The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Jan. 22, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, Jan. 22, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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Park Hopes to End Poverty, Foster Cultural Ties Through K-Culture

President Park Geun-hye says she hopes South Korea's cultural aspects could contribute to ending global poverty and...

Culture Minister Vows to Expand Hallyu Visas

Park Hopes to End Poverty, Foster Cultural Ties Through K-Culture

Speaker Seeks to Scrap 3/5 Rule for Fast-Track Legislation

Bank of Korea Creates China Team in Research Department

BOK Cites Sufficient Foreign Reserves, No Liquidity Concerns

BOK Chief Orders Policy Response to Market Jitters

Gov't Denounces N. Korea's Proposal for Private Exchanges

Leaflet Senders Ask President Not to Stop Their Activities

N. Korea Reportedly to Bid Again for Weightlifting Event

US Deputy State Secretary Arrives in Beijing

'85 Nations, 10 Int'l Bodies Denounced N. Korea's Nuke Test in 2 Weeks'

Barclays to Exit S. Korea after 39 Yrs, Cut 1,000 Jobs Globally

Appeals Court Upholds KTU Illegal Labor Union Ruling

Navy Marks 5th Anniv. of Samho Jewelry Rescue Operation

Seoul to Give Free Tours to Youth Groups from 44 Countries


Yonhap (

U.N. chief meets with President Park's special envoy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with a special envoy of South Korean President Park Geun-hye in Switzerland and discussed ways to increase cooperation between the two sides, Ban's office said Thursday.

S. Korean appointed a U.N. advocate on sustainable development goals

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- The chairperson of the U.N. World Tourism Organization's (UNWTO) Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Foundation was appointed one of the U.N. chief's advocates on sustainable development, Seoul's foreign ministry said Thursday.

Court confirms revocation of progressive teachers' union's legal status

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- An appeals court on Thursday upheld a lower court's ruling that a progressive teachers' union is not a legitimate labor group because its members include fired teachers.

'The Throne' picked as best film of 2015 by Korean film reporters

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- An association of film reporters in South Korea said Thursday that it has chosen "The Throne," the tragic story of a Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) king starving his own son to death, as the best domestic picture of last year.

Friday's weather forecast

Ex-U.S. negotiator calls for 'hard sanctions' on N. Korea

Top headlines in major S. Korean newspapers

Trump should study more about Korea-U.S. alliance: Sen. Ga..

(Yonhap Interview) Senate sanctions bill targets N. Korea'..

S. Korean watchdog probing Volkswagen over advertising

Extended trading hours to prompt short-term boost to tradi..

Gov't to unveil possible 4th mobile carrier next week

S. Korean shipyards to pay bonuses despite huge losses

Seoul shares open higher on tech, auto gains

Parks voices hope Korean culture will spread around world

'The Throne' picked as best film of 2015 by Korean film re..

Top sports body to ask gov't to naturalize Canadian-born h..

S. Korean minister confident of attracting 8 mln Chinese t..

Yonhap's occupancy rate in Internet news tops other media


The Korea Herald (

THAAD will help counter N.K. missile threats: U.S. think tank

Amid North Korea’s evolving nuclear and missile threats, the stationing of advanced U.S. missile assets on the peninsul...

Finance minister vows reform, stimulus for ‘tangible’ growth

Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho on Thursday vowed to deliver “tangible” recovery in domestic deman...

Korea, Japan pressed to reset declining economic partnership

Business circles in Korea and Japan were the most eager to welcome an agreement reached between...

Debt-ridden Hyundai Merchant to sell bulk shipping business

A bulk cargo ship run by Hyundai Merchant Marine HMM   Hyundai Merchant Marine, facing ...

Court orders ministry to release controversial security education video

Navy's anti-piracy unit escorted more vessels after successful rescue in 2011

Court confirms revocation of progressive teachers' union's legal status

Gov't to adopt performance-based salary system on full scale

Government to unveil possible 4th mobile carrier next week

Korean shipyards to pay bonuses despite huge losses

Kia Motors sets sales target in Iran at 20,000 units this year: sources

Samsung top sellers of phones, tablets, PCs in Q1-Q3 of 2015

Korean minister confident of attracting 8 m

ln Chinese tourists this year

Author McDermid continues to tell powerful crime story

Debut novel questions whether soldiers ever truly come home

‘Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park’ gives graphic form to dying

U.S. official warns China against nuclear, missile trade with Pyongyang

No. 2 U.S. diplomat in Beijing for talks on Pyongyang sanctions

Pyongyang will eventually succeed in SLBM development

Kerry, Russian FM discuss 'strong and united' response to Pyongyang nuclear test


The Korea Times (

A sensitive, sweet hero returns 

Jennifer Yuh, the Korea-born director of the “Kung Fu Panda 3,” when asked how she felt to be in S...

