The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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March 30, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Postnotice and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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There are only eight days to the Dangjin Tour on April 8!

Please don’t miss the bus!

Invitation to the DagjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNSESCO Cultural Heritage)

Your Excellency:

The countdown has begun and now there are only eight days to the important Tour of Dangjin for the Excellencies and Madams.

1. Have hands-on experience in the 600-year-old traditional Korean game of Tug-of-War.

2. It is UNESCO Culutural Heritage.

3. Meet, have luncheon with the CEO and leaders of the famed Hyundai Steel, explore business opportunities with your country.

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Kim Hong-jang of the Dangin City cordially invites Your Excellency and Madam to theDangjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNESCO Cultural Heritage) on Friday April 8, 2016. The Korea Post organizes the tour at the invitation of Mayor Kim, which also includes a visit to the famed Hyundai Steel Mill.


Here is the interesting schedule follows:

0820 hours Friday April 8, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul(near Water Fountain).

0830-1100 hours: Move by Limousine Bus to Dangjin by picturesque West Coast Expressway, visiting the Hyundai Steel Plant on the way to Dangjin.

1100-1140 hours: Visit the Gijisi Tug-of-War Museum.

1200-1340 hours: Luncheon at the Hyundai Steel Guest House hosted by Major and Mrs. Kim Hong-jang of the Dangjin City with the Management of the Company.

1400-1420 hours: Wear traditional Korean costumes of the King, General and Court ladies.

1430-1640 hours: Have hands-on experience in various local cultural events, including participation in the Gijisi Tug-of-War and Rice wine- and Sake-making.

1700-1830 hours: Move back to  Seoul arriving at Grand Hayatt Seoul by 6:30 p.m.

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


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Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik

Publisher-Chairman of The Korea Post


A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


'N. Korea to Top S. Korea-US-Japan Talks'

Anchor: How to further exert pressure on North Korea will be at the forefront of discussions when the leaders of South...

Park to Hold Talks with Leaders from U.S. China, Japan at Washington NSS

N. Korea Fires Short-Range Projectile

S. Korea to Keep Eye on Japan's Security Policy

S. Korea Discusses Measures to Prevent Smuggling of N. Korean Products

Gov't Seeking to Contact US Presidential Candidates about Foreign Policies

S. Korea, US Urged to Consider Nuclear Doctrine

Gov't to Foster Prestigious, Long-Running Companies

More 'China Desks' to be Established Nationwide


N. Korea Fires Short-Range Projectile

N. Korea Blames US Ahead of Nuclear Security Summit

Gov't: Harsher Threats Due to Loyalty Competition

'N. Korea to Top S. Korea-US-Japan Talks'

No S. Koreans Aboard Hijacked Egyptian Plane

China Calls for Restraint over N. Korea's Threat of Preemptive Strike


Yonhap (

Pressuring N. Korea to top Obama's trilateral summit with Park, Abe: Blinken

Pressuring North Korea with sanctions will be the No. 1 topic for a trilateral summit that U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to hold with South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week, a top American diplomat said Tuesday.

Kia Motors factory in U.S. marks production of 2 millionth vehicle

The Kia Motors factory in the United States on Tuesday celebrated the production of its 2 millionth vehicle after opening in 2009.

S. Korea to give 7.2 bln won in subsidies to KORUS FTA-hit fishermen

The South Korean government will give 7.2 billion won (US$6.14 million) worth of subsidies to local fishermen next month in compensation for damages incurred by the implementation of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, the maritime ministry said Wednesday.

U.S. urges N. Korea to tone down rhetoric

The United States urged North Korea on Tuesday to tone down its bellicose rhetoric after Pyongyang's top diplomat threatened the communist nation is ready to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz Korea ordered to pay 50.1 bln won in additional taxes

The local unit of German carmaker Mercedes-Benz in South Korea has been ordered to pay 50.1 billion won (US$43 million) in additional taxes after an audit by tax authorities, industry sources said Tuesday.


The Korea Herald (

Egypt plane drama ends

An Egyptian man who hijacked an EgyptAir plane during a routine domestic flight to Cairo and forced it to land on the is...

Founder removed from Hotel Lotte’s board room in 43 years

Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho on Tuesday was replaced from the board room of the retail gian...

