The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June 23, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday,June 23, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesanda roundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media


TheKorea Post currently has two very important tours for the ambassadors andspouses

(Please do notmiss them!)

1.A one-night-two-daytour of Boryeong Mud Festival

MayorKim Dong-ill of the Boryeong City cordially invites the Excellencies and Madamsto a two-day tour of the 19th Boryeong Mud Festival at the picturesque DaecheonBeach on Saturday-Sunday, 16-17 July 2016. Please scroll down to the endof this Headlines for further details.

2.A single day tour of the 2016 Yechon World Insect Expo

MayorLee Hyun-joon of the Yecheon County of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province cordiallyinvites Your Excellency and Madam to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016Yecheon World Insect Expo on Saturday July 30, 2016, which is attended by PrimeMinister Hwang Kyo-ahn on behalf of President Park Geun-hye. Please check thefull details of the Inviation at the bottom of this Headlines.

Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


PyongyangClaims Latest Missile Launch Was Success

North Koreahas claimed that it has succeeded in testing an intermediate-range ballisticmissile.

The North’sofficial Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) said Thursday that the regimesucceeded in test-firing what it called “surface-to-surface mid- to long-rangestrategic ballistic missile named Hwasong-10.”

BrexitReferendum Likely to Affect S. Korean Financial Market on Friday

The SouthKorean financial market is likely to be influenced by the referendum on apossible UK exit from the European Union(EU), beginning early Friday morning,Korean time, when the vote counting process begins.

UNSCto Hold Emergency Meeting to Discuss N. Korea's Latest Missile Launches

The U.N.Security Council (UNSC) is expected to hold an emergency meeting to discussNorth Korea's latest intermediate-range ballistic missile launches.

FormerSaenuri Lawmakers Submit Application to Rejoin Party

ChineseAmbassador Visits Assembly Speaker

ForeignMinistry: N. Korea's Missile Launches Threaten Peace

BrexitReferendum Likely to Affect S. Korean Financial Market on Friday

S.Korea to Seek Sufficient Fiscal Expansion

KOSPIAdvances; KOSDAQ Stays Nearly Flat


Yonhap (

U.N.Security Council holds emergency meeting on N.K. missile launches

The U.N.Security Council held an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss North Korea'slatest test of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, as the communist nationclaimed the test was successful.

SKWyverns sign Dominican left-hander

South Koreanbaseball club SK Wyverns announced their signing of Dominican left-handerBraulio Lara Thursday.

Dropin S. Korea's exports to China extends to record streak in May

South Korea'sexports to China continued to shrink from a year earlier in May, tying therecord streak of 11 months of decrease, industry data showed Thursday.


The KoreaHerald (

Part-timersfast in fight for minimum wage hike

On Tuesdayafternoon, some 15 part-timers were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on thepavement beh...

Resourcesdevelopment policy hobbled by inconsistency

Korea relieson imports for 96 percent of primary energy sources and 99 percent ...

ShinDong-bin’s ‘Global Lotte’ in jeopardy

The year 2016had been set to become a major turning point for Lotte chairman Sh...


The KoreaTimes (

KangJung-ho slams 10th homer 

Kang slammedhis home run against a slider from San Francisco starter Jeff Samardzija in thebotto...

UNto hold meeting on N. Korea missile launches 

The U.N.Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to discussNorth Korea's latest firings of the Musudan intermediate-range ballist...

Smartdevices add 11 hours to workweek: report 

Because of“smart” devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, Korean workers have to workan extra 11.3 hours a week, a report showed Wednesday.

Billbanning work-related texting after work hours proposed 

Oppositionlawmakers on Wednesday handed in a bill that will ban employers from textingtheir staff after work hours, amid rising concerns among South Koreans...


DongAIlbo (

Working11 more hours a week due to smartphones

Koreanemployees are working 11 extra hours each week by using devices such assmartphones and tablet PCs when they are off work …

MITTechnology Review annouces top 50 smartest companies

MIT TechnologyReview announced the world's top 50 smartest companies in 2016 Tuesday. Amongthe annual top 50 smartest companies…

Obamaextends N. Korea sanctions for 1 year

U.S. PresidentBarack Obama has extended his country’s economic sanctions on North Korea foranother year as North Korea launched…

JusticeParty praises gov't decision to expand Gimhae Airport

The JusticeParty, which has been opposing the government and the ruling party on manyfronts, in an unusual move has expressed i…


ChosunIlbo (

Koreans Lead World in Getting News on Phones

Korea leads the world in terms of the number of peoplewho get their news on smartphones, though they mostly read sports news andcelebrity gossip. A survey of 26 countries found that 48 percent of Koreansread news on their smartphones.

