The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Jan. 21, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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President Park Expresses Hope for Chinese Visitors to Come to S. Korea

President Park Geun-hye has expressed hope for many Chinese tourists to visit South Korea in a video message played in Beijing.

Gov't Official: Pyongyang Proposed Meetings with S. Korean Civilian Groups after Nuke Test

President Park Expresses Hope for Chinese Visitors to Come to S. Korea

People's Party Supports Saenuri's Revised Proposal on Anti-Terrorism Bills

Reduced Tariffs under China FTA Benefiting S. Korean Firms

KOSPI Flops to 1,845 Points

IMF Cuts Growth Forecasts, Citing Emerging Markets

N. Korea Reportedly to Bid Again for Weightlifting Event

More Anti-S. Korea Leaflets Discovered in Capital Area

Gov't Reiterates Not Mulling Withdrawal of S. Korean Firms in Gaeseong or Closing Complex

S. Korea Aims to Attract More Chinese Tourists in 'Visit Korea Year'

US 1st Cavalry Division Ironhorse Brigade to Deploy to S. Korea

Swiss Bank Ranks S. Korea 25th in Adaptability to 4th Industrial Revolution

Cold Snap to Bring Coldest Winter Day This Weekend

Gyeonggi Produces Anti-terrorism Safety Measures

KCDC Warns Pregnant Women Against Travel to Latin America


Yonhap (

Inter-Korean trade hits record high in 2015 despite shaky ties

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- Trade volume between South and North Korea reached an all-time high in 2015 despite strained inter-Korean ties over the North's pursuit of nuclear weapons, a trade association here said Wednesday.

Doosan rushing to sell assets to improve financial health

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- Doosan Group, a South Korean machinery and power equipment conglomerate, is seeking to speed up the sale of core assets in a bid to improve its financial footing, industry sources said Thursday.

N.K. will eventually succeed in SLBM development: ex-U.S. defense chief

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (Yonhap) -- Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday he believes North Korea will eventually succeed in developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

S. Korea aims to attract 8 million Chinese tourists this year

BEIJING, Jan. 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korean President Park Geun-hye voiced hope Wednesday that many Chinese tourists will visit Seoul as she celebrated the year of visiting Korea in China.

Court acquits S. Korean for following pro-North Twitter ac..

Four in 10 S. Korean households unprepared for old age: re..

Thursday's weather forecast

(EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Jan. 21)

(EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Jan. 21)

S. Korean startups' exports expand 2.5 pct in 2015

Samsung starts blood donation drive amid low reserves

S. Korean drug firms to spend big on R&D this year

(LEAD) Inter-Korean trade hits record high in 2015 despite..

S. Korea committed to carrying out stimulus measures to vi..

S. Korean confident sitting 2 wins away from Olympic footb..

S. Korea to face Jordan in quarterfinals at Olympic footba..

(LEAD) S. Korea aims to attract 8 million Chinese tourists..

China-based Taiwanese singer deletes online messages after..

Alpine skiing venue approved for Olympic test event


The Korea Herald (

Park vows to push ahead with labor reforms

President Park Geun-hye on Wednesday remained unfazed by the umbrella labor unions’ withdrawal from the tripartite deal...

VW Korea faces new lawsuit, criminal probe

Volkswagen Group and its dealers are facing another class-action suit by the Korean owners of i...

Authorities play chicken over ‘child care crisis’

Even as payday for kindergarten teachers across the country looms, the impasse between governme...

Elderly households become key factor in domestic consumption

With the aged population growing rapidly in the country, it is becoming an increasingly urgent ...

