KU's colleges, graduate, and professional schools
KU's colleges, graduate, and professional schools
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Poised to be Korea's top local private university by 2030

Poised to be Korea's top local private university by 2030

KU's colleges, graduate,
and professional schools

Kyungnam University has a total of six different colleges and six graduate and professional schools.

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts seeks to promote an understanding of the human spirit and the dignity of human life. Ultimately, we hope to raise the quality of life for all people through knowledge and understanding. In addition, the college attempts to provide society with highly qualified individuals to staff its institutions.

-Korean Language & Literature
-Chinese Studies
-Cultural Contents
-Social Welfare

College of Natural Sciences
The College of Natural Sciences attempts to produce professionals equipped with cutting edge knowledge and capabilities in the era of nanoscience and who can contribute to the development of the community. This is achieved through our dedication to maximizing student involvement in advanced research projects. We offer programs for food and nutrition, recreation activities, medical service, and fashion design as well.

-Food Science and Biotechnology
-Food and Nutritional Sciences
-Sport Science
-Fashion and Clothing
-Physical Therapy
-Industrial Design

College of Education
The College of Education, with 11 departments, provides schools with teachers who are not only well-educated in their specialist areas, but bring high moral standards and a strong sense of responsibility in their daily encounters with young students.
Graduates are awarded secondary school teacher certificates with their degrees and many are currently teaching.

-Early Childhood Education
-Korean Education
-English Education
-Japanese Education
-Home Economics Education
-Mathematics Education
-Science Education
-Physical Education
-Fine Arts Education
-Music Education

College of Economics and Commerce
The College of Economics and Commerce seeks to increase students?knowledge and understanding of the issues and problems inherent in a global economy. It also aims to produce confident professionals who have a desire to contribute to their community and country as well as humanity in general.
We offer many professional programs that allow students the opportunity to become highly qualified, knowledgeable graduates prepared for the economic challenges of the future.

-Economics & Finance
-International Trade
-Business Administration
-Tourism Studies

College of Law and Politics
The College of Law and Politics is dedicated to producing leaders, administrative officials, political professionals, and legal specialists by offering expert instruction in the areas of social and political science, law and their related disciplines and preparing students for nationally administered civil service exams in law and public administration, among others.
The college also maintains a close academic relationship with the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) so that students may access specialized, up-to-date analyses of world trends in the social sciences. In addition, the college offers examination preparation assistance to students wishing to enter Korea? civil service in a legal, administrative, or foreign affairs capacity.

-Public Administration
-Police Science
-Political Science and Diplomacy
-Journalism and Mass Communication

-Security and Secretarial Science
-Military Science

College of Engineering
The College of Engineering at KU focuses primarily on producing highly qualified engineering personnel needed by industrial complexes in Masan, Changwon, Keoje, Sacheon and beyond.

-Mechanical Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Electronic Engineering
-Nano Materials Science and Engineering
-Computer Science and Engineering

-Information and Communication Engineering
-Civil Engineering
-Urban Environmental Engineering
-Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering
-Naval Architecture & Ocean IT Engineering

Graduate and professional schools
The goals of the KU Graduate Schools are to facilitate and support excellence in graduate
education for the respective students, faculty, departments, and the university as a whole, and produce students well-versed in the theory and practice of their subject areas in order to prepare them to conduct independent research.

Graduate School
The Graduate School was established in 1976 with a purpose of producing scholars and researchers, professionals to serve the community, and leaders to work for the nation and the world. Currently, the Graduate School administers 5 masters and 6 doctoral programs.

Graduate School of Business Administration
The mission of the Graduate School of Business Administration, established in 1973, is to educate students by emphasizing management theories, and managerial, analytical, and technical skills needed in business and related fields; and to prepare students for positions as executives and specialists in business. At the masters degree level, programs are divided into business administration in general, with one specialty. Specific programs offered include military management, trade, finance, and one-year senior management.

Graduate School of Education
The Graduate School of Education was established in 1980 and offers programs with 10 majors. The school is committed to providing quality educational services to its students in the preparation for practice and service in secondary school communities. The school endeavors to provide students with a wide range of knowledge in education, pedagogy and learning, and their intellectual growth and development, so that they can keep abreast with the rapidly changing developments in education.

Graduate School of Engineering
The Graduate School of Engineering was established in 1985 to give students a high quality educational experience in theory and practice in engineering. The school offers masters degrees in 7 majors and programs for engineering administrators.

Graduate School of Public Administration
The Graduate School of Public Administration was established in 1988 to train specialists in public administration who can contribute to the development of our society. The school offers 7 masters degree programs in public administration, real estate, and golf for CEOs.

Graduate School of North Korean Studies
The school offers masters and doctoral degrees in North Korean studies as well as other programs, training leaders in politics and business so they can work for the unification of Korea. The school also administers a wide range of educational programs for teachers, students, and the public. k

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