The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Trump calls N. Korea 'big, big problem,' vows to deal with it 'very strongly'

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday he will deal with North Korea "very strongly," calling the communist regime a "big, big problem" after Pyongyang carried out the latest ballistic missile launch.

Gov't to cut speed limit to 50 kph on city streets by 2021

South Korea will reduce the speed limit to 50 kilometers per hour on city streets by 2021 in an effort to cut down on pedestrian accidents, the transportation ministry said Tuesday. In a long-term plan on traffic safety, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said the maximum speed in downtown areas will be lowered to 50 kph from the current 60 kph in the coming five years.

Court OKs controversial audio files as evidence in Park's impeachment trial

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday accepted a set of audio files as evidence in President Park Geun-hye's ongoing impeachment trial, as some view them as proof of the president's innocence.

S. Korea to speed up upgrade of FTA with ASEAN

South Korea and Southeast Asian countries agreed to speed up negotiations to upgrade their free trade agreement, Seoul's trade ministry said Tuesday, amid rising fears over trade protectionism.

Nuclear watchdog appeals court's order to halt reactor

South Korea's state-run nuclear watchdog on Tuesday appealed a recent court's order to cancel its decision to extend the operation of a nuclear reactor that was originally planned to go offline in 2012, legal sources said.

S. Korean football club Jeju United brings back Aussie defender

South Korean football club Jeju United said Tuesday they've reacquired Australian defender Alexsandar Jovanovic. The K League Classic club said they've signed the 27-year-old center back, better known as Alex here, from Chinese club Tianjin Teda. The details of the footballer's contract weren't revealed.

Olympic shooting champ wins S. Korea's top amateur athlete award

South Korean shooter Jin Jong-oh won the grand prize at the nation's amateur athlete awards ceremony Tuesday for his performance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.At the annual Coca-Cola Sports Awards in Seoul, Jin was honored with the MVP Award. The award has been given to amateur athletes since 1995. Previous winners include marathoner Hwang Young-cho, figure skater Kim Yu-na and swimmer Park Tae-hwan.

Daewoo Shipbuilding faces rugged road to paying off maturing debt

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., a major shipyard in South Korea, has to pay off or refinance up to 1 trillion won (US$869 million) worth of debts that mature this year, but the shipbuilder's financial status is not good enough to deal with the situation amid the dearth of new orders and a delay in the delivery of drill ships, industry sources said Tuesday.

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What’s ticking in Korea today?Here is a quick roundup of important news stories from the major Korean news media today:


UNSC Unanimously Condemns N. Korea's Missile Launch

The United Nations Security Council held an urgent meeting on Monday and unanimously denounced North Korea for its latest missile provocation. The UNSC member states agreed on a press statement that says the North’s launch of a ballistic missile on Sunday is a violation of the UNSC resolutions and warns it could take “additional, grave measures” against the North.

Samsung Chief Summoned Again over Alleged Bribery

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was summoned for questioning for a second time on charges of bribery. Samsung Group's de factor chief appeared at the independent counsel team’s office at 9:20 a.m. Monday, 32 days after his first appearance for questioning on suspected bribery linked to the corruption scandal involving President Park Geun-hye.

Acting President Vows Solid Security for Foreign Firms

Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn says the government will establish a thorough defense system to counter North Korea’s provocations in cooperation with its allies to ensure a safe business environment for foreign invested firms.

Rival Parties Agree to Accept Court's Ruling on Park's Impeachment

Floor leaders of four ruling and opposition parties have reportedly agreed to accept the Constitutional Court's decision on President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment, regardless of the result.

Ruling Liberty Korea Party Floor Leader Chung Woo-taik told reporters Monday that the four parties reached the agreement during a lunch meeting chaired by National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun.

Ruling Party Changes its Name to 'Liberty Korea Party'

The Saenuri Party has changed its name to the "Liberty Korea Party" or "LKP." The National Committee of the ruling party held a session on Monday and approved the name change. The last time it underwent a name change was five years ago, when it was the Grand National Party, to revamp its image ahead of the 2012 parliamentary elections.

Foreign Minister Yun to Communicate with Japan on Statue Conflict

Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se says he plans to communicate with Japanese officials at his level to resolve the conflict over a bronze girl statue in Busan symbolizing the victims of Japan’s wartime sexual slavery.


