The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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April 11, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, April 11, 2016

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:


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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


N. Korean Defector: 'UN Sanctions Spelled Doom for N. Korea'

North Korean defectors who fled to South Korea while working overseas are said to have testified they find the political system in their home country hopeless.

Parties Urge Voter Support Claiming Dire Election Outlooks

N. Korean Senior Colonel's Defection to South Revealed

N. Korean Secret Police Chief Rises to 'Actual Influence'

Bank of Korea: Cash Circulation Hits Record High

Report: S. Korea’s CO2 Emissions Increase World’s Highest

Virtual Anatomy System by S. Korean Engineer Grows in Popularity Worldwide


Yonhap (

Park: 'Descendants of the Sun' exemplary case of cultural enhancement

President Park Geun-hye on Monday praised "Descendants of the Sun," a popular South Korean soap opera, as an exemplary case of the positive effects of cultural content on the manufacturing industry.

Police to stay on high alert during general elections

Police said Monday they will be on high alert during this week's general elections.

BOK chief to attend G-20 central bankers' meeting in Washington

The head of South Korea's central bank will attend the upcoming meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors from the world's 20 advanced and developing countries in the United States, the bank said Monday.

Ticket prices for 2018 PyeongChang Games announced

The organizers of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games on Monday announced the ticket prices for the quadrennial winter sports event with the average price reaching 140,000 won (US$121).


The Korea Herald (

419 candidates, $870 billion. Promises or lies?

The sheer scale of funds estimated to realize the pledges of parliamentary candidates is shedding doubt on the plausibility of the promises and the sincerity of the candidates. According to analysis by local daily Joongang Ilbo, i...

Korea, U.S. begin 11-day naval drill along southern coast

South Korea and the United States kicked off an 11-day joint naval exercise along the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula on Monday to enhance their combined readiness to conduct search and rescue operations and other underwate...

N.K. military intelligence officer defected to S. Korea

A ranking North Korean military officer in charge of conducting intelligence operations defected to South Korea last year, Seoul's defense ministry said Monday, as the North's leader is tightening his grip on the regime.A ...

Calls in Korea for nuclear weapons reflect views U.S. security guarantees are fragile: CRS report

Renewed calls in South Korea for the redeployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons to the country or its own nuclear armament reflect concerns that U.S. security guarantees are "fragile," a U.S. congressional report said.The North...

U.S. calls for caution about dangers of GPS jamming by N. Korea

The U.S. State Department has issued a notice cautioning vessels traveling near the Korean Peninsula about the dangers of North Korea's attempts to jam GPS signals.The communist nation tried to disrupt the South's GPS signals for ...


The Korea Times (

N. Korea military intelligence officer defected to S. Korea last year 

A ranking North Korean military officer in charge of conducting intelligence operations defected to South Korea last year, Seoul's defense ministry said Monda... 

Training doctors of the future 

Medicine in Korea has undergone dramatic changes over the past 20 years. Almost all medical record... 

Korea needs to build closer ties with ASEAN members 

SINGAPORE - Korea should establish more political links in Southeast Asia to solidify relationship...

Defections may fray China-NK ties 

A group of 13 North Koreans who defected after working in a Pyongyang-owned restaurant in China arrived in South Korea via a third country, sources here said ...

Election pledges to move military bases trigger concerns 

A number of candidates running for National Assembly seats have pledged to move military bases out of their prospective constituencies in a bid to woo voters. 

(Test Drive) Range Rover: an exciting SUV 

British premium four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) specialist Land Rover’s performance-f... 

US mobile carriers offering more for S7 than G5 


DongAIlbo (

'N. K. will likely gain capacity to test fire new ICBM in 1-2 years'

North Korea succeeded in ground test of a new high-power engine for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the North’s Kor…

Korea to start samgyetang export to China within first half

With 11 domestic facilities having completed registration with the Chinese government, Korea will be able to start exporting samg…

Why Japanese consumers are reluctant to open their wallets

An increasing number of Japanese companies in red have made their U-turns to low price strategy after they had raised product pri…


ChosunIlbo (

13 N.Koreans Defect from Restaurant in China

Thirteen North Koreans have defected from a restaurant in China to South Korea, officials here said Friday. The 12 women and one man were earning hard currency for the North Korean regime in the Chinese city of Ningbo.

