The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June13, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Monday,June13, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesanda roundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media


Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


UNSpecial Rapporteur: N. Korea's Human Rights Issue is about System

The UnitedNations Special Rapporteur on North Korean human rights MarzukiDarusman saysthat the North’s human rights issue is about its system.

UnificationMinistry Refuses to Allow S. Korean Group to Visit N. Korea

Seoul'sUnification Ministry has refused to grant the request by a South Korean civicgroup to visit North Korea to mark the 16th anniversary of the June 15 JointDeclaration. 

OperationBegins to Lift Bow of Sunken Sewol Ferry

An operationhas begun to lift the bow of the sunken ferry Sewol, which remains deepunderwater off Jindo Island in South Jeolla Province for over two years.

Rep.ChooMi-ae Declares Bid to Become Head of MPK

UnificationMinistry Refuses to Allow S. Korean Group to Visit N. Korea

S.Korean Parties Urge Gov't to Produce Measures on Illegal Chinese Fishing

CustomerDeposits for Stock Investments Surge After Rate Cut

S.Korea's Exports of Medical Products Top 10Tln Won

S.Korea's ICT Exports Decrease 10% in May



U.S.should propose comprehensive peace treaty talks with N. Korea: Joel Wit

The UnitedStates should increase pressure on North Korea but at the same time make clearits willingness to hold comprehensive negotiations encompassing not onlydenuclearization, but also a peace treaty and normalization of diplomaticrelations, a U.S. expert has said.

Prosecutorsseek arrest warrant for ex-chairwoman of Hanjin Shipping

Prosecutors onSunday filed for an arrest warrant for a former head of Hanjin Shipping Co.accused of illegally selling company stocks by misusing insider information.

Unionof Daewoo Shipbuilding to vote on strike

Thousands ofunion members of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, a financiallytroubled South Korean shipbuilder, said Sunday they plan to begin casting theirballots this week over whether to authorize a strike.

Veterangolfer Kang wins out on Japanese tour

Veteran golferKang Soo-yun collected her second win on the LPGA of Japan Tour (JLPGA) onSunday.


The KoreaHerald (

Lottein crisis as probe widens

South Koreanretail giant Lotte Group is facing its worst management crisis to date as theprosecution expands its probe...

Crimeon rise in Seoul's foreign towns

For manySeoulites, a visit to Daerim-dong or Yeonnam-dong would mean a stop in thedistrict’s...

Thousandsmarch through central Seoul in pride parade

Thousands ofpeople marched through central Seoul on Saturday to stand up for equality andresp...

ACTexams canceled in South Korea, Hong Kong over breach

Operators ofthe ACT college entrance exam on Saturday canceled the ...


The KoreaTimes (

Chinaand NK: back to square one

For a briefwhile, South Korean diplomats were in a rather celebratory mood: it looked likeChina, for a change, had joined the ROK and the U.S. in their efforts tosubject North Korea to the toughest sanctions ever. Indeed, in ...

Koreashould brace for `long game'

The Koreaneconomy is unlikely to post any meaningful rebound in the near future due toweak exports on the global slowdown, sluggish domestic demand and cluelesscorporate restructuring, according to global economists. Last wee...

'Translatingsubtitles is like translating poetry'

Darcy Paquet,an American film critic and translator who has worked on English subtitles forover 100 Korean films, says movie subtitles in English have come a long way.“The situation now is better than, for example, the late 1...


DongAIlbo (

(MLB)Oh Seung-hwan, Kang Jung-ho have first pitching and hitting showdown

The very firstpitching and hitting showdown of the season between Korean major leaguers hasfinally been made. Oh Seung-hwan (ag…

Beijingraids a North Korean agent’s house

The JapaneseYomiuri newspaper said that the Chinese security authorities arrested a seniorNorth Korean spy residing in Dandong,…

Koreanresearchers develop soft brain window for brain treatment

A Koreanresearch team has developed a technology that enables real-time observationinto animals’ brains and treatment. The team…

Poll:Ban’s approval rating at 26%, Moon 16%, Ahn 10%

An opinionpoll on Korea’s next political leaders conducted by Gallup Korea suggested thatU.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ran…


ChosunIlbo (

Simple Habits That Can Keep You Looking,Feeling Young

The body's key functions inevitably deteriorate with age.But your lifestyle patterns, including eating habits and exercise levels, allinfluence the pace at which you age. Tiny little things can make a hugedifference

Convenience Stores Still Sell Cigarettes toMinors

One in three convenience stores in Seoul has soldcigarettes to minors, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said Thursday. Theestimate was the result of monitoring 1,300 convenience stores in Seoul forillegal cigarette sales to minors from March 28 to April 29, which found that406 or 31.2 percent had done so.

Romantic Comedies Capture Young SoapAudiences

Two comedic soaps have captured the hearts of youngviewers -- "Another Oh Hae-young" on weekdays and "BeautifulGong Shim" on weekends. They ably feed the Cinderella clich? with heroinesrescued from misfortune by a rich, handsome man.


HankyorehShinmoon (

At“quitters’ school”, company workers learn their life’s next step

More peopleare dissatisfied with their lives, and seeking to move on to something they’repassionate about

Lee, anemployee in his fifth year at a major corporation: I’ve been working for overfour years at the kind of large corporation that everyone envies. There havebeen a lot of times when I’ve been skeptical of the company’s decision-makingstructure and organizational culture. But I‘d never thought of quitting. Iwanted to hear other people talking about putting their plans to quit intopractice, and draw some strength from that.“Samsung man” in his late forties:

Aquarter of elderly people suffer from shame at being in care facilities

One in fourseniors admitted to long-term care facilities suffers from “admission trauma,”or a sense of shame over being admitted, a survey shows.For this and otherreasons, nearly four in ten admitted seniors were found to describe their lifeas “unsatisfactory.”EwhaWomans University researcher Moon Jeong-hwa published apaper on June 8 titled “Admission Situation Factors and Life Satisfaction amongSenior Citizens at Care Facilities.”

