KITA holds “SPOEX 2021” as hybrid exhibition at COEX
KITA holds “SPOEX 2021” as hybrid exhibition at COEX
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“Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show 2021 (SPOEX 2021)”, co-hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, opened at COEX, Samseong-dong in Seoul, on Feb. 18.

Under the theme of 'SPOEX LOG-in', live on-site broadcasting and live commerce sales (Live), online exhibition hall based on exhibition site content (Online), and non-face-to-face video export consultation (Global) were held as a hybrid exhibition that combines offline and online.

First of all, it supported contactless promotion of participating companies by conducting live online streaming of booths at the exhibition site and ‘SPOEX Naver Shopping Live & Special Exhibition’ incorporating live commerce.

Famous sports-related influencers such as Jigi TV (540,000 YouTube subscribers) and PlayerYang (300,000 subscribers) were also invited to live stream the exhibition site live and provide an opportunity for indirect experience in the exhibition.

At the 'SPOEX Live Concert,' CEOs of sports, health and health products exporting companies and executives who are in charge of overseas marketing appeared and shared success stories and know-how.

Yeo Sang-Hyun, a director of Wordin, which exports health and household appliances products, introduced an export know-how by saying, “The company's sales declined as overseas business trips and buyer visits were blocked due to COVID-19. However, we were able to secure new export partners through video consultation system, marketing manual maintenance suitable for video consultation, thorough customer analysis and evaluation, and prompt follow-up management."

During the exhibition, 71 overseas buyers from 16 countries, the largest SPOEX event in history, participated in the video export conference and conducted 238 export consultations with 132 Korean companies.

Major buyers include, China's largest integrated online and offline distribution company, Shopee, a representative e-commerce company in Southeast Asia, and Responze TV, Singapore's home shopping and e-commerce company with distribution channels in more than 50 countries around the world took part in the event.

Richard Lee, director at Responze TV, said, “I participated in a video conference to source innovative products suitable for home shopping. I would like to find at least five excellent Korean companies by taking this opportunity.”

Kim Hyun-chul, head of the Global Marketing Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, “This year, we plan to continue to arrange consultations with overseas buyers while operating an online exhibition hall on, an online business-to-business (B2B) online transaction brokerage platform, for participating companies in SPOEX 2021.”

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