‘Morning Contemplation’ by Pastor Kim Jin-hong in Los Angeles
‘Morning Contemplation’ by Pastor Kim Jin-hong in Los Angeles
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Dure Global Academy to be built in five countries

I came to Los Angeles on a Sunday night flight on October 10. This visit to the United States has one purpose. We have come to confirm the US Campus of Dure Global Academy, which will be built in five countries with the main campus in Dongducheon, Korea as the center.

Thankfully, we were able to meet the school building prepared in time. When I left Korea, I just prayed without any information, and a school building that was built in the right size in the most suitable place appeared. In the Buena Park area of the Los Angeles area, it was the most suitable building for the Dure Global Academy.

I met Elder Shim Hyun-sik and his wife Shim Seon-hee, who participated in the 10-day fasting and prayer meeting held at Dure Monastery last year, at the airport and they led me directly from the airport to a place to be used as a school building. It is a two-story building in the Buena Park area of the Los Angeles area. It was a ready-made building best suited for use as a school. The moment I saw the building, I was stunned for a moment. I was moved by the thought of how such a prepared building could exist.

Pastor Kim Jin-hong
Pastor Kim Jin-hong

The day before our departure, the principal and vice-principal of Dure Global Academy left for Germany and Spain. They have also sent news that a reserve building is in place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Last week, not far from Jerusalem, Israel, they sent me a picture of a building suitable for use as the building of the Global Academy Dure International School. At a time when the entire Korean education system is shaken, we are convinced of God's providence to distinguish and use the Dure movement.

With the Dure International School built in Soemokgol in Dongducheon as the main campus, the Los Angeles campus of the USA, the Dusseldorf campus in Germany, the Jerusalem campus in Israel, the Madrid campus in Spain, and the Sydney campus in Australia were built. And Dure students will tour each local campus to receive distinctive education for each region. Thus, Korean teenagers will grow up with World Vision.

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