The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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April 25, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, April 25, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:


Lee Kyung-sik


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‘Pottery art works’ created by the Excellencies and Madams at Yeongam

Shown in the photo below are the pottery works created by the ambassadors and other senior diplomats, some with their spouses, during their tour of the Yeongam County on April 7-8, 2016.

Creators of the art works, please send your driver to The Korea Post in Oksu-dong, a little distance beyond the UN Village, to claim the art works they have created during their tour of the Yeongam County.

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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


UNSC Strongly Denounces N. Korea's SLBM Test

The UN Security Council(UNSC) has adopted a statement denouncing the launch of a submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM) by North Korea last Saturday.

Obama Rejects N. Korea's Proposal to Halt Nuke Tests for Suspension of Joint Drills

Anchor: U.S. President Barack Obama has dismissed North Korea's proposal to halt nuclear tests in exchange for the suspension of joint Seoul-Washington military exercises. A day after North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong made the suggestion in an interview with the Associated Press, Obama said Sunday he isn't taking the proposal seriously.

Hanjin Shipping to Apply for Creditor-Led Restructuring

South Korea’s leading shipping company Hanjin Shipping is expected to apply for a creditor-led restructuring program on Monday.

N. Korea Claims Successful Test-Launch of SLBM

France Urges EU to Adopt Sanctions on N. Korea

Japanese Media Report on N. Korea's SLBM Launch

JCS: N. Korea Test-Fires Submarine Missile


Yonhap (

Korean thriller tops box office for second weekend

"Time Renegades," a romantic time travel thriller, led the box office chart for the second weekend, data showed Monday.

Shipyard subcontractors may conduct mass layoffs

Subcontractors of South Korea's three major shipbuilders may carry out massive job cuts this year due to the shipyards' sputtering offshore businesses, industry sources said Monday.

'Descendants of the Sun' to premiere in Japan in June

South Korean runaway hit drama "Descendants of the Sun" will premiere in Japan in June, its production company said Monday.

S. Korea loses ground in global panel market

South Korea saw its foothold in the global large-sized panel market decline in the first quarter from a year earlier, data showed Monday, as Chinese and Taiwanese rivals expanded their supplies.


The Korea Herald (

Test indicates improved N.K. SLBM tech

North Korea on Sunday claimed it had successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile, after which the Sou...

Shippers first to go under the knife

The shipping industry looks set to become the first under the knife for government-led corporat...

For young immigrants, life in Korea can be constant struggle

When Kim Eun-hyung arrived in South Korea from China in 2008, at age 14, he didn’t speak a wor...

Oxy suspected of watering down report

Oxy Reckitt Benckiser, which has been blamed for the deaths of at least 221 humidifier disinfec...


The Korea Times (

Diplomats share joys of tennis 

It was the fuzzy yellow ball that brought people from different backgrounds together at The Korea ...  Former president wows audience

Developer of Korea's first surgical robot 

Over the past few years, surgical robots have challenged the conventional concept of surgery. With...

Park to hold talks with senior journalists Tuesday 

President Park Geun-hye is scheduled to hold a meeting with the managing editors of major news media outlets, Tuesday, in an effort to reach out to the public... 

Actor Bae wins W30 million in damages over defamation 

The Seoul Central District Court said Sunday that it recently ordered two officials of a food manu...

Seoul's financial hub dream gone wrong 

SINGAPORE - Korea has lost the opportunity to establish itself as an international financial center in Asia, giving way to China and other Asian countries. Th... 

Rainbow center reaches out to migrant youths 

Sabahat Moon Javaid, 23, is perhaps one of the more privileged foreign nationals to enter Korea at...


Dong AIlbo (

'Nuclear tests will stop if US stops S. Korea exercises,' says N. Korea

"If Korea stops the annual Korea-U.S. military exercise, North Korea is willing to stop the nuclear test," Ri Su Yong, North Kore…

Gov't plans to bail out companies from Kaesong Industrial Complex

It is said that the South Korean government plans to bail out with its budget the current assets that South Korean companies left…

Passenger failing to block drunk driving to be punished

Police and prosecutors have declared "eradiation of drunk driving" and decided to punish passengers who fail to block the driver …


Chosun Ilbo (

2 N.Korean Workers Flee Labor Camp in Qatar

Two North Korean laborers escaped from a camp for laborers in Doha, Qatar on March 15 and sought refuge in a police station. The workers told police they could no longer endure...

Pantech to Cut Hundreds More Jobs

Smartphone maker Pantech, which was given a new lease of life in a buyout last year, said Friday it will lay off half of its 500 staff by the end of next month. Pantech was...

