Executive Director Kim wins a boxing match
Executive Director Kim wins a boxing match
  • Park So-yeon
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Holder of ‘Seven Dan’ grade in boxing

Director Kim Jung-ki for Public Relations and New Business at the Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel has been practicing boxing as a hobby, and has won 7 Dan (Grade), pretty high considering the highest Dan in Korea is 9.
Kim has had a number of friendly bouts at the gym and won numerous awards. The latest one was the victory he won over Kim Hyun-jun, 56, two years younger than himself, at a Friendly Boxing Match for the seniors held at the Millennium Seoul Hilton on Dec. 26, 2016. Kim Hyun-jun was taxi driver living in Sokcho on the East Coast.

The referee (second from left) declares ‘Champion’ Kim Jung-ki a winner in a friendly bout with Contender Kim Hyun-jun (right, foreground)

Kim Jung-ki is known to have started boxing at the age of 55 and his winning of the 7th Dan is considered very fast in the fact that it normally takes many more years to win 7 Dan.

A certificate showing the 7th Dan in box held by Director Kim.

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