N.Korea's Restaurant Empire Overseas

North Korea operates around 130 restaurants around the world and earns around US$40 million a year from those businesses each year, intelligence agencies estimate. Around 90 of them are in China, nine in Russia, seven in Cambodia and four in Vietnam.

6 in 10 Unmarried Adults Live with Parents

Some 60 percent of unmarried people between the ages of 25 and 34 still live with and are supported by their parents. As of 2014, 57.8 percent of these people in Seoul were living in families of more than three, according to a report released by the Seoul Institute on Sunday


HankyorehShinmoon (

Seoul says 13 North Korean restaurant workers defect as a group

The South Korean government announced on Apr. 8 that 13 employees of an overseas North Korean restaurant had entered South Korea as a group the day before.The Unification Ministry’s decision to announce their arrival just a day after it occurred was seen as highly unusual, with some suggesting that the timing of the surprise news - five days before the parliamentary elections and a day before early voting - could have been part of an attempt to use the North Korea issue to influence voting.

Various concerns on US-South Korea relations

Whereas the sinking of the Sewol ferry in Apr. 2014 forced South Koreans to reflect on safety issues, North Korea’s fourth nuclear test this past January and its long-range missile test in February have prompted our reconsideration of the state of security on the Korean Peninsula.

No longer just for trysts: motels become places to party and study

South Korea’s small- and mid-sized hotels, often called ‘love motels’ are undergoing a change in usage lately. Where they were typically used for romantic encounters in the past, more and more people are using them today to hold parties with friends and study for exams. Traditionally, the term “MT” has referred to the “membership training,”

China taking the lead on addressing North Korean nuclear issue

While acknowledging some of the assessments that related countries have made about North Korea's nuclear capability, China is trying to take the lead in resuming negotiations with related countries about the North Korean nuclear program, even including North Korea. "North Korea has made substantial progress in its efforts to complete its development of hydrogen bombs. The North's missile and nuclear technology is at a considerable level,"

Chinese state media says “blustering only reveals North Korea’s weakness”

With North Korea recently making bellicose threats and releasing videos showing attacks on the Blue House and Washington, D.C., Chinese state-run media have dismissed these messages as being "for domestic propaganda” and claimed that "North Korea does not have the capacity to wage war." In an Apr. 7 column titled "North Korea will not yield to sanctions," Xiakedao, a social media account run by the overseas version of the People‘s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party,

Comfort women issue shut out of the Apr. 13 general elections agenda

The South Korean and Japanese government’s agreement on the comfort women issue late last year remains the subject of a heavy backlash. A Jan. 8 poll by Gallup Korea showed 58% of South Koreans agreeing that Seoul should renegotiate the terms of the Dec. 28 agreement between foreign ministers on the two sides, while the comfort women themselves - survivors of forced military sexual slavery during Japan’s imperial days - filed a Constitutional Court petition


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

More overseas workers of North may flee

South Korea said it is highly likely that more North Koreans working abroad will soon defect to the South, according to sources, a major sign that the recent sanctions against the Pyongyang regime have had an effect…

Gov’t criticized for not accurately forecasting air pollution

Seoul issued a fine particle warning for the third consecutive day on Sunday as a noticeable haze blanketed…

Hyundai’s job test draws nearly 10,000 applicants

As many as 10,000 jobseekers in their 20s and 30s nationwide took the Hyundai Motor Group Aptitude Test, known as the HMAT…

Retailers cash out on Chinese group’s visit

Over 5,000 Chinese shoppers flooded into Seoul’s downtown duty-free shops as a part of the largest-ever single group tour…

GM Korea reports record losses

GM Korea has reported its biggest losses ever for last year. According to industry data on Sunday, the nation’s third-largest…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Vietnam Instead of Kaesong?

It's been two months since the Kaesong Industrial Complex was shut down, but there has been no progress on compensations for the damages suffered by the busine···

Terrestrial Broadcasting Should Erase the Word 'Public' if They Air Unfair Election-Related Broadcasting

The trade unions of the three terrestrial broadcasting stations KBS, MBC and SBS announced on April 6 that their news coverage of the April 13 parliamentary ele···

Government Opting for Quantitative Easing in Tune to Ruling Party's Campaign Pledge

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Yoo Il-ho, at the helm of the nation's economy, publicly announced plans for expansionary fiscal pol···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Domestic Car Sales Up 15.7% in March


Domestic car demand rose sharply in March thanks to the lasting effect of the reduction in individual excise tax on passenger cars. According to the automobile industry statistics released on April 10 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, domestic car sales (domestically made cars plus imp...

