Italian kitchen furniture Veneta Cucine renewed contract with Retech-E&C
Italian kitchen furniture Veneta Cucine renewed contract with Retech-E&C
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Veneta Cucine is the largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Italy

Veneta Cucine, the number one Italian kitchen furniture brand, signed its first sole agency contract with Retech-E&C in 2018.

When they renewed the contract in April of this year, they promised to continue their relationship once again.

Veneta Cucine kitchen furniture
Veneta Cucine kitchen furniture

With a history of over 50 years, Veneta Cucine is the most important and largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Italy.

Veneta Cucine uses 100% eco-friendly composite materials that not only improve the function of kitchen furniture, but also value the environment.

In addition, it is the first company to introduce a water-based painting system that dramatically reduces the emission of toxic substances.

An executive of Veneta Cucine said, “Retech-E&C is an independent agency in Korea that has signed a contract with us. We will provide active support so that it can receive a lot of attention from consumers in the future. I hope that Veneta Cucine will be more widely known in Korea in the future.”

CEO Nam Young-hyun of Retech-E&C said, “I hope that many consumers will change the atmosphere of their homes with kitchen furniture as our company introduces high-quality imported kitchen furniture to the construction industry.”

In addition, he said, "Imported kitchen furniture is customized not only in technology but also in design, and the range of choices is widened at reasonable prices."

Meanwhile, you can experience only Veneta Cucine and Eggersmann directly in the Retech-E&C showroom.

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