MOFA re-issues special travel advisory for overseas travel
MOFA re-issues special travel advisory for overseas travel
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Request to cancel or postpone overseas travel related to COVID-19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced that the 'special travel advisory' for all countries and regions will be extended again for one month from February 14 until Feb. 13, 2022 unless there is a separate action.

The extension of this special travel advisory is in response to the worldwide spread of the Omicron Mutant Virus. So there are no changes due to the extension of the special travel advisory for countries and regions where travel advisory levels 3 and 4 have been issued.

During the special travel advisory period, it is desirable to cancel or postpone the trip as much as possible unless it is urgent. And special attention is required for personal safety, such as strictly observing hygiene rules, refraining from going out and moving, and minimizing contact with others to avoid exposure to COVID-19 infection.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to comprehensively review domestic quarantine authorities' evaluation of overseas quarantine status in the first quarter of 2022, global COVID-19 trends (including vaccination rates), mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, and consultation on travel safety(travel bubble) zones. And based on these results, MOFA plans to review a phased transition from a special travel advisory for all countries and regions to a general travel warning system for each country.

EiC Jimmy Kim
EiC Jimmy Kim


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