[Market Insight] Regulation on Insurers' Stockholding to Be Much Stricter 2016-04-11 00:54

The financial authorities will change their financial soundness supervision standards to something akin to the Solvency II Directive currently in place in the EU, one of the world's strictest regulations. The standards will include the minimum requirement on stocks held by insurance companies to be ...

Every 1% Drop of Chinese Growth Rate Brings down Korea's Growth by 0.5%p...Study 2016-04-11 00:32

A study said every 1-percent drop of the Chinese economic growth rate would bring down Korea's growth rate by 0.5 percentage point. According to a report published by Hyundai Economic Research Institute on April 10, every 1-percent decline in the growth rate of China will have a negative impact on t...

Samsung Electronics Stages "1 1 Galaxy S7 Marketing" in the U.S. 2016-04-11 08:38

Samsung Electronics is staging in the United States an aggressive "1 1" Galaxy S7 marketing campaign which provides consumers who buy a Galaxy S7 handset with one additional unit for free. This move is interpreted as a strategy to keep its rival LG Electronics in check in the U.S. market. LG Elect...

[Market Insight] NHN Entertainment Invests $40 Mil. in TicketMonster 2016-04-11 01:11

TicketMonster, Korea's leading social commerce retailer, has successfully attracted an investment of US$40 million from NHN Entertainment. NHN Entertainment, a game service unit of NHN, an operating company of the largest online portal in Korea, will take advantage of the relationship to expand the ...                                        


AJU Business Daily(

North Korean army intelligence colonel defected to Seoul

A colonel-level officer from North Korea's military espionage unit has defected to South Korea, officials said Monday, days after a group of 13 restaurant workers…

Seoul reports defection by 13 North Korean restaurant workers abroad

A group of 13 North Korean restaurant workers has defected to South Korea from an unidentified third country in a case demonstrating Pyongyang's worsening financia…

South Korea wants US equipment to destroy North Korean weapons

South Korea seeks to buy an advanced US satellite navigation device to be mounted on new guided weapons capable of cutting through jamming to destroy North Korea's mul…

New North Korean weapon ready for deployment this year: minister

North Korea has completed the development of a new multiple launch rocket launcher with a range of up to 20…

British banker behind North Korean front company in tax haven

North Korea was found to have managed a secret fund for arms trade and development by using a British banker to set up a secret offshore paper company in a tax haven,…

Pyongyang suspected of producing plutonium for atomic bombs: ISIS

North Korea could have acquired plutonium at its main nuclear complex, enough to produce one to three atomic bombs, since a five-megawatt reactor was reactivated in mi…

'Suspicious' activity at North Korea's nuclear complex

Recent satellite images have shown "suspicious activity" at North Korea's nuclear site which could mean reprocessing is under way to produce …



Samsung Display Uses Ultra-Thin Glass Substrates for Large TVs Apr 11, 2016 Share 

Industries¡? focus on yield of ultra-thin glass substrate with thickness of 0.4T (mm) that was used recently used by Samsung Display for LCD panels for large TVs ...

South Korean Government to make KS Standards for Drones Apr 11, 2016 Share 

South Korean Government is making drone352 national industry standards for the first time. These standards will organize drones by purpose and size and regulate items ...

SK Innovation to Increase Production of Battery Separator Apr 08, 2016 Share 

SK Innovation is extending production line of LiBS (Lithium-ion Battery Separator) to respond to rapid increase of demands for LiBS, which is a major material for ...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Samsung Electronics curved monitor breaks one million sales mark

South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. said on Sunday that its curved monitor surpassed the sales milestone of one ...

N. Korea’s 13 restaurant workers en mass defect to S. Korea

13 North Korean restaurant workers en mass escaped from an overseas restaurant and reached South Korea last Thursday, announced ...

Foreign patients come to Korea in search of master doctors

A big change in the pattern of foreign patients visiting South Korea is being made. In the past, they came to Korea for ...

Hyundai E&C and Posco Daewoo to establish a university hospital in Iran

South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. (E&C), Posco Daewoo Corp. and the Export-Import Bank of Korea (Korea ...

Sungbo Ink commercializes S. Korea’s first eco-friendly printing ink

Sungbo Ink Co., South Korea’s top manufacturer of gravure printing ink, is set to make inroads into other markets in Asia with ...


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