Pyeongtaek City to hold the International Culture Week for three countries
Pyeongtaek City to hold the International Culture Week for three countries
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Poland Culture Week in September, Uzbekistan and Croatia Culture Week in October

Pyeongtaek City, led by Mayor Jung Jang-seon, will hold the International Culture Week for three countries, following the same event for five countries last year, the city announced on Oct. 11.
The word ‘travel’ makes our hearts flutter. Just imagining the experience of visiting a new place to eat, enjoy, and learn makes us happy. So we dream, plan, and finally put it into practice. 
Even if we do not leave directly, we discover the taste of travel through indirect experiences. Just looking at pictures or articles related to someone else's travels gives us a kind of satisfaction.

A poster of the 2002 Pyeongtaek World Culture Week, Uzbekistan Culture Week

That's why we're glad to see World Culture Week in Pyeongtaek City. Traveling is a journey we find ourselves in an unfamiliar world, but during World Culture Week, an unfamiliar world approaches us. 
Although the process is different, the experience of tasting a new world through various experiences is similar to that of travel. Learning the history of a country, watching a performance, tasting the cuisine, experiencing a traditional game, talking with the locals, and experiencing the enlightenment makes us experience joy and happiness that comes from travel.

Mayor Jung Jang-seon of Pyeongtaek City
Mayor Jung Jang-seon of Pyeongtaek City

Pyeongtaek International Culture Week, which started last year

International Culture Week has been promoted since last year to provide opportunities for Pyeongtaek citizens to enjoy various world cultures. Although it was unfamiliar to the project of directly interacting with other countries at the level of the local government, Pyeongtaek City started to exchange with new countries based on the experience of Pyeongtaek City, which had previously communicated with the US military.
Last year, the International Cultural Week was held under the themes of a total of five countries: Canada, the Czech Republic, the United States, South Africa, and Russia.

First, during the Canada Culture Week, held from June 26 to July 1, Canada was introduced through aurora lectures, Canadian film festivals, exhibitions, cooking classes, and quiz contests. In particular, the photo lecture on the theme of Aurora and Canada's representative tourism content, received a great response from citizens.

An opening ceremony for the Poland Culture Week gets underway.
An opening ceremony for the Poland Culture Week gets underway.

During the Czech Culture Week held from July 6 to 11, citizens experienced the Czech Republic through puppet shows, Czech classical concerts, and Czech comics exhibitions.

During the American Culture Week, held from October 1 to 5 in conjunction with the USFK Friendship Day, it was possible to experience the United States indirectly through photo zones and Thanksgiving-related cooking classes in the U.S.

South Africa was introduced through food experiences, cultural lectures, and Mandela photo exhibitions during the South African Culture Week, held from November 16 to 20.
During the Russia Culture Week from December 2 to 7, the experience of making Matryoshka, the night of Russian literature, and the sand art of traditional Russian fairy tales have enhanced understanding of Russian culture.

A music performance of the Poland Culture Week
A music performance of the Poland Culture Week

International Cultural Week continues this year for Poland, Uzbekistan, Croatia

International Cultural Week, which indirectly makes you understand other countries and makes you feel as if you have traveled to that country, was held again during the Poland Culture Week in September.
In the Poland Culture Week, which started with the opening ceremony on September 22, a traditional Polish performance, Mazurka, was held, and a cooking class was held with a famous Polish YouTuber, which received a great response. In addition, through lectures introducing Poland's history and culture, citizens were able to experience the story of a new world.

In addition, there were programs that can help you understand Poland more deeply through learning traditional dance, ceramic craft experience, photo exhibition, and music performance.
Ukraine also participated in the Poland Culture Week. Poland and Ukraine jointly conducted an archive project related to World War II to inform citizens of the horrors of war that we did not know about.

Foreign guests enjoy the food making experience during the Poland Culture Week.
Foreign guests enjoy the food making experience during the Poland Culture Week.

International Culture Week continues in October. From October 6 to 12, Uzbekistan Culture Week was held and Croatia Culture Week was held from October 21 to 27. Major events were held at Baedari Library, Paengseong International Center, and Songtan International Center, and detailed program information can be found on the website of the International Foundation.
In the fall, we highly recommend that you feel the joy and emotion of travel, at least indirectly, through the International Culture Week event.
Meanwhile, Mayor Jung Jang-seon of Pyeongtaek City said, “From now on, growth of Pyeongtaek City will become much faster and wider. The principle is that development is important but nothing is more important than a person.
“The primary goal that we pursue is ‘Happiness of the Citizens’. Now, Pyeongtaek City is at the crossroads toward to ‘One Million Special Case City’.
“In order to implement the vision of ‘One Million Pyeongtaek Special Case City’ base on the foothold for growth of the 7th popularly elected, I will complete major projects and make livable Pyeongtaek City with citizens as the 8th popularly elected mayor.”



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