The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Feb. 12, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, Feb. 12, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post news and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


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S. Korea Cuts Electricity, Water to Gaeseong

South Korea cut off the supply of water and electricity to the Gaeseong Industrial Complex late Thursday.   The...

All S. Koreans Return Home from Gaeseong

N. Korea Orders All S. Koreans Out of Gaeseong

S. Korea Shuts Down Inter-Korean Factory Park

Foreign Minister Urges 'Zero Tolerance' on N. Korea

S. Korea Wins 2016 Bakery World Cup

Write : 2016-02-12 08:24:14

Update : 2016-02-12 11:05:39

Trade Minister Vows to Expand Financial Support to Firms Exporting to Iran

Foreign Minister Urges 'Zero Tolerance' on N. Korea

All S. Koreans Return Home from Gaeseong

Jeju Airport Extends Wind Shear Warnings

LG Regains No.1 Spot in Global UHD TV Panel Market

US Fed Chair Hints Delaying US Rate Hikes

S. Korea Cuts Electricity, Water to Gaeseong

FSS Vows Active Support to S. Korean Firms in Gaeseong

N. Korea Allows Free Entry and Exit of S. Koreans at Gaeseong

France Names Lawmaker of Korean Descent as New Junior Minister

US Presidential Candidate Sanders Misses Senate Vote on N. Korea Sanctions

Italy's Lower House Slams N. Korea's Nuke Test, Human Rights Abuses


Yonhap (

S. Korea, China still apart over N. Korea

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se urged China to play a "responsible" role in the push for a "terminating" U.N. resolution against North Korea.

S. Korean economy struggling with faltering exports, slowing demand

The South Korean economy is dogged by plunging exports stemming from fast falling oil prices, and weakening global demand and domestic consumption, which started to show some signs of a slowdown, the finance ministry said Friday.

Top domestic football league identifies illegal practice, mulls over punishment

The nation's top football league said Friday it is mulling over the appropriate punishment for an illegal economic practice banned by the sport's international governing body.

GM Korea jostles for bigger market share with new models

GM Korea Co. is gearing up to launch diverse new Chevrolet and Cadillac models in South Korea this year as it seeks to carve out a bigger slice of the local passenger vehicle market, industry sources said Friday.

Korean speaking contest to be held in Cuba

The South Korean Embassy in Mexico said Thursday it will hold a Korean speaking contest in Havana together with South Korea's Hanyang University and Cuba's Jose Marti Cultural Center.


The Korea Herald (

North Korea freezes Gaeseong assets, expels South Korean workers

Pyongyang on Thursday froze South Korean assets in the inter-Korean industrial complex in its border city of Gaeseong, c...

Seoul stocks plunge as geopolitical fear grips markets

The South Korean stock market nosedived on the first trading session after the Lunar New Year h...

[News Focus] Gaeseong closure sets Korean ties back to Cold War era

It took the two divided Koreas 42 years to start official communication and another decade to a...

Time-pressed, strategic spenders turn to at-home beauty care

Despite her busy schedule, Kim Na-eun, a 30-year-old office worker in Seoul, visits a skin care...

Gaeseong firms cry foul over closure

One hundred-twenty four South Korean companies that have been producing garments, shoes and watches in No...

Peninsular tensions rise

There is no time to cry over spilled milk. The Park administration has taken retaliatory act...

Short-selling divide

South Korea’s small investors are expressing their anger at some securities firms for repor...


The Korea Times (

N. Korea expels workers, freezes assets in Gaeseong

North Korea expelled South Korean workers from the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC) and froze all South Korean-owned property there, Thursday, retaliating against the South’s decision to shut down the complex the previous day. ...

[Breaking] South Korea cuts off electric power transmission to Gaeseong complex 

[Breaking] South Korea cut off electric power transmission to the Kaesong industrial complex in North Korea, officials said Thursday. Power transmission was h... 

Military tensions may escalate 

Inter-Korean relations are apparently headed toward their lowest ebb yet after North Korea announc... 

Seoul retrieves N. Korea rocket's debris 

The Navy has retrieved debris from North Korea’s long-range rocket, which was launched on Feb. 7,...

Assembly may pass N. Korea bill this month 

A National Assembly extraordinary session started Thursday amid expectations that parties will pass a pending bill drawn up to address human rights abuses in ...

Korea-US joint drills to be held next month 

South Korea and the United States are planning to hold their annual joint military drills that will feature more advanced hardware than previously deployed, a... 