Park to coordinate N.K. squeeze at nuclear summit

President Park Geun-hye is leaving for Washington on Wednesday to attend the Nuclear Security S...

[Hallyu power] Dean: Musician, storyteller, rebel at heart

When asked what kind of music he wants to make, instead of naming a genre, Dean described how h...

FBI hacks iPhone, drops case

The FBI has unlocked the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, officials said Monday, endin...

League of ex-convicts

One of the many weird, yet unavoidable things in Korean politics is that many people with ...

Unrequited love

The Minjoo Party of Korea, the country’s main opposition party, looks like a man who is sti...


The Korea Times (

Gov't kills innovation

President Park Geun-hye may be one of the most committed preachers of creativity and innovation in Korea. Since her inauguration in February 2013, Park has pushed government bodies to come up with ways to ease business regulatio...

Korea in talks with Donald Trump over foreign policy 

"Our government is closely monitoring the U.S. presidential election and the foreign policies of k...

N. Korea fires short-range projectile 

North Korea fired a short-range projectile in an apparent show of defiance against toughened international sanctions over its nuclear test and long-range miss... 

Women in Seoul taller, thinner than Korean average 

Korean women living in Seoul are taller and thinner than the average of women in the country, an a... 

Mercedes-Benz Korea slapped with W50 bil. corporate tax 

Mercedes-Benz Korea (MBK) has been ordered to pay 50.1 billion won ($42.8 million) in back taxes, ...

Economic democratization reemerges as poll slogan 

Democratization of the economy is reemerging as a key campaign issue, pitting the main opposition... 

Government to save W17 tril.from 2017 budget for job creation

The government will cut discretionary spending by 10 percent in the budget for next year to save around 17 trillion won that will be used to create jobs and n... N. Korea hints at 'second march of hardship' 

N. Korea hints at 'second march of hardship'

The North Korean government has set about uniting residents while commenting on the possibility of a “second march of hardship,” Pyongyang watchers say.


DongAIlbo (

President Park to hold summit with U.S., Japan, China heads of state

The Presidential Office said Tuesday that President Park Geun-hye will have summits with heads of U.S., Japan and China in Washin…

New technology can detect over 100 strains of new viruses at once

A team of Korean researchers has developed technology that can detect more than 100 strains of viruses at once by using genetic m…

Young Writers Awards collection are sold nearly 20,000

The collection of the 6th Munhakdongnae Young Writers Awards novels, published in May last year, has been sold nearly 20,000. The…

Late football legend Cruyff's family chooses 'soccer' over 'motherland'

Will the name of Johan Cruyff, "legendary player of total soccer" who died on Thursday last week, return to his motherland of the…

Samsung Pay starts in China, competes with Apple

Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it launched its mobile payment service Samsung Pay in China by partnering with China's largest c…


ChosunIlbo (

3 Out of 4 Korean Billionaires Inherited Their Wealth

Three out of four billionaires in Korea inherited their money rather than pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Of an estimated 1,826 billionaires around the world, 30 percent are American, while Korea's billionaires rose from seven in 1996 to 30 last year. >> Full Text

N.Korea Fires Projectile into Inland Area

North Korea fired a short-range projectile into a northeastern inland area from Wonsan, Kangwon Province on Tuesday. It is rare for such projectiles not to be lobbed into the sea. The Joint Chiefs of Staff here said the projectile flew about 200 km. >> Full Text

Half of Gangnam Rentals Now Let for Monthly Charge

New rental contracts in Seoul dwindled this month by more than 20 percent on-year, but the proportion of monthly rentals reached a record 47 percent. According to the Seoul Property Information

Plaza website, 37,049 rental contracts were signed in Seoul from March 1 to 28, roughly 1,235 a day and down 23 percent from the same period last year. >> Full Text

N.Korea Prepares for Hard Times Amid Sanctions

Internal N.Korean Memo Slams Chinese

'Plot'Investor Pulls Out of Incheon Casino Project


HankyorehShinmoon (

At second Sewol hearing, victims’ families bristle as crewmembers “can’t remember”

Families affected by 2014 sinking are sticking it out at hearing they say the government is trying to undermine

It was the morning of Mar. 28, and the second hearing was being held for the special fact-finding commission into the sinking of the Sewol ferry [in Apr. 2014]. For an instant, there was tension in the air of the multi-purpose hall on the eighth floor of Seoul City Hall, where the hearing was taking place.When the crew of the Sewol entered the hall for the hearing, there was a stir from the gallery. Crewmembers including Lee Jun-seok, the captain, and Kang Won-sik, the first mate, were wearing their blue prison garb, along with hats and masks to cover their faces.

