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The Korean daily media headlines and humorFeb. 2, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016

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Here are The Korea Post news and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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The Korea Post news:

Interview with Ambassador Taherian of Iran in Seoul

Iran welcomes Korean businesses in her economic development

President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea is exploring the possibility of making an official state visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran between April and June this year in an effort to further promote the fast-growing ties of cooperation between the two countries and to support the Korean companies to increase their involvement in the economic development of Iran. This was disclosed by Official Presidential Spokesman JeongYeon-guk at a meeting with reporters on Jan. 27, 2016.

Spokesman Chung stated that President Park has been planning her visit to Iran since last year and that the government has a very favorable view on the visit of the President to the country.

Korean business companies, especially the construction and engineering companies, were very active in Iran in the past. However, strangely no Head of Government of Korea has ever visited the country. Against this backdrop, The Korea Post had an exclusive interview with Ambassador Hassan Taherian of Iran in Seoul. Here are the questions and answers of the interview:

 H.E. President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Question: Since the recent lifting of the sanctions on Iran, there is a big rush for many countries to the world to enter Iran for increased cooperation. What is your view on this situation?

Answer: As you may be aware for the last four to five years or so Iran has been on the international sanctions and now because of the nuclear agreement that the Iranian government successfully made with the United Nations Security Council member states, the agreement was finalized on Jan. 6, 2016 which means that all the impending sanctions have been lifted. Iran is committed to the implementation of that agreement. There are no restrictions or limitations for anyone in the world coming to Iran and do business, work or visit Iran.

That has opened a new door of opportunities in Iran. There are therefore no restrictions whatsoever for anyone from the world willing to do any form of business with Iran. Iran now can freely connect to the other countries. This is why many countries today and not only Korea have developed new relationships with Iran. They want to visit Iran and do business, constructions or other forms of opportunities.

For the last one or two months since the sanctions were lifted we have received a good number of government delegations from various countries, political, economic, friendly from all over the world, especially the European countries who have demonstrated special interest in Iran.

Recently the President of Austria and foreign ministers from various countries e.g., France, Germany, Britain, have contacted us at diplomatic level. They have visited sometimes in big delegations as big as hundred members, especially the business teams.

Their major agenda has been to explore the possibilities of business opportunities with Iran and their representative countries.

Korea has also shown great eagerness in tapping the opportunities that are available in Iran in the form of business opportunities, construction and other form of opportunities that could be available.

We welcome the Korean people to partner with Iran on various fields and we are hopeful that they will be successful in exploring the new opportunities in Iran.

I encourage the Korean people to take advantage of this new opportunity that has come up in Iran.


Q: The President of Korea has not visited Iran so far like many other heads of states have done before, eg. China. What do you think could be the reason?

A: Iran and South Korea enjoy strong economic ties with bilateral trade totaling roughly $10 billion in 2008. Iran-South Korea relations are diplomatic relations between Iran and South Korea. Throughout history, the two countries have maintained a relatively friendly and strongly strategic partnership.

Even though the President of Korea has not yet visited Iran, in May 2009, South Korean ministers participated in a major conference on foreign investment in Iran. South Korea also attended the Iranian gas forum on Sept. 26?27, 2009 alongside Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands and Malaysia.

Important to note is that on Feb. 29, 2016 Iran is going to hold a joint economic commission between Iran and Korea. The minister of trade and industry and energy from Korea is going to attend the meetings which will be held in Tehran during that joint economic commission between Iran and Korea. So the interaction between Korea and Iran has been at the ministerial level.

We also look forward to hosting the President of Korea in Iran as the relations between the two countries continue to develop to the next level. When the relations have grown to the next level then we will consider a summit between Iran and Korea.

Q: I don’t remember any Head of State from Iran ever visiting Korea, can we hope that in the future we can expect to see such a visit?