S. Korea aims to attract 8 million Chinese tourists this year

Park names North Korea expert as head of advisory body on unification

Court upholds jail sentence of ex-parliamentary chief over harassment

Red Cross' projects with Pyongyang suspended over nuke test

Seoul shares open flat

Doosan to speed up asset sales

Inter-Korean trade hits record high in 2015

CJ O Shopping to air home shopping channel in Malaysia

Free English walking tour offered in Seoul

U.S. military portrayals of Korea examined

Seoul seeks student volunteers

Foreign craft fairs to open in Seoul, Busan

Anxiety in the air as Davos World Economic Forum kicks off

Oil dives to fresh 12-year low under $28

Top U.S. diplomat urges China to 'show leadership' on Pyonyang's nuclear issue

Top North Korea official included in his leader's entourage after 3-month absence


The Korea Times (

Stocks plunge on massive foreign sell-offs 

Seoul shares fell 2.34 percent Wednesday, hit by heavy sell-offs by foreign investors amid growing concerns over fallout from the slowing Chinese economy and ... 

Korea ranked world's most innovative economy 

Korea has the most innovative economy in the world, according to a survey by Bloomberg, a media co... 

US diplomat asks China to sanction NK 

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged China, Wednesday, to impose trade sanctions on... 

Barclays to close Seoul office 

British banking group Barclays will close its Seoul office as part of its global slimming down str... 

Celebrity-branded lunch boxes hot items 

As more people look to save money on lunch, “dosirak,” or lunch boxes, sold at convenience stores ...

Would-be retirees struggle to earn minimum living cost 

Most people who will retire soon are having difficulty securing what they regard as minimal living expenses, the Korea Insurance Development Institute said We...

'Local law firms need protective measures' 

Domestic law firms are expressing concerns that their businesses will be substantially impaired by more experienced foreign firms, should the legal market ope...

Korea's IoT market grows to 5 trillion won 

The “era of IoT (Internet of Things)” is rapidly approaching, when people can check their health and control electricity and temperature away from home - if t... 

'Leukemia talks settles with social consensus' 

Samsung has reached a complete settlement in talks with the families of former workers who contrac...

Child abuse is society's dirty secret 

The death of a seven-year-old boy allegedly caused by his father’s violence has once again shocked the nation, following the discovery last month that an 11-y...

Firms in Gaeseong losing orders since nuke test 

South Korean firms operating in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex are suffering from dwindling orders in the wake of Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test, sources sa... 

Hawkish NK general may handle S.Korea 

A hawkish army general is said to have been appointed to replace Kim Yang-gon, who the regime in P...

Experts downplay NK's nuclear capability 

South Korean and U.S. nuclear experts have downplayed North Korea’s nuclear capability, saying the latest test, conducted on Jan. 6, failed to prove that the ...

Central bank has big loss from gold investment 

The Bank of Korea (BOK), the nation’s central bank and chief monetary policymaker, is supposed to make the most correct forecasts for the domestic and global ...

Biosimilar industry emerges as new moneymaker 

Since Hanmi Pharmaceutical hit a jackpot last year by exporting new technology worth 8 trillion won ($6.6 billion), drug manufacturing is emerging as a new pi...

Iran comes as mixed blessing to Korean builders 

The upcoming reopening of the Iranian market may prove to be a double-edged sword for Korean contractors, industry sources said Wednesday.


DongAIlbo (

Hawkish N. Korean general could assume secretary for inter-Korean relations

Power within North Korea’s ruing Workers’ Party is in swings after the Stalinist country’s fourth nuclear test. The sudden rise o…

Police requests arrest warrant for ex-Olympic weightlifting champion

Chuncheon Police in Gangwon Province said Wednesday it requested an arrest warrant for former Olympic weightlifting champion Sa J…

Minor opposition leader calls for pan-opposition alliance for presidential election

Shim Sang-jung, the leader of the minor opposition Justice Party, proposed on Wednesday that all opposition parties create an all…

Gov`t to create `Silicon Valley of Korea` in Pangyo and Sangam

The government has made a scheme to nurture Pangyo and Sangam areas as Asia’s Silicon Valley by creating hubs for star

N. Korea`s nuke test seen as strategy to exploit gap between U.S., China

After North Korea’s surprise fourth nuclear test, analysts have called the young North Korean leader "Kim Jong Un, the u

