As well as the Korean-language news site
As well as the Korean-language news site
  • Lee Kyung-sik
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English edition of The Korea Post now publishes news real time

The English-language Internet edition ( of The Korea Post media is now real time. It follows the real-time publication of the Korean-language Internet edition ( that went real-time two years ago.
Now we provide real-time new service to the international community in Korea, as well as the Seoul Diplomatic Corps, and all the new consumers around the world.
For the news feedback, all that our readers and clientele have to do is just email the text and photos to to the attention of the Editor.
It is tantamount to the Seoul Diplomtic Corps having a real-time news outlet of its own. All you have to do is send you news and photos to the above email address.
If you have the news release in the Korean language, it will be published also by the Korean-language edition of The Korea Post ( The Korean-language edition of The Korea Post has a much wider range of readership as the Korean people, naturally, are more comfortable with their own language. Our survey shows that the Korean-language edition reaches five times more widely compared with the English edition—and many more times more fully understood than the English text.
This would probably be the same with many other countries where English is not their native language.
So, send your news releases in both English and Korean languages for incomparably wider dissemination and better apprehension.
The Korea Post media turns 32 years this year. The publisher of The Korea Post, in fact, however has been serving the diplomatic corps in Korea and all the other segments of the international community in Korea and around the world about a decade earlier—as the Cultural Editor of The Korea Herald.
The publisher is also the 1973 winner of the prestigious Korean Literature Award of The Korea Times and a popular weekly columnist of The Korea Herald before his final joining of Korea’s largest English newspaper publishing company.
So, readers of The Korea Post media, use the English and Korean-language editions of The Korea Post media as your own. The Korea Post media is at your service.

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