Documentary gives an “Upside Down” look at the Sewol sinking

Kim Dong-bin was watching South Korean television online from Boston when the Sewol ferry disaster occurred on Apr. 16, 2014. The documentary filmmaker, now 24, saw live footage of a boat sinking. Soon word came that everyone had been rescued. He breathed a sigh of relief. But the next morning brought news that over 300 people were still trapped on board. .

The reason a museum director got booted

The sudden removal of Kim Young-na as National Museum of Korea (NMK) director earlier this month has become a hot topic in South Korea’s cultural community. In a telephone interview with the Hankyoreh, Kim said she was convinced the reason was her opposition to a feature exhibition on French decorative art that President Park Geun-hye had shown an interest in. .

Study: in Seoul, women are taller and thinner than national average

Women living in Seoul are taller, weigh less and have a narrower waist than the average South Korean woman, a recent study shows.According to bodily measurement data from state-sponsored health checkups that was released by South Korea’s National Health Insurance Corporation on Mar. 28, 38.1% of women living in Seoul are taller than 160cm, which comes in above the corresponding figure of 33.8% for women around the country. .


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Reporter drives taxi to take pulse of the public

An old adage says that in polite society, you never discuss religion or politics. Tell that to a Korean taxi driver. People vent freely in taxis, and as the April 13 general election approaches, the topic is mostly likely to be politics…

Budget funding diverted to jobs

The Park Geun-hye administration will cut 10 percent of its spending on major projects and funnel that money…

Waves of Chinese tourists getting even bigger

The chicken and maekju (beer) enjoyed by a 4,500-strong tour group from China this week must have…

Koreans want more money spent on jobs

Koreans, particularly those in their 20s, want the government to spend more money on creating new jobs…

KT network connects small devices

Telecommunications provider KT has finished establishing a nationwide network to transmit data…

North sanctions to cut exports in half

North Korea’s exports are expected to fall by half due to sanctions from the United Nations Security Council…

New BOK board is seen likely to lower rates

A changing of the guard on the Bank of Korea’s (BOK) board will usher in four policy makers…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor Widens Even When It Comes to Voter Turnout

Gim (58) has hardly ever taken a break from work during the thirty years that she has been married. She was practically forced to work because she couldn't rai···

[Editorial] Wives Suffering from Depression Because of Retired Husbands and an Aging Society

A wife with a retired husband is 70% more likely to suffer from depression than a wife whose husband still goes to work, whereas the impact of a wife's retirem···

[D-16 to April 13, 2016 Parliamentary Elections: Ruling and Opposition Parties Enter Election Mode] A War of Numbers: Saenuri 150 Seats, TheMinjoo 130 Seats, People's Party 40 Seats

■Saenuri Party Faces Side Effects from Horrible Candidate Nominations: Claim Opposition Parties Are Holding Them Back TheSaenuri Party has loosely sutured ···

Incheon Screams for Joy Thanks to Generous Youke Who Ordered 3,000 Chickens for a Chicken & Beer Party

At 2 p.m. on March 27, Seoksan, an abandoned rocky mountain once a quarry until 1994, located in Songdo, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon was crowded with youke (Chinese tour···

[April 13, 2016 Parliamentary Elections] [Editorial] Is President Park Taking Advantage of the North Korean Factor to Avoid the People's Judgment in the Elections?

Yesterday, President Park Geun-hye said that North Korea threatened to strike Cheong WaDae and ordered tighter vigilance nationwide. Senior Cheong WaDaeSecre···

[April 13, 2016 Parliamentary Elections] [Editorial] The Worst Candidate Nominations by the Saenuri Party Triggering a “Seal Demonstration” by the Party Leader

Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung announced that the party will not nominate candidates in five constituencies including lawmaker YooSeong-min's constituency.···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Banks Increasingly Rely on Loans for Their Profitability

Both banks and savers are finding it hard to park their money in profitable investment destinations. Since the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Korea cut the benchmark interest rate to 1.75 percent on March 12 last year, the low 1-percent level interest rate regime has been in place. The com...