LG Display reclaims global No. 1 ranking in TV panels

Dominance is shifting in the global display market as Chinese companies are fast emerging to challenge Korea`s giants. K

Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Coptic churches seek to unify Easter Day

Will all different Christian churches be able to commemorate the Easter Day on the same date? According to the BBC on Fr


Chosun Ilbo (

U.S. Wants China to Act on N.Korean Nuke Program

The U.S. apparently remains inclined to keep the North Korean nuclear problem at arm's length and let China take the brunt. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken said China has a "special role" to play in its "special relationship" with North Korea.

U.S. Concludes N.Korea Did Not Test H-Bomb

The U.S. Congressional Research Service has dismissed North Korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb earlier this month, describing it instead as a "boosted fission weapon" or simply a "conventional nuclear bomb."

Han River Freezes Over

The Han River froze over partially on Wednesday as a result of prolonged subzero temperatures. The Korea Meteorological Administration said many parts of the river were already frozen by Wednesday but this was not officially recorded.

Korea Sees 1st Decline in Tourism in 12 Years

S.Korea, U.S., Japan to Support Searches of N.Korean Ships

Environment Ministry Sues Volkswagen Over Recall

Airport Bomb Threat Came from China

Ryu Hyun-jin, Kang Jung-ho Likely to Return to Field Early Next Season

Ki Sung-yueng Records 1st Assist of the Season


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Government programs fail to boost youth employment

Only 15% of young people who participated in government-funded programs and internships went on to be hired as regular employees

Unhappiness with SK-Japan comfort women settlement sparks private donations

On Jan. 18, a piece of registered mail was delivered to the office of the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (Jeongdaehyeop), in the Mapo District of Seoul. On the corner where the sender’s address normally goes, the envelope only said, “An owner of the Republic of Korea.”Inside the envelope, there was a letter, written on six pages of A4 paper, and a money order for 105,000 won

California civic groups campaign to have comfort women taught in state’s high schools

I’m planning to go out into the street this weekend. Part of reason is the textbook issue, but I also sense an urgent need to correct public opinion that seems to be going the wrong way since the Dec. 28 agreement.”Korean-American groups in California are launching a campaign to have the history of Japan’s drafting of “comfort women” as sexual slaves for its military included in the state high school curriculum..

Economic growth rates expected to remain stuck below 3%

The South Korean economy is expected to continue with low growth rates below 3% for the time being amid uncertain economic conditions at home and overseas, a recent report shows.Indeed, the potential growth rate could drop below 2% by the 2020s without improvements to economic soundness and the discovery of a source of new growth, the report said..

Major trade union announces turn to “full conflict mode” against government

With the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) officially announcing on Dec. 19 its boycott of the tripartite talks between labor, management and government, labor and government relations have entered a phase of conflict with no end in sight. This also means that the major compromise reached by the three parties on Sep. 15, 2015 - after a year of challenging negotiations that frequently broke down and resumed following the FKTU’s agreement to join the tripartite discussions in Aug. 2014 - has become a worthless scrap of paper..

Samsung finds strong allies in its patent battle with Apple

Google and Facebook are taking Samsung’s side in its current battle with Apple.While a US court previously ruled in Apple’s favor in an appeals trial on alleged violation of design patents by Samsung, the companies issued a brief in support of the South Korean company. Attention is now focusing on whether the US Supreme Court will accept an appeal filed by Samsung in December..

Young people increasingly at risk of poverty

Working is perhaps the single most important step to escaping poverty. Yet many young South Koreans remain in poverty despite their employment.Experts see young people today as an emerging population segment facing a poverty risk. The issue isn’t just a problem for one generation, they argue, but a major factor that could determine the sustainability of South Korean society. Some are also questioning whether the vulnerable younger workers will be capable of supporting the current generation once they reach old age..