Samsung's Flagship Store in New York ProvesPopular

Samsung's flagship store in New York has been provingpopular as it has attracted some 150,000 visitors in just four months since itsopening in February. Samsung's response to the Apple Store, Samsung 837 is nota retail store at all. 

Asia's Biggest Film Studio to Be Built inBusan

Busan is to become home to the biggest film studio inAsia. City officials on Tuesday signed an agreement with the Ministry ofCulture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Film Council, and the Gijang regionalgovernment. The studio will be built on 249,400 sq.m of land in Gijang. 


HankyorehShinmoon (

Tripto Europe embodies comfort women’s dreams of peace and human rights

The formercomfort women for the Japanese imperial army had two dreams. The first wasreturning home to their parents and friends, and the second was creating apeaceful world without war or human rig..

Fortrust in the news, South Korea ranks low on international list

South Korearanked at the very bottom in an international comparison of trust in newssources. The tendency was particularly noticeable among millennials, peopleaged 35 and younger. On June 21, the ..

NISmoving ahead with counterterrorism, but no human rights officer yet

Now that theAnti-Terror Act has taken effect, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service(NIS) is moving into full swing with terrorism intelligence collection andcountermeasures. While the spy age..

Recordingssurface, shedding light on Korean War-era massacres

Recordingshave surfaced with testimony by anti-Communist prosecutor Sunwoo Jong-won(1918-2014), who reportedly organized and orchestrated the Bodo League,thousands of whose members were slaughtered..

Six-partytalks countries gather for dialogue in Beijing Six-party talks countries gatherfor dialogue in Beijing

Chief and vicenegotiators from the countries participating in the Six-Party Talks on NorthKorea’s nuclear program have gathered in Beijing, China, to attend theNortheast Asia Cooperation Dialogue f..


JoongAngIlbo (conservative): (

Two Musudan missiles reveal technical advance

North Korea launched back-to-back Musudan missilesWednesday, one of which flew 400 kilometers (250 miles), South Korean militaryofficials said. While 400 kilometers fell far short of the Musudan’s3,500-kilometer capability, which puts U.S. military bases in the Pacificwithin range, South Korea was alarmed at the technological progress shown… .

‘Supernotes’ from Pyongyang make comeback

Following initial reports last week that a North Koreanagent was arrested in the border city of Dandong…

Korea’s biggest ‘Brexit’ concern is about EU

A day before Britain’s referendum on membership in theEuropean Union (EU), local investors…

KDB still undecided on funding for DSME

Lee Dong-geol, chairman of Korea Development Bank (KDB),said Tuesday that he would be cautious…

Korean manufacturers seen as slow to innovate

In an era where new products promptly get introduced oneafter another, innovation is a vital factor deciding…

Online firms face FTC over late payments

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating thepractices of social commerce businesses…


TheKyunghyangShinmoon (

"WeNeed a City for People to Live in, Not a City for Investors," Lecture byWorld-Renowned Scholar Harvey

"We don'twant to create a city for investors. We need a city for people to livein." David Harvey, 81, a distinguished professor at the City Universityo···

NewAirport in the Yeongnam Region Back to Square One, Waste of National Energy Dueto Consuming Conflict

Yesterday, thegovernment announced, "We have reached the conclusion that expanding theGimhae Airport is our best option," bringing the decade-long conflictsurrounding the location of a new airpor···

LongestServing Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Sung-choon, What Did HeDo During the Five Years and Four Months?

Minister ofPatriots and Veterans Affairs Park Sung-choon is once again in the center of apolitical debate as a man of conflict. The three opposition parties--···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

LG Group to Acquire 23-story STX Namsan Towerat 300 Bil. Won

LG Group will buy up STX Namsan Tower, a 23-storybuilding located just across Seoul Station, at the cost of about 300 billionwon. LG Corp., the holding company of LG Group, held on June 22 a board ofdirectors meeting and passed an agenda to purchase the commercial building. AnLG Corp. official s...

Dongbu Steel in Talks with Iranian SteelFirms for Possible Sell-off of Its Electric Furnace

Dangjin Works. Once the company succeeds in selling thefurnace, it is likely that the sale of Dongbu Steel, currently under a workoutprogram, would be accelerated. According to investment ba...