Drunk Drivers to Face Stiffer Penalties

Motorists convicted of driving under the influence are set to face stricter penalties. Under new measures unveiled by the National Police Agency on Sunday, repeat DUI offenders...

Home Decoration Wave Hits Korea

The Western home decoration boom is sweeping across Korea as the nation settles into more leisurely first-world consumption patterns. Companies in the business have seen sales...

Most Working Women Would Hire Foreign Help

Some 68 percent of working mothers are willing to hire foreign housekeepers as long as they can speak some Korean, a survey suggests. Prof. Mo Jong-ryn at Yonsei University asked...


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Trading games in Washington

Obama administration is beginning its big push to get Congress to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As is standard practice in debates over trade policy in Washington, this means that t..

Seeking a break from the grind, more are heading to Jeju Island for one month stays

Next month, an office worker surnamed Kim has the rare opportunity to take an entire month off work, and he is planning to spend it in his dream destination of Jeju Island. Kim’s past vacations to t..

North Korean foreign minister says Pyongyang must “answer nukes with nukes”

North Korea’s foreign minister said in a New York visit this week that Pyongyang had no choice but to “answer nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons.” The message from minister Ri Su-yong is a rejectio..

FKI staying quiet on whether or not it funded right-wing groups

The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) remained quiet for a third straight day after revelations that it provided over US$100,000 to the right-wing Korea Parent Federation (KPF) through a Bethel Mi..

Support for Pres. Park and ruling party hits lowest point since taking office

President Park Geun-hye’s approval rating plunged ten percentage points in the past week, dropping to under 30% and tying the low for her term. At 30%, support for the ruling Saenuri Party (NFP) was ..

Need to find the extent of right-wing groups dark connections to power

Allegations surrounding the hiring of North Korean defectors by the Korea Parent Federation (KPF) and other right-wing groups are becoming more bizarre by the moment. On Apr. 22, the KPF admitted rece..

Seoul rejects N. Korea’s offer of family meetings for defected restaurant staff

In connection with a group defection to South Korea of 13 North Korean employees at the Ryukyung Restaurant in Ningbo, a city in China’s Zhejiang Province, North Korea’s Red Cross said on Apr. 22 that..

How about DMZ hiking?

Visitors listen to an explanation of riverside ecology along the Imjin River in an area of Paju, Gyeonggi Province that was recently opened to the public, Apr. 22. They took a 9 km roughly 3-hour trek..

Reading in the Forest of Wisdom

A man reads a book at the Forest of Wisdom in Paju Book City on Apr. 21, ahead of World Books Day (Apr. 23). World Books Day was conceived by UNESCO in 1995 to encourage reading and publishing.

Last session of 19th National Assembly, but vacancies abound

Students listen at the final session of the 19th National Assembly, in Seoul on Apr. 21. All the lawmakers seats were vacant. (by Kim Kyung-ho, staff photographer)


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

North claims ‘eye-opening’ test of an SLBM

North Korea conducted a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test on Saturday afternoon, which they claimed as a “great success,” provoking a protest from Seoul. North Korea fired a ballistic missile from a submarine off its east coast on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. near the city of Sinpo, the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Saturday evening… .

Clues show U.K. bosses manipulated Oxy case

The British headquarters of Reckitt Benckiser Korea, manufacturer of the popular Oxy line of cleaning products…

Korea pins economic hopes on the rise of fintech

Imagine being able to order new supplies of your favorite instant ramen by placing your smartphone…

ID verification, big data will drive Korea’s fintech

Up until last year, Jeong Hee-suk couldn’t drum up any interest with banks or credit card companies…

KB’s investment unit offers to match funds for start-ups

If a fintech start-up successfully attracts a certain amount of investment it targeted on a crowdfunding…


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

Cracks Running through Cheong Wa Dae’s Authority

After the Saenuri Party's defeat in the April 13 parliamentary elections, signs that President Park Geun-hye's grip on state affairs is weakening have been ob···

Secretary Ban Ki-moon Scheduled to Visit Korea Late Next Month: A Rising Presidential Hopeful, All Eyes on His Every Move

* Ban may be scheduled to attend an NGO event in Gyeongju On April 21, it was reported that United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (72, photo) was···

Korea Parent Federation’s Financial Source Disclosed, 'Cheong Wa Dae Ordered the Demonstrations'

As circumstances point to the possibility of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) providing hundreds of millions of won to the Korea Parent Federation (KPF···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Korean Contractors Expected to Hit the Order Jackpot in Iran

Korean construction, engineering, and trading firms are winning large-scale infrastructure deals in newly opening Iran in droves. According to construction industry estimates, the total amount of orders will reach as high as US$20 billion including those signing provisional contracts and memorandums... 

