The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Feb. 1, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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S. Korea to Beef up Airport Security

Anchor: In the wake of security breaches at a key international airport in South Korea, the government decided to...

Seoul, Washington NSC Officials to Discuss Key Security Issues

Current Account Surplus Surpasses 100 Billion Dollars

Seoul, Washington NSC Officials to Discuss Key Security Issues

Seoul Warns Tokyo for Denying Wartime Sex Slavery

S. Korea to Beef up Airport Security

S. Korean Stock Market World's 14th Largest in Market Cap

Current Account Surplus Surpasses 100 Billion Dollars

S. Korea to Introduce Omnibus Account for Foreign Traders

UN Demands Whereabouts of Five Arrested N. Koreans

N. Korea Places Last in Internet User Population Survey

Survey: 58% of N. Korea Experts Believe Gaeseong Complex Must Remain as it is

Japan to Deploy PAC-3 Batteries over Possible N. Korean Missile Launch

Japan Denies Coercion of Sex Slaves in UN Report

WSJ Drops 'Next Week' from Report on S. Korea-US THAAD Negotiation


Yonhap (

S. Korea's exports dip 18.5 pct on-year in Jan.

South Korea's exports shrank 18.5 percent in January to extend its losing streak to 13 straight months due to faltering global demand, the government said Monday.

S. Korean Kim Hyo-joo wins LPGA Tour season opener

South Korean youngster Kim Hyo-joo captured the 2016 LPGA Tour season opener in the Bahamas on Sunday after a nearly flawless final round.

Number of feature phone users dips below 10 mln mark in 2015

The number of feature phone users in South Korea declined sharply on-year in 2015 to hover below the 10 million mark, data showed Monday, reflecting the rising popularity of smartphones.

S. Korea urges Japan to honor 'comfort women' deal

South Korea warned Japan Sunday not to do anything undermining their agreement on Korean women forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II.

Senior politician calls for S. Korea to have nuclear weapons

A former leader of South Korea's ruling party demanded Sunday the government re-introduce tactical nuclear weapons in a bid to counter North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.


The Korea Herald (

Despite apology, Japan denies mobilizing sex slaves

Despite a much-touted deal with Seoul and an apology to the “comfort women,” Tokyo was found Sunday to have once again...

National debt to hit 600 trillion won

South Korea’s national debt is expected to exceed 600 trillion won ($496 billion) for the firs...

Search for 4th telecom carrier faces doubts

After another failed attempt last week, doubts are growing over the Korean government’s search...

Come to See Me’ relives nation’s most infamous serial killings

A scene from the Korean play “Come to See Me,” which is on an open-run at the Myeongdong Thea...

Kim draws fire over migration, voting rules

Ruling Saenuri Party chairman Rep. Kim Moo-sung once again talked his way into trouble last week, with hi...

Merited punishment

The court handed out verdicts in two prominent cases Friday - one involving an American citi...

Looking backward

As political parties gear up for the April 13 general election, some negative aspects of Kor...

84-year-old Jaguar design keeps evolving

The world of 84-year-old British luxury carmaker Jaguar keeps changing. The one-time maker of a...

From asylum seeker to renowned activist

At a glance, YiombiThona appears to be a symbol of success as a refugee in Korea, with his thr...


The Korea Times (

Kim Hyo-joo wins LPGA Tour opener

South Korean youngster Kim Hyo-joo captured the 2016 LPGA Tour season opener in the Bahamas on Sunday after a nearly flawless final round. Kim won the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic at 18-under 274, thanks to a final round of se...

Quest to solve the mystery of Behcet's disease 

Living with any illness can be a challenge, but even more so for patients with Behcet’s disease, w... 

Ahn's party unlikely to be negotiation group 

Independent lawmaker AhnCheol-soo and his aides are planning to hold an inauguration ceremony for... 

Cost, site for THAAD to be hot buttons 

With South Korea and the United States closer to discussing the deployment of the terminal high-al... 