DongAIlbo (

Korea-U.S. review a joint contingency plan for N. Korea’s provocation

Korea and the U.S. have reviewed their joint contingency plan for local provocation from North Korea in an effort to step up thei…

After a storm comes a calm for the Golf Empress

To Park In-bee, the Korean female golfer affectionately dubbed the "Golf Empress," the year of 2016 is posing a series of hardshi…

China shows more concerns over THAAD than North's missile launch

On Sunday, the day North Korea announced its ICBM launch, China’s foreign ministry expressed “deep concern” over the recent devel…

Economic disorder with China should be entangled

Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho spoke Wednesday about the impact of THAAD deployment on the Korean and Chinese economy, saying, "What …

Missile launch and Big Bang's performance

Right after North Korea's second nuclear test in 2006, I had a chance to have talks with Emanuel Todd in Paris. The French schola…


ChosunIlbo (

N.Korea Expels S.Korean Staff from Kaesong, Seizes Assets

North Korea on Thursday expelled all South Korean staff from the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex. The move came a day after Seoul decided to shut down the complex in retaliation against Pyongyang's nuclear test and missile launch. >> Full Text

Childcare Still Women's Work in Most Korean Households

More Korean men are spending time on domestic chores, a survey suggests. The number of men who lend a hand with housework and some childcare duties increased significantly in 2015 from five years earlier. >> Full Text

BMW i8 Sends Average Compact Prices Soaring

A small German car which appeared in Hollywood blockbuster "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" has been so successful in Korea that the average price of compact imports is higher than that of medium-sized cars. >> Full Text

2 Koreas Sever Communication Channels

Alibaba to Buy Stake in Korean Talent Factory

Omega Launches Pyeongchang Olympics Watch


HankyorehShinmoon (

Hard-line responses to N. Korea’s nuclear test, rocket launch carry big risks

Shutting the Kaesong Industrial Complex and discussing THAAD deployment are likely to do economic harm to S. Korean businesses, raise tensions with Beijing, Moscow

A string of hard-line measures by South Korean President Park Geun-hye in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test and rocket launch is moving the Korean Peninsula toward the edge of a cliff.While the decision to begin discussions with the US on a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system deployment on the peninsula has been seen by many as a self-defeating move that is likely to push tensions with Russia and China

[Analysis] South Korea, US announce beginning of consultations on THAAD deployment

The surprise announcement of South Korea and the US’s decision to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system after North Korea’s rocket launch on Feb. 7 is now expected to generate serious controversy over procedural issues in the decision-making process, the selection of its site, and the sharing of costs.“In response to the evolving threat posed by North Korea, the United States .

Following N. Korea provocations, S. Korea, US, Japan defense cooperation speeding up

Following a series of provocations by North Korea - including a nuclear weapon test and the launch of a long-range rocket - cooperation between South Korea, the US, and Japan in the area of national security and defense is speeding up.While the three countries are presenting this cooperation as being designed to counter the North Korean threat, it also has the potential to be used to check China. As a result, concerns are being expressed that this trilateral security cooperation is accelerating without anyone to put on the brakes. .

Rush to deploy THAAD presents risks to public opinion and international relations

The US government voiced hopes to have a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system deployed on the Korean Peninsula “at the earliest possible date,” following Seoul and Washington’s Feb. 7 announcement that they were initiating formal consultations on the matter.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

North ejects workers, seizes park

North Korea expelled all South Korean workers from the jointly run industrial complex in the North, froze assets and equipment left behind, and denounced South Korea’s shutdown of the industrial park as a “declaration of war.” The North also declared the industrial park a military control zone…

Pressure from abroad led to Kaesong’s closure

Pressure from the United States, Japan, China and Russia forced South Korea to pull the plug on its last surviving economic connection with the North…

Markets plunge after tough punishment against Pyongyang

South Korea’s stock market suffered the sharpest fall in four years Thursday after it reopened after a three-day Lunar New Year holiday and reacted …

AI may be answer to financial health

Thirty-year-old office worker Sohn is typical of a number of hesitant investors who have found an easy-to-use financial adviser with the help of artificial intelligence…

Supply and demand key to oil price

While many believe that the oil refining industry performs better when oil prices go up, profits are actually determined more by supply…

U.S. Senate strengthens sanctions on Pyongyang

Washington and Tokyo on Wednesday toughened unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang following its long-range missile launch over the weekend,…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Government Severs Inter-Korean Relations to Cut Money Flow to Pyongyang