AJUBusiness Daily (

Kimhails 'successful' launch of missile capable of hitting US

North Koreanleader Kim Jong-Il hailed the "successful" test-launch of missilesthat could hit any US targets in the Pacific, vowing to step up the developmentof nuclear weapons, Pyongyang's state media reported Thursday. The launch on …

McIlroyboycotts Rio Olympics, fearful of Zika

Irish golfstar Rory McIlroy has refused to compete in the upcoming summer Olympics inBrazil, citing concern about the Zika virus…

Kimhails 'successful' launch of missile capable of hit…

North Koreanleader Kim Jong-Il hailed the "successful" test-launch of missilesthat could hit any US targets in the Pacific, vowing to step …



Samsung Electronics Declares to Lead IoTGeneration

Samsung Electronics has declared to lead IoT generationby suggesting its method of vitalizing IoT and starting a strategicconsultative group with Intel. Samsung Electronic...

TATIAS: Korean Jewelry brand attractscustomers globally with its unique ...

A Korean titanium jewelry specialty mall, TATIAS(, is entering the global market to grow as an internationalbrand as it offers unique designs and competi...

SK Hynix to Push Its D-RAM Technology as NextGlobal Standards

SK Hynix has presented its D-RAM technology asinternational standards to respond to 3D CrossPoint Memory of Intel and Micron.Although its technology is slower...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Samsungforms IoT initiative with Intel, unveils $1.2 billion investment plan

South Korea’sSamsung Electronics Co. on Tuesday partnered up with Intel Corp. to jointlyresearch and develop Internet of ...

BOKgovernor warns of increasing downside risks ahead of Brexit

Bank of KoreaGovernor Lee Ju-yeol on Wednesday repeated warning about escalatinguncertainties and downside risks for the ...


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Invitationto a two-day tour of Boryeong Mud Festival

Iam pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Kim Dong-ill of the BoryeongCity cordially invites Your Excellency and Madam to a two-day tour of the 19thBoryeong Mud Festival at the picturesque Daecheon Beach (some 119 miles southof Seoul) on Saturday-Sunday, 16-17 July 2016. It was designated by theGovernment as the Best Festival of the Republic of Korea.

Theitinerary is as follows:

DayOne: 1200 hours, Saturday 16 July 2016: Meet at Grand Hyatt Seoul (by the waterfountain)

1200-1400hours: Move to Boryeong City by Limousine bus. High-quality lunch box served onthe bus.

1400-1500hours: Check in at the Westopia Tourist Hotel.

1500-1620hours: Watch street parade at the Dongdae-dong Rotary.

1620-1800hours: Have hands-on experience in mud festival activities.

1800-1930hours: Attend welcome dinner in honor of the ambassadors and spouses.

1930-2200hours: Attend opening ceremony and watch opening ceremony performances.

2200hours: Check in at the hotel for the night.

DayTwo: 0800-0900 hours, Sunday 17 July 2016: Breakfast at the hotel, and checkout.

0900-1200hours: Visit Ongma-jeon Pavilion, Seongju Castle Site, Seongju Mountain Restand Recuperation Forest, Cypress Forest, and tour Gaehwa Art Park.

1200-1300hours: Farewell luncheon at the Gaehwa Art Park Reception Hall and presentationof Plaque of Appreciation to the Mayor by the Dean of the visiting members ofthe Seoul Diplomatic Corps. (The Plaque will be prepared by The Korea Post.)

Pleaseindicate your interest in the following space:

Yes,we___(I alone___) will attend. Emergency cellphone number____________________

Contactphones of The Korea Post: 2298-1740/2, mobile 010-3388-1682 (Ms. Kim Jeong-mifor Korean callers) or 010-5201-1740 (Chairman Lee for English callers).

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Invitationto the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo

Iam pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Lee Hyun-joon of the YecheonCounty of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province cordially invite Your Excellency and Madamto attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo onSaturday July 30, 2016, which is attended by Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn onbehalf of President Park Geun-hye. Please visit: /news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=1303for details of the Expo.

Theitinerary of the Tour is as follows:

1330hours Saturday 30, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul (near the Water Fountain).

1330-1630hours: Move by Limousine Buses to Main Venue of the Inspect Expo.

1630-1700hours: Visit the Main Theme Hall of the Expo, Amusement Park, IndustrialPavilion, and the Parblue Garden.

1700-1715hours: Move to the Dinner Banquette Hall of the Yecheon Wedding Hall.

1715-1815hours: Attend Dinner hosted by Mayor and Mrs. Lee Hyun-joon.

1830-1900hours: Attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo.

1900-2200hours: Move back to Seoul arriving at Grand Hayatt Seoul.

VeryRespectfully Yours




TheKorea Post phones: 2298-1740/2, mobiles 010-3388-1682 (Korean) and010-5201-1740 (Chairman Lee Kyung-sik).

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Mobilephone of driver or secretary:_________________________.     Regrets:_____.

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