Korea, Japan, China vow cooperation in education 

Some 1,000 primary and secondary schools in Korea, Japan and China will set up sisterhood relation...

Foreigners can open omnibus account 

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) said Sunday it will introduce an omnibus account system for foreign investors from next year in a move to get the Kore... 


DongAIlbo (

'Zika virus is more menacing than Ebola,’ says experts

The fear over the Zika virus is wreaking havoc across the world this year, again after those of the Ebola in 2014 and the MERS in…

Jack Black guest-starred on a Korean television show

“He is a Hollywood actor who can be comfortably considered as a member of ‘Infinite Challenge’.” This is what Internet users said…

Jang Ha-na hits par-4 hole-in-one for first time in 66-year LPGA history

Standing in the tee box at Hole 8 surrounded by sea, Jang Ha-na (24) used her 3-Wood to play tee shot. After falling onto the gre…

Seoul City offers short-term loans for more tenants

The Seoul metropolitan government will increase the scope of its loan program for tenants who are financially stressed on a tempo…

Lockheed Martin implies behind-the-scene negotiation on THADD deployment

Having kept silent on the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) deployment on the Korean Peninsula in October 2015, Lockhee…

Itaewon murder case: Peterson found to be guilty after 19 years

Arthur Peterson was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday for stabbing university student Cho Joong-pil to death in a Burge…


ChosunIlbo (

Bomb Hoax Rattles Incheon Airport

A box appearing to contain explosives together with a printed note in Arabic was found outside a toilet in Incheon International Airport on Friday. The note was printed in broken Arabic on a piece of paper and read, "This is the last warning to you. Allah will punish you." >> Full Text

More Teenagers Involved in Cyber Bullying

Half of Korean teenagers have been victims of online bullying, a survey suggests. Online bullying mostly occurred through messaging services like KakaoTalk. The poll by the Korea Institute of Criminology took in 5,356 elementary students. >> Full Text

Record Numbers of People Start Their Own Business

A record number of startups were registered last year, especially by women and young people. The Small and Medium Business Administration on Thursday said 93,768 startups were established in 2015, up 10.7 percent from the previous year. >> Full Text

Renault Samsung Starts Taking Pre-Orders for New Sedan

N.Korea 'Preparing for Long-Range Missile Test' Fake Viagra Tops List of Smuggled Goods

Fake Viagra Tops List of Smuggled Goods


HankyorehShinmoon (

North Korea preparing for a new rocket launch?

Indications are that the North is getting ready to conduct a long-range rocket launch, but that it’s most likely for a satellite or space vehicle

With multiple sightings of North Korean preparations to launch a long-range rocket, reports indicate that the projectile is more likely to be a space vehicle carrying a satellite than it is to be a ballistic missile."The indications are that [North Korea is] preparing for some kind of launch," an official with the US Department of Defense told the AFP wire service on Jan. 28. "Could be for a satellite or a space vehicle - there are a lot of guesses.”

Wall Street Journal: US could announce THAAD talks with South Korea next week

The US may announce sometime in the next week that it is in talks with South Korea about deploying the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system on the Korean Peninsula, the Wall Street Journal reported on Jan. 28, quoting US government officials. .

Senior North Korean diplomats visit China, Russia in response to imminent sanctions

Senior officials from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been paying recent visits to China and Russia.The diplomatic visits are drawing attention at a time when the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and international community are speeding up efforts to sanction the country over its recent fourth nuclear test, with some predicting that it may be gearing up for a long-range missile launch as well. .

Arthur Patterson found guilty of 1997 Itaewon Burger King murder

A South Korean court has finally decided who was the culprit in a murder that occurred at a Burger King in the Seoul neighborhood of Itaewon 19 years ago.In a hearing that lasted about two hours, Arthur Patterson, 37, shed tears and sighed after the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison. Initially considered a witness in the case, Patterson was eventually identified as the culprit. .