US ambassador’s protests over pending change to Foreign Legal Consultant Act stir debate

The US ambassador to South Korea visited the head of the National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee on Jan. 18 to argue for revisions to a pending amendment to the Foreign Legal Consultant Act.Ambassador Mark Lippert was also among several foreign diplomatic officials in South Korea who visited committee chair Lee Sang-min on Jan. 7 after the amendment passed the committee’s legislative subcommittee earlier that day..

Abe hints at no settlement payment unless comfort woman statue is removed

Will the Japanese government pay the 1 billion yen (US$8.30 million) it promised in an agreement it reached with the South Korean government on Dec. 28 about the comfort women issue even if the statue of a young girl symbolizing the comfort women is not removed from its current location in front of the Japanese embassy?“It’s important for both sides to trust each other and to make good on what they have promised to do for each other,”.


JoongAng Ilbo(conservative): (

Cheaper day care now in limbo

Parents with young children in Seoul and several cities may be victims of a game of chicken played between the central government and regional education offices over how to fund the controversial Nuri Program, which subsidizes day care for 3- to 5-year-olds…

Nation’s two big airlines get rid of fuel surcharges

Passengers using the country’s national flag carriers will not have to pay fuel surcharges either for domestic or international flights starting next month…

List like Ashley Madison’s surfaces in Korea

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on Monday acquired a list of over 66,000 personal profiles of Korean men who patronized prostitutes or inquired…

Bleak forecasts challenge gov’t prospects

As financial institutions lowered their growth forecasts for the Korean economy on Wednesday, the government’s prospects for 3.1 percent growth are looking bleaker…

Mercedes-Benz vows to focus on service centers in 2016

Mercedes-Benz Korea (MBK) said Wednesday its top priority for this year is beefing up the automaker’s network of service centers across the country.…

SKT rebuked for reporting its overdue subscribers

Top wireless carrier SK Telecom has come under fire for handing over information about subscribers with unpaid bills to credit rating companies. …

China VC deals catching up to U.S.

Venture capitalists poured a record $37 billion into China start-ups last year, more than double the previous year’s tally, as the country emerges as a legitimate …

People’s Party moves to name first floor leader

The newly established political party of independent Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo said on Wednesday that it will name its floor leader today…

After Korea, 7 workers joined ISIS

Seven foreigners who worked in Korea joined the Islamic State or ISIS following their sojourns in Korea, the country’s main spy agency said Wednesday…

Couple claim dual role in mutilation of son, 7

The mother of the 7-year-old whose mutilated remains were found frozen in his parents’ house nearly four years after he vanished from school testified Wednesday…

What leads parents to kill their kid

Cases of household abuse that went so far as to lead to the death of a child have shocked Korea.…

1 in 2 Koreans bought lottery tickets in 2015

One out of two Koreans have bought a lottery ticket in the past year, a survey by a government agency showed Wednesday.…

Star financier joins local start-up as an adviser

Legendary investor and financial expert Jim Rogers has taken up an adviser post at Fount, a Korean start-up specializing in investment algorithm development.…


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon(

[Annulment of Tripartite Agreement] Federation of Korean Trade Unions, "Judgment on Anti-labor Candidates in General Elections" 5 Major Labor Bills Lose Momentum

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions declared the annulment of the tripartite agreement on January 19, four months after the agreement was reached, and it look···

[Childcare Crisis, Now a Reality] Teachers' Wages Unpaid, Request Parents for Support, "We're Going to Have to Take out a Loan to Provide Childcare"

The childcare crisis is now becoming reality as private kindergartens in the Seoul area announce plans to ask parents to support the Nuri program (free childcar···

'Tzuyu Incident' Causing Ripples: Pop Industry with Eyes Overseas 'Still Much to Learn'

The South Korean pop culture industry observing the so-called "Tzuyu incident" seems quite baffled. There had been several incidents where domestic companies ···

[Editorial] A Mentor of Our Times: The Death of Shin Young-bok and the Value of Solidarity

