Mexico hosts Navy Day at Korean Army Club
Mexico hosts Navy Day at Korean Army Club
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Mexico has Defense Ministry and Navy Ministry

Mexico hosts Navy Day at Korean Army Club

Ambassador Jose Luis Bernal and Navy Attache Capt. (Navy) Guillermo Carvallo of the Republic of Mexico hosted a luncheon reception at the Republic of Korea Army Club in Samgakji, Seoul on Nov. 28, 2013 to celebrate the Mexican Navy. It marked the ‘institutional loyalty and patriotism of the Mexican Marines who caused the surrender and eviction in 19825 of foreign troops from San Juan de Ulloa, who refused to recognize the Independence of Mexico.

There were many army, navy air force attaches of the different embassies in Seoul and other guests, including senior officers of the Korean army and navy.

They included Brig. Gens. Park Jeen-soo of the Republic of Korea Defense Intelligence Agency (deputy director for international affairs), Joseph J.J. Lemay of the United Kingdom and Angel Gonzalez Castillo of Mexico; Capt. (Navy) Philip Yu of the United States; and Col. Ajay Chandpuria of India.

There also were many civilian guests who included President Lidia J. Garcia Delgado of the Association of Mexican Residents in Korea and Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post.
Speaking to the guests, Ambassador Bernal said in part: “In Mexico, the country’s defense is under the responsibility of two Ministries of State, namely the Ministry of Defense (that includes the Army and Air Force) and the Ministry of the Navy.” Then he said that the two institutions are the backbone of Mexico’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence and that they were guarantee of Mexico’s freedom and democracy and protection of laws and institutions of Mexico.

Prior to Ambassador Bernal’s speech, Capt. (Navy) Buillermo Carvallo of Mexico spoke to the guests introducing that the Mexican Navy was the military force in charge of guarding the coasts, territorial sea, the economic zone, maritime air space, rivers, lagoons and all nautical islands of Mexico. Then he said that the Mexican Navy worked together with many other institutions against terrorism, sea piracy, illegal acts, armament, drug traffic and permanent programs such as search, rescue and humanitarian aids.

Following the national anthems of Korea and Mexico and the speeches, a guest singer presented a number of international popular songs, including Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) that has all but become a Korean song.

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Gonzalez Castillo of Mexico and a number of other guest couples danced to the songs presented by Ms. Love (name of the singer).

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