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Xiong’an New Area a mirror of future China


China's new Long-March 6 carrier rocket completes maiden flight


Smart courts in China provide efficient, convenient judicial services online


Smart agricultural technologies make vegetables ‘greener’


China endeavors to ensure Internet celebrity economy brings consumers better products and experience


Newly inaugurated China National Botanical Garden to better protect plant diversity


China’s Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft accomplishes mission and reenters Earth’s atmosphere


China endeavors to enable more users to enjoy the convenience of e-CNY


Haiyang becomes first Chinese city to enjoy ‘zero-carbon’ heating with nuclear power


China to set up 27 more cross-border e-commerce pilot zones


China turns sea waters into "barns" with marine ranching complexes


Farmers' book houses enriching cultural life of rural residents in Gansu province


“Science and technology backyards” help drive talent development in China’s rural areas


China’s BeiDou system provides global users with high-precision positioning, timing services


China turns saline-alkali land in Yellow River Delta into high-yield farmland


China moves faster to build unified national market


China’s wind power industry sees rapid growth


China ensures safety of underwater cultural relics with technological means


Chinese scientists contribute new technique to production of artificial or semi-artificial food from carbon dioxide


China gains more confidence in understanding universe


In-orbit construction of China’s space station to be completed in 2022


China's gross ocean product hits 9 trillion yuan for first time


China’s economy gets off to a steady start in Q1


Construction of Greater Bay Area achieves prominent progress


Traditional handcrafts give impetus to China’s rural vitalization


Huawei’s open source operating system joined by more innovative developers


China sets new record in high-speed rail closing speed


Just-concluded online Canton Fair enjoys great popularity


China strives to improve business environment for higher vitality of market entities


Rural mud house renovation program benefits villagers in NW China’s Shaanxi province


System for safeguarding Chinese people’s living standards further improved


China ranks first globally in international patent applications for third consecutive year


China speeds up green, low-carbon transformation of data centers


American businesses optimistic about Chinese market


China charts route to urbanization with focus on county towns


Hangzhou striving to make manufacturing more intelligent


China’s new urban infrastructure construction makes urban governance, people’s life easier


Chinese researchers fighting desertification create botanical garden in desert


Nearly half of industrial enterprises above designated size in Shanghai resume work


Clay sculpture maker in China revitalizes the traditional handcraft via short videos


Trend of stable economic performance remains unchanged in China


Tibet promotes forage grass planting to protect grassland ecology


Orchestra in Henan revives ancient Chinese music


Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of BFA annual conference 2022


‘Listening to books’ becomes increasingly popular in China


District in China’s Tianjin to appoint ‘tree chiefs’ for ancient trees protection


‘Farmland nannies’ facilitate agricultural modernization in China


Deepen BRICS cooperation to make stronger force for progress


China’s BeiDou system achieves in-depth integration with various industries


Innovation facilitates better use of drones in China


China’s iron and steel industry steadily marches toward medium-high end of global value chain


China owns most number of FAO Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems


China advances high-quality construction of Greater Bay Area


Win-win cooperation holds key to success of Asia-Pacific region, not zero-sum confrontation


China steadily promotes rural water infrastructure construction


Smart technologies facilitate construction of barrier-free environment in China


China remains attractive destination for foreign investment


Online exhibitions, business matchmaking events vitalize Chinese market


China ranks first in world in numbers of MOOCs and viewers


Companies promote recruitment via livestreaming in China


China endeavors to join hands with other countries to build global community of development with shared future


China’s key wildlife protection rate reaches 74 percent


China continues advancing high-level opening-up


China's Greater Bay Area emerging as a global innovation hub

China launches Shenzhou-14 crewed mission to complete space station construction


Industrial Internet facilitates intelligent manufacturing in China’s textile industry


China’s Yellow River Delta sees ecological improvement


China’s Henan sees achievements in integrating heritage protection, ecological progress


China-Europe freight train service sees stable growth

Online platforms connect intangible cultural heritage and modern life in China


BRICS cooperation leads the way to new era of global development

China makes positive contributions to safeguarding global food security

Smart expressway in China makes travel more convenient, faster, safer


China endeavors to advance green transformation of construction sector


China’s FAST telescope discovers world’s first persistently active repeating fast radio burst


