The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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October 10, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, October 10, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesandaroundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

What’sticking in Korea today?

Hereis a quick roundup of important news stories from the major Korean news mediatoday:


CSIS: N. KoreaLikely Stage Provocation around American Elections

A UnitedStates think tank says that North Korea tends to stage provocation such asnuclear tests or missile firing around the time of American elections.

'Private USDelegation Visited N. Korea in September'

The New YorkTimes reported that a civilian U.S. delegation commissioned by the RichardsonCenter for Global Engagement visited North Korea last month and helddiscussions in areas of mutual interest.

KERI:Renegotiation of KORUS FTA to Cause Loss of 240,000 Jobs

A domesticthink tank says that if South Korea and the United States renegotiate theirbilateral free trade agreement, it would cause the loss of 240,000 jobs andresult in export losses worth 26-point-nine billion U.S. dollars for SouthKorea between 2017 and 2021.


Yonhap (

PrivateU.S. delegation makes rare visit to N. Korea

NEW YORK, Oct.9 (Yonhap) -- A private U.S. delegation made a rare visit to North Korea last monththat included discussions about recovering the remains of American soldierskilled in the Korean War…

N.Korea could have up to 100 deliverable nuclear weapons in four years: U.S.think tank

WASHINGTON,Oct. 9 (Yonhap) -- North Korea could have up to 100 nuclear weapons in as earlyas four years that can be delivered on long-range, road-mobile andsubmarine-launched ballistic missiles, a…

Transportministry files complaint against Hyundai Motor Co. over airbag defects

SEOUL, Oct. 9(Yonhap) -- South Korea's transport ministry filed a complaint with theprosecution against the country's top automaker Hyundai Motor Co. last week forfailing to take due steps regardin…

S.Korea calls in China's consul general over the sinking of Coast Guard boat

SEOUL/INCHEON,Oct. 9 (Yonhap) -- South Korea on Sunday called in China's consul general inSeoul to lodge a formal complaint over an illegal Chinese fishing boat that intentionallycollided with and…


The KoreaHerald (

US’ UN envoyhints at expanding energy trade ban on NK

With newinternational sanctions in the making over North Korea’s fifth nuclear test,the upcoming resolution should be designed to block the regime from abusingexemptions such as on energy trade for livelihood purposes, said the US’ envoyto the UN Sunday.

Controversyboils over preemptive strike on NK

In the aftermathof North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, calls are rising around Washington for theneed to prepare a preemptive strike on the communist state’s nuclear andmissile facilities, prompting skeptics to question its viability andlegitimacy.

Moreroom’ to cut interest rate for S. Korea: minister

South Korea’sFinance Minister Yoo Il-ho said over the weekend there is “more room” to usemonetary policy at the central bank and partly admitted that lower interestrates led to a rise in household debt.

Foreign firmsgrapple with anti-graft law

Multinationalfirms operating in Korea have been as puzzled as their local counterparts inpreparing for what is considered to be one of the most stringent anti-graftlaws in modern Korean history.


The KoreaTimes (

Lawmaker'signorance stuns citizens

Citizens were amazed on Thursday when a video of ruling Saenuri Partylawmaker Lee Eun-jae criticizing Seoul superintendent Cho Hee-yeon for buyingMicrosoft Office from Microsoft Korea was made public.

Samsung,LG offer free repairs to typhoon victims

SamsungElectronics, LG Electronics and other companies are offering free productrepairs to typhoon Chaba victims.

N.Korea resumes encrypted numbers broadcast after 2-week hiatus

North Korea'sstate radio station on Sunday resumed the broadcast of mysterious numbers aftera two-week hiatus, with the content of the transmission different from what wassent in the past.

Chinesecelebs promote 'K-beauty'

Internetcelebrities in China, known as "Wang Hong" there, have been in thelimelight among Korea's cosmetics and retail industry officials, amid a chillyrelationship between the two countries. Bilateral relations have soured sinceKorea decided to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missilesystem.

Ricegrows in western Seoul

Seoul is oneof the most modern cities, famous for skyscrapers, high-speed internet, andtech-savvy people. Not so famous, are the rice farmers, around 600 as of lastyear, according to data revealed by a city councilor, Sunday.


