General Chairman Lee Man-hee declares: “In God, we are one!”
General Chairman Lee Man-hee declares: “In God, we are one!”
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At a meeting for all pastors to conclude an MOU

On April 2 this year, at a meeting of the Shincheonji Church for pastors in Seoul, General Chairman Lee Man-hee declared, “You can know the word of God’s presence in the new heaven and earth!”
The Shincheonji Church of Jesus held a ‘Invitation Meeting for the World’s Pastors to Signing the MOU’ at 5 p.m. on April 2 this year with the participation of about 1,500 pastors and journalists from around the world.
The Shincheonji Jesus Church held an event to share the status and cases of online seminars held since last year and pastor MOUs. Kim Shin-chang, head of overseas missionary general meeting, explained the background of signing of the MOU, saying, “In August last year, after the online Word Conference of African pastors, attendees have been requesting for MOU exchange, and in September, the Church of the Presence Worship Church of God in Uganda and the Shincheonji Jesus Church signed an MOU.”

Lee Man-hee, general chairman of Shincheonji Jesus Church, speaks at the ‘Invitation Meeting for the World’s Pastors to Signing the MOU’ held at ZOOM on the 2nd.
Lee Man-hee, general chairman of Shincheonji Jesus Church, speaks at the ‘Invitation Meeting for the World’s Pastors to Signing the MOU’ held at ZOOM on the 2nd.

At this meeting, we had time to conveys the examples and feelings of pastors who signed an agreement with the Shincheonji Jesus Church.
Pastor Kim Dong-soo of the Peace Church said, “In the past, I thought that granting grace by saying, ‘Believe in Jesus’ is to achieve salvation, and I knew that heaven will go when I die without reality. I thought he was going to die and be resurrected,” he said, confessing that his view of salvation was wrong.
Currently, Pastor Kim is teaching the Revelation of the Shincheonji Jesus Church to the saints. “Now that the time has come, I want all pastors to come here to learn and understand, have the right truth, live, and keep their faith,” he said. “I want to preach the revelation to my colleagues. I just want to realize that the existing theory of salvation is wrong and learn this word.”
Pastor Wilfried Endofu, who has been running the church in Côte d'Ivoire for 11 years, said, “Studying at seminary, I was raised as a pastor and started church ministry in a small room with prayer meetings and worship in a small room. Thankfully, it’s now in its 11th year and has 500 people. I’m currently working as a professor at seminary,” he said.
Pastor Wilfried Endofu is currently enrolling at the Zion Mission Center and is taking the 16th Elementary Level. Pastor Wilfried Endofu said, “Listening to Shincheonji lectures, it was an opportunity for me to break and change my thoughts and knowledge about the Bible. The reality of Jesus and the Word touched my heart. Now I want to learn all the Revelation and deliver it properly. I want to tell my saints who have been following me for 8 years,” he said, adding aspirations for Shincheonji's education.
He also said, “Thanks to the president, I would like to thank you for being able to receive the revelation from God. If he had not met God and Jesus, he can't speak such a deep word. What I have seen and confirmed is that the answer to every problem is in the Bible, and it is testifying to it according to the Bible in Shincheonji. I hope you come and check it out,” he said.
President Lee talked about why he delivered this message to pastors here and the role of pastors today.
Chairman Lee said, “Revelation is the content of the re-creation. Revelation 21 says that the first heaven and the first earth will pass away, and a new heaven new earth will be created. It is the re-creation of man and all things,” he said, “Increating those who are born of God’s seed and creating a new nation, God’s new nation.
“To write in mind the words of Revelation is to harvest and nurture those who are born of God’s seed and make them the people of the kingdom of God,” he said. “(For this purpose) Jesus showed the event of Revelation and made testify to all churches,” he said of the role of the shepherd of promise today.
Finally, President Lee encouraged, “We must be independent soldiers of the kingdom of God who seeks back what God has lost.
Fight with the blood and testimony of Jesus, fight against the devil, and make the people of God's kingdom, and become a world where God comes and reigns in 6,000 years. He told us this through the Bible. I hope you keep in your hearts the words of the book of Revelation, the law of Revelation. God, the Bible, and the hope are one. We are one who believe in God. We are one!”.
We also introduced an exchange case after the signing of the MOU. The ‘New Era Church’ in the United States asks Shincheonji Jesus Church to learn the Word with more than 100 members, and a pastor in the Philippines is educating it to the saints after learning the words of the Shincheonji Jesus Church. In Pakistan, the seminary representative signed an MOU and will start a course at the Shincheonji Christian Mission Center in Shincheonji.
According to the Shincheonji Jesus Church, there are 958 churches, 22 seminaries, and 2,155 pastors from 67 countries who have signed an MOU and exchanged the Revelation of Shincheonji. Shincheonji Jesus Church actively exchanges to the church and seminary that have signed an MOU to achieve a common purpose, including Bible education by supporting Shincheonji theological textbooks and theology instructors.
The event can be confirmed on the official YouTube of the Shincheonji Jesus Church (
Meanwhile, since October 2021, the Shincheonji Jesus Church has been holding a series of seminars announcing the achievements of the Book of Revelation and a seminar announcing the secrets of heaven recorded in parables. The Revelation seminar, which was held by the 12 tribunar general chairman Lee Man-hee of Shincheonji, is being released worldwide in 24 languages through YouTube and has surpassed 15 million views on YouTube so far.
The Secondary Course Seminar of Shincheonji Jesus Church will be aired on the official YouTube of Shincheonji Jesus Church 25 times (every Monday, Thursday, 10 a.m.) from March 31 to June 27.

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