The South Korean government decided to suspend all operations at Kaesong Industrial Complex as a part of sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear test and ···

[NK's Rocket Launch & Its Effect on the Economy] Dark Shadow of THAAD Cast over South Korea-China Relations: China May Engage in Economic Retaliation as in the Past

As South Korea and the U.S. officially discuss the introduction of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in response to North Korea's long-ran···

[Tensions over NK Rocket Launch] President Park Again Pressures China to Join Sanctions against the North, Military Flaunts Possibility of Intercepting NK Rocket

On February 4, President Park Geun-hye stressed the need for a strong response to North Korean plans of a long-range rocket launch and called for China to join ···

Five Characteristics of Park Geun-hye's···

One of the questions most frequently asked after North Korea's fourth nuclear test was whether or not our government had a solution to North Korea's nuclear p···

[Economy Grew 2.6% Last Year] Poor Report Card for···

It was long predicted that the real growth rate of South Korea's economy last year would end somewhere in the mid 2% range. The government and the Bank of Kore···


The Korea Economic Daily (

North Korea Retaliates by Announcing Kaesong Asset Freeze

In retaliation of the South Korean government's decision to halt the operations of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, the North said on February 11 that it would freeze all the South's assets within the industrial complex. In addition, the North Korean government declared the area as part of an off-lim...

Shinhan Financial Ranked First in Terms of Labor Productivity

A study comparing the ratios of labor cost to operating profit of Korea's top-four banking groups including KB Financial Group, Shinhan Financial Group, Hana Financial Group, and Woori Bank said the labor productivity ranking among these institutions was in the order of Shinhan, Woori, Hana, and KB. ...

[Market Insight] E-Land Retail's IPO Bid May Be Frustrated by Kim's Club Sell-off

E-Land Group's bid to sell off its Kim's Club supermarket unit as part of improving its groupwide financial standing may pose as an obstacle to the initial public offering effort for its E-Land Retail unit. That's because Kim's Club now accounts for a third of E-Land Retail's sales revenue and the s...

ThyssenKrupp to Invest $20 Korea This Year

Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Group, said, “We plan to invest US$20 million in Korea this year.” He visited Korea for the first time among ThyssenKrupp CEOs. In an interview with the Korea Economic Daily, he said, “We plan to build our Cheonan plant as a smart factory which is applied w...


AJU Business Daily(

[UPDATES] North Korea seals off Kaesong complex

[Aju News DB] North Korea sealed off an inter-Korean joint industrial zone Thursday, condemning South Korea's decision to shut it down as a "dangerous" provocation which is tantamount to th…

North Korea in festive mood to celebrate rocket launch

[Captured from YTN] North Korea has drawn hundreds of thousands of citizens into the streets of Pyongyang for a hero's welcome to scientists involved in its long-range rocket launch, state …

[UPDATES]South Korea shuts down Kaesong industrial park

[Aju News DB] South Korea on Wednesday announced the shutdown of an inter-Korean joint industrial zone near the border in retaliation for North Korea's dauntless push for nuclear and missil…

Doubt over North Korean missile technology

South Korea on Tuesday expressed doubt over North Korea's ability to produce a useful intercontinental ballistic missile after tracking its latest rocket launch. North Ko…

North Korean boat intrudes across disputed sea border

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] A South Korea naval ship fired warning shots Monday as a North Korea patrol boat intruded across the disputed Yellow Sea border amid high tension ca…

[UPDATES] Rocket launch sparks diplomatic row over US missile defense

[Captured from Pentagon home page] North Korea's defiant rocket launch has sparked a fresh diplomatic row over the suggested deployment of a US missile defense system in South Korea, a sens…



Kumho Petrochemical Produces CNT Fiber

South Korean business is going to produce CNT (Carbon Nanotube) fiber that is 100 times stronger than steel. As fiber products are produced followed by powder, ran...

New 5G Strategy That Foresees 2020 Is to Come Out

South Korean Government is going to set up ¡®Proceeding Strategy 2.0 for 5G Mobile Communication (tentative name)¡? that will foresee 2020. Its goal ...

Read the full story

Research Team Led by DGIST and UNIST Present a Concept of Insulato...

