40 Korean innovative startups to participate in 'Amazon Launchpad'
40 Korean innovative startups to participate in 'Amazon Launchpad'
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Amazon Launchpad
Amazon Launchpad


Forty Korean startups were selected to participate in 'Amazon Launchpad', a marketing platform for Amazon.com, through the “2021 Korea International Trade Association X Amazon Launchpad Meetup,” the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) announced.

Amazon Launchpad is a premium marketing platform dedicated to innovative products. The selection criteria are strict and demanding and only 2.9 percent of the tens of thousands of supported companies around the world succeed in featuring their products on the storefront.

However, it has a large purchase conversion effect which is four times that of the general Amazon selling platform. Amazon Launchpad brands will enjoy premium services such as differentiated promotion pages, video marketing, product promotion and sales-related intensive consultation for one year.

Last year, the association supported 30 Korean startups to participate in Amazon Launchpad. Among them, three companies, Wellscare (portable laser pain treatment device), Salted (golf swing exercise device), and 3i (smart pot for smartphone video recording), have achieved $1 million in online sales in less than a year since they featured their products on Amazon Launchpad.

With such achievements, 165 startups submitted applications for this year's recruitment. Amazon Launchpad headquarters picked 40 companies with innovative product lineups, including eco-friendly reusable tumblers with automatic cleaning and sterilization functions, and compatible chargers that automatically convert voltage to match different battery voltages for different products like laptops, smartphones and cameras.

After the final selection, Amazon Launchpad has been examining procedures for participation, support specifics, and detailed reviews on products since from February 19.

Park Pil-jae, chief of KITA Global Startup Center, said, “We will continue to support to find innovative domestic startups that will become 'the second Youngju homi' and their overseas expansion and growth in cooperation with Amazon Launchpad, which is well experienced in operating a global e-commerce platform.”

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