KFCC seeks constant innovation, marking its 58th founding anniversary
KFCC seeks constant innovation, marking its 58th founding anniversary
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It dreams of becoming Korea's leading financial cooperatives

Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC), which overcame the COVID-19 crisis last year and achieved a total asset of 200 trillion won, announced that it will set up a long-range future plan through constant innovation.
The key is digital finance innovation and strengthening social contribution activities. Last year, KFCC has already completed its heavy digital financial tasks such as upgrading smart banking, upgrading customer (call) centers, and building an integrated civil petition system.
In 2021, it plans to actively expand the tablet branches along with providing hyper-personalized services based on the big data environment.
In the case of social contribution, it is making a strong push in conjunction with ESG (environmental, social, governance) management.
Under the catchphrase “Make Green KFCC,” it plans to meet the government policies for the transition to the green economy, such as eco-friendly and low-carbon, while conducting various activities to lay the foundation for sustainability management.

Park Cha-hoon, chairman of Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC)
Park Cha-hoon, chairman of Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC)

Since last January, as part of the “Make Green KFCC” campaign, the “Office Personal Cup Use Campaign” is being promoted.
Executives and employees of KFCC are using individual cups in the office to reduce the use of disposable items.
In addition, it is pushing for various Make Green campaigns (such as raising seed kits, using walking days, matching environmental common sense quizzes, etc.), volunteer activities, support for social enterprises in the environment sector, and expansion of eco-friendly facilities. 
This is to create a new social contribution model that serves as a base for the Green New Deal, a major government policy.
In addition, through support for social enterprises, it is also seeking out growth engines for future generations.
Such projects are being pushed by Park Cha-hoon, chairman of KFCC. Since his inauguration, Chairman Park has been leading various innovations based on the management philosophy of “safety comes first.”
Chairman Park actively reflected the opinions of members of KFCC through various communication channels in the management of the central committee, while greatly enhancing the status of KFCC through differentiated social contribution activities, opening an era of 200 trillion won in assets.
Chairman Park said, “The remarkable growth of KFCC is all due to the thankful love of our members. Through continuous innovation, we will become the KFCC that can be used more widely.”

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