The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Feb. 3, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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N. Korea to Pay Severe Price for ICBM Test

As North Korea revealed its plans for what it called a satellite launch, the South Korean government has warned that...

US: Satellite Launch Violates Int'l Obligations

Gov't: Ready to Respond to North's Missile Launch

N. Korea Alerts Int'l Agencies of Satellite Launch

N. Korea Alerts Int'l Agencies of Satellite Launch

Minor Opposition People's Party Officially Launches

NSC: N. Korea to Pay Severe Price for ICBM Test

Gov't: Ready to Respond to North's Missile Launch

N. Korea Alerts Int'l Agencies of Satellite Launch

S. Korea Pledges to Inject 21 Trillion Won to Boost Economy

S. Koreans Carry Average of 74,000 Won in Cash

Employers Federation Recommends Wage Freeze for This Year

Unification Ministry Launches TF on N. Korea Nuke Issue

N. Korea Scores Least in Economic Freedom Survey for 22nd Straight Year

UN Demands Whereabouts of Five Arrested N. Koreans

ISIS: N. Korea Might be Preparing to Produce Tritium

US: Satellite Launch Violates Int'l Obligations

China's Top Nuclear Envoy Arrives in Pyongyang


Yonhap (

N. Korea tells U.N. agencies it will launch satellite between Feb. 8-25

North Korea notified a U.N. maritime agency Tuesday that it will launch a satellite later this month, confirming widespread concern the communist nation is readying for a banned long-range rocket launch just weeks after its fourth nuclear test.

Mortgage rates on rise despite record-low key rate

Local banks' lending rates on home-backed loans have climbed back to the 3 percent range although the country's key interest rate remains at a record low level, data showed Wednesday.

No. of S. Koreans at Kaesong complex down 20 pct on-year in Jan.

The number of South Koreans staying at the joint industrial complex in North Korea declined 20 percent on-year in January following the North's nuclear test, government data showed Wednesday.

Mobile payment market to grow 38 pct in 2016

The global mobile payment market is expected to jump 38 percent on-year in 2016, data showed Wednesday, with Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc. set to engage in a fiercer competition in China and other emerging markets.

Growing number of Korean Americans sign petition to support California's 'comfort women' education

More than 5,000 people have given their signatures of support for California's new school curriculum guidelines calling for teaching students about Japan's wartime sexual slavery, campaign activists said Tuesday.


The Korea Herald (

N. Korea tells U.N. agencies it will launch satellite between Feb. 8-25

North Korea notified a U.N. maritime agency Tuesday that it will launch a satellite later this month, confirming widespr...

Cruz upsets Trump in Iowa, Clinton escapes with narrow win

U.S. presidential hopefuls trained their sights on New Hampshire and beyond Tuesday, with conse...

South Korean authorities to limit blood donations as Zika spreads

South Korea’s health authorities released a set of measures Tuesday to prevent a possible out...

Welfare promises dry up ahead of general election

South Korea will elect the new 20th National Assembly members on April 13. The Korea Herald is ...

Former Arirang TV chief under probe for corp...

The Culture Ministry has accepted the resignation of Bang Suk-ho, president & CEO of Arirang TV, Korea’s...

Shady conglomerate

A revelation from the Fair Trade Commission on Lotte Group is embarrassing the public again,...

Upgrade legal services

South Korea is destined to open up its legal services market as mandated by the free trade a...


The Korea Times (

North Korea notifies UN agencies it will launch satellite between Feb. 8-25

North Korea has notified a U.N. maritime agency that it will launch a satellite between Feb.8-25, confirming previous reports and concerns that it is readying for a banned long-range rocket launch, various reports said Wednesday...

South Korea says North Korea will pay harsh price if it goes ahead with rocket launch 

South Korea says North Korea will pay harsh price if it goes ahead with rocket launch

[Breaking] South Korea calls on North Korea to immediately repeal its planned rocket launch 

South Korea calls on North Korea to immediately repeal its planned rocket launch 

Chinese nuclear envoy makes surprise visit to N. Korea: report 

China's top nuclear envoy made a surprise visit to North Korea on Tuesday, a news report said, ami... 

8th Army chief vows firm readiness 

Lt. Gen. Thomas S. Vandal, new commander of the Eighth U.S. Army, vowed Tuesday to maintain a firm...

Zika virus may spread through aircraft 

Korea cannot rule out the possibility of the Zika virus coming to the country through aircraft carrying mosquitoes from affected regions, though any spread is...

'Callbus' service raises cabbies' ire 

A late-night chartered bus service is upsetting taxi companies in Seoul.


