“Colombia and Korea, two cultures united with innovation and literature”
“Colombia and Korea, two cultures united with innovation and literature”
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Says Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Caiza

Colombia once again opened its doors in person to Bogotá International Book Fair, the country's most significant literary festival, on April 19, 2022 as part of the commemoration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Korea. Korea is the guest of honor at the Bogota International Book Fair (FILBo) 2022.

"Colombia sent 5,100 soldiers to the Korean War and 72 years later, today we see the results. We were allies in the war, and today in innovation and literature. It is a good moment to commemorate the relations between Korea and Colombia in a cultural area, which makes us able to get to know each other better and share cultures despite the 15,000 kilometers of distance,” said the Colombian ambassador to Korea, Juan Carlos Caiza Rosero.

Attendees will be able to enjoy a variety of cultural, literary and academic agenda of more than 500 guests from 30 countries for 14 days and will enjoy performances of dance, calligraphy, traditional games, and a whole theme for children in the Korean pavilion of the guest of honor.

“Korea will have 100 delegates, six writers, one of whom has been the translator of 13 works by Gabriel García Márquez to Korean. Attendees will encounter different literary themes such as: poetry, biographies, novels, historical novels, and academic subjects prepared for visitors at the fair”, said Ambassador Caiza Rosero.

Colombians will be able to learn about the culture of the Republic of Korea, a country recognized as an economic and technological power, at the fair.

“A country that has grown with three pillars: high education, digital innovation and free trade. It has become an expert in the new digital and commercial narratives that the literary market demands”, pointed out the Colombian ambassador.

The Ambassador also highlighted that the relationship between the two nations has been strengthened, among other things, inclusive, sustainable and digital innovation, which is the best way to commemorate diplomatic unity and to promote culture regarding the language of each country.

"Moreover, Colombia and Korea show a cultural space of human scenarios where they can get to know e Korea is a country that has been developing entrepreneurship in creative industries for 25 years and has stood out as a world leader in this area. The presence of digital at the fair allows Colombia to gain momentum on the financial input platform with cinema, the orange economy and new ventures, which seek to strengthen ties with Koreans.

The Colombian ambassador to Korea will visit Filbo 2022 and will accompany the former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, at the launch of his book for Latin America in Spanish, 'Resolved', a personal narrative on his decade at the helm of the United Nations Organization during a historic period of confusion and promise.

Ban Ki-moon will also participate in a forum with entrepreneurs organized by Los Andes University during his visit to Colombia and will visit the Chiribiquete National Park to observe the advances in environmental policy and issues related to the Peace Process with legality.

Lastly, the Ambassador announced that the Seoul Book Fair will be held in June, the most important fair in Korea organized by the Asian country's publishing circle. Colombia will be the guest of honor for the first time as a Latin American country and will have the most significant pavilion of the event with the visit of about 40,000 Koreans a day.

In this way, the diplomatic relationship between the two countries is strengthened and ratified, promoting exchanges and cooperation in culture, art and industry. ach other as a society through the International Book Fair of Bogota." said Caiza Rosero.

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