A twenty-seven year old man was put in prison. After twenty years and twenty days, he was released into the world. By then he was a middle-aged man soon to turn···

Child Protection Policy, Just Loud Slogans: Malfunctioned When Rescue Was Needed

The case of A (7), who was discovered four years after his body was damaged and frozen in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi Province showed a hole in the child abuse protect···

[2016 Report of Economy Ministries] 'Uncertain Stock Market & Slow Economy' Questions of the Effectiveness of Export Strategy Dependent on China

During the joint report by economy-related ministries on January 14, the government proposed to stimulate our economy by balancing domestic demand and exports, ···

[After NK's 4th Nuclear Test - Korean Peninsula in Rough Waters] 'To Woo and To Press' Mixed Message to China Likely to End in Disappointment

In her address to the people, President Park Geun-hye strongly requested China to pressure North Korea. She called China a "partner," and stressed how close t···


The Korea Economic Daily ( )

Major Asian Markets Face "Black Wednesday"

The stock markets of major Asian cities faced a Black Wednesday due to worries over the slowing global economy and the continuously falling oil prices. Investors' confidence worsened precipitously as the Chinese market is still groggy from a series of setbacks for the past few weeks since the New Ye...

Uber Black Gears Up in Korea

Uber, the world’s largest car sharing service company, plans to launch a high-end call taxi service “Uber Black” in Korea. Uber Black is expected to compete with Kakao Taxi Black which was launched in November 2015. Uber Korea announced on January 19 that it would launch a high-end call taxi serv...

Indonesia's Electric Power Market Buzzes with Excitement

Indonesia's electric power market is buzzing with excitement. After the South Asian nation's President Joko Widodo pledged to build a new electricity capacity of up to 35,000 megawatts within his term after taking office in October 2014, builders from China, Japan, and Korea are vying to take orders...

[Global Investment War] Pension and Sovereign Wealth Funds Wage Silent War to Earn Ever-higher Return The global investment market is moving at a dizzying speed. The world's pension funds and sovereign wealth funds whose combined assets under management is almost US$50 trillion are waging war without the shooting in order to earn ever-higher returns. According to Towers Watson, an American global pr...

[Global Investment War] NPS Investment Return of 22 Tril. Won Surpasses That of Samsung for 2 Straight Years

The Korean National Pension Service invested 120 billion won (US$98.8 million) in Gatwick Airport, London's second-largest international airport after Heathrow, at the time of Global Infrastructure Partners' acquisition of the airport in 2010. It is now considered one of the best investment cases fo...


AJU Business Daily ( )

North Korea military backed by 300 drones

[Aju News DB] North Korea has strengthened its military surveillance force with a fleet of 300 drones, which are still relatively unsophisticated but could present a security challenge for Sout…

Kim Jung-un's right-hand man resumes public activity

[Courtesy of Xinhua] Choe Ryong-hae, once seen as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's right-hand man, has resumed his public activities, ending his three-month absence which once fuelled wild…

Uber comes back in South Korea with premium Black service

[Aju News DB ] After a change of tack aimed at jumping regulatory hurdles, US cab-hailing app operator Uber said Tuesday it was restarting its flagship luxury sedan service Uber Black in Seoul,…

Low oil price leads more S.Koreans to travel abroad, and buy larger cars

[Photo by Namkung] Oil price had reached its lowest point in South Korea and it is affecting the everyday life of Koreans. Travelers who go abroad are the most be…

Tougher punishment on disruptive air passengers

[Aju News DB] South Korea will impose tougher punishments on disruptive air passengers under a revised aviation law prompted by the infamous "nut rage" case involving the daughter of Kore…

Korea border strewn with propaganda leaflets

North Korean TV announcer speaks on hydrogen bomb test[courtesy of Xinhua News] The tensely guarded inter-Korean border has been strewn with leaflets from both sides along with the ear-spli…