A: I remember 15 or 20 years ago there was a plan to have the Head of State visit Iran from Korea, however I do not have details of why the planned visit did not materialize. That means for the last two or three decades there has not been a Head of State level summit between the two countries. Since now diplomatic relations between Iran and Korea have greatly developed we can think deeply on the possibility of holding such a summit in the near future when the President of form Korea and Iran visit each other’s countries.

Q: The Embassy has a big task of ensuring that the visits will materialize.

A: Oh Yes it will be my great pleasure to work very hard to see the possibility of such a visit take place. I will work hard in ensuring that the diplomatic relations continue to become strong to a level where such a visit can become a reality.

Q: Cheong WaDae receives 50 copies of The Korea Postmonthly, and other publications, including a 20-page Korean-language newspaper. I will mention that the Ambassador of Iran is working towards strong diplomatic relations between the two countries.

A: Thank you.

Q: Please introduce in full the National Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A: The National Day of Iran celebrates the Iranian Revolution (also known as the Islamic Revolution or the 1979 Revolution). The day marks events involving the Overthrow of the Pahlavi Dynasty under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who was supported by the United States and its eventual replacement with an Islamic Republic under the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution, supported by various leftist and Islamic organizations and Iranian student movements.

Demonstrations against the Shah commenced in October 1977, developing into a campaign of civil resistance that included both secular and religious elements. The demonstrations intensified in January 1978 and by August to December of 1978 strikes and demonstrations paralyzed the country.

The Shah left Iran for exile on Jan. 16, 1979, as the last Persian monarch, leaving his duties to a regency council and an opposition-based prime minister. Ayatollah Khomeini was invited back to Iran by the government and he returned to Tehran to a greeting by several million Iranians. The royal reign collapsed shortly after on Feb. 11 and Khomeini was brought to official power. Iran voted by national referendum to become an Islamic Republic on April 1, 1979, and to approve a new theocratic-republican constitution, whereby Khomeini became the Supreme Leader of the country in December 1979.

The revolution replaced a pro-Western semi-absolute monarchy with an anti-Western authoritarian theocracy based on the concept of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists. It was a relatively non-violent revolution, and helped to redefine the meaning and practice of modern revolutions (although there was violence in its aftermath). The National Day is celebrated on the February 11th every year.

Q: What are the most important areas of economic development in Iran following the lifting of sanctions?

A: Oil and gas are very important to Iran. These two oil and gas are the primary economic drivers in Iran. Iran is OPEC's second largest producer and also boasts of having the world's second largest oil and gas reserves. Iran promises to grow in the near future in areas of drilling, exploration, refining and training.

The Iranian government has been reconstructing its oil production and export facilities since the conclusion of Iran-Iraq war in1988. The Iranian government has created new opportunities for investment in the oil sector by foreign companies.

Exporting about a million barrel a day, Iran plans to raise this amount to 1.5 million barrels a day in the near future which may go upto 2 million barrels a day within the next six months.

Other areas are the electricity production as a source of energy and the automobile industry.

Iran wants to work with other countries and for example the Korean partnership can come in very well in this area of automobile industry.

Ambassador Hassan Taherian of Iran in Seoul (right) interviewed by Publisher & Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post. Ambassador Taherian had a very strong interest in the promotion cooperation between Korea and Iran in the economic and various other fields.

Q: In that case there is great potential in areas that Korea and Iran can cooperate. Korean automobile industry for example is looking outlets that can strengthen the production and expansion of Korean automobile industry. Iran is one of the countries that can be a possibility for Korea.

A: In all those sectors there are many open opportunities for the Korean companies and organizations that can be quite beneficial. Looking at the area of oil and gas where Hyundai was working before they can easily resume partnerships since the sanctions have been lifted and Iran is open to the world for investments. This is important for Iran and a good opportunity for Korean companies interested in venturing into Iran for expansion.