Shouldhagwons close on Sundays, as kids study seven days a week?

Mr. Bae, 47,is a working man from Seoul’s Gwanak District with a daughter in her secondyear of middle school. Every Sunday, he ends up serving as her chauffeur as sheattends four-hour lectures in math and science offered for future medicalstudents by Gangnam District. On Sunday mornings, Bae’s wife prepares lunchesfor their daughter to take along forher eight hours of classes - four in the afternoon and four more in theevening.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Lotte’slatest crisis is its biggest

Lotte Groupfaced the biggest crisis in its history as prosecutors investigate it for shadypractices, and a number of impending projects - including a corporategovernance restructuring - may be at risk. Major projects by the group,including an initial public offering (IPO) of its hotel unit, the acquisitionof an American chemical firm and the regaining of a license to operated a dutyfree mall at Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, southern Seoul…

ACTexam cancelled in Korea and Hong Kong

Operators ofthe ACT college entrance exam on Saturday canceled the tests for students inSouth Korea…

Chineseboat seized, 7 sailors brought to port

A Chinesevessel illegally fishing off Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea was seized byIncheon Coast Guard…

Korea’spower company looks for business abroad

Korea MidlandPower (Komipo), one of five power generation subsidiaries of the Korea ElectricPower Corporation…         



[Afterthe Comfort Women Agreement] Kim Bok-dong Heading to the UN Human RightsCouncil, “Other Countries Think It‘s Over Because Our Government Says It’sOver”

At 12:30 p.m.on June 3, a woman in her thirties swung a hammer at the "Girl ofPeace" statue, the comfort women monument, which had been gazing at wherethe ···

KoreanDiplomacy Not at Home

The ParkGeun-hye government had always received a good evaluation of its handling offoreign affairs even if they failed miserably in domestic politics. What w···

TurningTheir Backs and Not Listening: Lame Duck Treatment Begins from Inside

President ParkGeun-hye's grip over state administration is crumbling from inside. Rulingparty members are openly turning their backs on Cheong WaDae. The ps···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

Prosecutors'Office Puts 24 Lotte Group Key Executives on Overseas Travel Ban

TheProsecutors' Office put an overseas travel ban on 24 Lotte Group executives andthe group's key family members in relation to suspicions of an alleged slushfund. According to prosecutors on June 12, special prosecutors within the SeoulCentral Prosecutors' Office ordered three members of the Lo... 

ContainerFreight Rates Up 35% in Three Months

The shippingindustry, which has been mired in a global downturn, is showing signs ofrebounding on the back of the recovery of freight rates. According to industrysources on June 9, the Shanghai Container Freight Index, a leading indicator ofthe global container freight rate trend, reached 589 po...

Celltrionand Kakao to Be Freed from 39 Conglomerate-related Regulations

The upperlimit for the standard of designating companies as conglomerates is set to beraised from 5 trillion won now to 10 trillion won in asset value terms. Inaddition, state-owned enterprises will be excluded from the conglomerate groupcategory. As many as 37 business groups, including Harim,...

Naver'sLine to Be Listed in the U.S. and Japan Stock Markets Simultaneously

Naver's100-percent subsidiary Line, which runs the No. 1 messenger in Japan andSoutheast Asia, will be listed in Japan's Tokyo and America's New York StockExchange simultaneously on July 15. This will be the first among Koreancompanies to list overseas subsidiary in two stock markets at the sam...


AJUBusiness Daily(

Pyongyangdiscloses IDs of female defectors 

Pictures ofthree female defectors were posted in Uriminzokkiri's report [Screenshotcaptured from Uriminzokkiri] North Korea has posted the identities of tworestaurant workers and a thi… 

Prosecutorsseek charges against nine more over humidifier deaths 

South Koreanprosecutors have sought warrants to arrest nine more people, including six fromtwo major discount chains, in an investigation into deadly humi… 

UScargo plane skids off runway, no casualties 

A US cargoplane run by UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, has skidded offthe runway at South Korea's main gateway west of Seoul, damagingfacilitie… 

IAEAaccuses Pyongyang of reprocessing nuclear fuel

North Koreacould have started reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to harvest plutonium fornuclear weapons, the International Atomic



Samsung Electronics to Sell Limited Editionof Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition on the 13th

Samsung Electronics is going to sell limited edition of1,000 Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition Package on the 13th through its onlinestore. Store price is $1,035 (1.199 million KRW) and Batman Injus

LSIS Co., Ltd. to Mass-Produce Its PortableChargers for Electric Vehicles Soon

LSIS Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO26262, which is aninternational standard for vehicle functional safety, for its portable chargers(cord set) for electric vehicles. (Referred to 19th page of Electronic Times onthe 8th of June)

CrucialTec to Supply Its FingerprintRecognition Modules to Super-High-Priced Smartphones

CrucialTec is supplying its fingerprint recognitionmodules to super-high-priced Smartphones that are specialized for security.


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

LotteChemical backs off from US Axiall bid

South Korea’sLotte Chemical Corp. backed off from a bid it had made to acquire Axiall Corp.just about a week ago, citing unfavorable conditions at home and heatedcompetition abroad. ...

CJCGV Co.’s credit rating outlook cut to negative

South Korea’smajor credit rating agencies slashed the credit rating outlook for CJ CGV “negative,” with its rating ...

MiraeAsset Global Investments to sell Capital Tower to US Blackstone

South Korea’sMirae Asset Global Investments Co. plans to sell its Capital Tower in Gangnam,Seoul to Blackstone Group LP, New ...


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