“Let’s all become one, live with God”
“Let’s all become one, live with God”
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Preaches Chairman Lee Man-hee of the Shincheonji Jesus Church

The following article was contributed by the Shincheonji Church in Korea for publication by The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean-language news publications since 1985.—Ed.

Chairman Lee Man-hee, who was invited to the 'Shincheonji Revelation Seminar Meeting' held by the Cheonji Ilbo on the 25th
Chairman Lee Man-hee, who was invited to the 'Shincheonji Revelation Seminar Meeting' held by the Cheonji Ilbo on the 25th

A Revelation Seminar Meeting invited by General Chairman Lee Man-hee of the Shincheonji Church was held on Feb. 25, 2022 through the medium of a Zoom method. The meeting was prepared in a question-and-response ceremony for Korean pastors and journalists who attended the seminar of Shincheonji Jesus Church.
The host introduced achievements such as the reaction of pastors around the seminars around the world, signing business agreements with more than 1900 seminaries and churches, and the prophecies and the reality recorded in the book of Revelation, from when Chairman Lee started his faith to the situation where he saw and heard the battlefield of Revelation.
Regarding the biblical meaning of ‘Harvest,’ Chairman Lee said, “The words spoken in the Bible are parables in the guise of things in the world,” and that Jesus sowed the seed of God, the word (Matthew 13), and it is harvest to gather the fruits of the seeds sown by these words in the name of Jesus.”
“In the time of advent, he came with an angel with the spirit (Matthew 24:30-31) to harvest the seeds of God, which Jesus sowed, and seal it with the new covenant, Revelation, to create the new kingdom of God (Revelation 21).
The meaning of the book of Revelation ‘144000’ and the question of those who are saved testified that “(Revelation 1:5–6) 144000 is freed from sin and priests by the blood of Jesus. The Bible says that when the 144,000 is kicked up, not the 144,000 will be saved, there will be a great tribulation and countless white herds.”
Also, in the place where Jesus prepared, he said, “Jesus ascended into heaven and created it, and brought it at the second coming. If you go to prepare, when you come back, you will bring what you have prepared.”
He also emphasized the secret of Shincheonji's burgeoning growth, "We must first have God's help, and there must be the truth's word and the reality in which the word has been fulfilled."
He said, “True believers believe when God fulfils what God has promised in the Bible. The Bible says, “All things are looking for God’s word to come true. If there is a prophecy, the reality that has been achieved must be revealed. I want believers to realize this and become one.”
“The reason why the theologians and pastors interpret the revelation is different is that God sealed the book of Revelation to be fulfilled with seven seals, so no one knew it, and he who said he knew it was a lie.
General Chairman Lee said, “Do not fight with each other in religion, but I hope that we can compare and become a progressively united and live as a family with God. Let's all have God together and go into hope."
Meanwhile, since October last year, Shincheonji Jesus Church has been conducting seminars announcing the achievements of Revelation and the secrets of heaven recorded in parables. 
The Revelation seminar, held by 12 tribes, including General Chairman Lee, is being released worldwide in 24 languages through YouTube, and has surpassed 11 million views on YouTube so far. In addition, at the request of the pastors, lecturers of Shincheonji Jesus Church are being dispatched and providing textbooks. Seminar videos can be found on the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Jesus Church (https://bit.ly/2021revs).
About HWPL:
HWPL, according to Public Relations Manager Lee Seung-hyun, is a non-governmental organization registered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government of the Republic of Korea and it is associated with the UN Department of Global Communications (DGC) and in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In keeping with the spirit of the Declaration of World Peace, Lee says, HWPL aims to achieve world peace through the heavenly culture and restore the global community with light, we are carrying out peace activities all across the world. Lee states:
"With our partner group, the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), and our affiliate group, the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), HWPL is leading an international peace movement with leaders in all walks of life without being limited by national, cultural, or ideological boundaries. 
"Moreover, we seek to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by spreading a culture of peace through various means such as forums, education, volunteer work, and campaigns.
"HWPL’s peace activities will continue until sustainable peace is assured for future generations."

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