For the automobile companies as you have mentioned it is one of the very important industries where I am sure that Hyundai can be more involved in Iran. I advise that they explore the possibility of not only selling the finished products to Iran but also to explore the possibility of setting up a manufacturing plant in Iran. This will help in cutting costs of production and guarantee high profit turnover for the Korean companies. Iran has become a competitive market after the economic sanctions have been lifted that everyone interested can tap into.

I encourage the Korean companies known for their passion in work ethics to aggressively explore Iranian market before it’s late.

Looking at how the Iranian market has attracted other countries, for example, is the President of China who on visiting Iran signed 17 MOU and other agreements, which is a great sign that they have taken advantage of the open market. The Chinese government did take advantage during the sanctions period, too. 

The Korean people have a great advantage when it comes to Iranian market because of the following:

Firstly, the Korean people were involved in the Iran market and have operational offices in Tehran. Secondly the Korean people have a good reputation in Iran because they undertook Infra-structure projects before and they were done with commitments and completed on time. Thirdly Iran has a good image of Korean products.

According to a report by the United States government, as of April 2010 there were three South Korean firms active in Iran’s hydrocarbon sector between 2005 and 2009 that received US government contracts totaling roughly $880 million. These were the Daelim Industrial Company, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and GS Engineering and Construction.

While other Western countries are interested in Iran, Iranians have preference for the Koreans. Though many delegates are visiting Iran to explore possibilities of starting a business and such like issues Korea can still take the advantage.

The President of Iran is scheduled to visit France and Italy and that shows Iran is engaging the world positively. The visits will be economic in nature and the European countries are very eager in tapping the Iranian market.

Once again I encourage the Korean companies to take advantage of this opportunity and explore the Iranian market.

Q: What is the prospect of increase of the GDP and per-capital GNI of Iran in the new economic boom surroundings?

A: Current President of Iran Hassan Rouhani assumed office on Aug. 4, 2013. On his campaign trail he promised the people that his major task was to reverb the economy of Iran, increase the economic growth of the country. He has been successful in his two years of service by bring the inflation to 44% to 12% by last year’s statistics. He has been careful in controlling the inflation.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Iran was worth 415.34 billion US dollars in 2014. The GDP value of Iran represents 0.67 percent of the world economy. GDP in Iran averaged 148.91 USD billion from 1965 until 2014, reaching an all-time high of 576.56 USD billion in 2011 and a record low of 6.15 USD billion in 1965. Before he came to office the economy was very low, but now this year the economic growth will rise to 3.6% which is the prediction of the IMF that can go as high as 5%. With the foreign investments that are now flowing into Iran after the lifting of the economic sanction the economy will grow without any doubt

The availability of vast natural resources in Iran can only say that Iran has a bright economic future. There will be parliamentary elections in February where 290 members of parliament will be elected into parliament which is a single chamber that elects competitive leaders.

Q: Which party is likely to win?

A: For your information, the opposition in Iran has continued to be strong. However, the current President has succeeded in ensuring that the economic sanctions have been lifted and might win the favor of the Iranian people.

Q: What are the non-construction areas in Iran where Korean cooperation is desired?

A: In February 29 this year, Iran will hold a Joint economic conference in Tehran accompanied by a business forum. There is a possibility that 100 companies from Korea will attend and this will be a good opportunity for the Korean companies and Iranian people to work in partnership. This will be a forum where Korean companies can formalize the proposals that have so far been made towards partnering and having a breakthrough in the Iranian market.

Q: Korea is fairly well advanced in medical industry. What’s your view of increased cooperation in this area between Korea and Iran?

A: The Exim Bank in Iran has already signed an MOU that will ensure that Exim Bank finances the 5 million USD loan for the construction of a modern hospital and a medical facility in Tehran.

When that happens construction companies will have wide open opportunities to work on the sites. Iran plans to construct more than 10 hospitals that will have a capacity of 500 beds to 1000 beds.

Samsung, Hyundai, LG and other companies from Korea are already engaged in discussions in the procurement of tenders for the construction of these hospitals.