Appeals court denies legal status for teachers' union 

An appellate court upheld a lower court’s ruling, Thursday, that a teachers’ group was illegal, as determined by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, because... 

Kindergartens likely to raise tuition 

Private kindergartens are expected to raise fees if the central government and regional education ...

Park expects inter-Korean tensions to grow 

President Park Geun-hye said Thursday that she anticipates tensions with North Korea to escalate continuously, creating a threat to peace and security on the ...

ELS sales put under tighter scrutiny 

The financial regulator will tighten monitoring of banks and securities companies to check whether they fully explain to retail investors the risks involving ... 

Parents take part in reenactment of killing son 

A couple, detained by police on suspicion of killing their seven-year-old son before dismembering ... 

Son scores, Suk debuts for FC Porto 

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min scored a goal and fed another in his side’s 2-0 victory ov... 

Upcoming art exhibits to keep an eye on in 2016 

The exhibition calendar of 2016 is packed with new programs, ranging from commemorations of Korea'... 

Korea boosts winter tourism through filming locations 

Some think that winter is not the best season to travel or take a vacation. Korea, however, is bec...

Number of 'tuition poor' hits 20,000 

There are special kinds of “poor” people in Korea. People who have to spend undue portion of income to repay mortgage loans are “house poor,” and those who dr...

Korean tire makers move to US 

Last year, Korean businesses that rely much on China faced difficulties while those mainly dealing with the U.S. did well, reflecting different economic situa...

Koreans pay sky-high prices for imported fruit, drinks 

Imported food, such as fruits and drinks, cost far more here than in most countries, a consumer advocacy group says.

Investment banks negative about 3% growth for Korean economy 

Will the Korean economy be able to attain growth rate in the 3-percent range this year? The government and central bank say “yes,” but the assessment from mos...

Foreigners register net-sale of Korean shares for record period 

Foreign investors recorded a net-sale of shares in Korean firms worth 228.2 billion won ($189 million) Wednesday, the 33rd consecutive trading day on which su...


DongAIlbo (

Tottenham's Son Heung-min leads team to secure 2-0 win

Will a 108 km mid-range shot be a signal of his revival?Son Heung-min with the Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League ga…

LG Display reclaims global No. 1 ranking in TV panels

Dominance is shifting in the global display market as Chinese companies are fast emerging to challenge Korea`s giants. K

A site where a temple honoring a Japanese colonial governor of Korea

The Parkmun Temple was a temple built to honor Hirobumi Ito (1841-1909) and the name was from the Korean pronunciation of Hirobum…

Police requests arrest warrant for ex-Olympic weightlifting champion

Chuncheon Police in Gangwon Province said Wednesday it requested an arrest warrant for former Olympic weightlifting champion Sa J…

Global money is leaving Korea

Carrying out the restructuring work in emerging markets in Asia, British investment bank Barclays has decided to withdraw its hea…

International sanctions against Iran have been lifted

With the world largest natural gas and the fourth largest oil reserves, Iran is returning to the global stage with its p

Japan's extremist group attempts a petition drive on comfort women in US

An online petition has appeared in California, which decided to add Japan?s wartime sex slavery to the instruction mater


Chosun Ilbo (

U.S. Gov't Warned of Nuclear Arms Race in Northeast Asia

Failure by the U.S. government to respond properly to North Korea's nuclear threat could prompt a nuclear arms race in Northeast Asia, an American think tanks warns.

Chinese Tourists Turn from Korea to Japan

Chinese tourists are beginning to turn their back on Korea and heading for other nearby destinations, especially Japan. Foreign tourists' complaints about hotels in Korea are rising, according to analysis by the Korea Tourism Organization, and the biggest proportion come from Chinese.