Yonhap (

UNSC unanimously condemns N. Korea's missile test

The United Nations Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile test Monday and warned of "further significant measures" against Pyongyang.

UNSC members agreed on a statement in which they called the North's missile test a "grave violation" of multiple resolutions. The Security Council convened an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures against Pyongyang's latest missile provocation.

Trump calls N. Korea 'big, big problem,' vows to deal with it 'very strongly'

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday he will deal with North Korea "very strongly," calling the communist regime a "big, big problem" after Pyongyang carried out the latest ballistic missile launch.

U.S. calls N.K. missile launch unacceptable, calls for consequences for Pyongyang

The U.S. State Department said Monday that North Korea's ballistic missile launch is unacceptable and urged countries around the world to take steps to show Pyongyang consequences for its action.

N.K. missile launch 'dress rehearsal' for crisis: ex-U.S. negotiator

North Korea's latest missile test is "a dress rehearsal" for a full-fledged crisis, a former top U.S. negotiator with Pyongyang said Monday. "This missile is obviously another example of their testing program, testing of military equipment more than testing of our president," former Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," referring to views that the launch could be aimed at testing how the new administration would react to such a provocation.

U.S. lawmakers call for stronger missile defenses against N. Korea

U.S. lawmakers from the House and the Senate called for stronger defenses against North Korean missiles after the communist nation carried out a surprise ballistic missile test.

"The urgency of expanding our missile defense architecture has never been clearer. Whether they are in Tehran or Pyongyang, bullies and psychopaths must never be ceded military advantage," Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) said in a statement.


The Korea Herald (

Lee Jae-yong grilled again over bribery

Samsung Group’s de facto chief Lee Jae-yong on Monday faced questioning from special investigators for the second time as part of a high-profile probe into President Park Geun-hye’s alleged corruption. “I will faithfully tell the whole truth,” said the Samsung Electronics vice chairman, as he entered the Special Counsel Park Young-soo’s office in southern Seoul on Monday morning.

Translation technology evolves through artificial intelligence

It may not be long before automated translation programs catch up with human translators, as machines are evolving with the help of artificial intelligence to “learn” how to translate by mimicking the workings of the human brain.

NK claims successful test of medium-range ballistic missile

North Korea has claimed it successfully test-launched a new medium-range ballistic missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the country's state-run media said Monday. The Korean Central News Agency said the Pukguksong-2 strategic weapon system was successfully test-fired Sunday. It added that the missile launched from a mobile launcher used solid propellants and a new high-thrust engine developed in the country.

Recordings new variable in impeachment trial

Amid expectations that the Constitutional Court will rule on whether to unseat or reinstate impeached President Park Geun-hye in early March, a new variable that could shake up the trial has emerged: voice recordings of Choi Soon-sil’s now-estranged associates.

Germany elects ‘anti-Trump’ Steinmeier as president

Billed as Germany's “anti-Trump,” former foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected Sunday as the new head of state, vowing to stand up to simplistic populist rhetoric. The 61-year-old, who regularly polls as Germany’s most popular politician, will represent the EU's top economy abroad in the largely ceremonial post and act as a kind of moral arbiter for the nation.


The Korea Times (

Evolving N. Korean missile tech raises fears

North Korea's latest launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) propelled by a solid-fuel engine is raising concern over the ability of the United States or South Korea to intercept these weapons.

UNSC may meet over N. Korea missile

South Korea, the United States and Japan have jointly asked the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) to convene an emergency session in response to North Korea's testing of a ballistic missile, Sunday, according to U.N. sources, Monday.

N. Korea provocation can affect election

All presidential contenders from both the conservative and liberal blocs criticized North Korea's ballistic missile launch, Sunday. But they expressed different opinions about how to handle the North Korean provocation. Moon Jae-in, the leading presidential hopeful from the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), called the missile launch a "reckless and foolish act."

North's missiles feared to weigh on Korea Inc over THAAD

North Korea's missile launch Sunday will have a limited impact on Seoul's financial market, but it will likely further weigh on the economy regarding its conflict with China over a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, according to analysts Monday.

AI to translate historic Korean scripts

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based program will translate the Seungjeongwon Ilgi, the diary of the royal secretariat of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) written in Chinese characters, into Korean, according to government officials, Monday.

