LABO-H presents Black Friday special exhibition
LABO-H presents Black Friday special exhibition
  • Joseph Sung
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It runs a two-week special promotion at its official mall.

LABO-H, Amorepacific's scalp skin care brand, will present the largest special exhibition ever.

This event, which was prepared for Black Friday, will be held at the LABO-H official mall for two weeks from November 12. New subscribers can receive coupon packs worth up to 30,000 won.

Amorepacific LABO-H Black Friday main image
Amorepacific LABO-H Black Friday main image

Members who add the LABO-H Kakao Plus channel will be provided with a free shipping coupon and a reserve of 3,000 won.

Four types of LABO-H's flagship products, such as scalp strengthening shampoo, are sold at up to 55% discount, and an additional 10% discount is given if the total payment amount is 50,000 won or more.

There are also substantial gifts such as treatments and ampoules that add nourishment to the scalp and hair.

The hair loss symptom relief perfume shampoo sold only at the official online mall can be found at a discount of up to 58% for the first time.

Perfume Shampoo provides luxurious fragrance and sensibility along with the proven hair loss management effect of LABO-H's best-selling scalp strengthening shampoo.
It contains hyaluronic acid, a scalp skin care ingredient, to enhance functional satisfaction.

An official from LABO-H said, “We have prepared great benefits for this Black Friday event so that customers can experience LABO-H’s main products at reasonable prices.”

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