Civic Group Seeks to Set Up Sex Slave Statue in Busan

A group of activists is pushing to set up a statue honoring the victims of sexual enslavement during World War II, in front of the Japanese Consulate in Busan. There is already a statue symbolizing the former sex slaves in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Good Infrastructure Prolongs Life, Study Finds

Kim Jong-un Becomes a Fashion Icon

ID Required to Board Ferries

Only Half of Judicial Graduates Find Jobs Straight Out of School

S.Korea, U.S., Japan to Support Searches of N.Korean Ships

Duty-Free Sales to Foreigners Fall for 1st Time

Diesel Prices Hit 11-Year Low

Korea Tops Bloomberg's Innovation Index

Environment Ministry Sues Volkswagen Over Recall

3 Million Workers 'to Be Supervised by Robots by 2018'

U.S. Tightens Visa Waivers

Despite Cold, Record-Breaking Numbers of Refugees Arrive in Greece

China Law Could Trigger NGO Exodus

Britain Says Putin 'Probably' Approved Exile's Assassination

Birth Defects Linked to Zika Virus Still Rising in Brazil


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Economic bill petition organizers pressuring staff at affiliated companies to sign

Korea Chamber of Commerce sent memo to major financial associations asking them to solicit signatures from employees and even customers

Sentence in lawsuit on Park’s whereabouts during Sewol sinking unexpectedly delayed

Questions are being raised over a court’s abrupt decision to resume arguments two days ahead of sentencing in an administrative lawsuit demanding the disclosure of information about President Park Geun-hye’s whereabouts during a seven-hour period on the day of the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster..

US Dep. Sec. of State Tony Blinken expects China to take active role in NK sanctions

US Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken met on Jan. 20 with top South Korean officials to discuss Seoul and Washington’s response to North Korea’s recent fourth nuclear test.Blinken met with South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Yun Byung-se, Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo, and First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Lim Sung-nam before departing later that day for China.

Samsung employees face continuing pressure to take early retirement

The restructuring at Samsung Electronics that took place last year under the guise of “reassignments and transfers” is continuing into the new year.According to multiple employees at Samsung Electronics who spoke with the Hankyoreh on Jan. 20, company employees in their 40s and 50s who were urged to retire last year are still under the same pressure, which they often feel during conferences with their team or group leaders

Japanese court’s disappointing ruling in defamation case related to comfort women

It’s an unjust ruling. As a lawyer, I’m appalled.”On Jan. 20, a Hankyoreh reporter stood in front of the Tokyo District Court, in the Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, next to a banner that read “unjust ruling,” and listened to an explanation about the court’s ruling in the “Yoshimi Trial.”.

Government programs fail to boost youth employment

Since South Korean President Park Geun-hye took office, her administration has announced six rounds of programs to help young people find work and has spent 2 trillion won (US$1.66 billion) on these programs each year, but a government study shows that these programs have a shoddy record.Only 15% of the young people who participated in government-funded internships at state-run enterprises and large corporations, job training programs, and recruitment services were hired as regular employees through those

Unhappiness with SK-Japan comfort women settlement sparks private donations

On Jan. 18, a piece of registered mail was delivered to the office of the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (Jeongdaehyeop), in the Mapo District of Seoul. On the corner where the sender’s address normally goes, the envelope only said, “An owner of the Republic of Korea.”Inside the envelope, there was a letter, written on six pages of A4 paper, and a money order for 105,000 won (US$86.74)..

California civic groups campaign to have comfort women taught in state’s high schools

I’m planning to go out into the street this weekend. Part of reason is the textbook issue, but I also sense an urgent need to correct public opinion that seems to be going the wrong way since the Dec. 28 agreement.”Korean-American groups in California are launching a campaign to have the history of Japan’s drafting of “comfort women” as sexual slaves for its military included in the state high school curriculum..

Economic growth rates expected to remain stuck below 3%

The South Korean economy is expected to continue with low growth rates below 3% for the time being amid uncertain economic conditions at home and overseas, a recent report shows.Indeed, the potential growth rate could drop below 2% by the 2020s without improvements to economic soundness and the discovery of a source of new growth, the report said.