“I feel at peace now.” Mother of Itaewon Burger King murder victim reacts to guilty verdict

“The defendant is hereby sentenced to 20 years in prison.”Lee Bok-soo, 74, calmly looked down at the courtroom floor as the guilty verdict was read for Arthur Patterson, the now-convicted culprit in the murder of her son Cho Joong-pil in what has become known as the “Itaewon Burger King murder case.” After a while, she began dabbing at the corners of her eyes with a white handkerchief. Patterson, who never once admitted his guilt in 12 hearings, began walking out of the courtroom. Lee looked at him briefly before turning away and silently closing her eyes.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Incheon airport hit with another security breach

As Incheon International Airport faces criticism following an embarrassing incident last month involving a Chinese couple evading immigration and entering Korea illegally, the country’s biggest airport admitted another similar security breach Friday. The apparent evasion of airport security by what was later determined…

Japan denies forced nature of sex slaves in statement

Japan has once again denied the forced nature of sexual slavery during World War II that historians say put nearly 200,000 women in military brothels…

Rules for foreign investors eased

Korea will simplify its current foreign investor registration system to attract more non-Korean investors and expand the size of the equity market…

Regulations hamstring ‘smart health care’ in Korea

At the 2012 Yeosu Expo, carrier SK Telecom devoted a booth to showcasing its vision for the imminent future of health care: remote treatment…

Fake bomb left on airport toilet

Bomb-disposal technicians were dispatched Friday to a men’s restroom at Incheon International Airport after a box suspected of containing…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

President Park's 'Right to Know' Depends on the Situation

Cheong WaDae refused to disclose the details of the phone call between the leaders of South Korea and Japan, which took place shortly after the two countries r···

[Editorial] North Korea Must Stop the Long-Range Rocket Launch

Yesterday Japan's Kyodo News reported that North Korea was preparing to launch a long-range missile and that the launch could take place as early as within a w···

President Park Belatedly Considers a Visit to Iran

On January 27, Cheong WaDae announced that President Park Geun-hye was considering a trip to Iran. The president is contemplating the visit now that the intern···

'A New Leaf Buds Only after the Dry Leaf Falls' Moon Steps down after 353 Days

Moon Jae-in (63), leader of The Minju Party stepped down as the party leader on January 27. Moon returns to being an "ordinary" party member 353 days (354 day···

[Lee Dae-geun's Column] Five Characteristics of Park Geun-hye's Diplomacy

One of the questions most frequently asked after North Korea's fourth nuclear test was whether or not our government had a solution to North Korea's nuclear p···

[Economy Grew 2.6% Last Year] Poor Report Card for “Choi-nomics” Despite Stimulus Package

It was long predicted that the real growth rate of South Korea's economy last year would end somewhere in the mid 2% range. The government and the Bank of Kore···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate May Reach a Low of 125 Yen by End-March

As the Bank of Japan cut its benchmark interest rate to a negative realm for the first time in history, the yen value is expected to fall as low as 125 yen per U.S. dollar by the end of March this year. Once this outlook materializes, it would be an opportunity for Japanese companies to get out of t...

Hyundai Motor Sets New Record in BRIMs

Hyundai Motor achieved record-breaking sales in the BRIMs market, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, and Mexico, last year. According to industry sources on January 30, Hyundai Motor sold 204,664 units in Brazil, 161,201 in Russia, 476,001 in India, and 26,251 in Mexico last year. Hyundai Motor's ...

No. of Insolvent Firms Hit the Lowest Level Last Year

The number of Korean companies which went bankrupt declined sharply last year. According to the Bank of Korea on January 30, the number of insolvent firms among Korean businesses stood at 720 last year, consisting 516 corporations and 204 privately held firms. This figure is 14.1 percent lower than ...