Chinese vaccines boost global cooperation against COVID-19


Chinese construction enterprises promoting common, sustainable development

Hoh Xil: A haven for wildlife and ecological protection


Shanghai remains attractive to foreign investors

China opens last section of world’s first rail loop around desert

BRICS countries see expanding agricultural cooperation

Hoh Xil: A haven for wildlife and ecological protection


Prospering online Chinese teaching brings Chinese culture closer to overseas students


China embraces another breakthrough in cloud computing


China’s east-to-west computing resource transfer project in full swing


Resident planners speed up beautiful countryside construction in E China


Thriving digital technologies bring increasingly rich online cultural experiences


Commercial services in agricultural sector help increase farmers’ income in Hunan


China tops the world in number of Wetland City Accreditation


New generation farmers active in China’s construction of digital villages


Just-ended online shopping festival releases signal of consumption recovery in China


Asia's largest passenger railway hub put into operation in Beijing


China’s biological economy gets on higher stage


Preparations for 5th CIIE in steady progress

Tianjin sees improved marine biodiversity


New professions expected to continuously improve people’s lives in China


The Belt and Road Initiative in a Global Perspective


RCEP keeps releasing dividends


China kicks off renovation project to upgrade old municipal gas pipelines for higher safety, better livelihood


China builds 3D virtual Great Wall in applet


China builds world’s largest 5G network three years after issuance of 5G commercial licenses


Chinese ship making industry eyes on green, intelligent vessels


Digital technology turns century-old Chinese grottoes vibrant


China makes ecological protection more efficient with digital technology


Improved ecology prospers aquaculture in China's Fujian


Chinese residents embrace better life thanks to renovation of urban residential areas

Ceramic art helps rural vitalization in central China’s Henan province

Factory-turned culture parks accelerate Beijing’s urban renewal

Ancient town in southwest China restores slow-paced lifestyle

Supply chain of China’s manufacturing industry shows stronger appeal


Tianjin University develops AI sign language translation system to make more people with hearing impairment “heard”



China to embrace golden era of IoT development


China's foreign trade sustains sound growth


China’s second national botanical garden unveiled in Guangdong


China sees rapidly growing coffee market


Township in E China turns into globally renowned violin manufacturing center


China sees craze for ready-to-cook dishes


Time bank promotes elderly care in China


China’s auto exports on fast growth


Sanya in S China sees steady progress of coral reef protection


Efforts made to ensure better livelihood for relocated residents in Guizhou province


5th Digital China Summit achieves fruitful results


First China-Europe freight train makes 10,000 trips


Shenzhou-14 astronauts enter Wentian lab module


Judging Committee Meeting of First Silk Road Global News Awards held in Beijing


Development of rural express industry gives a boost to rural vitalization


Cycling event in NW China's Qinghai province stimulates integrated local development


China sees fruitful achievements in protection of Siberian tigers, Amur leopards


China, Indonesia to forge exemplary model of major developing countries seeking mutual benefit, win-win results


China, Africa work to build security community


China's foreign trade bucks trend, sets new records


China aids Timor-Leste in building digital television system


China's Tibet reaps fruitful results in glacier protection


China launches scientific expedition to investigate ice, carbon storage in Yangtze headwaters


Ordos in N China promotes intelligent coal mining


eco-compensation mechanism helps lift ecology in China


Second Hainan Expo reveals increasingly stronger appeal of Chinese market


Niche sports picks up steam in China, diversifies fitness choices


China inaugurates world's first "gene bank" of ancient ceramics


Preparations for fifth CIIE in full swing


The “forest chief” scheme leads to lusher mountains in central China's Hunan province


Busy ports mirror China's economic pickup


"Open-air cinemas" mirror cultural life changes in Tibet autonomous region


Culture of "Gypsies of the sea" well protected in China's Hainan province


Ecotourism leads Yunnan village to prosperity


China’s Wuhan to host 14th COP meeting on wetland conservation in November


China's bamboo industry contributes to global green development


E-commerce to play bigger role in driving consumption


China's network development injects new vitality into digital society


China launches first terrestrial ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite


Chinese cultural products grow popular overseas


Regions along Yellow River promote efficient utilization of water resources


Intelligent connected vehicle industry picks up pace in E China's Suzhou


China advances national water network projects to better benefit its people


Chinese time-honored restaurants glitter with new vitality

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