DongAIlbo (

Iowa Caucuses results decided, next comes New Hampshire Primary

All eyes are on the New Hampshire Primary, the first in a series of nationwide party primary elections as the results of Iowa Cau…

Charlotte’s Web celebrates the 100th issue in Korea

The 100th issue of “Charlotte’s Web,” a children’s novel about friendship between a spider and a pig, has been published in Korea…

Seoul's Myeongdong and Mugyodong to be designated as non-smoking areas

In Seoul, Myeong-dong and Mugyo-dong will be designated as non-smoking areas, the first in Korea where an entire area will banned…

China proposes to delay decision on N.K. sanctions after Lunar New Year's Day

The chief negotiators for six-way nuclear talks from the U.S. and China reportedly had behind-the-scene contact in Beijing, it ha…

Albatross hole-in-one at par-4 hole

Birdie in golf, which means the number of shots fewer than par, derives from bird. There is the hole where the term "birdie" repo…


ChosunIlbo (

N. Korea Announces Rocket Launch

North Korea has notified international organizations of a plan to launch a space rocket carrying a satellite into orbit, Kyodo News reported Tuesday. The launch is widely seen as a veiled test of intercontinental ballistic missile technology. >> Full Text

China Denies Jets Entered Korea's Air Defense Zone

The military on Tuesday said two Chinese fighter jets entered Korea’s air defense zone at a point where the zones of the two countries overlap before heading back to Chinese airspace. >> Full Text

Samsung, LG Get Ready for Mobile Expo

Global smartphone makers are tense amid dwindling margins as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looms. On Feb. 21, a day before the expo opens, Samsung and LG unveil their latest flagship smartphones, both hoping to reverse a decline in earnings. >> Full Text

January Exports Fall Faster Than in Over 6 Years

Hyundai's New Luxury Brand Proves a Hit

Why Volkswagen's Korean Sales Boom Despite Scandal

Xi Sends Park a Birthday Card


HankyorehShinmoon (

Japan offers clues for predicting the future of missile defense in Korea

Should Korea join the US and Japan’s integrated missile defense system, it would gain a boost in capability, but also face budget strains and tension with China

At 8:30 in the evening on Jan. 28, as Tokyo lay shrouded in darkness, a convoy of big drab-colored trucks was seen rolling into the Ichigaya base of Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The trucks were loaded with the launch apparatus for the Japan Self-Defense Force’s (JSDF) Patriot (PAC-3) interceptors, which are designed to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles in the final stage, between 15 and 40 km above the ground.

Japan statement to UN on comfort women raises tensions between Seoul, Tokyo

Conflict between Seoul and Tokyo over a statement recently submitted by the Japanese government to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) are highlighting additional problems with the agreement reached by the two governments on the comfort women issue last Dec. 28, observers are saying. .

North Korean criticisms seek to pit US, South Korea, Japan against China and Russia

North Korean media are continuing their verbal attacks on the US, South Korea, and Japan over the possible deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) system on the Korean Peninsula and a recent agreement on the comfort women issue. The denunciations could be seen as a strategic attempt to pit the three countries against itself, China, and Russia amid a push for sanctions by the international community in response to its recent fourth nuclear test .

Osan Air Base the site of 1959 nuclear weapon-related accident, Japanese paper reports

A serious nuclear weapon-related accident occurred at a US Air Force base in Osan at the height of the Cold War in 1959, a recent report reveals. Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on Feb. 1 that official US documents and testimony from US personnel confirmed Osan Air Base to be the site of an accident on Jan. 18, 1959 - one of 32 nuclear weapon-related accidents officially reported by the US in 1980.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Korea’s inflation sags below 1% level

The government’s goal of 3.1 percent GDP growth this year is being undercut from the very first month of the year, as inflation continues to be low. According to Statistics Korea on Tuesday, consumer prices rose only 0.8 percent in January compared to a year earlier, falling back below 1 percent and rekindling worries of deflation in the Korean economy…

New head of the CDC will take on Zika virus first

President Park Geun-hye appointed a new director for Korea’s disease control center, months after an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome…

Ahn’s People’s Party holds launch

Ahn Cheol-soo formally launched the People’s Party on Tuesday, creating a new centrist group aimed at ending Korea’s polarized, two-party political structure…

KEB Hana adds scanner to app

KEB Hana Bank launched a new self-verification system for its smartphone banking app on Tuesday that uses a fingerprint scan instead of the existing…

Korea’s game industry stunted by regulations

Korea’s game industry was once considered one of the most competitive in the world, but it has regressed under government regulations…

2015 was the year of shrinking tablet market

The global tablet market saw its worst year-on-year growth in 2015 since market leader Apple debuted its first iPad in 2010…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Allowing THAAD in Korea Is the Same as Diving into the Nuclear Game of Superpowers

After North Korea's fourth nuclear test, the conservatives in South Korea are raising their voices, arguing for the placement of the U.S. Terminal High Altitud···

Shabby Economy Behind a Brilliant Report Card

Last year, South Korea's current account surplus exceeded US$100 billion for the first time. However, the surplus was not from increased exports, but more of a···

[An Angry Generation, the Young] Extorted by Landlords

For young people, the home has become a chain forcing them into a vicious cycle of poverty. Rent for a place where all they can do is sleep is too expensive for···

Japan's Provocation Goes Against the Spirit of the "Comfort Women Agreement": Are We Just Going to Watch?