Q: Please introduce yourself in detail for the readers of the five-media outlets of The Korea Post, three in English and two in the Korean language:

A: I was born in Tehran, took a degree in Economics, followed by a Master’s in Unite States where I did a master’s in Economics, too. I have worked as ambassador in Seoul as well as in North Korea.

Two of my children, my son and daughter, were born in Seoul in 1985.

Iran is that much important for Korea. We would be very glad to introduce Iran widely. I greatly appreciate the efforts by The Korea Post for taking your time and proposing.

The Korean TV drama the “Jewel in the Palace” is very popular in Iran and therefore many Iranian people know about Korea through this drama.

The drama shows the respect for the elders and the upholding of the family values. That is one way that Iranian people can make a cultural connection with the Iranian people.


KBS (http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/)

WHO Declares Zika Virus Int'l Emergency

The World Health Organization(WHO) has declared the spread of the Zika virus an international public health...

"Zika Virus Outbreak Unlikely in S. Korea"

Gov't Discusses Ways to Prevent Zika Outbreak

Quarantine Measures Boosted against Zika Virus

Foreign Ministers of S. Korea, Japan Discuss N. Korean Issues

Exports Witness Sharpest Drop in 6.5 Years in January

Chinese Air Force Violates S. Korean Air Defense Zone

New CDC Chief to Lead Zika Prevention Efforts

"Zika Virus Outbreak Unlikely in S. Korea"

Data: Average Wedding Costs Surged Nearly 40 Million Won in 1 Year

KOSPI, KOSDAQ Close Higher

Exports Witness Sharpest Drop in 6.5 Years in January

UN Demands Whereabouts of Five Arrested N. Koreans

N. Korea Places Last in Internet User Population Survey

Survey: 58% of N. Korea Experts Believe Gaeseong Complex Must Remain as it is

WHO Declares Zika Virus Int'l Emergency

Chinese Publication Asserts THAAD is a Threat to China

Asahi: China Proposes to Delay Decision on Sanctions against N. Korea

Female Workers in Seoul Surpass 2-Million Mark

Itaewon Murder Suspect Appeals 20-Year Prison Term

Survey: 32% of S. Koreans Feel the Society is Unsafe


Yonhap (http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr)

S. Korea's consumer prices gain 0.8 pct in Jan.

South Korea's consumer prices grew less than 1 percent for the first time in three months, a government report showed Tuesday, rekindling concerns about deflation.

Gov't vows full support for corporate investment, hiring

The government will provide all necessary support to help companies increase investments and hire more workers as the country tries to keep alive its growth momentum in the new year, the top economic policymaker said Tuesday.

Most brokerages shine in 2015, but outlook gloomy

A majority of South Korean securities companies logged record profits in 2015 thanks to brisk stock trading amid low interest rates, data showed Tuesday.

S. Korean shipyards' new orders come to nil in Jan.

South Korean shipbuilders failed to clinch any new orders in January, underscoring the protracted slump in the global shipbuilding segment, industry sources said Tuesday.

S. Korea's game firms tumble amid tougher regulations

The number of South Korea's gaming companies more than halved in 2014 from five years earlier due to a series of intensified governmental regulations, including a ban on minors' access to online games late at night, data showed Tuesday.


The Korea Herald (http://www.koreaherald.com)

Exports plunge on weak demand, oil prices

South Korea’s exports plummeted 18.5 percent in January from a year ago, recording the largest year-on-year fall since ...

Lotte founder Shin may face probe over false reporting on ownership

Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho may face a prosecution probe over suspicions of false in...

Activists to stage hologram rally ahead of Park anniversary

A human rights organization said Monday it planned to stage the world’s second-ever virtual po...

Unlikely candidates rush to run in April ele...

With the incumbent National Assembly embroiled in unending bipartisan and factional feuds, while still fa...

Same kind of politics

First thing that Kim Jong-in did after he became the interim leader of the main opposition ...

Regulatory barriers

Under the vision of making Korea a “creative economy,” the government has been striving to...