Major trade union announces turn to “full conflict mode” against government

With the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) officially announcing on Dec. 19 its boycott of the tripartite talks between labor, management and government, labor and government relations have entered a phase of conflict with no end in sight. This also means that the major compromise reached by the three parties on Sep. 15, 2015 - after a year of challenging negotiations that frequently broke down and resumed following the FKTU’s agreement to join the tripartite discussions in Aug. 2014 - has become a worthless scrap of paper..


JoongAng Ilbo(conservative): (

Appeals court upholds the outlawing of KTU

The Seoul High Court on Thursday ruled in favor of the government’s decision to outlaw a progressive teachers’ union, dealing a blow to the group’s two-year legal battle to stay alive. The appellate court’s decision to uphold a lower court’s ruling to outlaw the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union (KTU) effectively removed the legal rights…

Despite setbacks, KF-X jet project gets a timetable

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced Thursday that Korea officially kicked off its ambitious KF-X project to develop indigenous next-generation…

President’s start-ups claim scorned by experts

Korea’s success in nurturing innovative start-ups came under fire after some analysts expressed skepticism over President Park Geun-hye…

Hong wants cultural venue to take root at resort

When Hong Seong-yul, chairman of Mario Outlet, acquired the Herb Village resort in December, for 11.8 billion won ($9.8 million),…

President faces backlash after signing petition

President Park Geun-hye has faced backlash since signing a petition Monday that pressures the National Assembly to pass economic…

Ministry of Trade asks China for import help

Seoul will ask Beijing to ease its rules on Korean import goods, and make e-commerce transactions cheaper and faster in pursuit of boosting exports…

Speaker to outline bill to revise Assembly Act

The speaker of the National Assembly has said that he will propose a revision to the current law governing the operation of the legislature…

Minjoo lawmaker elects to stay

Rep. Park Young-sun, a three-term lawmaker who once served as the acting chairwoman of the main opposition party, said she will stay with the Minjoo Party,…

Thaad a ‘valuable capability’ amid renewed threats: CSIS

A Congress-commissioned study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has recommended deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense…

KRX aims to boost trading time

Korea Exchange (KRX) will work on extending daily trading time by 30 minutes, saying that its relatively shorter hours limit trading opportunities…

Kospi’s gains reversed by China, Oil

Korean shares reversed gains and closed at a fall on Thursday, tracking a drop in Chinese shares and Brent crude…

Bank customers urged to ‘adapt’

Standard Chartered Bank Korea plans to double its wealth management business in five years by increasing its contact with average consumers…

Haier targets younger buyers with TV deal

Haier, China’s biggest consumer electronics producer has launched a 32-inch high-definition LED TV in Korea for only 199,000 won ($164),…


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon(

Government-Led Petition in the 21st Century to Pressure the National Assembly

After President Park Geun-hye joined in the street petition to urge lawmakers to pass bills to stimulate the economy, some criticized that the government-led pe···

"It's Hard to Answer Consistently in the Personality Test, Isn't It?" Hypnosis Training Taking Advantage of Anxious Job Seekers

"These days, the personality test is critical in the recruitment process of large companies. Surprisingly, the companies filter out many possible recruits with···

[Annulment of Tripartite Agreement] Federation of Korean Trade Unions, 'Judgment on Anti-labor Candidates in General Elections' 5 Major Labor Bills Lose Momentum

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions declared the annulment of the tripartite agreement on January 19, four months after the agreement was reached, and it look···

[Childcare Crisis, Now a Reality] Teachers' Wages Unpaid, Request Parents for Support, 'We're Going to Have to Take out a Loan to Provide Childcare'

The childcare crisis is now becoming reality as private kindergartens in the Seoul area announce plans to ask parents to support the Nuri program (free childcar···

'Tzuyu Incident' Causing Ripples: Pop Industry with Eyes Overseas 'Still Much to Learn'

The South Korean pop culture industry observing the so-called "Tzuyu incident" seems quite baffled. There had been several incidents where domestic companies ···

Norwegian State Fund with Assets of 1 Qn Won Will Not Invest in Five Korean Companies: Why?

Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG, Norway-owned investment fund), the world's largest sovereign wealth fund with assets of 1 quadrillion won is not investing in five South Korean companies includi···

[Editorial] A Mentor of Our Times: The Death of Shin Young-bok and the Value of Solidarity

A twenty-seven year old man was put in prison. After twenty years and twenty days, he was released into the world. By then he was a middle-aged man soon to turn···

Child Protection Policy, Just Loud Slogans: Malfunctioned When Rescue Was Needed

The case of A (7), who was discovered four years after his body was damaged and frozen in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi Province showed a hole in the child abuse protect···


The Korea Economic Daily ( )

[Global Investment War] National Pension Fund Pays 500 Bil. Won in Fiduciary Fees a Year

The balance of fiduciary management fees paid to overseas fund management firms by the National Pension Fund Investment Office has surpassed 500 billion won last year. This is 2.5 times more than that given to domestic fund management firms. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare on January...

SK Hynix CEO Says “Memory Market to Slow down This Year”

Park Sung-wook, president of SK Hynix, predicted that the global memory chip market would slow down this year due to the Chinese economic slowdown. He stressed that SK Hynix will mass-produce high value-added state-of-the-art items, including 48-tier 3D NAND memory chips, to overcome the tough year....

Chinese Central Bank Supplies 400 Bil. Yuan to Ease Financial Market Stress

The People's Bank of China has supplied a total of 400 billion yuan (US$60.78 billion) in liquidity to the financial market by purchasing repurchase agreements, reported Bloomberg on January 21. This is the largest amount of money supply in three years. Currently the Chinese central bank supplies or...

Gov't to Provide 2 Tril. Won Support to Firms Exporting to Iran

The government will provide financial support of up to 9 trillion won (US$7.47) to companies doing business with Iran. On January 21, the government held an economic ministers meeting and discussed ways to expand exports to the newly opening market. AS international sanctions against Iran would be l...

Cloud Giant” Oracle to Land in Seoul

Global IT giants,, including Oracle, Amazon, and IBM, are making bigger forays into Korea’s cloud market. Since the passage of the Cloud Computing Development Act in September 2015, an increasing number of Korean companies are introducing cloud services, which in turn attract global IT giants to in...


AJU Business Daily ( )

North Korea military backed by 300 drones

[Aju News DB] North Korea has strengthened its military surveillance force with a fleet of 300 drones, which are still relatively unsophisticated but could present a security challenge for Sout…

Kim Jung-un's right-hand man resumes public activity

[Courtesy of Xinhua] Choe Ryong-hae, once seen as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's right-hand man, has resumed his public activities, ending his three-month absence which once fuelled wild…

Uber comes back in South Korea with premium Black service

[Aju News DB ] After a change of tack aimed at jumping regulatory hurdles, US cab-hailing app operator Uber said Tuesday it was restarting its flagship luxury sedan service Uber Black in Seoul,…

Low oil price leads more S.Koreans to travel abroad, and buy larger cars

[Photo by Namkung] Oil price had reached its lowest point in South Korea and it is affecting the everyday life of Koreans. Travelers who go abroad are the most be…

Tougher punishment on disruptive air passengers

[Aju News DB] South Korea will impose tougher punishments on disruptive air passengers under a revised aviation law prompted by the infamous "nut rage" case involving the daughter of Kore…

Korea border strewn with propaganda leaflets

North Korean TV announcer speaks on hydrogen bomb test[courtesy of Xinhua News] The tensely guarded inter-Korean border has been strewn with leaflets from both sides along with the ear-spli…

China voices willingness to join UN debate on sanctions against North Korea

China on Friday expressed its willingness to join a United Nations debate on punishing North Korea over its latest nuclear test which has raised cross-border tension on the Korean peninsula, officials said. China took a resolute stance against Nor…

North Korea's new nuclear reactor sparks fresh concern

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] Recent satellite imagery shows North Korea's experimental light water reactor is "edging closer" to becoming operational, fuelling concerns it could be used to pro…

S.Korean Military wards off UAV near military demarcation line

UAV operated by U.S. military [Courtesy of General Atomics] ? An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) suspected of North Korean origin was detected at the military demarcation line between South Kore

Youth unemployment rate hits record high

Students are looking for job listings at a job bulletin board located at Kunkook University [Photo by Namkung] South Korea’s youth jobless rate (ages from 15 to…



Samsung to Enter American and Chinese Markets with South Korean Card Companies

It is now possible to use Samsung Pay with cards that are issued by South Korean card companies as cards to be used in foreign countries at merchants in foreign countries. China and the U.S. are the destinations. According to IT industry and financial industry on the 20th, Samsung Electronics is going to finish linking foreign payment system with KB Card, Samsu...

