“Lotte World Tower, Korea’s land-mark that can match Eiffel Tower”
“Lotte World Tower, Korea’s land-mark that can match Eiffel Tower”
  • By Business Editor Sung Jung-wook with Kim Myung-k
  • 승인 2021.07.09 19:45
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Lotte Property & Development

“For the first time in the history of Korea, we have built a skyscraper over 100 stories tall. Lotte World Tower symbolizes architectural and technical achievement and complement the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the city, while creating major economic benefits and national competitiveness,” said Ryu Je-don, CEO of Lotte Property & Development.
Completed in 2016, Lotte World Tower set a new standard for technical innovation and represent a turning point for Korea's economic growth. Consisting of Avenuel, duty-free shops, premium shopping mall, supermarket, Hi-Mart, movie theater, aquarium and concert hall, Lotte World Mall is a next-generation shopping destination serving as a foundation for a new premium lifestyle. 

Ryu Je-don, CEO of Lotte Property & Development
Ryu Je-don, CEO of Lotte Property & Development

Soaring more than 500 meters high, Lotte World Tower serves as a hub of business accommodating head offices of multi-national companies, luxurious residential facilities and a six-star hotel with an unparalleled quality of service. Built with the extensive resources and expertise of Lotte Group, this iconic vertical city delivers an experience that goes beyond expectations.
“We will make our best efforts to meeting customers’ expectations through ethical practices and a commitment to sustainable growth,” CEO Ryu said.
Lotte Property & Development is also keen on creating social values and operating a lot of volunteering programs. The programs include aid activities for underprivileged local kids (so called "123 Family"), sharing of “kimchi and songpyeon” events and winter supply deliveries for the elderly living alone.

Lotte Property & Development office building
Lotte Property & Development office building

Lotte officials have been participating in local events and support cultural activities to fulfill social responsibility. In addition to corporate contribution, they have been making voluntary donations to help local senior citizens and children and provide them with necessities through Songpa District Office.
“We are keen to create social values, running various corporate volunteering programs. The program helps local seniors who live alone with providing facility and services - kimchi sharing, necessaries donation (so called “Happy Box”), and many other things,” a company spokesman said.

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