Are 'comfort women' statues in wrong places?

Korean activists have erected girl statues symbolizing victims of Japan's wartime sex slavery near Japanese missions here, but Japan claims they are not located appropriately. Tokyo has asked the Korean government to make efforts to move the sculptures to different locations, but there is a general consensus in Korea that Japan should apologize to the victims first "in a sincere manner."


Dong-AIlbo (

N. Korea gets one step closer to ICBM development

The South Korean military said Monday that the North Korean missile launched a day earlier was a new intermediate-range ballistic missile using solid fuel. The military views that North Korea appears to have employed technologies used in submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) to develop a new type of missile with a longer range.

IS leader Abu Bakr 'seriously injured' in airstrike

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supreme leader of Islamic State, has been "seriously injured" in an airstrike, a local Iraqi media outlet reported. The Alhurra news network reported on Monday that Baghdadi was seriously injured in an airstrike by the Iraqi Air Force near the western Iraqi city of al-Qaim on Thursday and moved to an area occupied by the Islamic State in Syria. It is reported that other Islamic State leaders with him were killed or injured.

Online sexual harassment goes overboard

Lee, 42-year-old office worker, who has a 12-year-old son, had a shocking experience. She saw her son playing with a smartphone posting, “She looks yummy” to a post with a photo of a member of a girl group. What surprised her more was her son’s reaction, showing no sign of remorse at all, saying, “Everybody else does so online.” “What my son did was almost like sexual harassment and I was scared that he said he did it just for fun,” Lee said.

Jordan Spieth comes back with first PGA Tour victory in 2016

U.S. golfer Jordan Spieth has made a comeback with his first PGA Tour victory this season. He fell to No. 6 in the world ranking due to a slump during the latter part of 2016.

LG G6 to feature much enhanced audio functions

LG Electronics announced on Monday that its new flagship smartphone “G6” will feature much enhanced audio functions. It is reported that G6, which will be disclosed late this month, will be equipped with a Quad DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), manufactured by ESS, an American high-functional audio chip maker.


Chosun-Ilbo (

Kim Jong-un Rushes Completion of Potemkin Village

Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang is a showcase boulevard for the regime's ambitions, the subject of feverish building activity and home to the privileged scientists who work on the nuclear and missile programs.

151 Samsung Executives Earn Nearly W1 Billion a Year

Samsung Electronics has the most employees who earn more than W78.1 million a month (US$1=W1,150). That adds up to an annual salary of W937.2 million. Top earners also include many lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

Filming Sites of Hit TV Series Draw Crowds of Tourists

A couple of tourist spots in Gangneung and Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province have been flooded with visitors eager for a first-hand encounter with locations featured in a hit TV series that ended recently.

Details Emerge of N.Korea's New Missile

The projectile North Korea launched on Sunday was a new intermediate-range ballistic missile propelled by a solid fuel engine. The regime also published footage of a new mobile launch vehicle with caterpillar treads.

Domestic Budget Airlines Outpace Japanese Competitors

Domestic budget airlines beat out foreign competitors in transporting passengers on routes to Japan last year. Among 18 low-cost carriers flying to Japan, Korea's six budget carriers accounted for a combined 29 percent share of the market, according to OAG, an air travel-related service company. Japanese budget airlines came next with 22 percent.

Auto-Translation Programs to Face off Against Human

Two auto-translation programs are to face off against a professional human interpreter here later this month in a bid to gauge progress toward artificial intelligence. Sejong Cyber University and the International Interpretation and Translation Association of Korea said Monday that the contest will be held on Feb. 21 between a human interpreter, Google Translate and Naver's papago translation app.

Visitors to Jeonju Hanok Village Top 10 Million for 1st Time

A hanok village in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, has drawn more than 10 million visitors annually for the first time. The Jeonju city government said Monday that the number of visitors to the village stood at 10.67 million, or an average of 29,231 per day, from October 2015 to September 2016, about a 9.5 increase from a year earlier.


HanKyoReh-Shinmoon (

Lee Jae-yon summoned again, facing another arrest warrant request?

The investigative team led by Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo plans to request another arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong after summoning him for questioning on Feb. 13.

