Discussions between the President Moon Jae-in and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen
Discussions between the President Moon Jae-in and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen
  • Oureye Sall
  • 승인 2020.02.06 16:31
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To promote bilateral cooperation.

President Moon Jae-in met with Prime Minister Hun Sen of the Kingdom of Cambodia at Cheong Wa Dae from 4:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. today. They had in-depth discussions on how to promote substantive bilateral cooperation.

At today’s meeting, President Moon said, “Cambodia’s first agricultural products distribution center, a joint venture between our two countries, has been completed. The Korean people are now able to enjoy quality Cambodian mangoes because of this center.” He added, “I look forward to agricultural cooperation expanding further.”
President Moon went on to say, “I hope Korean businesses can participate in Cambodia’s infrastructure construction projects. I expect Korean companies with technological expertise and abundant know-how to take part in building the bridge the Prime Minister has just mentioned.”
President Moon added, “I understand that active discussions are underway between the Cambodian Government and a Korean business about a joint project to build a liquefied natural gas power plant.” He continued to ask for the Prime Minister’s interest “so that this project can be included in Cambodia’s energy master plan and become a milestone in mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries as this is an infrastructure project to construct an LNG import terminal, a gas pipe network and a large-scale gas-fired power plant.”
President Moon next expressed his appreciation to the Cambodian Government for its active support for the Korean Government’s efforts to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula, particularly its support during last year’s ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit for the three principles to resolve Peninsula-related issues and the initiative to turn the DMZ into an international peace zone.
The President said, “Now, inter-Korean cooperation and North Korea-U.S. talks are more important than ever” and went on to stress the necessity of active support and cooperation from Cambodia and other ASEAN member states for the success of the Korean Peninsula peace process.
President Moon also said he plans to invite Global Green Growth Institute member countries to the second P4G Summit to be held in Korea at the end of June this year and expressed his hope that the gathering would serve as an opportunity to share the experience of green growth in Cambodia, a GGGI member.
In addition, President Moon said, “Cambodia sent the largest number of workers to Korea through the Employment Permit System last year, and they are greatly contributing to the economic development of our two countries. I’ll also look into matters related to the protection of workers from Cambodia.”
Noting that the MOU on expanding tourism cooperation signed during Prime Minister Hun Sen’s 2006 visit to Seoul has contributed significantly to promoting relevant collaboration between the two countries, President Moon expressed hope that the MOU revision currently under discussion would further boost tourism cooperation once completed.
The Prime Minister said he looked forward to Korea’s support and cooperation in strengthening Cambodia’s farming industry, especially the processing and distribution of agricultural products.
The Prime Minister said that the two countries are working on a new MOU on tourism cooperation following the one concluded in 2006, mentioning his hope that the existing MOU remains effective until the new one is signed. He went on to say that he is looking forward to more vibrant people-to-people exchanges taking place through the revised bilateral tourism cooperation MOU.
Next, the Prime Minister said the two sides had officially discussed consultations over the pursuit of a bilateral trade agreement. He expressed his hope that the two countries would be able to expand bilateral trade through the agreement, so long as the views do not differ.
Proposing Korea’s participation in the bridge construction project in Cambodia, the Prime Minister said that if Korea builds the bridge across the Mekong River, it will symbolize the two countries’ relationship and be a signature project that connects the Mekong and Hangang rivers.
In reply, President Moon said, “If Cambodia’s potential and Korea’s technologies are combined, we will be able to build a new future.”

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