Concept of original technology of peta-level (1000 trillion) insulator that is 1 million times

Apple Entrusts TSMC with All of APs for iPhone7

Taiwan¡?s TSMC has won a battle against Samsung Electronics and is going to produce 10-nano application processors (AP) that will be installed in Apple¡?s upcoming iPhone7. Samsung Electronics has entered a state of emergency system to prevent declination of rate of operation of factories. Samsung Electronics is aiming for an all-out-war in 1...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

S. Korean medical gadget startups draw attention on the global stage

South Korean healthcare technology startups are on a roll in the global market. Bitfinder Inc. has recently introduced the Awair ...

S. Korean institutional investors being lured to Australian property market

South Korean institutional investors including pension funds and mutual aid associations are lured to the Australian real estate ...

Nearly seven out of 10 Korean listed firms did poorer than expected in Q4

Nearly seven out of 10 listed companies in South Korea upset the market by underperforming market expectations in the previous ...

Alibaba acquires 4% stake in SM Entertainment

South Korea’s leading entertainment company SM Entertainment Co. said Thursday Alibaba Group, China’s biggest electronic commerce ...

Doosan Heavy Industries wins $294 mn order to build a thermal power plant

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., South Korea’s leading power equipment manufacturer, said on Wednesday that it has won a ...


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The Korea Post news:

3D customized total replacement and stem cell treatment

YonseiSarang Hospital stands out in specialized treatment of joint patients

What part of the body is most frequently used in man’s every-day life?

Perhaps it comes in the order of neck, waist, shoulders and legs. Many people complain pain in the neck that comes from the fast-increasing use of smart phones. Then come the patients who complain pain in the neck that comes also from excessive use of smart phones.

Also on the fast increase are people suffering from obesity from lack of exercise who complain pain in the waist and knee joints. People who spend much time on computers also complain pain in the shoulders.

(The Korea Post is organizing a tour of for the ambassadors and madams to this Hospital on Friday March 4, 2106 where the diplomats are offered a free medical check-up. Please scroll down to the end of this article for a detailed itinerary. Please scroll down to the end for a detailed article and more photos on the Hospital?Ed.)

Dr. Koh Yong-gon, CEO and president of YonseiSarang Hospital

These working people are treated at the neurosurgery and orthopedic departments of the hospitals.

There are so many hospitals in Korea that treat patients suffering from joint and spine problems and naturally competition among them is very keen.

Among them is the YonseiSarang Hospital in Seoul. This hospital was established by the graduates of Yonsei University in Seoul, a most prestigious private university in Korea, and has been growing very fast in spite of the keen competition among hospitals. YonseiSarang specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from joint and spine problems. The Hospital is one of the largest in Korea that specialize in the treatment of patients suffering from joints and spine.

Established in 2003, the Hospital has a motto and slogan reading, “We provide the best treatment and give hopes to the patients!” Thus the Hospital tries to free the patients from the pains and worries of their spine and joint.

The YonseiSarang Hospital is well known not only among the Seoulites but also the people in the countryside. This is why a large number of patients visit the Hospital also from all parts of the country.

PresidentKoh Yong-gon (M.D.) of the Hospital makes it a rule to visit the patients in the countryside once or twice each month, who have undergone treatment at his hospital, to see how they are faring after their treatment at his hospital as well as providing the local people with medical consultation.

The Hospital has doctors specializing in the many different fields such as knees, shoulders, feet, spine and various other parts of the human body and this is why the Hospital is so widely known among the patients for fast recovery from their problems.

The YonseiSarang Hospital is located in the Gangnam District south of the Han River in Seoul, and has a staff of a total of over 300 persons, including 20 doctors.

Two main buildings of the YonseiSarang Hospital in Gangnam District in Seoul

The Hospital makes substantial investments in R&D, which makes distinction from otherhospitals covering spine and joints.

President Dr. Koh says: “We have developed a ‘3D customized total replacement system’ which has substantially improved the existing system--solving various problems in the existing system.” He said, “Furthermore, the YonseiSarang Hospital is known for the largest number of papers published overseas on the subject of ‘autologous adipose stem cell’ which is a system where cell is extracted from the patient’s buttocks, abdomen and thighs (where there is much fat) and injecting them into the knee joint.”

“Thus,” says Dr. Koh, “We have successfully differentiated ourselves from other hospitals in terms of superiority of the doctors’ competence and skills.”

Furthermore, the YonseiSarang Hospital has an International Medical Treatment Team making itself an internationalized hospital and public relations efforts are being made for a wider dissemination of this information.

Dr. Francesco Perdisa from Bologna University in Italy (fourth from right) poses with the doctors of the YonseiSarang Hospital at the time of his visit to the Hospital for a joint research on stem cell.