DongAIlbo (

DonaldTrump campaign in crisis due to his lewd comments

With just onemonth to go before U.S. presidential election, Republican candidate DonaldTrump (70, photo) is in big trouble to lose his chance after the embarrassingfootage, in which conversation about female genitals, attempt on extramaritalaffair with a married woman were recorded, was leaked.

'Washington'spreemptive attacks against the North could be considered'

A leading dovepolitician in the U.S., former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian andPacific Affairs Christopher Hill who argued "sanctions over dialogues withNorth Korea," said that while the matter still remains a very sensitiveissue, he fully understands (why such comments are being expressed) on therecent calls from Washington D.C. for preemptive strikes against North Korea.

Iranianfans may be well-behaved at Tuesday's football match

Its locationat the highlands of 2,000-meter altitude causes athletes to consume a lot ofphysical energy, while loud cheers coming from tens of thousands of Iranianfans make them feel threatened.


ChosunIlbo (

Chinese Trawler Sinks Coast Guard Ship

A Coast Guard vessel sank after being rear-ended by aChinese trawler that was fishing illegally in the West Sea on Friday. The CoastGuard failed to give chase and waited 30 hours before officially announcing theincident.

Millennials Shun Voice Calls in Favor ofTexting

A growing number of young people are developing"call phobia" which makes them reluctant to make voice calls and relyonly on text messages.

Wage Gap Opens Up in 'Safe' Professions

Some lawyers and accountants are struggling despite theirtraditionally "safe" profession, and the wage gap even within theseoccupations is widening.


HanKyoRehShinmoon (

[Correspondent’scolumn] Why anti-Korean sentiment still festers in Japan

Recent storiesof discrimination show that Korean in Japan still face prejudice, despite theiradmiration for Japan

BlueHouse monitoring North Korea closely for provocation around anniversary on Oct.10

The Blue Houseannounced on Oct. 7 that it was “monitoring movements closely” in North Koreafor a possible sixth nuclear test or long-range missile launch ahead of itsKorean Workers’ Party anniversary on Oct. 10.Blue House spokesperson JeongYeong-guk’s reply came when asked in a meeting with reporters that morningabout the possibility of “additional provocations” from Pyongyang.

High-rankingBlue House officials makes surprise visit to the US

A Blue Houseofficial made an undisclosed surprise visit to the US on Oct. 4-7, it wasrecently learned.The visit by Blue House National Security Office (NSO) firstdeputy director and National Security Council secretary general Cho Tae-yongcame amid a failure to make headway on discussions between Washington andBeijing over an additional United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutionsanctioning North Korea.

Beforenuclear fifth test, North Korea and Japan may have had a secret meeting overabductions

The Japanesegovernment appears to have had a secret meeting with North Korea just beforethe latter’s fifth nuclear test, a Japanese newspaper reported.Citing a sourcefamiliar with North Korea-Japan relations, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reportedon Oct. 7 that three officials,


JoongAngIlbo(conservative) (

Powervisits to discuss likely sanctions

U.S.Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power in her visit to South Korea confirmed thatWashington is committed to using all and any measures feasible against NorthKorea’s nuclear advancement and provocations, a likely sign that stronger andadditional sanctions from the international community may be levied upon theNorth for its fifth nuclear test last month.

Korearaises alert during North’s anniversary

South Koreawas on increased military alert on Sunday as anticipation ran high about apossible North Korean launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile oranother nuclear test to mark its important political anniversary.

Chineseboats hit, sink Coast Guard vessel

The ChineseConsul General was summoned on Sunday by the Korean government after Chinesefishing boats sank a Korea Coast Guard vessel on Friday southwest of SocheongIsland, Incheon.

BOKand finance minster fail to see eye to eye

As the globaleconomy is expected to remain weak for the remainder of this year and next,economic ministers of major economies including Korea have agreed to worktogether to boost global trade on the last day of the International MonetaryFund and World Bank meeting, held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Housingprices skyrocket in southern Seoul

Medianapartment prices in southern Seoul have surpassed 700 million won ($627,521)for the first time in almost a decade, largely due to the reconstruction boom.



[TheDeath of Baek Nam-gi] Far Right Group, "Report the Children of Baek Nam-gifor Murder," Baek's Family, "Walk the Way of Men"

A far-rightorganization decided to report the children of the late Baek Nam-gi for chargesof murder. As hostility toward the bereaved family spreads, the Baek family hasplanned to take legal action.