Despite frosty weather, 800,000 gather to demand Pres. Park’s impeachment

“It’s hopeless to try to delay the impeachment! Give the Special Prosecutor an extension!” “Put Park Geun-hye in jail! Lock her up right now!”

With the temperature below zero, 800,000 South Koreans gathered to a candlelight rally calling for the swift impeachment of President Park Geun-hye and for an extension of the Special Prosecutor’s investigation.

Hyundai-Kia Motor still in fifth place globally, but faces a widening gap

Hyundai-Kia Motor hung on to 5th place in last year’s world automobile sales rankings, but faced a widening gap with the companies ahead.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen passed Toyota to reclaim the world number one spot despite its recent “Dieselgate” scandal.

China ranks first worldwide with top market share for 1,762 export items

China placed first worldwide for the tenth straight year in the number of products where it ranks first in global market share - and the gap with other countries is growing.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s ranking remains stagnant, with many products where it is potentially in danger of being overtaken.


JoongAng-Ilbo(conservative) (

North says its missile was ‘absolute success’

North Korea said Monday it successfully test-fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, touting the launch of the Pukguksong-2 Sunday morning as an “absolute success” and a step toward the making of “another nuclear attack weapon.”

White House talks tough about the test launch

The new U.S. administration will be “sending another signal very soon” to North Korea following its latest missile launch, according to President Donald Trump’s policy adviser on Sunday, which could involve a show of military might.

FTC starts probe on Google’s OS maneuvers

Korea’s antitrust agency is investigating whether Google blocked Samsung from developing its own mobile operating system, reigniting an issue that first surfaced six years ago. The investigation is expected to have a global impact considering that other smartphone manufacturers here and abroad, including LG Electronics, have made similar agreements with Google as Samsung did.

Fashion in dark times: long skirts, short heels

Miniskirts, high heels and red lipstick are typical “small luxury” items that have sold well during economic downturns - but not anymore. Relatively cheap but flashy, they were once consolations for women consumers in difficult times. However, with the economy remaining sluggish since the 2008 global financial crisis, sales figures are showing that the usual trend is going in the opposite direction as women opt long skirts that reach the ankles, low-heeled loafers and natural-colored lipsticks.

FSC pushes for adoption of stewardship code

The Korean financial authority is pushing institutional investors such as the pension fund and asset management firms to actively engage in the management decisions of companies that they are investing in.


The KyungHyang-Shinmoon(

Political Provocation to Check Trump's Hardline Stance on North Korea

One medium-range ballistic missile that North Korea fired on February 12 is shaking the political situation in Northeast Asia. North Korea seems to have attempted to influence the Asia policies of the newly launched Donald Trump administration.

Special Prosecutor Collects More Evidence on Illegal Solicitation, Aiming Again at Lee Jae-yong

The team of special prosecutor Park Young-soo will summon Lee Jae-yong (49), vice chairman of Samsung Electronics on February 13 again for a final check on any illegal solicitation and favors in exchange for funding connected to the alleged bribery of President Park Geun-hye and Samsung. In the legal circle, many believe that the independent counsel is likely to make another request for Lee's arrest warrant.

Park Geun-hye Blames the National Assembly for the Neglect of State Affairs and Claims She Should Have Objected the Special Prosecutor

President Park Geun-hye has revealed her naked face. On Wednesday, she refused to be questioned by the special prosecutor claiming that the schedule was released to the press, and yesterday, her attorney even made a statement claiming that the National Assembly passing the impeachment was the cause for the neglect of state affairs and that the president should have objected to the independent counsel.

Demonstrations Against Impeachment Ordered by President Park? Growing Suspicions

The Korea Freedom Federation decided to mobilize a massive crowd of 100,000 to take part in a demonstration at Gwanghwamun, Seoul on March 1, organized by conservative groups. The demonstration is expected to protest the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.

A Suspect Above the Law: Park Geun-hye "Boycotts" a Face-to-Face Interrogation

President Park Geun-hye postponed a face-to-face interrogation by the team of Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo, because the schedule was released to the press.

Earlier at the time of the investigation by the Prosecutors’ Office, President Park had delayed her questioning and eventually refused to be questioned.


