Green Cross Pharma follows path toward researching, developing difficult products
Green Cross Pharma follows path toward researching, developing difficult products
  • By Vice Chairperson Joy Cho, Feature Editor Kensyc
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Over the last half century, according to details in the company reference materials, including details in on its official website, GC (Green Cross) Pharma (CEO Park Dae-woo) has followed the solitary path toward researching and developing pharmaceutical products difficult to develop, but necessary to protect life. 
The company has a self-given mission of ushering in a society where no one is alienated by illness from the prospects of a happy life, and continue to persevere against all challenges. As a result, they have become a leading biotech company that is garnering growing attention from around the world. This is what he company has achieved with uncompromising dedication.

Green Cross Lab Cell has recently announced plans to expand stem cell therapy based on experience gained in the process of development of Stem Cell therapy.
According to Public Relations Manager Kang Kyung-kook of GC Cell, this clinical trial was designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of single administration of CT303 on 8 patients. A multicenter, open-label, dose-increasing phase 1 clinical trial will be conducted at the Seoul National University Hospital, the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, and the Seoul Boramae Hospital.

Vice Chairperson Joy Cho
Vice Chairperson Joy Cho

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, known as the leading cause of death among COVID-19 patients worldwide, is respiratory distress caused by accumulation of fluid in the lungs due to trauma, infection, or lung disease.
Although the mortality rate reaches about 45%, it is an incurable disease that has great medical demand as there is no effective treatment yet.
At GC Pharma, we have never flinched from blazing new roads that require a pioneering spirit.
“We are now ready to embark upon a new journey, again exploring paths where others have not dared,” assured Public Relations Manager Kang.
He said: “Our dreams are big, and we intend to realize them on the international stage. With our new vision of ushering in a healthier life for all humankind and becoming a global leader in the health industry, we are transforming ourselves into a global provider of comprehensive healthcare encompassing disease prevention, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health supplements, and healthcare services, as we write a new chapter of our history.”
Then said Manager Kang: “The new corporate identity and symbols we have introduced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of our foundation speaks to our commitment to the new vision. From now on, GC will stand for not only Green Cross, but also Great Challenge, Great Commitment and Great Company. It embodies our resolution to build another half-century of great innovations and achievements based on our record over the past 50 years. Our journey toward greatness thus begins now.”

Here is a brief account of the history of GC Pharma:
Chairman & CEO: Mr. Il-sup Huh
Motto: Boldness and passion
The path GC Pharma has taken.
Boldness to rise to every new challenge is behind every important turn in GC Pharma’s history.
GC Pharma, which has consolidated its leadership of the Korean healthcare market with innumerable records of being first and best, continues to dream up a healthy future for all peoples worldwide. Always open to the voices of patients and endeacvong to realize the dreams of a healthier, happier future, through unceasing R&D, GC Pharma continues to produce innovative health solutions
Brief history of company from 2010 to date:
2021: Hunterase ICV Authorizes Japan to Treat Severe Hunter Syndrome
2020: Hunter Raze Authorizes China's First Hunter Syndrome Treatment
2020: Next Generation Chicken Vaccine Barry Cellage Development
2019: First Korean pharmaceutical company to produce over 200 million flu vaccine doses
2018: Won the USD 200 Million Export Award
2018: Construction of the Cell Center completed
2018: Company name changed to GC Pharma
2017: Construction completed of GCBT, the first Korean-built biopharmaceutical plant in North America
2017: Celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary
2016: GCFLU Quadrivalent (quadrivalent flu vaccine) wins WHO’s PQ
2015: Developed GCFLU H5N1, the first avian flu vaccination to be developed in Korea
2015: Fourth in the world to develop a quadrivalent flu vaccine (GCFLU Quadrivalent)
2015: Commenced construction of a plasma fractionation plant in Canada the first-ever biopharmaceutical plant to be established in
North America by a Korean company
2014: Won the USD 100 Million Export Award and the Golden Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
2014: First Korean pharmaceutical company to reach exports valued
at over USD 200 million in total
2014: First Korean pharmaceutical company to produce over 100 million fluvaccine doses.
2013: Completed construction of GC Pharma R&D Center, the largest research facility of its kind in Korea
2013: Groundbreaking ceremony for the Red Cross blood fractionation plant in Thailand
2012: Hunterase developed; announced New Vision 2012
2011: Shinbaro developed using nature-derived ingredients
2010: CEO Huh Il-sup inaugurated as company chairman

2009: Construction completed of the Ochang plant, a plasma fractionation and genetic recombinant manufacturing facility using the latest technology
2009: Green Flu introduced against H1N1, protecting Korean public health against a worldwide epidemic
2009: Completed construction of the Hwasun plant, the first-ever manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to vaccine production
2008: Fourth in the world to develop a recombinant treatment for hemophilia (Green Gene)
2001: Acquired Sang-a Pharmaceuticals
2000: Established a Urokinase plant in North Korea.

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