What’s ticking in Korea, around world at this moment?
What’s ticking in Korea, around world at this moment?
  • Yoo, Heui-Jin
  • 승인 2017.01.16 09:55
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Latest news roundup today

The following stories are scheduled to be covered by Yonhap News Agency. Your queries are welcome. Yonhap's English-language news desk can be reached by telephone at 82-2-398-3451 (general) and 82-2-398-3460 (economics), and by email at yonngong@yna.co.kr or ycm@yna.co.kr.


-- Choi Soon-sil appears at Constitutional Court impeachment trial

-- Special prosecution mulls arresting Samsung heir, executives over Choi scandal

-- P.M. chairs security meeting on developments surrounding Korean Peninsula

-- No indications of imminent ICBM launch at N. Korean launch site: 38 North

-- K-League chief election

Economy & Finance

-- KCS data on December export and import

-- 2016 trade volume in materials and parts sector

-- Dec. home transaction data

-- Job cuts at 100 largest companies

-- Lotto sales reach new record in 201

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