The Korea Economic Daily (

Samsung's Lee Jae-yong Investigated again by Special Prosecutors

The top managers in Samsung Group are almost incapacitated due to the prosecutors' investigation. The special prosecution team led by attorney Park Young-soo investigated Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong after a month since the last one and is set to call in Choi Ji-sung, head of the Future Strategy Office, and Park Sang-jin, president of Samsung Electronics, for further questioning.

Wal-Mart Announces Its Intention Not to Deal with Korean Shippers Any More

Wal-Mart Stores, the world's largest retailer, said it won't work with Korean shippers ever again after a headache during the shipping disruption caused by the financial difficulty of Hanjin Shipping in September last year.

Manufacturing Sector Employment Number Shrinks for 2 Consecutive Months

The number of workers employed in the manufacturing sector in January has shrunk for two consecutive months. According to a report "January 2017 Labor Market Trend" published by the Ministry of Employment and Labor on February 13, the number of people hired full time in the manufacturing sector in the month of January was 3,575,000, down 1.1 percent (1,100) from the same period last year. The figure for December was down 0.4 percent year on year. This was the first decline since October 2009 in the wake of the global financial crisis (-8,000).

Samsung's Lee Jae-yong to Be Summoned again by Special Prosecution

The special prosecution team led by Attorney Park Young-soo will subpoena Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong for the second time in relation to suspicions of giving bribes to President Park Geun-hye and her secret confidant Choi Soon-sil. It has been 25 days since the request for an arrest warrant on Lee was rejected by a judge on January 19. Based on investigation results, the prosecutors will decide whether to request an arrest warrant again.

POSCO Speeds up Efforts to Improve Competitiveness in Non-steel Areas

POSCO decided to invest 300 billion won by 2020 to ramp up the production capacities of cathode materials, an ingredient used for rechargeable cells. This move is part of POSCO's efforts to secure next-generation growth engines, as well as to strengthen its competitiveness in non-steel areas.


AJU Business Daily (

N. Korea hails 'successful" launch of new road-mobile ballistic missile

North Korea hailed the "successful" launch of a new strategic intermediate-range ballistic missile with an improved solid fuel engine capable of carrying a nuclear warhead more accurately from any place.

Duet song by SISTAR's Soyou, EXO's Baekhyun tops music charts

A duet song "Rain" by Soyou of girl group SISTAR and Baekhyun of boy band EXO topped major music streaming charts Tuesday hours after it was released at midnight.

The song is running at the top of Melon, Naver, Soribada and several other major music charts in South Korea, pushing away a new song released by hit idol band BTS (Bangtan Boys).

LG Electronics confident in reliability of upcoming G6

LG Electronics has shown confidence in the reliability of its upcoming flagship G6 in one of its invitations for a launching event, sent out to media companies, according to Android Central, a US-based smart devices specialist media.

Pyongyang accused of diverting international flood aid: RFA

North Korea is suspected of diverting international aid for the restoration of flood damage to war goods or leader Kim Jong-un's pet projects such as skyscrapers in Pyongyang, according to a US broadcaster.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Korean govt aims to commercialize level 3 autonomous cars by 2020

The South Korean government aims to commercialize Level 3 autonomous driving in three years time so that self-driving cars would be on Korean roads hopefully as fast as Japan that is racing to deliver smart vehicles by 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Excess audits, regulations, levies discourage investment in Korea: foreign CEOs

Time-consuming audits, too many regulations and semi-tax levies, rigid labor market and anti-business sentiment make Korea a difficult place to do business, and foreign investment won’t likely pick up in Korea without dramatic actions to improve business environment, foreign entrepreneurs said.

KRX to beef up monitoring of corporate governance of listed firms

The Korea Exchange (KRX), the operator of Seoul’s bourse, said on Monday it will seek measures to enhance transparency in corporate governance for Korean listed companies this year as part of efforts to boost foreign investment in shares of Korean Inc.

KEPCO shares in downward spiral on cuts in power fees and subdued fuel prices

A government plan to simplify the household power bills has taken heavy toll on state-run Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) as cuts in the bills are expected to wipe out nearly $900 million income for the utility firm.

Indie counsel to file for pretrial custody for Samsung heir Lee again this week

Samsung Group’s de facto chief Jay Y. Lee returned home early Tuesday from second round of questioning from independent counsel determined to place Lee liable for a bribery charge along with President Park Geun-hye.

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