Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Pursuing Sustainable ESG Innovations
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Pursuing Sustainable ESG Innovations
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Four Seasons Hotel Seoul will adopt full-fledged ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management activities in order to make more of a social contribution. The hotel strives to positively impact the environment and society with sustainable, innovative ideas and further present a blueprint for demonstrating brand value.
There is a growing voice calling for single-use disposable products in the domestic hotel industry to be minimized. In particular, there have been calls for the active management of environmental and social risks caused by single-use amenity products.

Last year, the Ministry of Environment submitted a law to the National Assembly that will result in a ban on free disposable products. This bill prohibits the free provision of disposable hygiene products by lodging facilities. In particular, it aims to reduce waste discharge by preventing the provision of convenience items contained in vinyl, rubber and plastic containers. The bill will be applied across the lodging industry as early as 2024.
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul has been leading ESG efforts within the industry. The hotel has implemented energy savings by installing motion sensors in each room. The sensors turn off the lights automatically if there is no reaction during a set period.

In addition, the hotel has installed a renewable energy heating and cooling system (geothermal heating and cooling). This system continuously minimizes the hotel's energy consumption by 20% overall. Above all, these efforts will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have a continuous positive impact.
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul has also installed new equipment to conserve water resources. Recycled water is used in certain facilities in the hotel bathrooms (such as urinals and toilet bowls).
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul is continuing its ESG management this year. Soon, bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion will be replaced with "Diptyque" products and installed for large-capacity multi-use. This change has been planned since April of last year, and the amenities will be installed in all rooms starting February 14. Considering that the containers are multi-use, it is also noteworthy that a specialized, tamper-proof dispenser removes any concerns about the inflow of foreign substances so guests can use the products with safety and confidence.

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