The Japanese government submitted their official position to a United Nations (UN) organization claiming that they did not find any evidence that the comfort wo···

[Aftermath of the Comfort Women Agreement] President Park's 'Right to Know' Depends on the Situation

Cheong Wa Dae refused to disclose the details of the phone call between the leaders of South Korea and Japan, which took place shortly after the two countries r···

[Editorial] North Korea Must Stop the Long-Range Rocket Launch

Yesterday Japan's Kyodo News reported that North Korea was preparing to launch a long-range missile and that the launch could take place as early as within a w···


The Korea Economic Daily (

SK Group to Invest 6 Tril. Won in Semiconductor Area

SK Group’s flagship businesses consist of energy/chemical, telecommunications, and semiconductor. Among these, the group has put more effort in nurturing the energy/chemical and semiconductor units into the world's No. 1. In the biotech area for which the group is fostering as its next growth engin...

State-owned Financial Institutions Introduce Performance-based Salary Scheme

Korea’s nine major state-owned financial institutions, including Korea Development Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, and Korea EximBank, are set to abolish the seniority-based salary scheme and instead introduce a performance-based salary system from this year. After negotiations with the nine financ...

Sacheon-based Hize Aero to Build 3rd Plant in Busan

The Busan metropolitan city government will sign a memorandum on February 3 with Hize Aero, an aircraft fuselage and components supplier, for building a new plant within the city. With the agreement as a momentum, the city government will nurture the area near the new Busan port as a center for aer...


GS Caltex to Open New Compounded Resin Plant in Mexico

GS Caltex, which is currently running compounded resin plants in China and the Czech Republic, will build a new plant in Mexico. Once the new chemical factory is up and running, the company expects to establish a tripartite production based across the world. GS Caltex registered on February 2 a loca...

Lotte Chemical Posts Record-high Operating Profit in 2015

Lotte Chemical posted a record-high operating profit last year. The company said on February 2 that its 2015 operating profit was 1,611.1 billion won, up 359.1 percent from the previous year. The year's sales revenue, however, was down 21.2 percent to 11,713.3 billion won, with the net profit rising...


AJU Business Daily(

Tension soars over North Korean rocket launch

Tension soared around the Korean peninsula Wednesday after North Korea notified a UN agency that it would launch a long-range rocket this month to put a satellite into orbit …

Chinese planes fly into disputed area controlled by South Korea

Two Chinese surveillance planes have made an unheralded flight this week into a disputed area over a submerged rock which has been the subject of a …

Large shark swallows small one at South Korean aquarium

A large sand tiger shark has gobbled up a smaller hound shark at a major South Korean aquarium in a rare scene which attracted curious visitors, aquarium officials said Friday. The scene was spotte…

North Korea rocket launch not imminent: 38 North

North Korea is probably in the early stages of preparations for a rocket blast-off, but a launch is not imminent, 38 North, the website of a US research institute, said, citing re…

South Korea on guard against North Korea's long-range missile

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] South Korea was on guard Thursday against North Korea's possible long-range missile launch, warning it would be condemned as a "grave provocation" endangering regi…

?South Korea's new patrol vessel around disputed Socotra rock

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] South Korea will deploy a new 5,000-ton patrol vessel in waters off its southern coast to bolster its territorial claim over



ApplePay to Begin in China on the 8th of This Month

ApplePay has surpassed Great Wall of China. As ApplePay partners up with China¡?s most of banks, its competition with Chinese businesses such as Alibaba, TenCe...

Fabless Businesses to Enter 3D Touch-Chip Markets

Fabless semiconductor industry is out to go after 3D touch-chip markets. 3D touch technology was first used on Apple¡?s iPhone 6S series. According to relate...

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Ceracomp and Ot...

South Korea¡?s small companies and government funded

Samsung Display to Sell L5 Line to China’s Truly

Samsung Display has decided to sell its entire Cheonan Gen.5 LCD equipment, which manufacturers LCD (liquid crystal display) to China¡?s Truly. It is heard that price is about $50.88 million (about 61.3 billion KRW). (Related article: First page of article from 11/13/2015) [Picture 1] According to Chinese press and South Korean industries, Samsung Display ...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

GS Caltex builds plastic compounding plant in Mexico

South Korea’s second largest oil refiner GS Caltex Corp. will establish a plastic compounding plant in Mexico in a move to expand ...

Sinking exports spell out danger for the Korean Inc. with little sign of

South Korea’s January export data, sinking by the biggest fall since 2009 against year-on-year levels in the longest-ever losing ...

E-Land begins preliminary bid to sell Kim’s Club this week

E-Land Group will launch a preliminary bid to sell Kim’s Club as early as this week. Eyes are on whether South Korea’s major retail ...

S. Korean automaker’s January car sales nosedives 39.3 percent

Car sales in South Korea for January nosedived nearly 40 percent from the previous month amid sluggish domestic demand after the end ...

Lotte World Tower may hit record high in unit square price

Lotte World Tower, South Korea’s tallest building, may mark another record high in the residence building price per square in the ...

Doosan Infracore changes preferred bidder for machinery unit to MBK Partners

Doosan Infracore Co., South Korea’s leading machinery firm, said on Monday that it has changed the preferred bidder for its machine ...


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