"Teeth must go in health and beauty, which bring peace and pleasure of the mind"
"Teeth must go in health and beauty, which bring peace and pleasure of the mind"
  • Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee
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Emphasizes Director Na Sun-hye of the Minish Dental Hospital
Emphasizes Director Na Sun-hye(right) and Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee(left)
Emphasizes Director Na Sun-hye(right) and Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee(left)

 "The teeth must go hand with the health and beauty of the person. Healthy teeth bring peace and pleasure to a person." this statement was recently made by Director Na Sun-hye of the Minish Dental Hospital in Seoul at a recent exclusive interview with Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee of The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean-language news media since 1985. The following excerpts from the interview:

Question: What should the people normally do to keep their teeth in good health and good condition?

Answer: Generally, people go to the dentist because they are not well or uncomfortable with their teeth.

 Until now, most of the dental treatment was drilling, filling, and billing.

 If you put off the date of seeing a dentist, the more serious become the pain and cost, and they may interfere with your social life.

 Moreover, it is an area that is considered a representative health inequality.

 According to data from Simpyeongwon in 2019, periodontal proble, is a disease that is linked to No.1 in outpatient frequent disease and nursing care payments. This means that most of the people go to hospitals and pay medical bills due to periodontal disease.

Q: We receive many questions from our readers concerning periodontal disease.

A: Periodontal disease is a typical chronic disease, and it develops without sympotoms, and once it is affected, our teeth cannot return to their original state. So, prevention is more important than anything else.

 The cause of periodontal disease is the plug(bacteria on the surface our teeth). Removing the bacterial membrane from the surface of our teeth is considered to be about the only way to prevent the oral diseases such as periodontal disease and other dental problems.

 However, most of the people tend to neglect to understand or manage the dental surface bacteria. If dental treatment is not provided in time, they are exposed to the disease again.

 If oral diseases have been cured and symptoms have improved through dental treatment, now the process of maintaining healthy oral health is essential. Minish spa is a treatment that fullyrecognizes the problems experienced by patients after treatment and manages them so that these problems would not occur again. It is a management program that is provided repeatedly on a regular basis and is a comprehensive treatment program that extends to disease prevention, risk factor management, and life style management.

Q: Please provide us a good advice on tooth cleaning

A: We are living in a time where quality of life is important. Dentistry will no longer be a place where only sick patients come, but a place where people come to become healthier and better-looking. Professional tooth cleaning, introduced by Minish spa, is the solution. Professional dental cleaning (PMTC) is the most basic and important clinical procedure to prevent oral diseases.

 The purpose is to block the progression of oral diseases and to prevent oral diseases that will occur in the future. To do this, it is important to thoroughly remove the causative agent in the oral cavity and reduce re-formation.

Q: Please introduce the Minish spa technique.

A: We check lifestyle habits, oral care skills, and risk factors through an interview with the patient.

 1. Through examination of oral health

 2. To evaluate oral hygiene management ability, color the plaque with a colorant and talk with the patient to motivate them.

 3. The best tool to remove dental plaque is a toothbrush. professional toothbrushing is performed in the most efficient way for patients using a toothbrush. Afterward, the plaque that can be removed through tooth brushing is observed directly and motivation is reapplied.

 4. Plaque in the anaerobic environment such as deep interdental areas, gingival fissures, and periodontal sacs is removed using a curette.

    · This is an area that cannot be removed by the patient, so it is a place that floss once more.

 5. We clean with an interdental toothbrush, a high-tech toothbrush, and floss once more.

 6. We completely remove subgingival calculus

 7. If you have removed plaque and tartar from from the gingival/tooth surface, then, for an environment that makes it difficult for the tooth surface bacteria to adhere and is easy to remove even if it is stuck, use a fluorine-containing abrasive. Polish teeth, gingival fissures, and interdental areas. Where there is staining, use an air polisher to make a clean tooth surface.

 8. Finally, we recommend professional toothbrushing which is performed with toothpaste suitable for the patient and fluoride as needed.

 9. We also coach and offer training in the protection of teeth which is right for the patient.

 10. We also recommend toothpaste, toothbrush, and other care products (including gargle) necessary for the patient.

oral / bad breath examination
oral / bad breath examination

Q: Please introduce me about methyl mercaptan, hydrogen su lfide and halitosis meter.

A: Methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide are types of sulfur compounds and are detected in the case of pathological bad breath. Sulfur compounds emitted by anaerobic bacteria, such as periodontal disease, tooth transplantation, and other bad breath caused by inflammation, are recorded as numerical values.

Q: why did you make name as Minish Spa?

A: when the patient feel it, the patient feels refreshing in an mouth, improves bad breath, and massages the gums.

Q: Please introduce your biography.

A: I am aprofessional dental doctor approved by the Korean Society for Prosthodontics.

 Iam a Ministry of Health and Welfare-certified Dental Prosthesis Specialist approved by the Korean Jaw Joint Society.

 I have a Master's degree in Dental Prosthesis and completed Doctoral Program in Preventive Dentistry.

 I was also the former director of Yeonhap Dental Clinic.

My other previous positions include:

 Director of the Lime Dental Director

 Researcher at the Oral Health Survey (Ministry of Health and Gwangju Regional Headquarters of the National Health Insurance Corporation.

 I am currently in charge of the Minish Dental Hospital's Intensive Prevention Medicine Center.

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