Shilla Stay Seobusan aims to satisfy ‘hocance’ and business demands
Shilla Stay Seobusan aims to satisfy ‘hocance’ and business demands
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Food and beverage promotion event set for local residents to commemorate the opening

By Deputy Director Joseph Sung

Hotel Shilla's premium business brand Shilla Stay opened "Shilla Stay Seobusan" on April 15.

It is the second hotel to open in Busan after Haeundae, targeting domestic and foreign business and the hocance (hotel+vacance) demand in western Busan, which is becoming an international tourist city.

Shilla Stay Seobusan
Shilla Stay Seobusan

Shilla Stay Seobusan, which has two basement floors and 25 floors above ground, consists of 295 rooms, a buffet restaurant, a café outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a business corner.

It takes about 25 minutes by car from Gimhae International Airport to Shilla Stay, and it is easy to access not only by car but also by public transportation. It features an ondol-type "Terrace Ondol Room."

"Shilla Stay is becoming a representative business hotel in Korea that adds substance to the value of the Shilla Hotel under the concept of 'Smarter Stay.' Shilla Stay Seobusan will become a representative hotel in Busan and nearby areas,” a hotel official said.

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