Korea Post's Thrifty Phones Gain Rising Popularity

Korea Post's thrifty phones are gaining rising popularity since it introduced a variety of strikingly attractive new monthly plans in the beginning of this year. Thrifty MVNO smartphone retailer Korea Post saw the number of subscribers to its MVNO phones increase by more than 100,000 so far this yea...

[Market Insight] Harim Group's Jeil Holdings to Seek IPO by 2H

Jeil Holdings, the holding company for Korea's largest poultry meat processor Harim Group, will try to make an initial public offering by the second half of this year. Analysts said it is likely for Jeil Holdings to alleviate the currently complicated governance structure by merging with Harim after...


AJU Business Daily(

Large shark swallows small one at South Korean aquarium

A large sand tiger shark has gobbled up a smaller hound shark at a major South Korean aquarium in a rare scene which attracted curious visitors, aquarium officials said Friday. The scene was spotte…

North Korea rocket launch not imminent: 38 North

[Aju News TV] North Korea is probably in the early stages of preparations for a rocket blast-off, but a launch is not imminent, 38 North, the website of a US research institute, said, citing re…

[UPDATES] South Korea on guard against North Korea's long-range missile

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] South Korea was on guard Thursday against North Korea's possible long-range missile launch, warning it would be condemned as a "grave provocation" endangering regi…

?South Korea's new patrol vessel around disputed Socotra rock

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] South Korea will deploy a new 5,000-ton patrol vessel in waters off its southern coast to bolster its territorial claim over Socotra, a submerged ro…

Pleasure boat sunk in Hangang River

[Captured image from Twitter] A pleasure boat sunk in Hangang River on Tuesday, near Sungsoo Bridge. A total of 11 people were rescued without casualty. Stern of the ship started to sink a…

Cyber alert heightened against North Korean hackers

[Aju News DB] North Korea is suspected of having stepped up a cyber attack on South Korea with malicious e-mails since the nuclear-armed country claimed to have



Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Ceracomp and Ot...

South Korea¡?s small companies and government funded research institute have developed piezoelectric material that has world¡?s best performance. Develo...

South Korea’s High-Tech Animation Manufacturing Technology Is Leaking in...

South Korea¡?s popular animation manufacturer (A) is considering whether it should give up its Chinese business rights to a Chinese company. If this contract...

Samsung Life Insurance to Buy All of Samsung Card’s Shares That Samsung E...

Samsung Life Insurance has decided to buy all of Samsung Card¡?s shares

Samsung Electronics to Have Difficult Time to Maintain Same Level of Performance from Last Year in This Year

Samsung Electronics was able to make more than $165.6 billion (200 trillion KRW) in sales for 4 straight years by making $166 billion (200.65 trillion KRW) in last year. However it is predicted that it will have difficult time to maintain same level of performance this year due to poor global economies and lack of demands in IT field. Samsung Electronics made an ...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Korean elderly rich stacks cash at safes at banks and home amid market uncertainty

With bank deposits generating little yield amid low interest rates and few other safer options, the rich in South Korea are piling up their wealth in private safes in banks.

Smoking and deprived sleep cause Koreans’ common illnesses of high pressure

A lack of a good night’s sleep, habitual alcohol-drinking, passive smoking and depression cause the common illnesses among Korean ...

Samsung and Hyundai Motor work together with Quanergy

Samsung Group and Hyundai Motor Co. chose U.S.-based venture Quanergy as their partner to tap into the promising smart car industry. ...

Makgeolli brewery wants to drop the signature white cream

Makgeolli, sweet fermented rice wine, has been Korea’s oldest and most popular alcoholic drink until the late 1980s. The iconic brew ...

Samsung Life Insurance to buy stake in Samsung Card from Samsung Electronics

Samsung Life Insurance Co., South Korea’s largest life insurer, will acquire a stake in Samsung Card Co. from Samsung Electronics ...

S. Korea to introduce so-called omnibus account system for foreign investors

South Korea’s financial watchdog will introduce a single so-called omnibus account system for foreign investors to simplify ...


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