Angola hosts Independence reception with many distinctions
Angola hosts Independence reception with many distinctions
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Angola hosts Independence reception

with many distinctions

Ambassador and Mrs. Albino Malungo of the Republic of Angola in Seoul hosted a reception at the Grand Ballroom of the Millennium Seoul Hilton last night (Nov. 11, 2013) with many distinguished Korean and international guests attending.
The first distinction was the evidence of ‘Woman Power’ as is stressed in countries like Bangladesh. The spouses of the ambassadors were given the first priority to cut the celebration cake in clear contrast with other National Day functions (see photos below). As far as the memory of the 28-year-old The Korea Post is concerned, Angola was the first country to offer such a privilege to the ladies at the National Day functions.
The second distinction was the incomparably large number of ambassadors attending the party bespeaking the popularity of Ambassador and Mrs. Malungo of Angola among the members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. Nearly 50 ambassadors were present at the reception many of them accompanied by their spouses.
The third distinction was the congratulatory speech made not by a government representative but by a business representative, namely President & CEO Jaeho Ko of Daewoo Shipping & Marine Engineering, who introduced the close economic cooperation taking place between Korea and Angola and admiring remarks in praise of Angola and Angolan people.
The fourth distinction was the lively performance by an Angolan folk music-dance troupe, which was dynamic and eye-catching enthralling the audience.
Speaking to the guests, Ambassador Malungo of Angola said that Angola celebrated the 38th anniversary of independence but that for the 27 years of the period the country suffered civil wars and much of the infrastructure of the county was destroyed. Then he said that Angola, however, ended the internal conflicts, recovered peace in 2002, and the people and government of Angola are now making an all-out effort to clear the debris of the war and attain development of the country in grand unity.
Ambassador Malungo then introduced the famous speech of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of the Republic of Angola made on Oct. 15, 2013, where the President stressed the importance of political stability, social welfare, economic development and, in particular, fair distribution of the fruits of economic development.

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