(Book Review) Nuclear North Korea versus the U.S.-South Korea: Synopses
(Book Review) Nuclear North Korea versus the U.S.-South Korea: Synopses
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Author Park Hwee-rhak

This book is to explain the nuclear threat from North Korea and the options the U.S. and South Korea could take to readers who are curious about these.

As readers clearly witnessed, war can occur anywhere and anytime, and any war could escalate into a nuclear war. Actually, there are three countries in the world that have the intent and capability to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

North Korea could have the most hostile intent among the three and is getting closer to having ICBMs, SLBMs, and potentially SSBNs to attack the U.S. mainland. As Leon Trotsky said, we will not be interested in war, but war is interested in us and could attack us, especially when we disregard it.

This book is comprised of twelve questions about North Korean nuclear armament. The questions include the threat assessment, the defense posture of South Korea and the U.S.-South Korea alliance, and options for the two countries to take, such as another nuclear sharing system in Northeast Asia.

As implied by the subtitle, this book aims to provide succinct but in-depth answers to these North Korean nuclear issues. The reader could understand the key points of the issues in less than a minute by reading the "synopsis" of each question. Then the readers can read more detailed explanations if they become curious.

This book even includes follow-up questions at the end of the twelve key questions for more discussion. Because the author, a South Korean retired military officer and former professor, had deep policy-making, research, and teaching experience with these issues, the explanation could be very direct and useful.

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