Prez. Park's Mexican Visit to Take Historic High Number of Economic Delegates

President Park Geun-hye will make a state visit to Mexico for four days between April 2 and 5 and discuss ways to expand trade and investment with her counterpart. A total of 145 delegates from the business community will accompany the President to make business deals in the Central American nation...

China in Talks with South America's Mercosur for FTA

China is working to sign a free trade agreement with Mercosur (Southern Common Market) in South America. In contrast, the Korean government had completed a joint study for an FTA in 2007 but has not progressed further. With five full members including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezu...

Incheon Enjoys "Youke" Boom

Back in January, SongdoConvensia in Incheon had pleasant worries over the lending of its international event venue. As two large-scale international events were to be held there concurrently, the convention center should have selected only one of them. The schedule of the event for a group of tour...

Is President Park Taking Advantage of the North Korean Factor to Avoid the People's Judgment in the Elections?

Yesterday, President Park Geun-hye said that North Korea threatened to strike Cheong WaDae and ordered tighter vigilance nationwide. Senior Cheong WaDaeSecre···

[April 13, 2016 Parliamentary Elections] [Editorial] The Worst Candidate Nominations by the Saenuri Party Triggering a “Seal Demonstration” by the Party Leader

Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung announced that the party will not nominate candidates in five constituencies including lawmaker YooSeong-min's constituency.···


AJU Business Daily(

Propaganda leaflets sent to North Korea

Members of Free Fighters For North Korea are preparing balloons which would carry propaganda leaflets to North Korea [Courtesy of Free Fighters For North Korea] South Korean activists said Mo…

North Korea threatens US with propaganda video

North Korea threatened the US with a propaganda video released on Saturday, sending out a message that if the US continues provoking, the North will not hesitate to stri…

President Park's approval rating down ahead of election

South Korean President Park Geun-hye posted a ten percent increase in her personal wealth, but her performance approval rating suffered a four-percent …

North Korea stages 'largest ever' live-fire drill: KCNA

North Korean troops, watched by leader Kim Jong-un, have staged their largest-ever live-fire drill, vowing to turn South Korea's capital into a sea of flames and …

Court dismisses defamation suit filed by Kim's aunt

A Seoul court has dismissed a defamation suit filed by the US-based aunt of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un through a South Korean lawyer



SM Instrument’s to Export Its Sound Cameras

Sound camera that is developed by a South Korean company is receiving attention globally because demands for devices that can measure even quiet sound have rapidly incr...

TeleChips Declares That It Will Be a Top 25 Fabless Manufacturing Busin...

This year will be the first year in achieving ¡®Vision 2020¡?that will help TeleChips to make $429 million (500 billion KRW) in sale...

Financial Services Commission to Openly Test Robo-Advisor in July

South Korean Government is going to manage test zone of Robo-Advisors starting

Number of SK Telecom’s TPay’s Members Surpasses 100,000

Number of SK Telecom¡?s offline mobile payment service called TPay¡?s members has surpassed 100,000. TPay, which was released on the 15th of this month, is a discount and payment service that combine.


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Samsung Electronics expected to report $5.2 billion in Q1 operating profit, beating market consensus

South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. is expected to post nearly 6 trillion won ($5.2 billion) in operating income in the first quarter ending March of this year, beating the market consensus thanks to better-than-expected sales of its new Galaxy S7 smartphones and solid earnings from semiconductors and displays.

Young Poong Corp. to make turnaround this year on rising zinc price

Young Poong Corp., a manufacturer of zinc products and the holding company of South Korea’s Young Poong Group, is expected to...

Wealth list of Korea’s public servants

According to the South Korea`s Government Public Ethic Committee (GPEC), seven out of 10 Korean high-ranking government...

Samsung Pay hits mobile payment market in China to vie with Apple Pay

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. on Tuesday launched Samsung Pay in China in partnership with China UnionPay, heating up...

S. Korea’s Nano Brick to ship its M-Tag to China in war against fake booze

Nano Brick Co., South Korean anti-counterfeit solution provider, said Monday it won an order to supply its M-Tags to a Chinese...


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