China voices willingness to join UN debate on sanctions against North Korea

China on Friday expressed its willingness to join a United Nations debate on punishing North Korea over its latest nuclear test which has raised cross-border tension on the Korean peninsula, officials said. China took a resolute stance against Nor…

North Korea's new nuclear reactor sparks fresh concern

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] Recent satellite imagery shows North Korea's experimental light water reactor is "edging closer" to becoming operational, fuelling concerns it could be used to pro…

S.Korean Military wards off UAV near military demarcation line

UAV operated by U.S. military [Courtesy of General Atomics] ? An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) suspected of North Korean origin was detected at the military demarcation line between South Kore

Youth unemployment rate hits record high

Students are looking for job listings at a job bulletin board located at Kunkook University [Photo by Namkung] South Korea’s youth jobless rate (ages from 15 to…



Samsung Electronics to Mass-Produce Ultra-Fast Speed HBM2 D-RAM

Samsung Electronics made an announcement on the 19th that it is going to mass-produce HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory 2) which is 7 times faster than D-RAM that has the fastest speed currently. HBM D-RAM, which uses TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology, is a product that has faster processing speed compared to wire package. TSV is a high-tech packaging technology that ...

LG Electronics and SBS Totally Localizes ATSC 3.0 for the First Ti...

Staff Reporter Kim, Dongwook |

Samsung Electronics to Enter American and Chinese Markets with South K...

It is now possible to use Samsung Pay with cards that are issued by South Korean card companies as cards to be used in foreign countries at merchants in foreign count...

LG Innotec to Promote Material and Element As Its Next-Generation ...

LG Innotec is going to promote material and element businesses as

Ministry of Environment to Make Criminal Accusation Against President of Audi Volkswagen Korea for Submitting Insufficient Business Plan on Recall

Ministry of Environment made a criminal accusation against President Johannes Thammer of Audi Volkswagen Korea for submitting insufficient business plan on correcting flaw...

Will Naver Make More Than $2.48 Billion in Sales This Year?

Naver has opened up generation of $2.48 billion (3 trillion KRW) in yearly sales and is expected to make somewhere around $2.48 billion this year again after it had...

Hyundai Chooses SUV As a Fuel Cell Vehicle That Will Be Mass-Produced in 2018

Hyundai chose SUV as a fuel cell electrical vehicle (FCEV) that will be mass-produced in 2018. Hyundai¡?s goal for mileage for FCEV that will be mass-produce...

Yeil Electronics Develops Device That Causes Noise for Plug-in Vehicles

Range of vibration speaker technology¡?s application is being expanded to automobile industry due to emergence of VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System) that is ...

5G Generation’ to Come Faster Than Expected

Expected time for commercialization of 5G mobile communication is going to be earlier than 2020 which is the predicted year initially. South Korean mobile telecommun...


Maeil Business News Korea ( )

Taihan Electric Wire bags $52mn order in Saudi Arabia

South Korea’s electric wire manufacturer Taihan Electric Wire Co. said Tuesday that it has clinched two orders worth $52 million ...

S. Korea’s environment ministry files charges against head of Audi Volkswagen

South Korea’s Ministry of Environment said on Tuesday that it has filed criminal charges against the head of Audi Volkswagen Korea ...

S. Korea’s Coway aims to become a life-care company

Coway Co., South Korea’s leading water purification maker, has rolled up its sleeves to develop into an overall life-care company ...

IMM Investment to raise $413 mn mezzanine fund

South Korea’s IMM Investment Corp. will raise a mezzanine fund worth 500 billion won ($413.1 million), the first of its kind among ...

S. Korea’s venture capital investment hits record high

South Korea’s venture capital investment totaled 2.09 trillion won ($1.7 billion) last year, the highest since the venture capital ...

Seoul’s second largest classical music concert hall unveiled

A new concert hall dedicated to classical music will open in South Korea for the first time in 28 years. Lotte Concert Hall that will ...


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