Pernod Ricard Korea, is unveiling 3 ‘KINOBI Gins’ of the first craft gin brand from Kyoto, Japan
Pernod Ricard Korea, is unveiling 3 ‘KINOBI Gins’ of the first craft gin brand from Kyoto, Japan
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Meet the Beauty of the Seasons with the Premium Gin KINOBI, Inspired by the Nature and Traditions of Kyoto, Japan

Pernod Ricard Korea announced the launch of ‘3 KINOBI Gins’, premium gins inspired by the nature and traditions of Kyoto, Japan.

‘KINOBI Gins’ are crafted in Kyoto, a Japanese city with a blessed natural environment. Cultural capital for over a thousand years, Kyoto embodies the quintessential Japanese culture. It has also been home to the finest liquors for centuries, offering the highest-quality natural ingredients such as the legendary gyokuro tea of the Uji region. Here, the name ‘KINOBI’ itself means the beauty of the seasons.

In particular, Kyoto Distillery that crafts KINOBI Gins is Japan’s first dedicated gin distillery, inspired by Kyoto’s history and craftsmanship, capturing the vision of its founders to create one of the world’s best gins. Kyoto Distillery has further gained international recognition for its quality, being named the International Gin Producer of the Year in the 2021 International Wine & Spirit Competition, IWSC. 

Pernod Ricard Korea, is unveiling 3 ‘KINOBI Gins’ of the first craft gin brand from Kyoto, Japan. From left KI NO TEA, KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin, KINOBI SEI
Pernod Ricard Korea, is unveiling 3 ‘KINOBI Gins’ of the first craft gin brand from Kyoto, Japan. From left KI NO TEA, KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin, KINOBI SEI

The three products to be newly launched are ‘KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin’, ‘KINOBI SEI’ and ‘KI NO TEA’. 

‘KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin’ characteristically leaves a deep and elegant aftertaste as the fresh aroma of yuzu and refreshing bamboo notes, ginger and sanshō pepper flavors, and gyokuro tea join together. ‘KINOBI SEI’ works wonderfully well in cocktails, boasting a full-bodied flavor starting with juniper berry notes, accompanied by strong yuzu and fresh lemon. Superior teas from the distinguished tea-grower in Japan’s Uji region are blended in ‘KI NO TEA’, inviting sweetness and creaminess.  

3 factors are behind the creation of Japan’s first craft gin brand, KINOBI, as the best premium gin. 

The first factor is none other than the finest rice spirits, which can be seen as the deep roots in the gin. Kyoto Distillery values the spirit as the most critical ingredient and uses only rice of top quality. Next come in the 11 botanicals. Every single ingredient in KINOBI, including gyokuro tea, orris, ginger, lemon, juniper berry, sanshō pepper, yuzu, Kinome leaf, and orris root, is harvested and curated at its peak by the masters in Kyoto firsthand. 

Most important of all are the 6 Elements of KINOBI. The base botanicals central to the gin’s structure, juniper berry and orris root, together with sanshō pepper and Kinome leaf, give an oriental flavor and complexity that cannot be found in any other gins. Moreover, yuzu in pure harmony with exceptional gyokuro green tea presents remarkable notes reminiscent of orange flowers. Bamboo leaf and red shiso leaf follow, adding a fruity and floral essence, and ginger offers a rich mouthfeel.

The 6 Elements are distilled with rice spirits individually each to its specification, and only the middle cut, the cleanest and of the most distinctive aroma, are used. KINOBI Gins are particular in that they are perfected through the Konwa process unique to KINOBI upon the blending with Fushimi water, renowned for its unrivaled purity in Japan.

Meanwhile, Pernod Ricard Korea, celebrating the launch of KINOBI Gins, is to promote the beauty in KINOBI by serving in the 2022 Seoul Bar & Spirit Show a variety of cocktails for visitors to enjoy the best of KINOBI Gins. In addition, Pernod Ricard Korea will operate pop-up stores reflected by the 6 factors of KINOBI Gin at the 6 bars including Bar Tea Scent along with guest-bartending. 

“‘KINOBI Gins’ are special gins born through exquisite processes that last for days, under the perfect harmony between nature-blessed factors of Kyoto, Japan”, says the Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea, Miguel Pascual, who adds that “we hope you will enjoy the finest of gins with KINOBI Gins that embrace the beauty of the seasons”.

Customers can find the new KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin(700ml, 45.7 ABV), KINOBI SEI(700ml, 54.5 ABV) and KI NO TEA (700ml, 45.1 ABV), respectively around 80, 90 and 100 thousand Korean won, in department stores and liquor stores like Wine & More. Consumer prices may vary from store to store. 

페르노리카코리아 (Pernod Ricard Korea)  페르노리카코리아 (Pernod Ricard Korea) 


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