PresidentPark, "Some Labor Unions Oppose Labor Reforms to Secure Their VestedInterests"

On October 6,President Park Geun-hye said, "Some labor unions of large companies andthose in the public and financial sectors continue to hold onto their vestedinterests, and labor reform bills, which aim to change the rigid labor market,are in a deep sleep unable to pass through the National Assembly.

[70thAnniversary of the Kyunghyang Shinmun] First Page: If We Can't Find a Way toCoexistence, We Will Face Co-Destruction, and We're Running out of Time

The SouthKorean society is lingering before the crossroads of "coexistence"and "co-destruction." The future of South Korea in ten, twenty yearswill depend on coexistence and co-prosperity, but today, we are faced with thequestion, "Do we have the ability to solve the problem?" The SouthKorean society as a whole is being put to the test.


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

MilitaryMutual Aid Assoc. Sees Its Investment Loss Surpass 80 Bil. Won

The MilitaryMutual Aid Association took a huge loss with an investment of more than 1trillion won. According to Rep. Kim Byung-ki (Minjoo Party), a member ofDefense Committee in the National Assembly, on October 9, the total balance ofinvestment the mutual aid association has made as of the end of May this yearwas 1,174.3 billion won. But the balance of its current market value is 1,091.8billion won, down by 82.5 billion won (-7.0%).

KoreaHit with 179 Import Restriction Measures Since 1991...KITA

A study saidKorean companies must be more proactive to the mounting wave of protectionismcoming from the United States. The Korea International Trade Association saidin its report "Spread of Protectionism and Response of KoreanCorporations" published on October 9, "As American companies putpres...

Koreato Lose 240,000 Jobs If It Has to Renegotiate Korea-U.S. FTA Terms

A study saidthat as many as 240,000 domestic jobs would disappear if the Korean governmentrenegotiates the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement as U.S. RepublicanPresidential candidate Donald Trump advocates. The Korea Economic ResearchInstitute said on October 9 in its report "Renegotiating the Kore...

ChinaMoney Engulfs Japanese Electronics Industry

China's LenovoGroup is pushing to acquire Fujitsu's personal computer business. Chinese andTaiwanese giants are making a series of M&A attempts targeting Japaneseelectronics companies. According to a report by the Nikkei on October 6, Lenovois now in talks with Fujitsu to set up a joint venture...

SamsungElectronics Posts 7.8 Tril. Won Operating Profit due to Good Results in SemiconUnit

Despite thesetback caused by the Galaxy Note 7 recall fiasco, Samsung Electronics didquite well in the third quarter to earn operating profit of 7.8


AJU BusinessDaily (

ColorfulJoseon Dynasty royal parade re-enacted in South Korea

A colorfulroyal parade was reenacted Saturday in South Korea, covering the length of anOlympic marathon and showing a variety of traditional folk art performances, a militarycounter-raid drill, and an iconic river-crossing event on a makeshift bridgemade of wooden boats.

HyundaiMotor wrestles with multiple problems at home and abroad

South Korea'sleading Hyundai Motor was struggling Monday with multiple problems at home andabroad that came on the heels of prolonged walkouts by unionized workers.

SKhynix's investment in China to exceed $10 bln: Yonhap

The cumulativeinvestment by SK hynix Inc., a South Korean chipmaker, into its plant in Chinais expected to surpass 10 billion US dollars this year, an industry sourcesaid.

IOCofficial cites promotion as Pyeongchang's biggest challenge: Yonhap

A seniorInternational Olympic Committee member said Friday the biggest challenge facingPyeongChang, host of the 2018 Winter Games, is promoting the event across theworld.


Maeil BusinessNews Korea (

Hyundai Motorto settle Sonata engine defect claims in the U.S.

SouthKorea’s Hyundai Motor Co. will compensate in full for repair charges of 885,000Sonata sedans manufactured between 2011 and 2014 in the U. S.

FSC to probeinto investors profited from Hanmi Pharm short-selling

SouthKorea’s financial authorities who are looking into Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. oninsider trading allegations will extend its probe to investors largely profitedfrom short-selling.

NPS, TP to upinvestment in small- and mid-cap stocks

SouthKorea’s National Pension Service (NPS) and Teachers Pension (TP) are expectedto increase their investment into small- and mid-cap stocks that have beenstuck in a downward spiral since the country’s largest institutional investorshifted its focus to blue-chip stocks from smaller stocks earlier this year.

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