As a result of this development, an increasing number of patients are visiting from various countries of the world, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and the United States. The Hospital is also preparing to establish in various countries of the world rehabilitationcenters and cell treatment centers for the treatment of the local patients.

At present, the Hospital has coordinators who speak fluent foreign languagessuch as Russian and Mongolian as well as English, which greatly helps in eliminating languages barriers faced at the time of treating patients of different nationalities.

CEO Dr. Koh (right) poses with Dr. Allan Mishra from Stanford University during a joint research

Also, doctors come to the Yonsei Hospital from various countries of the world, including Indonesia, Germany and Mongolia to learn the advanced medical skills from Yonsei. The YonseiSarang Hospital also concluded a medical cooperation agreement with various hospitals in Italy, Japan, China and Malaysia.

The YonseiSarang Hospital plans to establish for the first time among the joint-spine hospitals in Korea a Stem Cell Institute to free the knee-joint patients from their pain and anxiety and to help them have new hopes. At this hospital, cell is extracted from the fatty part of the human body such as buttocks and abdomen and injected into the joints of the patients, especially the senior citizens, who suffer much pain due to aged and over-taxed cartilage. The injected cells cause regeneration of the cartilage. Extensive studies and researches are being conducted at the Hospital in that area.

At present, the new method is being used for the patients suffering from knee bone problems but the range of its use is expected to be expanded to the shoulders, spine and other parts of the human body.

A researcher of StemCellInstituteisdoinganexperiment.

Another epochal development of treatment method is through the use of ‘tailor-made’ 3D man-made joint, which was developed for the first time in Korea. The artificial joint enhances the accuracy of operation as it is done after completely checking the state of the patient.

In contrast with the existing man-made joint where the ready-made joints are used, the newly developed 3D order-made joints are created through the use of a new method where the joint of the patient is ‘reconstructed’ based on MRI photography where the patient’s knee bone is reconstructed through 3D printing. This helps the creation of an artificial knee bone that is best fit to the patient.

The new method reduces the possible complication to the minimum compared with the existing method, and substantially reduces the operation time. The life span of the man-made joint, too, is more than 25 years compared with the 15 years of the existing ones. This is why the new artificial joints at the YoniseiSarangHospitalare very popular among the knee patients.

Patients from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan at the entrance of the YonseiSarang Hospital

Too, the YonseiSarang Hospital is equipped with special rehabilitation center facilities where the patients experience much shorter period of rehabilitation compared with other hospitals. This greatly helps the patients shorten the period of rehabilitation as well as the recovery period of the patents after operation. The patents greatly appreciate this and many of them have written letters of appreciation to the doctors who have treated them.

The RehabilitationCenterof the YonseiSarang Hospital is making preparations to enter Ulan Baatar, the capital city of Mongolia, in 2016 and this will be extended to Kazakhstan and Russia.

Mongolian staff members at the YonseiSarang Hospital booth at the 2015 Mongolian International Health Fair.

The Hospital has been selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a Joint-specializing Hospital and a Globalized Hospital for Overseas Operations.

The Hospital has also won a Grand Prize in the field of joints for three consecutive years in the Medical Korea program organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare from 2009 to 2011.

The YonseiSarang Hospital continues to make extended efforts to maintain the status of the most qualified hospital in the treatment of joints and spine.

Rehabilitation Center at the YonseiSarang Hospital

A doctors from Siloamal Int'l Hospital in Indonesia visited the YonseiSarang Hospital to discuss the possibility of a joint research with the YonseiSarang Hospital.

Invitation to the Ambassadors and Spouses to the Tour of YonseiSarang Hospital

CEO & Doctor Koh Yong-gon of YonseiSarang Hospital in Kangnam District south of the Hann river cordially invites

the Ambassadors and their Spouses to a tour of various facilities of his Hospital on Friday March 4, 2026. Itinerary follows:

10:00-1200 Hours: Arrive at Hospital, introduction between the host and guests, presentation of a memorable gift to each

Ambassador, video showing on Hospital, tour of hospital facilities, medical check-up for diplomats,

question and answer session and various other interesting programs for the ambassadors and madams.

10:10-1330 Hours: Luncheon hosted by the CEO-President for the ambassadors and madams

1330-1700 Hours:Tour of various facilities of the Hospital and medical consultations.

For questions on the Tour, please call Ms. Kim Jung-mi at 2298-1740/2, 010-3388-1682, or

Chairman Lee Kyung-sik at 010-5201-1740 (English)

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