Remembering ‘crazy Corean’ Nam June Paik

In 1963, Nam June Paik hung a blood-dripping cow head at the entrance of his first solo exhibit...

84-year-old Jaguar design keeps evolving

The world of 84-year-old British luxury carmaker Jaguar keeps changing. The one-time maker of a...


The Korea Times ( http://www.koreatimes.co.kr)

Zika virus sparks fears in Korea

The fear of the Zika virus, which is linked to the birth defect microcephaly, is growing in Korea. Although no case has been reported here, the health authorities raised the alarm for travelers, particularly pregnant women, who ...

K.J. Choi falls short of ending PGA Tour drought 

South Korean veteran Choi Kyoung-ju fell short of ending his PGA Tour title drought on Monday in C...

Assembly speaker may call vote on NK bill 

National Assembly Speaker Chung Ui-hwa is likely to soon exercise his right to call a parliamentary vote on disputed bills drawn up to address human rights ab... 

Ruling party chief backs THAAD 

Ruling Saenuri Party Chairman Kim Moo-sung said Monday that South Korea should positively consider...

Holographic rally planned at presidential office 

Amnesty International Korea said Monday that it will hold a virtual protest to denounce repressive President Park Geun-hye administration on Feb. 24, a day be...

State financial institutions to introduce merit pay 

The financial regulator said Monday that it will introduce a performance-based wage system at nine state-run institutions this year to encourage a meritocrati... 

Cho Seong-jin returns home in glory 

Pianist Cho Seong-jin, winner of the 2015 International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, is set ...

Korea passive on sex slavery issue 

The Korean government remains low-key in addressing Japan’s attempts to distort the history of “comfort women,” drawing criticisms from scholars as well as su...


DongAIlbo (http://english.donga.com)

Samsung to unveil its flagship smartphone on Feb. 21

Samsung Electronics is planning to roll out its flagship smartphone "Galaxy S7" for the first time in Barcelona, Spain, at 7:00 p…

Song Young-han beats top golfer Spieth

Song Young-han (25) has acquired the champion’s trophy for the first time since turning pro by holding world No. 1 Jordan Spieth …

Come to visit Seoul's wetlands

February 2 is World Wetland Day. Surprisingly, there are not many people who know there are wetlands in Seoul. The Bamseomisland…

China proposes to delay decision on N.K. sanctions after Lunar New Year's Day

The chief negotiators for six-way nuclear talks from the U.S. and China reportedly had behind-the-scene contact in Beijing, it ha…

'THAAD and KAMD will have great synergy,' says Korean military

With regard to the deployment of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) on the Korean Peninsula, the military aut…


ChosunIlbo (http://english.chosun.com)

Chinese Military Planes Spotted Over East Sea

Two Chinese military airplanes flew over the East Sea before heading back to China, Japan's Kyodo News reported Sunday. The aircraft apparently entered the so-called air defense identification zones of both countries without advance notice. >> Full Text

Cooking Classes Surge in Popularity Among Teenagers

With a growing number of students showing an interest in learning to cook, and in making careers as chefs, cooking classes have mushroomed recently. In a recent straw poll, being a chef was among students' most-desired occupations. >> Full Text

Luxury Brands Target Fashion-Conscious Men

Looking to boost lackluster sales, luxury brands are shifting their focus to male consumers. The basement level of Christian Dior's flagship boutique in upscale Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, which opened in June last year, displays men's items only. >> Full Text

Japan Tells UN It Had Nothing to Do with Sex Slaves

Incheon Airport Reels from Security Blunders

Police Hunt Vietnamese Who Sneaked Through Incheon Security


HankyorehShinmoon (http://english.hani.co.kr)

THAAD deployment in Korea would likely lead to increased tensions in NE Asia

The US missile defense system, proposed in response to N. Korea’s fourth nuclear test, could damage S. Korea-China relations and push China and N. Korea closer together

The controversy over deploying a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system on the Korean Peninsula, which recently resurfaced in the wake of North Korea’s fourth nuclear test, is poised to make major waves in Northeast Asia.At first glance, the controversy over THAAD, a US missile defense system, is similar to the kind of pot-stirring by the US and belated scrambling by South Korea seen in the past.

