ABSOLUT Vodka launches the ‘Born to Mix’ campaign
ABSOLUT Vodka launches the ‘Born to Mix’ campaign
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It contains the value of harmony between people and culture

Pernod Ricard Korea's leading premium vodka ABSOLUT announced that it will release its new campaign "Born to Mix – Harmonizing Through ABSOLUT" campaign video.

The “Born to Mix – Harmonizing Through ABSOLUT” campaign contains a message that emphasizes the harmony of various people and cultures beyond the simple mixing of ABSOLUT Vodka and drinks. It contains the philosophy of ABSOLUT Vodka, which believes that life becomes richer when new and diverse thoughts, experiences, and people come together, the world becomes a better place and creates positive changes by connecting one another.

ABSOLUT's Born to Mix campaign video also contains the message of 'Better Together', wishing people to have a convivial time with ABSOLUT for everyday life, during breaks, and parties, with a bright and trendy sensibility.

Along with the launch of the Born to Mix campaign, ABSOLUT will also introduce a new bottle design that emphasizes the heritage and nature of ABSOLUT. Reflecting ABSOLUT's philosophy on vodka production that contains only the key elements after the distillation, the new bottle design leaves only the most important factors on its iconic ABSOLUT bottle. The philosophy and heritage of ABSOLUT were emphasized by highlighting the country of origin and ABSOLUT distillery on the front and back of the bottle, which is made of clean water in the Åhus region of southern Sweden.

In addition, using screen printing technology that can visually show the flavor, the intuitive and clear design expresses a smooth and clean taste, while emphasizing the persistency and transparency of the premium vodka quality. Moreover, it was designed to give consumers more inspiration and creativity by boldly reflecting ABSOLUT's unique innovative and modern image.

Meanwhile, ABSOLUT Vodka will conduct various brand campaigns starting with the release of this Born to Mix campaign video. In July, ABSOLUT plans to meet consumers more closely through ‘ABSOLUT HOME’, an experiential exhibition space in Seongsu-dong. At the space, ABSOLUT will showcase its heritage and premium quality to consumers.

The spaces will be created in collaboration with artists to present various occasions where consumers can enjoy ABSOLUT, including home entertainment.

페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea) 페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea) 


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