, "We will make sure the North···

“Victims in Despair at Ban's Welcome of the Comfort Women Agreement” The Korean Comfort Women Council Sends a Letter of Protest to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

On January 7, the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan announced that the council had sent a letter to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon concerning···

North Korea's Surprise 4th Nuclear Test: Kim Jong-un's Nuclear Gamble Against the International Society

On January 6, North Korea conducted the fourth nuclear test without any prior notice. This test came two years and eleven months after the North's third nuclea···

[NK's 4th Nuclear Test: Ripples in Inter-Korean Relations] They Said We Would Know a Month in Advance: NIS Director, 'We Lost'

The South Korean government failed to predict North Korea's fourth nuclear test on January 6. In particular, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Headquar···

Different Class from the Start: Why Do the Viewers Have to Make a Cruel Choice?

"Your vote decides the fate of the girls!" This is a sentence from the website describing Produce 101, a talent show for a girl band that selects a final grou···

[Correspondent's Column] [Aftermath of the Rushed Comfort Women Negotiations] Director of the Comfort Women Agreement: The United States

Shortly after the "Yun Byung-se-Kishida agreement," an official from the U.S. State Department explained the position of the U.S. government in the form of a ···

[Aftermath of Rushed Comfort Women Negotiations] Catholic Church Calls for a Renegotiation, 'Comfort Women Agreement Is Invalid'

On January 4, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea, the highest decision making organization of the Roman Catholic Church in Korea said that the comfort wom···

[Aftermath of the Rushed Comfort Women Negotiations] Ban Ki-moon's Statement in Support of the Agreement Is 'Driving a Nail into the Victims' Hearts'

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (72, photo) has sent ripples through South Korea's political circle since the start of the New Year. A heated···

The Korea Economic Daily ( )

Sum of Funds Floated through KOSDAQ IPOs Exceeds 2 Tril. Won in 2015

The total volume of initial public offerings made on the KOSDAQ market last year surpassed the 2-trillion-won level for the first time in 15 years. The Korea Exchange said on January 10 that the total amount of capital newly floated through the KOSDAQ IPO market last year was 2,119 billion won, up 7...

Big 3 Shipbuilders Cut back 3,000 Workers Last Year

It was revealed that Korea's "Big 3" shipbuilders have cut back more than 3,000 employees last year following record-high losses. According to industry sources on January 11, the three shipyards including Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineerin...

Dec. Trade Figure Announcement Likely to Be Watershed Event for Shanghai Stock Market

The Shanghai stock market that saw high volatility early in the year is likely to continue instability this week as well. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index was closed at 3,186.41 on January 8, down 9.97 percent for one week. This is the largest downward increment since the fourth week of A...

Ssangyong Motor Aims to Turn Itself into a Profitable Business This Year

Ssangyong Motor set its business goal for this year as turning itself into a profitable business. The Korean auto maker greatly reduced its losses last year thanks to successful launching of the crossover Tivoli. According to Ssangyong Motor on January 10, the company's domestic sales headquarters h...

Domestic Car Sales Hit Record High Last Year

Last year's domestic car sales reached an all-time high at 1.83 million units, backed by the exemption in individual excise tax, the releasing of a string of new models, and the increase in demand for SUVs and vans. Despite a decline in exports and the strikes of the automobile industry labor unions...

AJU Business Daily( )

Mutation found in MERS virus from outbreak in Korea

[Photo by Namkung Jin-woong] The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus which caused an outbreak in Korea leaving 187 people infected had gone through a mutation which could have affec…

The South restarts loudspeaker broadcasts, U.S. presses China to act tougher on defiant North Korea

John Kerry, Secretary of the U.S. Department of State [Courtesy of U.S Department of State] The United States criticized China’s policy towards its defiant neighbor North Korea as South Korea…

South Korea to resume loudspeaker propaganda

Commuters watch TV broadcast about Noth Korea's nuclear test on January 6.[AJU NEWS DB] South Korean government is to resume loudspeaker propaganda at the border of North Korea on Friday.…

Obama agrees with Park on “strong response” to North Korea’s nuclear test

[Courtesy of Whitehouse] U.S. President Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Thursday agreed to work on a "united and strong international response to North Korea's la…

Police patrol cars go undercover to monitor violation of traffic law

[AJU NEWS DB] South Korean police will operate undercover forces to monitor traffic law violations. It will be near impossible to spot the undercover operatives because the monitoring will be…

U.S. pledges “extended deterrence” for South after North Korea’s H-bomb test

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter [AJU NEWS CORP DB] US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter vowed to protect South Korea with “all aspects of United States' extended deterrence” after North …

