Chung Mong-koo Foundation says, 'Ondream Ensemble presents special stage’
Chung Mong-koo Foundation says, 'Ondream Ensemble presents special stage’
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"Ondream Ensemble" presents special stage. / Courtesy of Chung Mong-koo Foundation
"Ondream Ensemble" presents special stage. / Courtesy of Chung Mong-koo Foundation


Hyundai Motor's Chung Mong-koo Foundation, led by Chairman Kwon O-kyu, unveiled its regular concert of Ondream Ensemble and Ondream Recital on Dec. 11, which consists of students majoring in classical music among the foundation's cultural and artistic scholarship students, through its YouTube channel.

For this online performance series, the 8th Ondream Ensemble Regular Concert was filmed without audience at the IBK Chamber Hall of the Seoul Arts Center on Nov. 19.

Although there were no loud shouts from the audience who filled the auditorium every year, the enthusiasm of 43 scholarship students and six guidance professors in five parts of the piano, vocal, string, wood wind, and brass wind prepared for the performance was greater than in any other year.

The students, who were usually exposed to curricula to improve their personal skills, were very pleased with the opportunity to sing and join with their guidance professors and other ensemble members, and decorated a beautiful harmony stage.

In addition, the wood wind part and the brass wind part scholarship students among the members of the Ondream Ensemble showed off their polished skills by appearing in the "Ondream Recital" performance.

Among the foundation's social contribution activities, the culture and arts sector continues to provide the highest level of support in Korea. It selects scholarship students with outstanding artistic talents from middle and high schools and college students to provide scholarship support, participation in overseas competitions, and learning opportunities with various types of programs.

The foundation was established in 2007 with the private contribution of Hyundai Motor Group Honorary Chairman Chung Mong-koo. Based on the founder's philosophy of social contribution, it continues to carry out diverse and specialized activities in nurturing future talent, supporting the underprivileged and promoting culture and arts under the brand "Ondream" to serve as a ladder of dreams and hopes.

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