“Woori Bank’s motto is to boost the economy with financial support”
“Woori Bank’s motto is to boost the economy with financial support”
  • By Business Editor Sung Jung-wook, Kim Myung-keun
  • 승인 2021.07.09 19:25
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CEO Kwon Kwang-seok of Woori Bank

“This year marks the 122nd anniversary of Woori Bank,” said CEO Kwon Kwang-seok of Woori Bank in his message to the clientele in Korea and around the world.
Then he said, “Boosting the economy by facilitating financial support and contributing to the national economy is our motto."
In 1899, Woori Bank pioneered new hope and future with the power of national capital in this land, which was a barren land of finance.” Here are his further remarks:

Kwon Kwang-seok, CEO of Woori Bank
Kwon Kwang-seok, CEO of Woori Bank

At a time when everyone is in trouble due to the current global economic recessional, Woori Bank once again recalls its founding ideology of "Boosting the Economy by Facilitating Financial Support and Contributing to the National Economy."
In the future, Woori Bank will not only play its role in finance in the midst of a crisis, but also present a new vision of Korea's finance through constant change and innovation.
Above all, we will strengthen our digital competitiveness to provide the best financial services to our customers and lead the financial market through bold digital innovation.
I ask for your continued interest and support for Woori Bank, and I hope that all peoples around the world, as well as in Korea, will be filled with the best of health and happiness.
CEO Kwon has remarkable experiences, and among them are:

Woori Bank headquarters building
Woori Bank headquarters building

2019: CEO of MG Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (Credit & Insurance)
2018: Representative of Woori Private Equity (PE) Asset Management Company
2017: Executive Administrator of Woori Bank IB Group and Foreign Cooperation Agency
2015: Executive Director of Woori Bank Foreign Cooperation Agency
2014: Director of Woori Bank Public Relations Department
2013: Director of Woori Financial Holdings Public Relations Department and Business Support Department
2012: Director of Woori Bank K.W.T.C. Branch
2011: Director of Woori Bank Acrovista Branch
2008: Director of Sales at Woori America Bank Washington Branch
2006: Head of Woori Financial Holdings Strategic Planning Department
1988: Entered Woori bank 

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