Westin Josun Seoul launches a package dubbed, ‘Chu-Hyang-Chu-Book’
Westin Josun Seoul launches a package dubbed, ‘Chu-Hyang-Chu-Book’
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It means “Read books with fall breeze”

Westin Josun Seoul introduces a package called ‘Chu-Hyang-Chu-Book’ in Korean meaning “Read books with Fall Breeze” in order to celebrate the coming back of Fall with beautiful scents and books.

The package comes with special goods inspired by ‘Walden, or Life in the Woods’, a book by American writer Henry David Thoreau.

Westin Josun Seoul’s ‘Josun Bookshop’
Westin Josun Seoul’s ‘Josun Bookshop’

Walden details Thoreau’s experiences over the course of two years, two months and two days in a cabin he built near Walden Pond amidst woodland. He makes precise observations of nature as well as poetic uses of natural phenomena. Besides, there are much cultural content for guest to read books in various ways through a Literary Vending Machine by 91-degree and Josun Bookshop in collaboration with a Korean popular publisher, Minumsa.

All guests who purchase the package can receive a book diffuser exclusively designed for the Westin Josun Seoul by Proust, a Perfume Workroom.

Inspired by the cabin from the book, Walden, the book diffuser features fragrances with a mix of woody and musky notes.

In order to make the stay experience even more delightful, guests will be provided a bookmark in the form of perfume test strips with a passage from the book, Walden.

In addition, Literary vending machines by 91-degree will be installed in the lobby and the Westin Club on 20th floor serving up short stories with beautiful verses from more than 2,500 of poems, novels and essays.

For a guest reserving a Suite room, a Simple and Inner Book Rest from Quott will be offered as a gift to offer a more comfortable reading experience. This 100% handmade Book Rest has a triangle shape bringing up the image of a cabin in the essay, Walden. Not only does it hold a book, it also looks impressive on any shelf as a great decorative piece.

Guests staying in the Executive room or above will have the access to ‘Josun Bookshop’ in collaboration with Minumsa in the Club Lounge on the 20th floor. The bookshop contains more than 150 books including the series of ‘Today’s Young Writer’ and ‘The Complete Series of World Literature by Minumsa’ under the theme of ‘Joy of Reading’.

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