UN special rapporteur criticizes government for intolerance of peaceful protests

After citing a number of concerns about the human rights situation in South Korea, UN special rapporteur MainaKiai called on the government to implement recommendations that the international community has made on multiple occasions.The remark was made by Kiai during a press conference on Jan. 29, after completing his fact-finding survey about demonstrations and protests in South Korea. Kiai is the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. .

South Korean police to sue groups that organized Nov. 14 popular indignation rally

South Korea’s police are preparing to sue the groups that organized the nationwide rally held on Nov. 14 of last year for close to 400 million won (US$331,000) in compensation, sources say.The police plan to ask the courts for 320 million won (US$266,000) in compensation for police vehicles and equipment that were damaged during the first nationwide rally last year and 40 million won (US$33,000) in treatment for police.

Amnesty International announces plans to hold “phantom protest” in Seoul

In defiance of police efforts to stop demonstrations from taking place in the vicinity of the Blue House, Amnesty International will be using holograms to hold a “phantom protest” at Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Plaza, which is not far from the Blue House.Holograms will raise their fists and carry banners on behalf of the people who are not allowed to assemble there, and recordings of their voices will be played.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/)

In shift, Minjoo says it is pro-economic growth

The largest liberal opposition party has chosen economic growth as its new vision for the April general election, promising 720,000 new jobs and massive public housing projects for the younger generation, in a road map announced Monday. Leaders of the Minjoo Party of Korea held a press conference at the National Assembly…

Saenuri Party moves closer to backing Thaad

The Saenuri Party is edging closer to supporting the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) battery in South Korea as Chairman Kim Moo-sung…

Lotte family’s control hid through mislabeling

The founding family of Korea’s retail giant Lotte Group appears to have mislabeled public documents, making it seem as though the family…

No good news for Korea's exports in new year

A month has gone by since the New Year dawned, but the constant news of negative economic indicators ever since has people wondering…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(http://english.khan.co.kr/)

[An Angry Generation, the Young] Extorted by Landlords

For young people, the home has become a chain forcing them into a vicious cycle of poverty. Rent for a place where all they can do is sleep is too expensive for···

[Editorial] Japan's Provocation Goes Against the Spirit of the "Comfort Women Agreement": Are We Just Going to Watch?

The Japanese government submitted their official position to a United Nations (UN) organization claiming that they did not find any evidence that the comfort wo···

[Aftermath of the Comfort Women Agreement] President Park's 'Right to Know' Depends on the Situation

Cheong WaDae refused to disclose the details of the phone call between the leaders of South Korea and Japan, which took place shortly after the two countries r···

[Editorial] North Korea Must Stop the Long-Range Rocket Launch

Yesterday Japan's Kyodo News reported that North Korea was preparing to launch a long-range missile and that the launch could take place as early as within a w···

President Park Belatedly Considers a Visit to Iran

On January 27, Cheong WaDae announced that President Park Geun-hye was considering a trip to Iran. The president is contemplating the visit now that the intern···

'A New Leaf Buds Only after the Dry Leaf Falls' Moon Steps down after 353 Days

Moon Jae-in (63), leader of The Minju Party stepped down as the party leader on January 27. Moon returns to being an "ordinary" party member 353 days (354 day···


The Korea Economic Daily ( http://english.hankyung.com/)

January Exports Fall 18.5% to $36.7 Bil...Biggest Decline in 77 Months

The volume of exports for the month of January this year was US$36.7 billion, down 18.5 percent from the same month in 2015. This is the largest decline in six years and five months since August 2009 when the export amount fell 20.9 percent year on year.On February 1, the Ministry of Trade, Industry...