Competition for Taxi Service to Begin as SK Telecom Manages T-Map

SK Telecom is managing ¡®T-Map¡? on its own to strengthen its platform business even more. Because SK Telecom is going to manage T-Map Taxi also, ...

Samsung Electronics Internalizes Touch IC and Installs Its Own IC for...

Samsung Electronics is installing its own Touch IC (Integrated Circuit) for its next-generation application Smartphone called Galaxy S7. Samsung Electronics had been ...

LG Electronics and SBS Totally Localizes ATSC 3.0 for the First Ti...

Staff Reporter Kim, Dongwook |

Gen.3 14 and 16-Nano FinFET Semiconductor Processes to Be Mass-Produced Soon

Samsung Electronics and TSMC are competing each other in introducing Gen.3 14 and 16-nano FinFET system semiconductor processes and they are focusing on reducing amoun...

LG Innotec to Promote Material and Element As Its Next-Generation Driving Forces LG Innotec is going to promote material and element businesses as next-generation driving forces and has set a goal of making $166 million (200 billion KRW) in sales f...

Ministry of Environment to Make Criminal Accusation Against President of Audi Volkswagen Korea for Submitting Insufficient Business Plan on Recall

Ministry of Environment made a criminal accusation against President Johannes Thammer of Audi Volkswagen Korea for submitting insufficient business plan on correcting flaw...

Will Naver Make More Than $2.48 Billion in Sales This Year?

Naver has opened up generation of $2.48 billion (3 trillion KRW) in yearly sales and is expected to make somewhere around $2.48 billion this year again after it had...

Hyundai Chooses SUV As a Fuel Cell Vehicle That Will Be Mass-Produced in 2018

Hyundai chose SUV as a fuel cell electrical vehicle (FCEV) that will be mass-produced in 2018. Hyundai¡?s goal for mileage for FCEV that will be mass-produce...


Maeil Business News Korea ( )

Foreign investors extend selling spree for 33 days

Foreign investors continue to flee from the South Korean stock market amid fears over China’s hard landing and depressed oil prices. ...

Seoul bourse seeks 30-minute extension of trading hours

South Korea’s main bourse operator said Thursday that it seeks to extend its trading hours by 30 minutes in a move to bolster global ...

Korean PEF in talks to buy Lafarge Halla Cement

Lafarge Halla Cement Corp., Korea’s fifth largest cement manufacturer, will likely be sold to Glenwood Private Equity, a home-grown ...

HMM seeks to sell bulk cargo business to H-Line Shipping

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. (HMM) seeks to raise 100 billion won ($8.28 million) by selling off its bulk cargo unit Bulk Liner ...

LS C&S wins $100mn power cable deals in N. America

South Korean power cable manufacturer LS Cable & System (LS C&S) has won two successive orders to install submarine power cables in ...

LG Electronics confident to keep leading North American home appliance market

LG Electronics Inc., South Korea’s leading consumer electronics behemoth, shrugged off any potential impact of China-based Haier’s ...

Seoul bourse seeks 30-minute extension of trading hours

South Korea’s main bourse operator said Thursday that it ...

Korean PEF in talks to buy Lafarge Halla Cement

Lafarge Halla Cement Corp., Korea’s fifth largest cement manufacturer, will ...

S. Korea’s export to Japan sharply contracts partly due to weaker yen

South Korea’s exports to Japan have contracted below 5 ...

HMM seeks to sell bulk cargo business to H-Line Shipping

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. (HMM) seeks to raise 100 ...

Hyundai’s IONIQ boasts high fuel efficiency

Hyundai Motor Co.’s first dedicated hybrid car IONIQ proved it could be a ...

LG Electronics confident to keep leading North American

LG Electronics Inc., South Korea’s leading consumer ...

LS C&S wins $100mn power cable deals in N. America

South Korean power cable manufacturer LS Cable & System (LS C&S) has won two ...

Lotte Chemical to see profit rise this year

The business outlook for Lotte Chemical Corp., South Korea’s manufacturer of ...


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