China in strong opposition against NK nuclear test

Hua Chungying, the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry [AJU NEWS CORP DB] ? The Chinese government had expressed strong opposition against North Koreas nuclear test carried out on Wednes

North Korea conducts H-bomb test, a major setback for regional peace

[AJU NEWS CORP DB] In a surprise announcement, North Korea said it had successfully conducted a test of a miniaturized hydrogen nuclear device on Wednesday morning, marking a major step forwa…

Incheon Airport in mayhem during New Year’s holidays

[Courtesy of Incheon International Airport Corp.] 169 flights delayed, over 5,200 pieces of passengers’ luggage clogged up, and some airplanes left without luggage to their destination after …

South Korea holds emergency meetings to discuss China market turmoil

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] ? South Korean financial authorities on Tuesday held emergency meetings as Asian stock market were on the ropes for a second straight day on Tuesday to see if Beijing


[CES2016] LG and Samsung Rise as Dark Horses in Vehicle Component Business

¡°Importance of electronic device and IT is rising in car business. Battery and electric motor operate a vehicle instead of fossil fuel and engine. One can use self-driving function when he or she feels sleepy while driving instead of stopping at a rest station. One can also check his or her fridge and shop by using a touch-screen inside of...

IONIQ Hybrid with 22.4 km/l Mileage Is Introduced to Media

Hyundai¡?s IONIQ Hybrid with 22.4 km/l mileage is introduced to media before its release. IONIQ Hybrid is Hyundai¡?s first vehicle that has a Hyun...

Seoul Semiconductor Back to Making 1 Trillion KRW in Sales

It is predicted that Seoul Semiconductor, which is a business that specializes in LED (light-emitting diode), will be back to making 1 trillion KRW ($828 million) in ...

Samsung Electronics’ New Smartphones to Be Introduced at MWC As Exp...

President Shin Jong-kyoon, who is the director of Samsung Electronics¡? IM Sector, announced a plan not to forcefully push forward products¡? re...

Vice-Chairman Ku Bon-jun of LG Confident in Vehicle Components Business

Vice-Chairman Ku Bon-jun of LG has made sure of success in vehicle components (VC) business. He also addressed his will to overcome competitions in Smart Car and VC ...

Competition for Leadership in Next-Generation TV Markets Becomes Intensified

Competition between 2nd Generation Quantum-Dot and OLED is becoming more intensified as they are out to take control of next-generation premium TV markets. A new ...

ETRI Develops Solid Electrolyte for Lithium Secondary-Battery That Does Not Have Any Danger of Explosion

A new technology that can replace electrolytes of lithium (Li) secondary-battery, which is used for Smartphone and laptop batteries, into solid. Previously, combustible...

Interpark and KT to Partner Up to Sell Xiaomi’s ‘Redmi Note 3’

Interpark and KT made an announcement on the 5th that they will hold a promotion called ¡®Xiaomi¡?s Redmi Note 3 Now with Olleh!¡? ...

Special Notices:

Photo shows President Soon-Heung Chang of Handong Global University (fifth from left, front row) with ambassadors and other visiting members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC), including Ambassador MmeNatalliaZhylevich of Belraus (dean of the visiting members of the SDC), fourth from left the same row With Ambassador and Mrs. SylvestreKouassi Bile of Cote d’ Ivoire (third and second from left, front row).And Ambassador Roballo of Argentina (sixth from left, same row) and Ambassadors Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya (on the right of the rear row).

“Why not try to change the world?”

Ambassadors, senior diplomats visit Handong Global University in Pohang

Ambassadors NatalliaZhylevich of Belarus, Kouassi Bile of Cote d’Ivoire, Jorge Roballo of Argentina and Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya and 20 other senior diplomats, including the charges d’affaires, visited Handong Global University in Pohang City on the Southeast Coast of Korea on Nov. 12, 2015 at the invitation of President Soon-Heung Chang of the University.

The tour, organized by The Korea Post, included also a visit to POSCO and a cruise ride around the harbor of the Pohang City.

The Korea Post has been organizing tours for the ambassadors and other senior members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps for the past 30 years, but it must be said that the one hosted by Handong Global University is one of the most impressive in terms of the interest on the part of the host who met the guests with a true heart and warm welcome.

President Soon-Heung Chang of the University made such an excellent arrangement out of respect and special regard for the distinguished international guests by asking his Vice President Simon Kang(Administrative Affairs) and Professor JinwonAhn (School of Management and Economics) to come all the way from Pohang to Seoul to welcome and escort the ambassadors and other senior diplomats to comfortably visit his University.

The tour of the Handong Global University was a truly memorable one where many outstanding features of the University continuously surprised the visiting ambassadors and the other senior diplomats. For further details, visit: /news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=1119

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