Kaesong Industrial Complex Hit Record High in Output in 2015

The combined value of output for companies located within the Kaesong Industrial Complex passed the US$500-million mark last year, first since its opening in 2004. According to the Ministry of Unification on January 31, the output value of the 124 companies located within the industrial zone totaled...

Doosan Infracore Switches Preferred Bidder for Machine Tool Unit to MBK Partners

Doosan Infracore has changed the preferred bidder to MBK Partners from Standard Chartered Private Equity for selling its machine tool unit. It was based on the judgment that Standard Chartered's plan for securing funds is not clear enough. Doosan Infracore said in a regulatory filing on February 1, ...

Hanjin Group to Move into Aerospace Mfg. and Hotel Business

Korean Airlines, the flag ship unit of Hanjin Group, is trying hard to look for future growth engines in a bid to become the world's leading passenger air carrier. To this end, the company is aggressively moving to expand flight routes all across the world while improving the operational


AJU Business Daily(http://eng.ajunews.com/korea)

Chinese planes fly into disputed area controlled by South Korea

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] Two Chinese surveillance planes have made an unheralded flight this week into a disputed area over a submerged rock which has been the subject of a …

Large shark swallows small one at South Korean aquarium

A large sand tiger shark has gobbled up a smaller hound shark at a major South Korean aquarium in a rare scene which attracted curious visitors, aquarium officials said Friday. The scene was spotte…

North Korea rocket launch not imminent: 38 North

[Aju News TV] North Korea is probably in the early stages of preparations for a rocket blast-off, but a launch is not imminent, 38 North, the website of a US research institute, said, citing re…

[UPDATES] South Korea on guard against North Korea's long-range missile

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] South Korea was on guard Thursday against North Korea's possible long-range missile launch, warning it would be condemned as a "grave provocation" endangering regi…

?South Korea's new patrol vessel around disputed Socotra rock

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] South Korea will deploy a new 5,000-ton patrol vessel in waters off its southern coast to bolster its territorial claim over



Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Ceracomp and Ot...

South Korea¡?s small companies and government funded research institute have developed piezoelectric material that has world¡?s best performance. Develo...

South Korea’s High-Tech Animation Manufacturing Technology Is Leaking in...

South Korea¡?s popular animation manufacturer (A) is considering whether it should give up its Chinese business rights to a Chinese company. If this contract...

Samsung Life Insurance to Buy All of Samsung Card’s Shares That Samsung E...

Samsung Life Insurance has decided to buy all of Samsung Card¡?s shares

Samsung Display to Sell L5 Line to China’s Truly

Samsung Display has decided to sell its entire Cheonan Gen.5 LCD equipment, which manufacturers LCD (liquid crystal display) to China¡?s Truly. It is heard that price is about $50.88 million (about 61.3 billion KRW). (Related article: First page of article from 11/13/2015) [Picture 1] According to Chinese press and South Korean industries, Samsung Display ...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea (http://www.pulsenews.co.kr/ )

Lotte tops list in internal stock ownership and cross-shareholding arrangement

Lotte, the fifth-largest family-run conglomerate in South Korea, has the most complicated and closed cross-shareholding arrangement ...

Hyundai Capital Services to expand global presence targeting revenue of $1.6

Hyundai Capital Services Inc., the largest auto financing company in Korea, is moving away from the saturated domestic market with ...

Sales of premium motorcycles surge as Koreans enjoy more outdoor activities

The premium motorcycle market is on the upswing in South Korea amid popularity of outdoor activities and increasing biking ...

S. Korea offers instant tax refund for foreign shoppers

South Korean retailers are busy introducing an instant tax refund program ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, when Chinese ...

Chinese investors flock to Korean real-estate market

Chinese real-estate investors show insatiable appetite for both commercial and residential properties across South Korea in hopes of ...

VIP customers and their spending in department stores up regardless of

The economy may be in the dumps, but that has not stopped the rich Koreans in their pursuit of staying on top of the trends and love ...


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