4 Shipyards to Go ahead with "Big Deal" of Their Defense Units

The government is reviewing a plan to consolidate defense businesses of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hanjin Heavy Industries, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, and the like. This is part of a wider arrangement by which the government will undertake shipbuilding indu...

State-run Banks' Exposure to Shipbuilding and Shipping Industry Reaches 21 Tril. Won

The amount of risk exposed by Korea Development Bank and Korea EximBank to shipbuilding and shipping industry customers in the form of loans, guarantees, and corporate bonds will surpass 21 trillion won as of the end of April this year. That's because more companies within the sectors including Hyun...

Air Purifier Market Balloons to 1 Tril. Won

In the Korean air purifier market which has hitherto been led by local brands import brands are enjoying rising popularity. Despite higher prices of import brands, most of which are priced higher than 1 million won, the consumer demand for air purifiers is on the rise as concerns about the yellow du...

26 Out of 41 Major KOSDAQ Firms Lower 1Q Earnings Estimates

With the opening of the first-quarter earnings season, the earnings estimates made by KOSDAQ-listed companies are greatly lowered compared to three months ago. According to financial information provider FnGuide on April 24, the first-quarter operating profit estimates of the 41 KOSDAQ firms for whi...

AJU Business Daily (

North Korea claims to have succeeded in SLBM launch 

North Korea claimed Sunday to have conducted the successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile that could hit targets in South Korea and the United States any ti… 



Price of 32-Inch Panel Finally Rebounds after 15 Months

Prices of LCDs and panels for 32-inch TVs finally rebounded after 15 months. Prices of 40-inch panels also stopped decreasing and have started to increase. There is a high chance that LG Display and

LG Electronics Becomes Top Drum Washing Machine Seller in First Quart...

As LG Electronics became the top drum washing machine seller in first quarter in drum washing machine market of the U.S., there are positive signs that indicate that ...

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. To Supply Camera Modules to a North ... 

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. is planning to supply camera modules to Tesla. Electronic components for vehicles is one of major future businesses that Samsung Electr...


Maeil Business News Korea ( )

Samsung C&T’s $332 mn construction project in Saudi Arabia put on hold for 7 months

A 380 billion won ($332 million) worth stock exchange center construction project in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Saudi Arabia led by Samsung C&T Corp., the construction ...

IBK to put its KT&G shares worth $289 mn on sale within 2016

South Korea’s state-run Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is putting out its 2 percent stakes in nation’s major tobacco ...

Samsung Medison unveils deep learning-based breast ultrasound imaging device

Samsung Medison Co., a medical device subsidiary of South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics Co., announced on Thursday ...


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Humor from a kind-hearted former Central Asian ambassador:

Who is poor?

A wealthy woman goes to a saree store and tells the boy at the counter, "Bhaiya, show me some cheap sarees. It is my son's marriage and I have to give to my maid."

After sometime, the maid comes to the saree shop and tells the boy at the counter, "Bhaiya, show me some expensive sarees. I want to gift my Mistress on her son's marriage."

Poverty is in the mind or in the purse?

Who is rich?

Once, a lady with her family was staying in a 3-star hotel for a picnic. She was the mother of a 6-month-old baby.

"Can I get 1 cup of milk?" asked the lady to the 3-star hotel manager.

"Yes, madam," he replied.

"But it will cost 100 bucks."

"No problem," said the lady.

While driving back from hotel, the child was hungry again.

They stopped at a road side tea stall and took milk from the tea vendor

"How much?” she asked the tea vendor.

"Madam, we don't charge money for kid's milk," the old man said with a smile.

"Let me know if you need more for the journey."

The lady took one more cup and left.

She wondered, "Who’s richer? The hotel manager or the old tea vendor?”

Sometimes, in the race for more money, we forget that we are all humans.

Let's help someone in need, without expecting something in return.

It will make us feel better than what money can.

Coffee never knew that it would taste so nice and sweet, before it met milk and sugar.

We are good as individuals but become better when we meet and blend with the right people...

Stay connected.

"The world is full of nice people... If you can't find one... Be one.

(Editor’s note: Contribute the humor of your country or region and help your incumbent and former colleagues in Korea chuckle and remember you. Send the traditional and/or current humor of you country or region to or to be shared with your colleagues and Korean friends.)


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